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Glion Dolly 225 36V/7.8Ah 250W Folding Electric Scooter GD225

$499.00 $429.00
You Save: $70.00 (14%)
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Zumaround Maxizum 26″ Hybrid Stand Up Electric Scooter MXZ

$3,300.00 $1,650.00
You Save: $1,650.00 (50%)
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Zumaround Zum 20″ 250W Hybrid Stand Up Electric Scooter Z

$2,550.00 $1,275.00
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Zumaround MiniZum 12" 36V Hybrid Stand Up Electric Scooter MZ

$2,400.00 $1,200.00
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How To Pick The Best Electric Stand Up Scooter? 

For the past few years, the development of electric scooters paved the way for further advancements. From kids to adult versions, electric scooters have become very popular in recent years. As a reliable and energy sufficient transport option, electric scooters are ideal for people who want a personal transport vehicle without excessive emissions and pollutants. 

What is an Electric Stand Up Scooter?

The electric stand-up scooter is like an electric scooter with two wheels that support a deck with a steering handlebar. The distinction between the electric stand up scooters and electric scooters is the use of electrical components such as the battery, electronic controls, large tires, and electric motors, and the user's standing position when on the move.

The electric stand-up scooter is well known for its upright riding position, which is commonly seen in children's scooters’ models. The lightweight and compact design of the stand up electric scooter makes it one of the most common models seen in the streets of cities and other metropolitan areas.

A Brief History Of The Electric Stand Up Scooter

The development of stand up electric scooters began with the introduction in the late 1800s of the first electric bicycles invented by a man named Ogden Bolton in Ohio. Technology has continually developed as a result of the advancement of ideas and concepts. The design of small, light bikes was the critical basis for the modern electric scooters that Salsbury, an electric bike company, built in the late 1930s. The invention of lithium-ion batteries paved the way for small, lightweight electric scooter models in 1991. It wasn't long before designers merged designs with new electric motors and batteries to construct prototypes for electric scooters. Today, hundreds of e-scooter manufacturers are continually innovating, adding new useful features, and increasing quality standards.

How To Choose The Best Electric Stand Up Scooter 

Picking up the best electric stand up scooters is an excellent investment, so you need something you're going to want to ride and something that suits your needs. These things are essentially speeding transport devices, so safety needs to be the primary concern. 

Some electric scooters are well suited to a quick hop-on-and-off, having weight reduction and increased portability. The electric stand up scooter is ideal for long-distance commutes, in which you can switch to travel on a train or bus. Other models of electric stand up scooters depend on the battery for maximum range; however, the additional battery capacity makes the scooter heavier.  Here are some unique ideas when choosing the best stand up electric scooter.

  • Battery Capacity And Charging Time

Many electric stand-up scooters have batteries that can last 6 to 8 hours. An electric stand-up scooter running less than these hours could be very troublesome. In addition to running time, new users can also take a look at the charging time of the electric stand up scooter. See the product specifications given when considering the battery life and the mile-range of the scooter. This specification will provide you with an idea of the distance traveled by the electric scooter and help you narrow down the qualifications you need. An excellent sample product with this feature is the Zumaround Zum 20” Hybrid Stand up Electric Scooter (seen in the picture).

Price range: $2000 - $4000

Powerful features:

  • High-performance engine
  • Perfect for city streets

The Züm was the first electric hybrid push scooter released. The maximum speed of the Züm is 20mph (32km/h) with a battery life of 20 miles (32km) depending on rider weight, terrain, and wind conditions. It also features Zümaround’s signature quiet motor, a brushless, geared frictionless 250w hub DC motor. 

  • Speed

Many models of electric stand up scooters can achieve high speeds. The power of the engine determines the speed, the weight of the rider, how hard you drive your wheels, and the surface on which you travel. The electric stand up scooters is built for speeds beyond the reach of most conventional scooters. The amount of power produced determines the type of tasks the electric scooter can perform to a large extent. At the same time, your protection, security, and health will not be compromised. An ideal model of an electric scooter will have a powerful engine. A perfect example of this is the Zumaround Maxizum 26” Hybrid Stand Up Electric Scooter MXZ-B (seen in the image). 

Price range: $2000 - $4000

Powerful features:

  • Double-wall rim front wheel
  • Removable and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery offering a maximum distance of 38 miles (60km)
  • Two e-brakes, front and rear


The maxiZüm is the newest Zümaround in the family, offering the smoothest and longest ride of any of our models. Go twice as far on one trip without having to recharge or kick. 

  • Safety Features

The brakes have a vital role to play in ensuring safety on the lane. Hydraulic disk brakes are a must for maximum stopping strength. No matter how fast an e-scooter can go, you must slow down and stop quickly and safely.  There are three common types of brakes used in scooters: electric brakes, disc brakes, and foot brakes. Electric brakes offer low maintenance but have less effective stopping power. Disc brakes are also known as drum brakes, are effective at bringing you to a halt, but they might wear over time. Foot brakes are great; however, these brakes are hard to master. Brake lights are also crucial to the health of any traffic user. Aside from these safety factors, electric bike scooters owners can also find additional equipment protected on the road, such as good helmets. Proper maintenance of a fat tire electric scooter is essential. A great example of this is the Zumaround MiniZum 12” 36V Hybrid Stand Up Electric Scooter MZ-MG (seen in the photo).

Price range: $2000 - $4000

Powerful features:

  • Cast Aluminum, spokeless, extra strong
  • Removable and rechargeable 36V8.8Amh Lithium-ion battery offering a maximum distance of 20 miles (32km)
  • Two e-brakes, front and rear

The miniZüm features some exciting Zümaround developments. The motor is in the back, making it even easier to pick up the miniZüm and bring it with you anywhere. MiniZüm electric push scooters also feature a lower and wider platform making for more comfortable rides and reinforced wheels for safety. The miniZüm electric push scooter comes fully assembled and ready to ride right out of the box! It is collapsible to fit in tight spaces, like by your desk during the day or in the trunk of a car, or bring it on the subway. 

  • Load Capacity

Not all electric scooters are made to hold the same load, so that you can take that into account in your decision-making. The weight limitation can also fall under the head of the performance or maximum load. Never load the electric stand up scooter with a higher weight than it can handle, because it would be dangerous: the e-scooter might break in the middle of the road, break the motor, the battery, and the tires. A perfect example of this is the EcoSmart SUP Electric Scooter by Razor (seen in the image). 

Price range: $400 - $800

Powerful features:

  • Your Choice to Stand 
  • Smooth Handling
  • Fast and Powerful

EcoSmart SUP Electric Scooter is the stand-up version of Razor’s bestselling adult electric scooter, the EcoSmart Metro. Now you have the choice to stand up and enjoy the same comfortable ride in style! The wide bamboo deck for plenty of foot room makes the ride on the EcoSmart SUP Electric Scooter both comfortable and stylish.

  • Range

Range refers to the distance a scooter can travel without charging up. The range is determined by how long the battery can hold a charge on the scooter. It is worth remembering that the range cited by electric scooters makers is generally the best-case instances. The majority of them are based on a light person driving a smooth, flat, straight road with a new battery. A great example of this is the  Glion Dolly 225 36V 250W Folding Electric Scooter (seen in the picture). 

Price range: $2000 - $4000

Powerful features:


  • Removable and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery offering a maximum distance of 20 miles (32km)
  • Front and Rear lights
  • Two e-brakes, front and rear

The Glion Adult Electric Dolly-Fold Scooter is a simple, affordable way to glide through the parts of your commute you used to hike, from the distant parking lot or mass transit station directly to your door. With a top speed of 15 mph and a range of 15 miles per charge, it’s a durable, practical tool to cut your commuting time and effort.

There are several types and models of electric stand up scooters you can choose from. Many electric stand-up scooter models offer various features and choices that can support you on your everyday journeys. With these electric scooters standing up, you can quickly get to other locations without thinking about the pain and discomfort you're going to feel. Having a stand-up electric scooter is going to give you the pleasure and enjoyment of everyday commuting. There are a lot of improvements and upgrades that you can buy, so pick the right stand up electric scooter. We hope we'll help you narrow down your list of the best electric scooter with this post.

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