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Electric Bike Paradise is your number one source for Longboard Electric Skateboards. You’ll find only the Best Longboard Electric Skateboards on our website. With full customer support, including lifetime expert advice, and a guaranteed low price, you can feel confident buying your Longboard Electric Skateboards from Electric Bike Paradise.

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Atom B10X 42V/2.5Ah 1000W All-Terrain Longboard Electric Skateboard 40410
SAVE 50%
SAVE $499.95
Maxfind FF Plus 36V/6.0Ah 1200W All Terrain Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $999.00
Skatebolt Tornado Pro A 36V/7.5Ah 350W Street Electric Skateboard
SAVE 53%
SAVE $729.00
Wowgo 3X 43.2V/6Ah 600W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 36%
SAVE $459.00
Exway Flex Riot 1200W Longboard Electric Skateboard EB-F1R
SAVE 31%
SAVE $228.00
Teemo 270Kv/10Ah 650W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $550.00
Teemo 110 Honeycomb Off Road Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $759.00
Teemo 36V/10Ah-17.5Ah 360W All Terrain Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $899.00
Maxfind Max4 Pro 36V/4.4Ah 750W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 58%
SAVE $749.00
Skatebolt Breeze II 450W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $799.00
Atom H10 42V/2.5Ah 700W Longboard Electric Skateboard 40403
SAVE 50%
SAVE $499.95
Exway Flex ER Hub 345Wh 2000W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 30%
SAVE $278.00
Exway Flex Hub 1000W Longboard Electric Skateboard EB-F1H
SAVE 31%
SAVE $228.00
Exway X1 Max Riot 756W Longboard Electric Skateboard EB-X1MR
SAVE 35%
SAVE $328.00
Exway X1 Max Hub 655W Longboard Electric Skateboard EB-X1MH
SAVE 35%
SAVE $328.00
Raldey Wasp 1500W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $1,800.00
Teemo M-2 Wireless Longboard- Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $499.99
Teemo AWD PRO 450W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 11%
SAVE $100.00
Teemo X2 58.8V/5.2Ah 1200W High Speed Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $599.99
Brotherhobby Land Snail 930 44.4V/5Ah 750W Longboard Electric Skateboard BH930
SAVE 50%
SAVE $999.00
Enskate R3 36V/7Ah 450W*2 Longboard Electric Skateboard EK-R3
SAVE $50.00
Skatebolt Tornado II 42V/7.5Ah 350W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 50%
SAVE $629.00
Maxfind FF-Street 36V/6.0Ah 750W Longboard Electric Skateboard
SAVE 44%
SAVE $699.00
Atom B10 42V/2.5Ah 1000W Electric Skateboard 40406
SAVE 50%
SAVE $449.95
Based on 2290 reviews
Love it, Love it, Love it

My Tzora mobility scooter is very cool.
It is well built, but light enough to have remarkable acceleration. Factoring in the scooter can be transported by simply lifting a handle, it separates and with some effort it can placed in the back of our SUV and we are off exploring. The front is heavy. At nearly 60 pounds it takes two people to load it. But I'm sure after awhile the whole process becomes routine. I can
expect many enjoyable outings instead of being confined indoors because of my disabilities. Electric Bike Paradise customer service has been very good at handling a situation that could have gone
wrong. EBP tries very hard to make any problem fixed as soon as possible. Not to
I give my scooter and EBP 5 stars.
Craig Mozley

Mr. E. Mojo Riding! My Mojo has been ELECTRIFIED!

Every time I ride my Apple Red Emojo Caddy Pro my brain keeps hearing Jim Morrison (Doors) singing,"Mr Mojo Rising..." ("LA Woman"); but for me, it's "Mr E Mojo RIDING..."!

I did have some frustrating delivery issues(time, a missing battery, broken parts, replacements on back order, etc). Electric Bike Paradise Support tried to rectify but in the end, they had Emojo Bike Co Support, in Irvine, CA, directly call me. Kevin and Shahla, at Emojo Support, did a FANTASTIC JOB and WERE able to remedy ALL my concerns!

Emojo's Kevin & Shahla deserve a shout out of recognition for great customer service! Kudos to Electric Bike Paradise for having the manufacturer/distributor, Emojo Electric Bikes Support, directly communicate with me and resolve my issues (check out picture of my facsimile "BOB'S FUN" tag on rear basket). I'm now able to ride with a smile having my MOJO ELECTRIFIED!

Under the seat bag

It great the bag fit’s wonderfully Thanks Sincerely Joe Ihle. 😊🐕👍🏻⚡️🚴

light the way to evening cruzing

This is peace of mind with purpos ! With over eleven hundred miles logged this Summer and 52 pounds less on me .I wanted to be able to drive this amazing Bike even after hours,or way early mornings when the roads are empty.This was the key !

Great mirror

Love how I can see traffic behind me

Great little bag

Keeps items cool and stays strapped to bike


This scooter perfectly meets my commuting need mixed with a ton of fun. I usually just have one wheel powered, but turn the second one on for hills. I downloaded a GPS phone speedometer, to calibrate the speed. I wouldn’t want it to go any faster, but 33 mph is reality. But that’s crazy fast when standing and any more I feel would attract more attention than I want. It’s very well built, the charger fits great in the handlebar bag, and I picked up a second bad and cable lock.
I would recommend this for anyone who has a fun, back way to work that’s within 15 miles or so.

Love the scooter 's

We really enjoy our urber scooter we ride them every night & take them to our son house to the local fair feild Days.. we plan on buying 2 more with a bigger motor just so we can go farther than 12 miles we enjoy so much my kids plan on buying some as well & were gonna run around together ❤️. The seats are a must buy if u like riding far away like us .

Overall well worth the money!

No gas or mandatory insurance to pay for, license requirements may vary by state though.
It goes as fast as advertised and as far as advertised, this thing will take you all the way across town, maybe to the next town, and back before it does. The acceleration and breaking is quite good.
Pretty durable, mine still runs fine after years.
I personally think it looks cool, fairly customizable as well (as shown in the pictures).
Plenty of room at the base for storage.
Headlight is decent.
You'd think the reviewers here talking about how much attention they get would be exaggerating, but no, this thing catches eyes. Between hearing strangers yell bad*ss and f*gg, I've heard it all.
Turning takes a while to get used to, but it's completely fine.
Very safe balance wise, no risk of tipping sideways or pulling a wheelie.

They try to cover up the lack of suspension with the big wheels, but this thing takes bumps hard, you'll wanna let a little air out of the tires first.
The battery display really sucks, it'll show a neutral display, the battery goes down when you speed up and back to where it was when you slow down, it makes it incredibly difficult to judge how much you actually have left or how long it'll go speeding up.
The seat is mighty uncomfortable, my buns are sore after just a couple days using it to get to work.
Pretty stealable, get a good lock.
No speedometer, and you have to turn on the headlights using the key
The charging time takes forever, I've plugged it in at half battery, passed out after work for 8 hours and come back to it barely reaching its top bar on the display.
Very clunky and hard to maneuver from off the scooter, pretty heavy and big in general.

Great Ride

Love the eBike- goes as fast as traffic and NO GAS!! Easy to lock up and get to work. Great product

This helmet is a great upgrade from what I had.

Cool handle bar insulation bag

Works and looks great! Had to use the upper cruising handle bar accessory; But worked out fine. 😊🐕👍🏻 ⚡️ 🚴.

Mukkpet Pathfinder 48V/13Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike CX750 2022 Model - DISCONTINUED
Andrew Lamay
Not just a bike, A veritable war machine.

Wonderful bike high powered piece of equipment, XC70 this is the bike you want for all of your outdoor activities, what a piece of machinery.

Great tricycle! Love it so much!

I live in the country and the area is mostly sandy. It does very well going up and down small hills. It's easy to go from manual to powered while you're riding it. I just can't say enough about it. It is just fun! Get one!

Super fun! Super shaky!

I love the scooter. It goes very fast and it's my new commute to work. I can get to work and back on a single charge, and people stop me all the time to admire it (I did trick it out a bit). Only problem is that there is no suspension at all. Even on perfectly flat roads, it tends to get really shaky and rough at higher speeds. Other than that, it's a joy to ride.

Wonderful Bike!

I'm 74 and can still ride a bike. I love my Ecotric Vortex because I can peddle as much or as little as I want. If my knees act up, I can still be sure I can get home without a problem.

i’m lovin it!

Almost 200 miles on it, and I am very impressed. This is my first experience with an electric bike. Have let friends try and explained what it is to many on my rides so far. Enjoy the hydraulic brakes also, very responsive.

Great looks plus great power equals great bike.

I was looking for a new bike to replace my 36V bike in order to get more power and longer rides. I did not want a fat-tire bike. This bike fits the bill perfectly. Throw in the stunning looks makes this an awesome bike. Adding the custom Ecotric Seagull rear rack and a mirror completes this package. I have done numerous 12 mile rides that barely move the battery meter. I did a 31 mile ride (with a fair amount of altitude changes) that still left me with two bars on the battery meter. I found that I like 3 PAS modes instead of the default 5. I usually ride at PAS 2 with an occasional switch to PAS 3 for long uphills. I was surprised by the way the throttle works. The amount of throttle power is determined by the PAS mode. PAS 1 = 7 MPH max; PAS 2 = 12.5 MPH max and PAS 3 = bike limit max. This is different than previous bikes I've ridden where the throttle max is not determined by the PAS mode.

The build quality seems fine so I would recommend this bike to anyone wanting a head-turning, powerful bike with great power and long range.

all good, I have referred EBP to people I have met while riding.


Thank you to EBP...this is a "Bad Ass" of a scooter...Shipping was super fast, assembling was fast but I had to watch a YouTube video to make sure I wasn't missing anything... Yes I am a, Strong and Speed is great for me. Im 5'4 190lbs. My Boyfriend believes this scooter is his...and he's 6'2 250lbs...look like I will be purchasing another very soon! Living in NYC and scooters and electric bike are becoming more popular... I have the Hottest scooter in Harlem.. Worth every Dollar.

I am happy with the bike
I have a question I purchased a 2 yr warranty if needed how do I contact someone. I have tried to contact Nakto by calling and I just get a hang up never speaking to anyone.
Please advise.
Just to let you know Jason purchased the bike as a gift for me his mother my name is Jackie

Handy insulated bag

The insulated bag is so handy to have attached to the handlebars on the front basket. It will make having a picnic pretty easy, or just a cold drink halfway through our ride.

Nakto santa monica

Omg soon nice super cool looking can't say enough about it 500. Cheaper also than other that are comparable love it best investment for me to have funand save gas running local

Extend Protection Plan - Electric Mobility