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MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black

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MotoTec 60V/18Ah 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-FatTire-2000

A Powerful Off-Road Electric Scooter for Everyday Fun and Commute!

Have an exciting commute and tear the road in style with the MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter! This gorgeous futurist modern scooter features massive air-filled fat tires and plenty of power that gives it a big bike performance without the noise! This affordable electric ride is not a toy, but a convenient personal transport with a bigger motor and a bigger battery compared to most conventional electric bikes on the market. This is made for experienced individuals 16 years old and above, and it has a max weight capacity of 450 lbs. so it can be ridden by normal-weight adults too. 

The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is equipped with a hefty 2,000-watt electric hub motor that matches the massive fat tires, so you are sure it will kick dirt and accelerate quickly whenever you flick the throttle. You can use this scooter on the pavement, on the sidewalk, and for off-roading. This electric scooter is more powerful and offers better performance compared to more expensive electric bikes out there. Ride it and feel like a rockstar, so try it going to work or school. This electric scooter is recommended for students, teens, and sports enthusiasts. Always observe safety rules when riding this bike since it does attain road speeds and it does so fast. The rider should wear a helmet, should ride within speed limits, and follow local road regulations.

Cruise the streets, enjoy riding on the dirt, and do errands with the MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter! This scooter comes with massive 18-inch tires that are nine-inches thick that do a very good job of cushioning the ride that it does not need suspension at all. Because it has plenty of power, you can ride it on rugged roads. Compared to most electric bikes, the MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter has a significantly higher ‘horsepower’ that makes it exciting. This scooter has a durable and lightweight metal frame for extra speed and acceleration. Because it is electric, it is quiet but has plenty of power. The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter comes in a beautiful black theme finish.

If you want a capable ride you can use to explore the urban jungle or roam vast areas, the MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is for you. It is a perfect ride for commuting, strolling, or making short cruises, and it does so without the usual noise or harsh vibration. It has a very stable lowered design and a more comfortable ride compared to bikes or even gas-powered bikes. Compared to cars, electric motorcycles or scooters are more convenient for travel and will get you there faster. The city roads are full of surprises like potholes and deadlocked traffic, and you often have to travel in alleys to cut time in your commute. Therefore, you must have a capable electric ride with top-rated components to deal with those things.

The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter can be used for fun and for going to work or school. It is equipped with a throttle so you can travel effortlessly. It has a range of around 20 miles, so it is a perfect ride that will not lose charge halfway when you are using it. Get around and roam the city or get to the office in style. Purchase the MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter here at Electric Bike Paradise!

  • The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is an excellent choice if you want a road-capable ride that can be used anywhere. It is perfect for adults and big kids that need a fun electric ride at an affordable price. This unique scooter features an outlandish lowrider scooter frame and massive fat tires (among the biggest in the market), with a beefy powertrain to match. This e scooter is highly recommended for leisure and a quick personal transport to work and school. You can also use it to reach destinations in the city or suburbs.
  • This is one of the most powerful electric bikes in the market! The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is equipped with a very capable 60-volt 2,000-watt brushless hub motor that gives this lightweight bike incredible power and acceleration. It has a blistering top speed of 32 mph, so it is much quicker than most electric bikes. The hub motor is inside the rear wheel, directing the torque to the ground and giving it exciting performance you will always feel!
  • Features a gorgeous lowrider scooter design with a modern futurist look, handsome ape handlebars and a set of alloy metal rims. It comes with massive 18-inch tires that are nine-inch wide and hydraulic disc brakes that give it excellent road performance. This is made for excellent comfort and affords a lot of control to the rider.
  • The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter has a single-charge range of 20 miles depending on the rider’s weight and average speed. It comes with a sizable 28 amp/hour lithium-ion battery pack, so you can reach places and have several hours of riding fun. It charges to full in around six to eight hours, so you can charge the bike for an hour or two while taking a break to increase range. 
  • Enjoy excellent riding comfort. It comes with tilt-adjustable ape handlebars, a big and padded seat, and a wide deck that allows comfortable riding. The frame has a long wheelbase that guarantees no wheelies. This makes the MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter perfect for everyday commuting.
  • The MotoTec Fat Tire E Scooter is equipped with a variable throttle and a set of high-performance hydraulic disc brakes so it accelerates and stops smoothly. The throttle is easy to use and allows you to zoom on the road. The bike comes with a minimalist readout that shows the battery level. 
  • Features a heavy-duty design. This electric motorcycle has a durable welded hi-tensile steel frame, metal rims, and air-filled all-terrain tires for use on the road. 
  • The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is perfect for leisure and for the commute. It features a true road bike design with safety features and comfort factors. Enjoy using it as a daily driver or for leisure rides.

Have Fun with this Powerful Electric Scooter!

Do you need an affordable electric scooter for commuting? If you want a rugged electric ride that will get you anywhere, the MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is for you. This handsome electric bike features a lowrider scooter design with streamlined details, large ape handlebars, and the most massive fat tires in the market. This scooter is a perfect indulgent toy for adults and teens who want a no-fuss ride. The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is an exciting ride featuring a 60-volt, 2,000-watt brushless hub motor for a zippy performance and off-roading capability. Each ride will put a smile on your face, without the harsh noise and vibration. This electric motorcycle can speed up to 32 mph and can ride on rugged terrain easily, so it is a very capable ride.

This electric motorcycle is very comfortable, featuring a low and long wheelbase and a very comfortable padded seat. It comes with colossal 18-inch fat tires that do a very good job of cushioning the ride even if the scooter has no shock absorbers. The scooter has a range of around 20 miles, so you can go on lengthy off-road adventures or road trips. The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is a great choice for a daily ride to work or school.

Perfect Dimensions.

The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter measures 71” L x 32” W x 45” H and weighs around 123 lbs. It has oversized tires, a key ignition, a kickstand, and a charger. This motorcycle comes with a license plate bracket, road legal lights, headlight and blinkers.

Loaded with Modern Tech.

The MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter is powered by a hefty 60-volt lithium-ion battery pack with a 18 Ah capacity. The bike charges to full in just six to eight hours, so you can charge for an hour or two to extend the range. 

This scooter features an LED readout that shows the battery level, so you know the remaining distance left. You will love to ride it every day, and it is perfect for the daily commute and going to the market, shops, parks, and distant spots.

Don’t Go for Surplus or Cheap Electric Bikes or Scooters.

Many cheap electric bikes are neither reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They are not designed for sustained use because of poor craftsmanship or poorly-done electronics. Some cheap electric bikes lack even the most basic electrical safety features, putting the user at risk of electric shocks. Also, a lot of surplus models cannot climb hills or provide enough level of pedal assist. They are equipped with cheap batteries and cannot go far. 

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most are not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only choose electric bike brands that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. 

Choose MotoTec: Ride and Have Fun with Our Exciting Electric Bikes!

Electric bicycles are the way to go for an active and sustainable lifestyle. It has been proven that such vehicles allow people to achieve physical activity levels, especially those who aren’t fit enough for exercise. Driving a car in the city can eat up your limited time and cut productivity. Don’t forget the cost of car maintenance, insurance, and gas. 

As we always say, adults are just kids with money, and being adults should not stop us doing things we enjoy. We at MotoTec want to take a new look at the usual electric bike. Our bikes are centered on being exciting rides but still fulfill the role as personal transporters. We use metal frames and high-powered motors so you will feel the power whenever you give throttle, plus our designs take inspiration from toys and rides usual in your childhood like kick scooters and wheeled boards. If you are bored with electric bikes and want a fun ride to get somewhere, get MotoTec! Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooter here at Electric Bike Paradise!


  • Motor: 2000W Rear Hub Motor
  • Battery: 60v 18ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Throttle: Variable Twist
  • Key: Yes
  • Top Speed: 32 mph
  • Max Rider Weight: 300 lbs
  • Recommended Age: 16+ Years Old
  • Frame: High-tensile steel
  • Range Per Charge: 20+ miles in optimum conditions
  • Charge Time: 4-8 hrs
  • Front/Rear Tire Size: 225/55-8 (bearing 6201)
  • Shocks: Not needed, Handled by the massive air filled tires
  • LED Headlight: Yes
  • Brake: Hydraulic Front and Rear
  • Wheelbase: 51 inches
  • Seat Height: 28 inches
  • Box Size: 76x18x36 inches
  • Box Weight: 160 lbs
  • Scooter Size: 71x32x45 inches
  • Scooter Weight: 123lbs
  • Street Legal with DMV: No
  • Warranty: 60 days parts replacement

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This product contains one or more chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Order a MotoTec 60V/18Ah 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-FatTire-2000 today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our MotoTec Fat Tire Electric Scooters. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift!  

MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black

MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black

$1,599.00 $3,199.00


MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black

MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$3,199.00 $1,599.00
You Save: $1,600.00


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Taylor Carson
Overall well worth the money!

No gas or mandatory insurance to pay for, license requirements may vary by state though.
It goes as fast as advertised and as far as advertised, this thing will take you all the way across town, maybe to the next town, and back before it does. The acceleration and breaking is quite good.
Pretty durable, mine still runs fine after years.
I personally think it looks cool, fairly customizable as well (as shown in the pictures).
Plenty of room at the base for storage.
Headlight is decent.
You'd think the reviewers here talking about how much attention they get would be exaggerating, but no, this thing catches eyes. Between hearing strangers yell bad*ss and f*gg, I've heard it all.
Turning takes a while to get used to, but it's completely fine.
Very safe balance wise, no risk of tipping sideways or pulling a wheelie.

They try to cover up the lack of suspension with the big wheels, but this thing takes bumps hard, you'll wanna let a little air out of the tires first.
The battery display really sucks, it'll show a neutral display, the battery goes down when you speed up and back to where it was when you slow down, it makes it incredibly difficult to judge how much you actually have left or how long it'll go speeding up.
The seat is mighty uncomfortable, my buns are sore after just a couple days using it to get to work.
Pretty stealable, get a good lock.
No speedometer, and you have to turn on the headlights using the key
The charging time takes forever, I've plugged it in at half battery, passed out after work for 8 hours and come back to it barely reaching its top bar on the display.
Very clunky and hard to maneuver from off the scooter, pretty heavy and big in general.

Jesse Delie
Just add color

Got this bike 2 years ago and still impressed. Built larger and softer seat, added strap-on rechargeable tail lights and paint. Gets a lot of attention!

Johnnie Holloway

I fully love my Mototec Fat Tire Scooter it’s sturdy fast and it’s a head turner everywhere I ride this scooter people are like where did u get this from and they even my self call it the new Bat Mobile .

Randy Mad Menace
Everyone thinks it's Batman's Bat Mobile

This thing gets some SERIOUS attention. It gets up and moves, and the brakes on this thing are awesome! Riding in around Denver with a group of rented, not-rented Apollo and other top end scooters and onewheels, Everyone looks at this one, the scooters are just another scooter to anyone looking but this... this is NOT just another scooter... Everyone says "That thing is sick!" "I want the one HE has!" "where did you get that?" and "How much did that cost?" the Onewheel crowd was blown away at the price vs their Onewheel's, and the mini bike community accepts it as one of their own.
It's stated range of 20 miles is pretty conservative, and might be based on full throttle 20 miles because I have now ridden it well over 20 miles, 3 times in a row and , as far as I know, I haven't yet killed the battery. In fact, on paper it should have died long before the Apollo Ghost Scooter and Aventon Adventure E-bike I first cruised it with, yet the Aventon died first and it's pedal assist.

For the FPV community, it will easily hold the Pyrodrone field bag, the biggest bag known to FPV drones at the moment, and still have room for your feet without any modifications.

And then there is the couple of "Bad" things about it.
1. 2A charger?... it takes over 9 hours to fully charge with the supplied charger (order a 4a or 5a one to reduce that time)
2. The battery meter sucks.
3. The seat is just hard foam. Props to Gary Grassi for making that much needed change
4. you WILL want to reduce the air pressure in the tires... some small bumps will make your teeth chatter if you aren't ready for it
And not really a deal breaker, but it has no speedometer so you will have to use your phone and an app if you don't want to risk a 6mph sidewalk speeding ticket.

A couple of minor planned future changes for me:
1. New and better headlight and
2. Add a tail light
3. Add a Speedometer
4. Actual Battery voltage meter
5. Motorcycle style saddle seat with suspension

Gary Grassi

Great working well using with two people attached pics .......