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Rambo Nomad 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Nomad 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 750 XPC11

Purchase Rambo Bikes The Nomad 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 750 XPC11 and Get ALL THESE FREE GIFT ITEMS (FREE Rambo Super Bright Headlight + Rambo Waterproof Bag + Rambo Front and Rear Fender + Rambo Rear XL Luggage Rack + Specialized Helmet With Bag & Safety Light ($579.99 Total Value - YOURS FREE ONLY AT ELECTRIC BIKE PARADISE)  

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A Powerful Fat Tire Bike for the Avid Outdoor Adventurer!

Suppose you blaze on trails frequently and want a high-performance ride that can keep up with your far-flung adventures, choose the all-new 2021 Nomad Fat Tire Electric Bike by Rambo Bikes! This premium fat tire electric bike features a ruggedized design and a powerful new-generation electric motor that helps you navigate the harshest terrains with ease. It is excellent for the road and goes equally well over snow, mud, or rocky paths for true all-terrain capability. This fat tire electric bike is perfect for adventures in the bush or grasslands. It is a perfect electric hunting bike or a road bike for outdoor adventures and daily commute.

The fat tire ebike features a powerful Bafang 750-watt BBSHD high-torque, a mid-drive motor, double-walled rims, and a premium GT MRK 860 Air fork suspension with impressive performance and excellent off-road capabilities. The bike is equipped with an 11-speed rear derailleur for total control of torque. It has a good power reserve, so you have no problems riding uphill or going over rugged terrain. This model is available in a unique TrueTimber Viper Western Camo or sleek Carbon fiber scheme. Conquer any trail and enjoy the adventure with Rambo Bikes The Nomad Fat Tire Bike!

Practical Design for More Mobility in Rugged Environments!

The Nomad Electric Bike is designed for off-road and for city riding. The best thing about this bike is the comfort factor you probably want when facing bumpy or pothole-ridden streets. The fat tires and the front air suspension make the ride smooth and tolerable. It can quickly get to speed even if you are carrying stuff, thanks to its powerful motor. 

This electric mountain bike has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Reach distant spots and far-away places, as the bike can go as far as 38 miles on a single charge. It is fit as a hunting bike or a daily driver for commuting in the city. If you want to have a practical ride and have something decent for weekend getaways, the Rambo Bikes The Nomad Fat Tire Bike is for you.

  • The all-new 2021 Rambo Bikes Nomad Electric Bike is a perfect off-roader and a high-performance bike for long-distance trips. This specialized ebike features a ruggedized design and a powerful 750-watt electric drivetrain so you can easily travel uphill and blaze on trails. It is designed for avid hunters, explorers, and adventurers.
  • It is a powerful hunting bike that can ride silently over any terrain! The Nomad has a 48-volt power pack and a high-torque 750-watt brushless Bafang BBSHD motor, with a peak power rating of 1000 watts. The motor is mounted above the crankset for maximum torque and explosive force when taking off. Have the confidence to go over rocky and loose surfaces and when riding uphill. This electric mountain bike has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. 
  • It features a 14 ampere/hour power pack consisting of Samsung lithium-ion batteries that are real-life tested. These batteries have a longer lifespan compared to lead batteries. The bike can travel up to 38 miles on a single charge, lasting throughout the day and covering long distances. You can also purchase a bigger power pack with a whopping 21-amp/hour capacity and a range of 75 miles!
  • The Rambo Bike Nomad features a thumb throttle and an 11-speed rear derailleur. This simplified design is very reliable yet still provides excellent control over the speed in any terrain. It is a perfect setup for biking long distances.
  • This model features a frame crafted from rust-resistant and lightweight 6061 aluminum. It is perfect for any weather. The lightweight frame makes the bike easy to drive. The max capacity of the bike is 300 lbs., so you know it is a solid ride and can be used to carry heavy equipment.
  • The Rambo Nomad features premium bike components. It is equipped with a GT MRK 860 Air front fork and double-wall 26-inch rims for ultimate off-roading performance. Seat and ride in comfort with the Selle Royal AO27HEO saddle and G225-1 Lock-On grips. There are fully adjustable 180 mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes that deliver excellent stopping power. The bike is equipped with four-inch Maxxis fat tires.
  • The Nomad comes with a streamlined frame with a sleek Carbon fiber paint scheme or stealthy TrueTimber Viper Western Camo scheme that blends well with the woods and tall, dry grass. Choose to have a modern look, or choose the camo paint scheme for use outdoors
  • This electric road bike is ideal for long-distance outdoor adventures. It has a high-performance electric drivetrain and stealthy paint scheme, making the Rambo Bikes The Nomad perfect for hunting, fishing, or tracking.

Cover Long Distances Efficiently!

The Rambo Bikes The Nomad is the best electric bike for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Using careful engineering and the best electric drive components in the market, we can build a big tire bike that is tough and made for the harshest conditions. Achieve excellent off-road performance with the 750-watt Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor and the four-inch Maxxis fat tires. Expect explosive power whenever you flick the thumb throttle!

The Nomad is equipped with a Samsung 14 amp/hour lithium-ion battery pack with an impressive range of 38 miles, so you can roam great distances, even if you use the throttle most of the time. You can choose to purchase a bigger 21-amp battery with an astounding range of 75 miles. The battery pack is integrated with the frame, located low near the motor, for a lighter and more responsive ride. This bike is also a very decent daily driver to work and school, as it can carry heavy stuff and has more than enough capacity to last throughout the day.

Perfect Dimensions.

The Rambo Bikes The Nomad Fat Tire Electric Bike has a stand-over height of 30 inches and a frame size of 19 inches. The rims measure 26 inches and are equipped with 4-inch Maxxis fat tires. The bike has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Fully Equipped and Designed for the Outdoors.

If you want reliable and rugged transport for long treks, choose the Rambo Bikes The Nomad Fat Tire Electric Bike. The bike has an integrated battery and a mid-drive enclosed motor that is simple and protects the drivetrain from the elements. It has an 11-speed rear derailleur, so you can use it as a mountain bike and cover great distances. The bike features a premium GT MRK 860 Air fork air suspension and Maxxis Minion Fat Tires perfect for rough terrain. 

This electric hunting bike has an LCD that displays the trip distance, battery level, power, and speed. The bike has a premium Selle Royal saddle, Wellgo pedals, and lock-on grips for optimum riding comfort. It is the perfect bike for twisting trails and for stalking game, so purchase the Rambo Bikes The Nomad Fat Tire Electric Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise now! 

Don’t Go for Surplus or Cheap Electric Bikes.

Many cheaply made electric bikes or battery-powered bikes are not reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They are not designed for sustained use because of poor craftsmanship or poorly-done electronics. Some cheap models lack even the most basic electrical safety features, putting the user at risk of electric shocks. Also, many surplus models cannot climb hills or provide enough level of pedal assist. They are equipped with cheap batteries and cannot go far.  

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most are not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only choose electric bike brands that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. 

About Rambo Bikes, the Original Hunting Ebike Company.

Electric vehicles such as electric road bikes are practical to use in rugged areas because you can travel at speed to your destination faster than using a bicycle or a car. Many advanced models are designed for use by adventurers, with ruggedized features and powerful drivetrains. Newer electric bikes are robust, with better components and motors, so you can bring them anywhere without worrying about losing range.

If you are on a hunt or covering vast distances in the woods or backcountry, you want to have a reliable and powerful hunting electric bike. An ideal electric hunting bike should have a powerful motor, a big battery, and a design ideal in adverse conditions. Rambo bikes, the brand for beautiful and stealthy hunting bikes, offers power and performance that will keep up with you while on the hunt. 

We at Rambo knew that electric bikes are the ultimate transport machines for people who love the outdoors. Using the right technology and modern design, we create powerful ebikes that perfectly tailor the needs of hunters and explorers. We love creating badass bikes, and we believe that going electric is a new way to travel to places you’ve never been. Get the best deals and tons of freebies when you purchase the all-new 2021 Rambo Nomad Electric Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise!


  • Model#: 750 XPC11
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Paint: TrueTimber Viper Western Camo / Urban
  • Motor: Bafang 750W BBSHD High Torque Mid Drive
  • Digital Display: Full-Color Display
  • Battery: Samsung 48V 14AH
  • Fork: GT MRK 860 Air
  • Front Hub: KT-M9CF 150mm sealed
  • Rear Hub: KT-M9CF 197mm sealed
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle
  • Front Brake: Tektro HD-E350 2 piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • Rear Brake: Tektro HD-E350 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • Chain Ring: Rambo custom built 36T Narrow Wide
  • Tire: Maxxis Minion FBF, FBR 26" x 4.0"
  • Rim: Double Wall W/O holes 80mm wide
  • Pedal: Wellgo B807DU
  • Saddle: Selle Royal A027HEO
  • Handlebar: PROMAX 770mm
  • Stem: PROMAX MA-50
  • Grip: G225-1
  • Max Speed: 20 mph
  • Range: Up to 38 miles
  • Stand Over Height: 30"
  • Frame Size: 19"
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs.

Rambo Nomad 750w electric bike dimensions


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Rambo Nomad 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Rambo Nomad 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

$4,299.99 $4,499.99
Rambo Nomad 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Rambo Nomad 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$4,499.99 $4,299.99
You Save: $200.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Micheal See
This is a new experience, the Rambo Nomad can really move you

A mid drive motor is recommended by experts like on this bike. The camo paint job keeps me low profile when in the woods. I pair it with camo shirt and pants and camo backpack - I can't see or hear me coming. The battery lasted longer than any of my trips and the "range anxiety" is less and less of a thought. The manual does not tell you to "double click" the "i" button to get to settings. I set the gov'ner to 30 mph and hit 29.7 mph so, the bike can move. So far - lovin' it.

Michael Bell
Having fun!

I'm over 70, in good shape, the bike has extended my range.

Alixi P.
Get ready for Fun

I really love this bike great to ride and the price was right and it even came faster then expected.. Thank you guys!

Michael S.
Yup buy this one

I don’t normally do reviews unless I’m thoroughly impressed with a purchase. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I being paid for this review.

The bike came a day early which is always a pleasure. The packaging was a little worn but nothing to bad. The bike inside was packed very neatly with plenty of safety wires and cushion and all that good stuff. The bike came with a nice instruction manual and with the help of my dad we set it up within 12 min or so. If you are by yourself you’ll definitely want to read the instructions and than watch a how to assemble YouTube video (there are many)
So far I’m extremely happy and the price is not to cheap not to expensive it’s just right. I recommend purchasing this e bike as it has all the good stuff you want, decent range, powerful peppy 750 watt motor and fat tire.


Shannon W.
Love these bikes 💗💗

We love our bikes. We can't wait to take these on vacation! Thanks for the FAST and FREE shipping!