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Electric Bike Assembly: How To Assemble Your Electric Bike

Assembling your electric bike can be exciting and nerve-cracking. Compared to a conventional bicycle, an electric bike comes with more components that make it a little more complex. Don’t get intimidated, though, because you’ve got all the things you need in the package, plus we’re here to guide you every step of the way! 


WARNING: Although the initial assembly process is fairly easy, there are still some advanced things you'll need to have done to your e-bike prior to your first ride to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you. This includes, but isn't limited to, truing your wheels, adjusting your brakes, filling your tires to the proper pressure, and doing a safety check to ensure all bolts are properly tightened and not over tightened. Any bike shop can perform these tasks for you and we highly recommend taking your e-bike to a professional who can do these important tasks to ensure you are safe when riding your e-bike. Furthermore, you ride your e-bike or scooter at your own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for any accidents that happen for any reason, in any place, at any time. Please always wear a helmet, follow traffic laws, and ride safely. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the ride! 


Before we officially start putting the parts together, make sure to open the box carefully, take the e-bike out, its components: charger, derailleur, toolset, pedals, etc., and most importantly, the user manual. Don’t get too excited, and remember to do this with caution.

Also, having a work stand gives a lot of convenience but don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can assemble your e-bike on the floor. So let’s get started!

Step #1 Attach the Handlebars

From your tool kit or the tool set that came in with the electric bike, grab an allen key tool and loosen bolts one at a time. Once you have the clamp off, it’s time to attach the handlebars. Flip it up and make sure the fork is forward. The gear shifters go on the right side while the pedal-assist with the red button goes on the left. 

Mount the handlebars and screw in each bolt, but not too tight though. And don’t worry about getting the handlebars perfectly yet because you’ll probably adjust it when we get on the e-bike once it’s complete.

Step #2 Installation of Pedals

To install your pedals, you’re gonna need a little bit of grease. When attaching the pedal, apply a minimum amount of grease around the part of attachment.

Looking at the pedal, you should see an L and R so you know which goes where. For the left hand side, install the pedal in a counterclockwise manner. Take a 15mm wrench to tighten the pedal. And do the same for the right hand side, but this time in a clockwise approach. 

Step #3 Front Wheel

Now that we have the handlebars attached and pedals installed, it’s time we do the front wheel.

Most electric bikes come with disc brakes, so be careful when placing the wheel (either front or rear), make sure to do this with care. 

Grab your quick release tool. It should come attached to the wheel. Unscrew the knob at the end and take off one of the cones. Place the quick release lever at the left side of the front wheel and screw in the spring cone on the other side.

Put the front wheel into the fork with the discs between the pads and screw the quick release lever tight.

Step #4 Place Accessories 

Some electric bikes come with accessories like fenders, lights, and rack, so here’s how to properly attach them to your e-bike.

Rear Rack: on the frame, there are mounting points with bolts where you’ll screw in the rack. Put the rack properly in place and secure the bolts. Make sure to tighten joints and attachment screws. Also, be aware of your e-bike’s maximum carrying capacity and be sure not to go over that.

Step #5 Put on the Derailleur Cover Guard

There are two bolts down the cog set that secure the derailleur, take those off with a 4mm Allen key and install the cover guard. Having this installed protects your rear derailleur from getting bent when you’re in a crash or when the e-bike falls on the side.

Step #6 Charger

Unwrap the packaging and you will see that an electric bike’s charger is similar to that of a laptop’s. 

Before charging, make sure your e-bike’s turned off. On the charger, there’s a light that indicates whether your e-bike’s already fully charged (when the red light turns to green). It takes 4-6 hours on average for an electric bike to fully charge.

Step #7 Adjust your brakes,

Step #8 Fill up your tires

Step #9 Set the seat post to the proper height

Assembling your electric bike is a pretty simple process, but you'll need some tools to get started and some basic knowledge of bicycles. Our goal in this article is to supply you with everything you'll need to assemble your brand new electric bike as well as a professional bike mechanic. Watch the video above for an example of how to assemble an electric bike by our founder Trevor. 
Please contact us or your local bike shop if you have any questions about assembling your e-bike or scooter.