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Electric Bike Paradise Shopping Guide


What is an Electric Bike?


We all know what a bicycle is in these modern times. But bicycles have gone a long way, dating back to the 18th century when the first bicycle was created using a couple of wheels, a steering handle, and a seat at the center. Since then, people with creative minds have further developed this two-wheel contraption into something that still has two wheels, handlebars for steering, and a seat at the center that is now called the bicycle.

However, innovations never really stop, especially for bicycles. As we enter a world where everything is electronic and makes use of electricity such as e-cars, e-books, and others, it’s not new anymore that conventional devices or vehicles like a bicycle will be made electric. Because being one of the biggest game-changers in the field of transportation, bicycles or simply bikes are destined to change and be better hence the birth of electric bikes.

Having a reliable means of transport for your everyday commute makes all the difference. And that’s where an electric bike comes in. Whether it’s for practical or recreational usage, you bet that electric bikes can outperform all the other e-vehicles. But seriously, what exactly is an electric bike? Just think of an ordinary bicycle, but imagine it having an integrated electric motor either at the center of the front or rear hub, or in the middle of the pedals. Now add a battery so you can supply energy to the electric motor.

Another way to look at it is by imagining yourself riding a bike uphill at a very steep slope. When you ride a regular bike, going up can be very challenging and exhausting. The only thing that can help you move forward is by knowing how to pick the right gear to make your life easier. Still, however, you still feel very tired when you reach the top. Now, when you're driving an electric-powered bike, you can reach the top effortlessly shortly just by pedaling as you would at a normal pace. That's exactly because you can make use of the pedal-assist or throttle-assist to help boost your acceleration, so you won't have to exert much effort. That's how an e bike works. It makes riding a bike more effortless and less strenuous to your body.



Why Should You Get an Electric Bike?

Most electric bikes are built mainly to provide their users with a means of efficient transport and promote a healthy lifestyle. If you live in the city, you already know how stressful it can be to get stuck in traffic. You either spend too much time waiting in the car or your spend too much money because of high fuel expenses, not to mention the hassle of being issued parking tickets.

Are you simply looking for an awesome ride that will make gliding your way through the streets effortless? If that's the case, then you'll certainly jump with joy when you get an e-bike. When you invest in a high-quality e-bike, you'll certainly have so much fun on the road whether it's on city streets or up in the hills.

If you're one of those people who doubt the performance and capability of e-bikes, you'll be surprised to know that most electric-powered bikes can even give you a top speed of up 15 to 28 miles per hour. Pedaling won't be burdensome with its electric motor, so you'll still pedal as if you're taking a stroll at the park while at the same time enjoying fast speeds.

An e-bike allows you to enjoy the views more because it takes away the pressure of having to pedal harder to reach your destination faster. Instead, you have the luxury to enjoy a super smooth ride on any trails, leaving you the freedom to be relaxed while riding. It's a hundred percent perfect if you're looking for stress-free rides! Just imagine getting this kind of speed without even sweating so much.

Of course, let's not forget that while an ebike gives you the freedom to enjoy a comfortable ride, one of its main benefits is that it greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the commuting population. It's a guilt-free pleasure since you get to be environmental-friendly while keeping a very fun, engaging, and riveting activity all at the same time. There's also no doubt that it offers the best practical solution for urban dwellers.


Everything you need to know before buying an Electric Bike


The world is becoming more digital in all aspects. Simply look around and you'll see digitalization happening almost anywhere, from your homes, office, and to the streets. From that billboard on the highways flashing your favorite Netflix show, self-checkout grocery stores, to eco-cars, we've gone a long way in developing innovative solutions to decrease our carbon footprint. When it comes to modern micro-mobility solutions, however, there's one that stands out - electric bikes.

Electric bikes or ebikes are electric-powered bicycles that have been the talk of the town in recent years because of how they changed the status quo of cycling. In the last couple of years, e bikes have taken the world by storm. In fact, according to a recent study by LEVA, the United States alone saw nearly 790,000 electric bike imports in 2021. This figure marks a 70% increase from the 463,000 imports back in 2020. E-bikes have seen rapid growth in the past year, thanks to urban dwellers who are shifting to a more economical and efficient mode of transportation.

But the growth doesn't stop there. In fact, experts have predicted that over a hundred million electric bikes will be sold globally by the end of 2023. Based on these statistics alone, there's no doubt why electric bikes are considered the future of transportation.

The best part is that this micro-mobility technology is constantly improving! New models are being engineered and produced every day. With every improvement comes better efficiency and functionality designed to address all sorts of mobility issues. Now, with all these advancements, we cannot emphasize further that buying your own electric bike will be the best decision for you!


Parts of an Electric Bike

Electric Motor

What makes an electric bike distinct from a regular bike is that the former comes with an electric motor while the latter does not. This means that with a regular bike, you have to rely on manual effort or pedaling 100 percent of the time unlike with an e-bike where you can get an accelerated boost with its pedal-assist or throttle. In essence, your ride will be a lot more effortless with an e-bike because of its electric motor.

Electric motors are the ones responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. Plus, it's the one that determines the power and capabilities of your bike including its load capacity and range. Typically, an e bike's motor is either located at the center of the frame or in one of the hubs. There are two main kinds of electric motors:

Hub Motors



A hub motor is one where the motor is located at the front or rear wheel, and it operates outside the bike’s chain drive. That being said, hub motors are an entirely independent drivetrain system that requires less maintenance and causes less damage to the chains and cogs of the e-bike. A hub motor is the most common type of electric bike motor, and because it’s mass-produced, it is cheaper than its counterpart, a mid-drive motor. Shown below is an example of an electric bike equipped with a rear hub motor.


Featured Product: Ecotric Vortex 36V/12.5Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike

Mid Drive Motor


For mid-drive electric bikes, the motor is positioned in the bottom bracket (at the lower part of the bike's frame) and drives the crank accordingly. Mid-drive motors are located at the center of the bike, resulting in a low and central center of gravity. This kind is also capable of climbing steeper slopes more efficiently than hub motors, which makes it a great bike for the hills. Because mid-drive motors are usually lighter, smaller, and are generally more powerful than hub motors, they are indeed more expensive. Below is an example of an electric bike having a mid-drive motor.

Featured Product: Eunorau Fat-HD 48V/15.6Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike


The battery is somewhat the heart of the electric bike. It supplies electric energy to the motor, which then translates it to mechanical energy that gives pedal assistance to the rider. During the early times of e-bikes, batteries were made up of Lead-acid or Nickel Cadmium. These days, almost all electric bikes already make use of Lithium-ion batteries similar to the ones used in laptop computers, which makes them a lighter and more powerful source of electric energy. A typical battery charges for 5-6 hours, and in every full charge, an e-bike can go up to 50 miles.

Hydraulic Brakes

One of the key features that you should be particular about before getting an e-bike is the hydraulic brakes. This statement is true especially if you're getting a commuter e bike for everyday use. Of course, an awesome ride also means a safe ride, so making sure that your bike comes with a reliable brake is essential.

As with any other vehicle, there's no safety to speak of when you don't have reliable brakes. With an e-bike, you should choose one that comes with hydraulic disc brakes. There are many other quality parts when it comes to e-bikes but you might want to check the one that has Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for the utmost reliability, a brand that's been proven and tested for years.

Display and Control System

The display and control system of an electric bike is conventionally placed on the handlebars in which you can see the important numbers, figures, and labels like battery level, gear ratio, level of electric pedal assistance, and many more depending on the kind of system your e-bike is equipped with. The common display medium used for modern e-bikes are LED and LCD screens. Besides the LCD and LED display are the control buttons through which you can manage pretty much everything in your e-bike. You also get integrated lights in some advanced models, making bike riding at night safer. These features make up the whole display and control system of an electric bike.


Other Essential Parts

As with any other regular bike, there are essential parts, which are indispensable to an e-bike's operation like the pedal, saddle seat, display, handlebars and of course the chaindrive. But other than these staple features, an e-bike offers way more features that may not be indispensable but are essential components. These may include the throttle, light, luggage rack, full back support, fat grippy tires, and more. When all these features are in place, your e-bike will certainly have the ability to provide you with the best riding experience.

Electric bikes are simply amazing. Getting a high-quality e bike will make you forget about your car. Not only does it give you the same health benefits as a regular bike, but it also provides the advantage of having a motorcycle or scooter.

Are you excited to have one of yours too? Choosing an electric bike can be challenging, but we hope this list will help you purchase the best electric bike for your everyday use.

Types of Electric Bikes


So, now that you have a holistic understanding of how e bikes work and why it's a good investment, it's now time to get to know each kind!

For first-time buyers, choosing among the different types of e bikes can be overwhelming because there are simply so many options to choose from depending on your lifestyle, needs, riding purpose, environment, and personal preferences.

To make your life easier, we've organized all the different types of electric bikes into five main categories, each having its own sub-categories. These are electric mountain bikes, fat tire e bikes, folding e bikes, electric hybrid bikes, and electric trikes. We'll also include a bonus section below featuring the best e bike accessories that will go well with your chosen electric bike.

Electric Mountain Bikes

For those who love off-road adventures, having an electric mountain bike is a perfect choice. Typically, an electric mountain bike comes in a heavy-duty frame that is engineered to withstand tough environmental conditions, especially on mountainous terrain. Electric mountain bikes typically come with a bigger electric motor, so you can reach farther distances and cruise at a faster speed effortlessly without causing too much stress on your body.

Generally, this kind of e-bike comes with at least 750-watt motor power, so you're sure to get the needed boost in tackling rocky terrain and muddy trails whenever. So, for adventure-seekers out there, this is the kind of bike that you should be looking out for if you're looking for a pumped-up riding experience!

Electric Mountain Bikes or eMTBs are further divided into subcategories, which we have discussed below:

Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bikes

A fat tire electric mountain bike delivers the best combination of a fat tire electric bike and an electric mountain bike, so you get the benefits of two powerful electric bikes in one build. Plus, what's great about a fat tire electric mountain bike is that it offers excellent grip and stability, which can be very helpful on forest trails.

A fat tire electric mountain bike is able to deliver better stability primarily because its fat tires are extra-grippy as compared to traditional tires. Essentially, fat tire electric mountain bikes can be expected to be heavy-duty since they're built to be extra powerful, reliable, and high-performing.

Aostirmotor S18-1500W 48V/15Ah 1500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike


Electric Hunting Bikes

Agility is essential in every hunting expedition, which is something that not all electric bikes can promise. Lucky for you, engineers have developed an e-bike that's specially designed for hunting - these are electric hunting bikes! Electric hunting bikes are e-bikes that come in the form of electric mountain bike. But what makes them different is that they are built to be faster and are equipped with essential features and accessories that make hunting a lot easier and more convenient.

Generally, these electric hunting bikes come with additional accessories or features. that can accommodate all your hunting gear, so you can enjoy the thrill of hunting without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Rambo Rebel 48V/21Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike


Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

Mid-Drive Electric Bikes are electric bikes that are equipped with mid-drive motors. This kind of electric bike is known for being able to deliver maximum performance with minimal effort. This is primarily because mid-drive motors drive the crank instead of the wheels, which in turn, is more capable of releasing sufficient energy, resulting in a more powerful and effortless ride. Most e-bikes are usually designed with hub motors.

What's good about having a mid-drive motor is the fact that since the power directly controls the crank and not the tires themselves, you get better alignment in the way it works with the other gears of your electric bike. Therefore, when you climb an uphill road and you change gears, the motor will also adjust to give you a powerful boost. It's also important to note that there are hub motors that tend to overheat when climbing steep roads, making the mid-drive motor a better option for those who normally pass through hilly roads.

Rambo Pursuit 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike


Hardtail Electric Mountain Bikes

When it comes to suspension, an electric bike is classified into three - hardtail, rigid, and dual-suspension electric bikes. A hardtail is the most common type among electric bikes. Simply put, a hardtail electric mountain bike comes with a single suspension fork positioned at the front wheel. A rigid electric bike on the other hand is one that doesn't have a suspension fork at all. A hardtail electric mountain bike is normally bought by beginners who are not really looking for a fancy ride but care about riding comfort.

A hardtail electric mountain bike is a good choice for those who want to use the e-bike not only for muddy terrain and mountainous trails but also for daily commuting. As for the dual-suspension electric mountain bike, we'll discuss it below.

Nakto Discovery 48V/8Ah 350W Fat Tire Electric Bike


Dual-Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes

A dual-suspension electric mountain bike is by far the most comfortable electric mountain bike because of its full suspension. This means that this kind of electric bike is fully equipped with a front and rear suspension, giving you a lighter riding experience and better comfort due to reduced impacts.

When we say full, we mean that this electric bike is fully equipped with a front and rear suspension, so you'll only feel the least impact when passing through bumpy surfaces. Essentially, if comfort is of great importance to you, then a dual-suspension electric mountain bike is the best choice.

Ecotric Bison 48V/17.6Ah 1000W Big Fat Tire Electric Bike



Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Riding a bike can be challenging not only when passing through steep hills - but it also gets difficult when snow, sand, and mud, which makes pedaling a bit stressful especially if your e-bike’s not made for them. Having a powerful electric bike may alleviate some difficulties but it may not be enough to get you moving from such a bumpy and muddy trail.

This issue is where fat tire electric bikes set in. Fat tire electric bicycles are equipped with fat and grippy tires that are well-able to pass through all kinds of challenging trails. Usually, these tires are at least 4-inches thick, so you won't slip off easily. It doesn't only make your bike capable, but it also makes your ride extra safe because of the stability that it offers.


Folding Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Many people think that a fat tire electric bike is far from being portable and compact. Well, you can't blame them, fat tires are huge and thick, and they're not really the portable type. But luckily, the bike frame can be portable, which is why there are folding bikes. And that's exactly what folding fat tire e-bikes are about.

For people who are looking for a portable e-bike that comes with fat tires, a folding fat tire e-bike is the right choice. This kind of bike is a must-have for those who have limited space for storage and would prefer the convenience of being able to bring their bike wherever and whenever since this kind of e-bike is handier than a fat tire electric mountain bike. This essentially means that it can easily fit into the trunk of most cars. Plus, since it's handy, you can use it for your daily commuting.

Green Bike USA GB Low Step Fat Tire 48V/18.20Ah 750W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike


Fat Tire Electric Trikes

If grippy tires aren't enough for you when it comes to stability, then check out these fat tire electric trikes. This kind of electric bike comes with three wheels, which in turn offers maximum stability and functionality on any kind of terrain.

And because this kind of bike comes with three wheels, you'll benefit from its enhanced functionality. For one, fat tire electric trikes may be considered cargo bikes since you can accommodate heavy loads, which is perfect if you usually have lots of stuff to bring or if you're a business owner who's looking for a practical service for short-distance trips.

Emojo Caddy Pro 48V/15Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Trike


Folding Electric Bikes

When it comes to portability, the first thing that should come into mind is a folding electric bike. This kind of e-bike is built to be easily dismantled or disassembled, so you can carry it around, fit it into the trunk of your car, or just keep it under your desk.

A folding ebike is one of the most promising kinds of e-bikes on the market today not only because of its portability, but also the convenience that it offers, which is more of a necessity nowadays. This is especially true for people living in the city and in tiny apartments. An electric folding bike combines the features of folding bikes and conventional bikes. These compact electric bicycles are engineered for users who are always on the go like commuters.


Folding Electric Trikes

An electric trike can be very challenging when it comes to storing and transporting it from one place to another mainly because they cover a huge space. Luckily, there are folding electric trikes to address this issue.

A Folding Electric Trike is simply like an electric trike, but the main difference is that it can be folded. So basically, you still get a three-wheeled bike, electric motor, battery, and a foldable frame. It's as simple as that, the portable version of an electric trike. This kind of electric bike is perfect for seniors and the elderly who are looking for a functional yet handy micro-mobility solution especially when running errands. It's also a good solution for businesses looking for a practical mobility solution for short-distance deliveries.

Eunorau New-Trike 48V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike



Electric Hybrid Bikes

An electric hybrid bike is a combination of two or more different types of electric bike. This means that you get the best of both worlds in just a single electric bicycle. Most electric bikes are designed for a specific purpose but what makes an electric hybrid bike stand out is its flexibility to be used for different kinds of purpose. This means that you'll certainly get the most out of your money since you're not restricted to using it only for that specific purpose and you're not limited by the capability of your electric bike.

The main benefit that you’ll get from an electric hybrid bike is that you can do almost anything with it. You're not restricted to one or a few activities. In fact, you can use it for your daily commute, running errands, and of course, going out on an adventure during weekends. There’s no need to switch from one bike to another with an electric hybrid bike. This makes riding a bike more practical and effortless.


Electric Commuter Bikes

An Electric Commuter Bike is a kind of electric bike that's built for everyday use in the city streets. It gives you all the benefits you can get from an e-bike while saving you from all the hassle of commuting. Generally, an electric commuter bike is packed with features typically found in an electric mountain bike, so you can expect the same level of performance and reliability.

At the same time, an electric commuter bike is designed like an electric road bike, so you can expect the same level of agility and speed. Most electric commute bikes are also foldable and compact, which adds to the convenience that they offer. It's practically the best electric bike for urban dwellers who need to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the daily commute.

Ecotric Vortex 36V/12.5Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike


Electric Comfort Bikes

Electric comfort bikes are designed to provide you with the utmost comfort in every ride. Typically, these electric bikes are driven with an upright riding position for a better posture. Plus, it comes with a step-through frame, which makes them more accessible and easier to mount.

Electric comfort bikes usually come with wide saddle seats, swept-back handlebars, and suspension forks that are designed to make your ride as comfortable as possible. It's also a great choice for women since they can ride this kind of bike even while wearing a dress.

Nakto Camel Women 36V/10Ah 250W-350W Cruiser Electric Bike


Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes

A Beach Cruiser Electric Bike is one that's mostly used for casual rides or for recreation purposes. It's the kind of e-bike that's perfect for those who are looking for a laid-back and chill ride to enjoy the scenery and fresh air by the beach. This is in contrast to electric mountain bikes, which are mostly used for rough roads and off-road adventures.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes is well-known for offering ultimate comfort and style with its wider saddle seat, step-thru built, and swept-back handlebars that altogether allow you to sit in an upright position. With its framing and built, you will surely enjoy cruising with this electric bike.

Nakto Cruiser 36V/10Ah 300W Fat Tire Electric Bike


Electric Road Bikes

Are you looking for an electric bike that you can ride every day? If yes, then getting yourself an electric road bike is a great choice. An electric road bike offers superior performance, especially on paved streets. This type of electric bike comes with thin wheels and is designed to be fast and lightweight.

Most people think that riding an electric bike is cheating. However, that's not entirely true. When you ride an electric road bike, you’ll be enticed to ride farther because of the ease, enjoyment, and thrill it gives you, without sweating like there's no tomorrow.

AmericanElectric Veller 36V/10.4Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike


Cargo Electric Bikes

A Cargo Electric Bike is equipped with all the essential features of an electric bike including a powerful motor and bigger wheels. But what makes it stand out is the fact that it's designed to carry heavy loads. A cargo electric bike offers an efficient way of carrying freights, loads, baggage, cargo, and many more.

Plus, since it's electric, you won't have a hard time when pedaling with heavy cargo since it has a powerful motor that will give you an extra power boost that will allow you to pedal smoothly on any kind of surface, even when climbing hills. This kind of e-bike is more practical than investing in a motor vehicle if you'll only be having short-distance trips.

Nakto Pony 36V/10Ah 250W Cargo Electric Bike


Tandem Electric Bikes

Tandem Electric Bikes are designed to accommodate two persons at the same time who should pedal at the same pace. And since there are two riders, almost everything is double, the pedals are double, and the saddle seat except of course for the wheels. Essentially, it’s a twin-form of an electric bike.

What's great with a tandem electric bike is the fact that even a person who doesn’t know how to fully ride a bike will find it easy to operate since it will be the main driver who will lead the ride, so the other person can simply support by pedaling.

Micargi Raiatea 48V/10.4Ah 500W Tandem Electric Bike


Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

Mid-Drive Electric Bikes are powered by mid-drive motors, which are known for providing their riders with maximum performance with minimal effort. Typically, mid-drive motors drive the crank instead of the wheels, which releases ample energy to achieve a more powerful and effortless ride.

In terms of performance, a mid-drive electric bike is the better option as it performs better than a typical hub motor. With a mid-drive motor, since the power directly controls the crank and not the wheel itself, you get better alignment in the way it works with the other gears of your electric bike. Hence, as you go uphill and change your gears, the motor will also adjust to give you the needed boost and power.

Rambo Cruiser 48V/10.4Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike


Step-thru Electric Bikes

An Electric Step-Thru Bike offers its users the most upright riding position paired with a framing that allows for easy mounting. It's very easy to ride, making it a great choice even for beginners. Like most electric bikes, it’s powered by a battery and an electric motor, so your trips are less exhausting and more enjoyable.

Electric Step-Thru Bikes are perfect for everyday casual rides like going to school or the office. The best part about this kind of bike is that it provides you with the best style while at the same time giving you comfort in every ride.

Ecotric Peacedove 36V/10Ah 350W Step-Thru Electric Bike


Electric Bikes for Women

Women have certain distinctions and requests, which is exactly why you should check out our carefully crafted selection of the best electric bikes for women. Unlike men, women are more after the functionality and comfort of an electric bike rather than the thrill of riding it. These electric bikes should be able to provide them with a hassle-free and effortless way to ride around the neighborhood and run errands.

Nakto Classic 36V/12Ah 250W Step-Thru Electric Bike



Electric Trikes

An electric tricycle is a three-wheeled bike powered by an electric motor. This kind of electric bike is perfect for those who have difficulty in balance since it can offer outstanding stability and grip. Another thing that's good with electric trikes is the fact that they're capable of carrying heavier loads, which is perfect when running errands. It's especially beneficial for seniors and those who run a small business and are looking for a practical mobility solution.

This kind of electric bike addresses the struggles of storage capacity when riding a bike, making your riding experience more fruitful and hassle-free since you have all your essentials with you. It's also a perfect ride for those who want a beginner-friendly ride since they can rely on the e-bike's stability when riding.


Recumbent Electric Trikes

A recumbent electric trike is a type of bike that places the rider in a comfortable reclining position. The reclining design has many significant advantages for ergonomic reasons: the weight of the rider is easily distributed over a wider area, supported by the back and the buttocks. In a conventional upright electric vehicle, the body’s weight falls solely on a small portion of the arms, legs, and hands. Most models of electric recumbent bikes have an aerodynamic advantage; the reclining, leg-forward position of the rider’s body has a smaller front profile.

PFIFF Scooter Trike L 36V/9Ah 250W Recumbent Electric Trike


Reverse Electric Trikes

There are two classes of electric trikes - reverse electric trike and a forward electric trike. The most common form is the forward electric trike, which comes with a single front wheel and two rear wheels. This kind of electric trike offers maximum maneuverability and weight support for the driver.

On the contrary, a reverse electric trike comes with two wheels at the front and a single rear wheel. This kind of electric trike gives the utmost stability when making sharp turns, thereby preventing the electric trike from losing balance.

Pfautec Pronto 36V/9Ah 250W Mid-Drive Reverse Electric Trike


Step-through Electric Trikes

A step-through trike is like a regular bike with three wheels and a step-thru frame for better convenience and comfort. This kind of trike provides users with better comfort and accessibility, for it comes with a wide saddle seat and a step-thru frame, which makes getting on and off easily accessible.

When it comes to functionality, you’ll be happy to know that generally, electric trikes come with a rear basket that’s spacious enough to carry your essentials and luggage. This feature makes it beneficial, especially for delivery in small businesses.

EWheels EW-29 48V/12Ah 500W Transportation Electric Trike



Best Electric Bike Accessories

Riding an electric bike is certainly exciting. But to make your riding experience a lot better, there are several electric bike accessories that you should have to make the most out of your e-bike. These accessories are designed not only to improve your overall riding performance but also to ensure your safety.


Adjustable Wide Angle Rearview Mirror




When riding an electric bike, you have very limited visibility when it comes to rearview. That’s exactly why having a rearview mirror is essential. Just check out this adjustable wide-angle rearview mirror.


Bike Phone Mount for Smartphones

If you’re looking for a bike mount that’s stable enough to hold your phone while traveling, you might want to check out this bike phone mount. This bike mount for smartphones allows you to carry your phone and use it as a navigation system or simply as a music player while riding, thereby making your riding experience a lot more convenient and safer.


Waterproof Bike Alarm With Remote




For those who are looking to secure their electric bike, make sure to check out this waterproof bike alarm with a remote. This bike alarm is perfect if your electric bike does not come with any anti-theft feature, especially if you normally park and leave your electric bike outside your house.


Extra Soft Bicycle Gel Seat Cushion




This extra soft bicycle gel seat cushion will provide the needed comfort for riders who travel long distances and for long periods. It’s designed to stick securely to the saddle and is dust and water-resistant to ensure better comfort.


High-Quality Code Combination Bicycle U-Lock (14mm)




Another anti-theft accessory that you should invest in is a bicycle lock. With this bicycle lock, you get high-grade steel that resists cutting. prying, or jacking. Plus, this bicycle lock is convenient to use since you can just set up a 4-digit combination lock, so you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting your keys.


Rechargeable 7-Modes Bicycle Taillight




Riding an electric bike can be fun, but it can also be dangerous especially if you’ll ride it on public roads and highways. That’s exactly why getting this rechargeable 7-modes bicycle taillight is a wise choice. A taillight can be very useful in boosting your visibility, especially at night, so you can save yourself from being a road hazard for vehicle drivers.


Rechargeable Bike Light Set




A bike light set will provide you with better visibility when riding at night, so you can avoid any accidents. This rechargeable bike light set comes with 4 light mode options for both headlight and taillight. The headlight can work up to 10 hours and 9 hours for the taillight, depending on the mode of usage.


High-Quality Water Bottle Holder




A high-quality water bottle holder is essential in ensuring that you're not dehydrated anywhere you go. This also prevents you from collapsing under the heat of the sun. Check out this high-quality water bottle holder from Electric Bike Paradise, it comes with a strong and durable cable lock so you can be sure about its stability and security in handling your water bottle. It also has straps that can fit most water bottles with 250mm circumference.


Waterproof Bike Cover with Lock hole




With Electric Bike Paradise’s waterproof bike cover, your electric bike will certainly remain in its best shape under any kind of weather condition. Plus, your bike will be protected from rain, dust, sunshine, and animal scratches. It comes with a superior material coating to ensure the protection of your bike, you also get a lock-hole special design, so you can still use your bike lock, and of course, it’s extremely convenient to carry, so you can take it anywhere you go.


Handlebar-End Rearview Mirror




Having this handlebar-end rearview mirror from Electric Bike Paradise can be extremely helpful as well. Like the traditional one, you get full visibility of the road conditions behind you. But aside from that, a handlebar-end rearview mirror offers a better and adjustable viewing angle and a foldable frame, which makes it a great alternative for those who are not keen on having a regular side mirror.

Electric Scooters

Commuting from one place to another can be challenging for urban dwellers who live with traffic every day. There's no question that getting stuck in traffic is inconvenient and is a complete waste of time and resources. This is precisely why many people are looking for alternative ride options, one of which is an electric scooter.

Having a great scooter can be a perfect choice for those looking for an efficient and practical service that offers excellent ride quality and has no carbon emissions. If this is something that interests you, read on below!

What is an e scooter?

Electric scooters or electric two-wheelers are the new electric vehicles designed for modern-day travelers.

An e scooter is an electric-powered micro-mobility vehicle with an easy-to-use and lightweight frame that allows you to travel along narrow and jam-packed streets. These distinct features make it an innovative and lavish ride for urban dwellers. E scooters are what you usually see being driven by young adults around the city for service. Several groups also use scooters for recreational and security purposes.

Compared to an electric bike, an electric scooter is handier, easier to drive, and more convenient. With an electric scooter, you only have to push some buttons and twist the throttle to get moving. As for electric-powered bikes, while most models come with throttle-assist, these e-bikes would still require pedaling from the rider instead of e scooters where all controls are on the throttle. Another difference is that e scooters can be driven while standing up or sitting down, while an e-bike can only be operated while seated.

How does an e scooter work?

Riding an electric scooter is somewhat like riding the same scooter you used to play with as a kid. The main difference is that since an electric scooter is equipped with a motor and battery, you don't have to kick dirt to accelerate manually. Instead, all you need to do is make use of its twist grip throttle to move, giving you an effortless and smooth ride.

Technically speaking, an electric scooter works because for every flick of throttle, the battery gives out a signal that releases the power to the motor. This, in turn, jumpstarts the propelling of the wheels, which leads to the acceleration of the electric scooter.

So, if you want to know more about the best electric scooters in the market, make sure to check out this complete shopping guide!

What are the parts of an e scooter?

An e scooter is complete with all the essential parts of a regular scooter, including the throttle, deck, frame, and brakes. But what sets it apart from a traditional scooter is that it's equipped with an electric motor, battery, and controller that makes it more efficient and effortless to drive.

For better quality, we recommend that you carefully check each component of your chosen scooter and determine if it's high-quality. The best electric scooter should be high-grade components, including pneumatic tires or air-filled tires, lithium-ion battery, led headlight, front and rear dual suspension, powerful motor, high-grade frame for great weight limit, and extra safety features. It's also plus points if equipped with additional features such as deck lights, cruise control, a fast charger, and an anti-lock brake.

Besides, the last thing you want is to invest in a new electric scooter that's substandard and will get damaged easily.

To better understand the components of an electric scooter, here's an infographic showing the parts of an electric scooter.


Why get an electric scooter?

Now, let's go to the main question, why should you buy an electric scooter? An adult electric scooter is more than just hype. For many people, e scooter offers many benefits, most of which include the following:

Lightweight and Compact

An electric scooter stands out from any other electric vehicle because of its lightweight build. Many e scooters are foldable, making them compact and easy to bring even while in transit, such as when riding the subway, bus, and other public transport, which reduces the distance you have to walk.

When it comes to long-distance trips, traveling with a lightweight electric scooter won't be a problem since electric scooters can perfectly fit into most vehicle trunks. It also promotes smart storage, so you can keep it even if you live in a tiny apartment.

Highly Efficient and Functional

We all know that an electric scooter offers excellent mobility. But what makes it extra functional is that it can easily pass through alleyways and path walks that vehicles and motorcycles cannot typically pass through.

This means that you can use bike lanes and, in some places, pedestrian lanes to avoid traffic during rush hour and reach your destination faster without hassle. As for additional functionality, there are also scooters that are equipped with extra features such as baskets, saddle seats, and lights for better convenience when traveling.

Promotes Smart Commuting

When commuting, having a commuter scooter should be a wise choice for anyone who works within a business district. Riding a car is costly and riding mass transit is simply inefficient.

Investing in a commuter scooter will allow you to glide your way through the city streets without stressing yourself about traffic, not to mention the stress of getting late to work/school. Plus, what's good about riding a scooter is that you won't have to worry about securing parking since you can fold, disassemble, and keep it under your desk. Essentially, an electric scooter allows you to be on the go at all times.

More Economical

When it comes to practicality, an electric scooter leads the pack. Because it has a smaller build and smaller components, you pay for less. And because it's electric, you won't have to spend on fuel expenses. And because it's very compact and handy, you won't have to pay parking fees. All of these factors make it more economical, so shifting to an electric scooter will make your travel more efficient, but it will also prove to be more economical.


Riding an electric kick scooter will be guilt-free because it's a green mode of transportation. When you switch to this eco-friendly micro-mobility, you're doing a significant share in being environmentally responsible. Imagine saving lots of money and time while also saving the planet; it's already a lot of benefits for yourself and the environment.

Which electric scooter is best?

The e scooter market is vast, with so many electric scooters to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. So, to answer this question, it's essential to match your preferences first with the right kind of scooter.

There are several best electric scooters available, but it will all depend on your needs and preferences. What may be the best for others might not be the best for you, which is why it's crucial to understand the key differences of each type of scooter.

Here at Electric Bike Paradise, we test electric scooters to identify which ones are reliable carefully that would make a perfect choice depending on a specific individual's lifestyle. So, let's check each one out!

Folding Electric Scooters

This scooter is a perfect choice if you're looking for a scooter for everyday commuting. It's specially designed to allow you to carry it wherever, whenever, and without hassle. Storage space will never be a problem.

UberScoot 36V/12Ah 1000W Folding Electric Scooter


Stand Up Electric Scooters

Today's most common scooter is the stand-up electric scooter. This scooter is available in many variations. Some come with a single motor and those that have dual motors. Generally, these scooters boast a higher maximum speed and longer battery life than the others since it's designed for modern commuters. However, its rider weight limit is more restrictive than electric mopeds and seated electric scooters since it's more lightweight.

MotoTec Free Ride 48V/13Ah 600W Folding Electric Scooter


Electric Kick Scooter

The best electric scooter for young adults who are kids at heart looking for a powerful, efficient, and stylish scooter that offers an outstanding top speed.


MotoTec Free Ride 48V/13Ah 600W Folding Electric Scooter


Off-Road Electric Scooters

For commuters looking for a reliable scooter that can withstand any terrain, getting an off-road scooter is perfect. Most off-road scooters have the required features for the utmost reliability, including solid tires, rear disc brake, removable battery, led display that shows battery status, and more!

MotoTec Mad 48V/12Ah 1600W Fat Tire Electric Scooter


Seated Electric Scooters

For those who are looking for the most comfortable scooter, you might have just found it. Aside from having a seat, seated scooters typically come with a front and rear suspension system for utmost comfort. Like many scooters, this scooter comes with essential components such as a replaceable battery, reliable disc brakes, and a battery indicator.

Razor EcoSmart Metro HD 36V 350W Seated Electric Scooter


Electric Mopeds

This is by far the best seated electric scooter. Electric mopeds have a bigger build than other scooters because it comes with a wide, spacious seat that's perfect for larger riders. This kind of scooter promises its users a comfortable ride and is equipped with essential features such as a full suspension system and rear lights.



Electric Motorcycles

For those after a thrilling adventure, getting an electric motorcycle is a good choice. This scooter comes with pneumatic tires, higher battery capacity, faster top speed, and a powerful motor, perfect for taking on steep hills and uneven terrain.

MotoTec Knockout 60V/36Ah 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter


3-Wheel Electric Scooters

When it comes to stability, the best electric scooter comes in the form of a 3-wheeler. This scooter usually comes with a higher max weight capacity because it has a larger build than other electric scooters with two wheels. This means that it's the best scooter if you're looking for one that can take on heavier rider weight.

MotoTec 48V/12Ah 500W 3-Wheel Electric Scooter


Fat Tire Electric Scooters

If you live in the countryside or usually pass through uneven terrain, undoubtedly, a fat tire electric scooter is the best scooter for you. Like fat tire electric bikes, fat tire scooters are more reliable when passing through rough roads while also providing better grip and stability.

MotoTec Knockout 60V/12Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter


Electric Cargo Scooters

Speaking of utility, nothing beats electric cargo scooters. This kind of scooter offers the highest weight limit among other scooters, mainly because it's designed to take on more weight for cargoes and heavy loads. This scooter comes with bigger wheels, longer battery life, and a more powerful electric motor.

Priority Transportation Truck 12V/20Ah Electric Cargo Scooter



Electric Dirt Bikes

For those looking for a recreational scooter, don't miss out on electric dirt bikes. This kind of scooter offers a more extended battery power, a faster top speed, and a riding mode that's perfect for off-road adventures for the ultimate off-road experience.

MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike


Electric Drifting Scooters

Another thrilling ride in this long list of scooter lineups is the electric drifting scooter. Feel like a drift racer with our lineup of drifting scooters while ensuring safety and maximum performance.

Razor Crazy Cart DLX 24V 250W Electric Drifting Scooter


Electric Go-Karts

This kind of scooter will unleash the inner kid in you! If you've always loved racing karts as a kid, then an electric go-kart is a must-have!

MotoTec Maverick 36V/12Ah 1000W Electric Go Kart


Electric Pocket Bikes

Whoever said kids couldn't be cool? Get your child the best electric scooter in an electric pocket bike and make him the happiest kid today!

MotoTec GT 36V 500W Kids Electric Pocket Bike


Kids Electric ATVs

If you're looking for an eco-friendly ATV that's also safe for kids, you might have just found it. Check out these kids' electric ATVs that we have in store!

Razor Dirt Quad 24V Four-Wheeled Off-Road Kids Electric ATV


Kids Electric Ride-Ons

Level up your quality time with your kids with these stylish kids' electric ride-on! Your child will certainly look like the cutest child in the neighborhood with these must-haves!

Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On


Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Riding an electric scooter can sometimes feel bare and incomplete mainly because your entire body is exposed to outdoor elements. But don't worry, that's the essence of riding an electric scooter. Plus, the good news is that there are essential accessories that you can buy to complete your riding experience - and we've listed the top 10 electric scooter accessories that you should get!

Scooter Phone Mount for Smartphones

Having a phone holder placed on the handlebar is important. Many electric scooter owners are at risk of getting into accidents primarily because they manually hold their phones in one hand while the other hand is on the handlebar. Such practice is wrong and can easily be addressed by investing in a high-quality holder. With this holder, you can effortlessly carry your phone with you at all times, so your ride will be smoother and a lot more convenient.

Protective Impact Resistance Helmet

When it comes to safety, wearing safety gear is a must to ensure maximum protection. Wearing either motorcycle gloves, safety vests, eye protection, wrist guards, armor jacket, knee guards, or a helmet can significantly prevent e scooter riders from suffering from serious injuries. Accidents happen anytime, so it's always better to be sure than sorry. Besides, unlike a four-wheel vehicle, riding an electric scooter can be riskier, so you'll really have to invest in these essential acessories so you can be extra safe.

Motorcycle Half-Face Helmet (DOT Approved)

There are so many helmet types available in the market. But if you want to cruise the streets in style, then make sure to invest in this motorcycle half-face helmet. This helmet is perfect for those who are looking for a creative and stylish helmet, this is certainly a good choice. This half-face helmet has a lightweight shell with a glossy protective finish, which makes it stylishly convenient. It also comes with a quick-release chin strap that’s fully adjustable, so you can easily put it on and off effortlessly. You also won't have to worry about sweating as it comes with a dry liner, which gets rid of sweat for better comfort.

Rechargeable Portable Clip-On Fan

Riding in style should make you look and feel cool, and that's exactly what you'll get with this rechargeable portable clip-on fan. A clip-on portable fan can save you from dry and humid weather, so you can feel breezy and enjoy the ride. This clip-on fan is configured with a 10000mAh and has a micro-USB port for fast recharging. It also offers a 4-speed setting that gives you the flexibility to choose the intensity depending on your needs. On top of that, it can even run for up to 24 hours depending on your speed setting. Now, when we speak of adjustability, this portable clip-on fan boasts a 360-degree rotation and tough clamps that allow for better coverage and stability.

Scooter Handlebar Bag

When it comes to carrying stuff, an e-scooter can be limiting, of course, you can invest in a phone holder, but what about the other stuff? The good news is that you can get yourself a handlebar bag where you can put all your essentials. Most electric scooters don't have storage space where you can keep your essentials, which is exactly why having a handlebar bag can be of great help. This scooter handlebar bag comes with a strategic design that, can easily fit into all kinds of e-scooters. Plus, with this handlebar bag, you can easily carry charger tools, repair tools, and your personal essentials like phone, keys, and wallet. The best part about this e-scooter accessory is that it's waterproof, lightweight, and made of material that’s very difficult to deform.

Protective Knee Pads – Adult Size

We've mentioned earlier about e-scooter accessories in the form of safety gears, which every responsible rider should have - one of which is the protective knee guards. Knee pads are one of the most accessories that you can get to secure your safety. These protective knee pads offer excellent impact resistance that can absorb external pressure in case of any crash. Plus, you can easily adjust it in a way that can provide the best level of comfort. Another thing that's good about this knee pad is the fact that this protective knee pad doesn’t take up your whole leg, so you still get enough freedom for movement.

Professional Riding Goggles

Many people think that goggles are only for swimming and skiing, but it's totally not - in fact, you can even use one when riding an e-scooter. These professional riding goggles are capable of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, so you can safely ride them under the sun. But what's really great about these goggles is that this eye protection is strategically built to be windproof and dustproof, which makes it all the more perfect for everyday rides. For better safety, it's best to wear it with all other safety gear including a safety vest when riding an e-scooter.

Bike Helmet With Removable Visor And Adjustable Dial

Who said that electric scooter accessories should only be used when riding an electric scooter? If you want a helmet that you can also use when riding a bike, then this bike helmet is a great choice. This bike helmet will provide you with utmost head protection without you even feeling its weight. But don't worry, while this bike helmet is lightweight, it's made of a strong shell and high-quality foam that ensures your safety without sacrificing comfort. It’s also designed with 16 vents to keep the user cool, so you can enjoy the ride.

Hand Carrying Handle Strap For Electric Scooters

When it comes to convenience, electric scooters lead the race. But what now happens when you fold it and have to manually carry it through the subway, bus, or in the school or office? Will you still find it convenient to carry it? I don't think so. Yes, many electric scooters are compact, but how can you make them convenient to use with or without carrying them? My recommendation is to invest in electric scooter accessories that can help you carry it - one of which is this hand-carrying handle strap for electric scooters. This handle strap will help you in carrying your scooter effortlessly without losing grip. With this e-scooter handle strap, you won’t have to worry about the placement of your hand just to fix the right position when carrying it. Instead, you can just carry it through the handle, it’s as easy as carrying a bag!

Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (DOT Approved)

If you want a full incognito mode when riding the scooter, then make sure to get this full-face helmet. This kind of helmet is perfect if you're also into off-road adventures and other physical activities as you can also use it for other sports like drifting and kart racing. It's a multi-purpose helmet that can fully protect your head, especially when riding your electric scooter. This lightweight helmet boasts a compact and aerodynamic shell design that offers excellent impact protection. But what’s great about this helmet is that it comes with cool features to ensure your comfort such as a distortion-free view, sweat-absorbent interior, and multiple ventilation panels, which all work together to improve user comfort, convenience, and safety.


Electric Skateboards

Skateboarding has always been popular not only for kids but also to young adults as well as those who feel young at heart. Skateboarding offers a mental relief for many since it offers a great amount of excitement, fun, and thrill, which makes it a good activity for all ages.

The problem for most adults is that it can be exhausting to use traditional boards since they require manual effort to get them moving. Good for you, we now have electric skateboards!

In this shopping guide, we'll walk you through everything that you need to know about this kind of skateboard.

At the end of this shopping guide, we hope to give you the best electric skateboard for your needs and lifestyle, so let's get to it!


What are Electric Skateboards?

An electric skateboard is just your regular skateboard that's upgraded with three additional components - the hub motors, battery, and remote control.

Because it's electric, this kind of board is a lot easier to ride than traditional models. It's electric in the sense that the board automatically moves towards the direction you're controlling it. Essentially, this kind of skateboard gives you ample power to effortlessly traverse the streets at high speeds without manual effort.

If you compare it with a traditional skateboard, an electric skateboard offers great performance and a comfortable ride, and it will certainly make you forget about your previously boring commute.

When it comes to performance, e skateboards will not disappoint. This kind of skateboard offers outstanding max speed, long-range, coupled with top features.

Now, if you think that skateboards are only for city streets, you're wrong because there are boards engineered for off-road adventures. These are electric longboards that are specially designed for off-road trails and uphill climbs that come with all-terrain wheels and are equipped with hill-climbing ability. We'll talk more about the different kinds of skateboards in the next sections.

How much is a good electric skateboard?

If you're looking for a budget electric skateboard, you can get a high-quality unit for around $400. Don't worry because being budget does not necessarily mean that it's made of substandard and low-quality components. In fact, we at Electric Bike Paradise carefully select the products that we'll offer. We've already pre-selected only those units that can offer riders a safe and ultimate ride.

Now, if you're looking for a more advanced board, you might want to consider getting a high-end electric longboard. A high-end and powerful electric skateboard is generally priced between $1000 and $2000. Typically, these boards have higher max speed, higher range, longer battery life, and extra cool features such as deck style and lighting.

How to choose the best electric skateboard?

In choosing the right electric-powered skateboard, there are certain factors that you need to consider. Of course, you have the staple considerations such as the brands/manufacturers, price, sale discounts, and store availability. However, here are the top features that you should also consider:


The power of your electric board will depend on the power of the motor. If you'll mostly ride the board in the city streets, then a motor with at least 300-watt power should suffice. However, if you'll ride it mostly outdoors on uneven terrains such as grasslands and bumpy roads, then you will need a motor with a higher power. Boards that come with at least 1000-watt motors are very powerful per se and should be able to ride seamlessly even on challenging terrain.

Generally, the motor will define the top speed and driving range of your board. Of course, the more powerful the motor is, the faster its speed will be and the longer-range it will get.


When it comes to battery, check out first if the battery allows fast-charging and comes with an outstanding range even on a single charge. Of course, you wouldn't want to charge your board frequently. As much as possible, you'd want to invest in something that offers a great riding experience and not that, which loses power mid-way.


As for the wheels, there are airless tires and pneumatic tires. The wheels will greatly depend on the surface where you'll mostly be riding it. Pneumatic tires work perfectly for any kind of terrain while airless tired would be perfect for smooth surfaces. Having the right set of wheels will determine how great the ride quality will be.


Many people only think about the design of the deck. If it comes with a good design, their attention is instantly drawn to it. However, a board's deck is not just about aesthetics. There are several things that you need to consider including its width, length, surface type, and composition. For instance, a deck made up of Canadian maple is common because of its great design and durability.

Parts of an Electric Skateboard

What are the best electric skateboards to buy?

Much like e-bikes and e scooters, e skateboards come in different shapes and sizes. This justifies the classification of e skateboards into different kinds.

Each kind offers a different level of performance and features, so it's important to determine your needs and preferences first. Remember that one can only be the perfect electric skateboard if it addresses all your needs and preferences.

All Terrain Electric Skateboards

Skateboarding is common in urban cities. But that's already a thing of the past. Nowadays, skateboards can easily traverse uneven terrain without affecting their performance. This kind of board offers high performance, even on grasslands, rocky, and slippery surfaces.

This kind of board offers users great stability, control, and high-grade components, which make it a heavy-duty skateboard.

Maxfind FF Plus 36V/5.2Ah 1200W All Terrain Longboard Electric Skateboard


Dirt Electric Skateboards

When it comes to dirt tracks, many people think that it's simply impossible to skate therein. But they're just completely mistaken. With this kind of board, you get a set of wheels that are heavy-duty and specially designed for dirt and muddy tracks.

Generally, a dirt e board comes with more powerful motors to enhance acceleration and ensure a stable ride. Explore the outdoors more with a powerful dirt skateboard.

MotoTec Dual Motor 36V/14Ah 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard


Electric Skateboards for Kids

If you've always loved skateboarding and you want to instill the same passion in your child, then it's better to start while they're young. There are skateboards specially designed for kids, so you won't have to worry much about their safety.

Riding a skateboard with your child will definitely be something to remember when he/she grows up!

Backfire Mini 50.4V 450W Super Portable Electric Skateboard


Longboard Electric Skateboards

An electric longboard is the most common electric-powered skateboard in the market today. Perhaps because it comes with a wide and spacious deck, which is perfect for beginners.

An electric longboard offers the best riding experience when it comes to cruising city streets. This is the main reason why you can expect to have a faster top speed coupled with a regenerative braking system from this kind of board.

Atom B10X 42V/2.5Ah 1000W All-Terrain Longboard Electric Skateboard


Off Road Electric Skateboards

Another kind of board that offers utmost stability is the off-road skateboard. This kind of board comes with more powerful motors, heavy-duty wheels, and a spacious deck, which altogether makes it a smart choice for those who live in the countryside.

While this board is designed to take on uneven terrain, its features are not only focused on terrain capability but also on its overall capability. In fact, this kind of board can even go as fast as 28 miles per hour even when passing through rough terrain.

Raldey Carbon AT V.2 36V/14Ah 1200W Off Road Electric Skateboard


Street Electric Skateboards

If you're an urban kid who loves to take on the streets, then getting a street skateboard is your best pick. Generally, these street skateboards are built with an excellent top speed in mind, with certain models ranging a top speed of up to 35 miles per hour.

This kind of skateboard typically comes in a sleek frame and lightweight parts to make every ride easy and smooth. So, if speed if your top consideration when buying an electric-powered skateboard, then consider getting a street skateboard.

Exway Wave Riot 36V 1000W Street Electric Skateboard



Mobility Scooters

As we grow older, we suffer from different health conditions. This happening is something that none of us can avoid. It's human nature. While we're too busy growing old, our bodies become weaker and less capable by the day.

But there's no need to worry because now, we have almost every resource and technology we need to make our lives easier. This is especially true when it comes to mobility. For instance, seniors and disabled persons can use mobility equipment such as mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs. In this shopping guide, we'll focus on mobility scooters first.

What is a mobility scooter?

By now, you might already be confused. Earlier, we have electric scooters, and now we're talking about mobility scooters. To better understand, electric scooters are electric-powered scooters that are mainly designed for commuting. These e-scooters are primarily designed with convenience and mobility in mind, which is why they are mostly lightweight.

On the other hand, mobility scooters are designed to address an individual's reduced mobility while also providing safety and comfort. Generally, a mobility scooter has a bulkier build than an electric scooter. E scooters are designed to be lightweight and compact, perfect for individuals who are always on the go. This means that mobility scooters will have difficulty passing through tight spaces compared to an e scooter.

The mobility scooter leads the race in terms of comfort since it's equipped with a full seat, which provides its users with full support and comfort when riding. This is contrary to electric scooters, where most models are driven while standing, and very few offer a removable saddle seat. Perhaps their main differences sprout from the fact that they serve a different age group.

However, there are also a few similarities between the two. Both scooters are electric-powered, which means that they are both run by a motor and battery. Secondly, both offer outstanding performance silently since no revving and unnecessary noise comes from the motorized scooter. Lastly, they're both built with easy-to-use controls paired with the latest technology, so users will not have a hard time riding them.

Why Should You get a Mobility Scooter?

Imagine a world where there's a micro-mobility device that you can ride seamlessly indoors and outdoors without having to get on and off of it, that you can go ahead and ride it indoors, such as when shopping in the grocery. That would be so nice and hassle-free for the elderly. That's precisely what a mobility scooter does!

There's no question that mobility scooter offers many benefits. Besides, mobility scooters are engineered to provide their users with utmost mobility, comfort, safety, and convenience. Aside from these, a scooter allows a person to regain independence and have an active lifestyle. This is true, especially for the elderly who usually depend on other people to accompany them when going outdoors.

How to find the best mobility scooter?

The best choice for a mobility scooter is the one that can fully address your needs in all aspects that you require, whether it's about performance, safety, comfort, or convenience. Of course, you should only choose from the top brands in the mobility industry. You'd want to choose a reliable manufacturer tested and proven over time, to ensure that you're making a good investment.

However, if you have no idea where to begin, then start by making a checklist on the following items:

Performance and Capability

When it comes to performance, you have to make sure that you're only getting a scooter that can keep up with the demands of your lifestyle and daily activities. If you are using your scooter for extended trips or frequent short trips, you should choose among those with powerful motors and high-grade batteries.

Your scooter's motor will define your scooter's maximum speed and range. Of course, a mobility scooter that has a powerful engine and high-quality battery will ensure you long-lasting battery life and range, so you can rely on your scooter and run errands as much as possible.

Frame and Build

When it comes to framing and build, you can choose between having a light build or a heavy-duty build. A smaller scooter is perfect if you're using it mostly indoors. In contrast, a heavy-duty scooter is ideal for those who usually pass through uneven terrain as it can traverse through rocky roads and even climb uphill effortlessly.

Folding scooters are the best examples of light scooters. Folding scooters has an outstanding turning radius, so you can easily maneuver even in tight corners. On the other hand, a heavy-duty scooter offers maximum user stability, higher weight capacity, larger tires, and higher ground clearance, perfect for outdoor use.

Comfort and Support

What sets mobility scooters different from a typical electric scooter is that the former comes with a comfortable seat, so the user can relax in a comfortable position when riding. When choosing the right scooter, it's essential to check its capacity and features. Can it fully support the rider's weight? Does it come with ample support for the ride to be comfortable while enjoying maximum mobility?

For comfort, scooters that offer full suspension coupled with a power chair or orthopedic chair are the best pick. When you have these two essential aspects in place, you can be sure to enjoy a stable ride.

Parts of a Mobility Scooter

How much is a motorized scooter for adults?

Many people think that a motorized scooter costs a fortune. Well, they're misinformed. The truth is, a mobility scooter has an extensive price range. There are scooters priced for as low as $700 and heavy-duty scooters priced for as high as $8,000.

While the price range can be vast, this should tell you that there are tons of options to choose from regardless of where your budget lies in the range. Of course, each kind offers a different set of features to expect different levels of maneuverability, weight capacity, stability, durability, and terrain capability, among others.


What is the best mobility scooter to buy?

3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

For those looking for a capable yet comfortable ride, check out this kind of mobility aid. These 3-wheel scooters offer many benefits, especially for adults looking for equipment that they can quickly drive seamlessly. These scooters are perfect for indoors and are generally light, making them an excellent choice for people who are always on the go. This category of scooters is a good starter scooter for those who want to invest in an efficient and hassle-free mobility aid.

MotoTec 48V/10Ah 700W Folding 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter


4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

When it comes to providing users with excellent stability, 4-wheel scooters lead the race. Because of its four large wheels, it can provide its users with a stable drive. However, the downside is that it has a challenging turning radius because of its large build. But don't worry because since it has a more extensive body, it has a more significant weight capacity to carry heavyweight riders as well. In addition, these scooters are perfect for those who live in the countryside and usually pass through uneven terrain, which can be challenging for regular scooters.

EWheels EW-46 48V/20Ah 500W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter


Bariatric Mobility Scooters

For those looking for a powerful scooter that can work correctly even with heavy loads, this mobility equipment is a perfect choice. These scooters come with power chairs that offer the utmost comfort and complete support. They come with larger wheels than the regular models, so these scooters are more capable when traversing the streets. For heavyweight riders who live a sedentary lifestyle and are stuck at home, having this mobility device will help them jumpstart an active lifestyle.

EWheels EW-72 48V/20Ah 700W Bariatric 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter


Folding Mobility Scooters

For those who are looking for folding scooters that can easily fit into small spaces, make sure to check out folding mobility scooters. While a folding mobility scooter is bulkier than wheelchairs, they can still be handy and easy to transport. There are specific folding scooters that you can take on airplanes, buses, trains, and boats. Don't worry; while they're made of light components, these scooters come with comfortable chairs/seats that allow you to ride comfortably.

ComfyGo MS 3000 Plus 36V/15.6Ah 250W Folding Mobility Scooter


Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters

Heavy-duty scooters are the perfect scooters for those who'll be using them in harsh environmental conditions and in cases where the rider has specific needs and demands. These scooters can still work correctly even if you use them on rough surfaces and on challenging outdoor trails. They come with bigger batteries for ultimate performance. These mobility aids can promise you maximum performance, long-lasting durability, bigger space, higher top speeds, and endless safety features, which give you maximum stability, mobility, and comfort.

Afikim Afiscooter Breeze S 12V/105Ah 1400W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter


Mid-size Mobility Scooters

If you're not into bulky scooters or light scooters, then you should checkout mid-size mobility scooters. These scooters are perfect entry-level scooters that come in decent size without being too overwhelming or lacking in features. What's good with these scooters is that they can provide you with an ultra-stable and comfortable ride that you can use indoors and outdoors.

Shoprider Sunrunner 4 12V/35Ah Mid-Size 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter


Enclosed Scooters

For those who are hesitant to invest in mobility scooters since it lacks features that offer utmost comfort, then you might want to checkout these enclosed scooters. Enclosed scooters are designed with privacy, luxury, and comfort in mind. These scooters come with features that you usually see with closed vehicles, such as Soundsystem, side doors, wipers, windshield, and air conditioning.

Green Transporter Q Runner 60V/45Ah 1000W Bariatric 4-Wheel Enclosed Scooter


Best Mobility Scooter Accessories

When investing in something nice, many people also invest in all the necessary accessories that will give them the best experience. The same is true with mobility scooters.

In this shopping guide, we'll give you a quick overview of the best mobility scooter accessories that you can use together with your chosen mobility scooter!


Mobility Scooter Multipurpose Organizer

A mobility scooter comes with limited storage space, so having a multipurpose organizer can be of great help, especially if you need to take with you all sorts of medical equipment for your safety. This multi-purpose organizer is one of the best scooter accessories that you can invest in, in the sense that it will allow you to enjoy and spend more time outdoors without worrying about leaving your essentials behind since you can take all of it with you securely by using a multi-purpose organizer built for mobility scooters. Practically speaking, a multi-purpose organizer is also a great choice if you don't like the thought of having a bulky scooter basket, or if the scooter basket is not enough for your stuff.

Mobility Scooter Adjustable Umbrella With Universal Clamp

Everyone hates being toasted under the heat of the sun. Unfortunately, mobility scooters don't come with roofing. But don't worry because you can now install an adjustable umbrella to your mobility scooter. When you get this accessory, you can ensure comfort, especially when you're out to run some errands or when you're simply out to get some fresh air in the park. This umbrella will allow you to enjoy the scenery without worrying about the heat or getting wet when it suddenly pours. It's essentially a must-have if you'll mostly use your mobility scooter outdoors.

Rechargeable Portable Clip-On Fan

When we talk about the heat, being under the sun is not the only thing that we're talking about. Another situation is where the weather is extremely humid. In such a case, sweating seems to be unstoppable, even if it's just several minutes from leaving your home. If you can relate with this problem, then you should get a rechargeable portable clip-on fan for your scooter. This kind of accessory gadget will help you feel cool under any kind of weather. In addition, this clip-on fan comes in 4-speed settings, so you have the flexibility to set its intensity. The best part is that this gadget is extremely cheap!

Mobility Scooter Cup Holder

Water is essential, especially for seniors - which is why you should always have water with you wherever you go. You shouldn't have to wait to get home to be able to drink water. Instead, you should have easy access to clean and potable water at all times - even when you're driving your mobility scooter! That's exactly why you should get a cup holder specifically designed for your mobility scooter. Going outdoors can be very tiring, so all the more that you'll need to keep dehydrated at all times. With this cup holder, you can address this easily without ever worrying about having no access to water when outdoors.

Comfortable Large Seat Cushion

When riding a power wheelchair, you should not sacrifice comfort over anything else. Of course, a mobility scooter has to be safe, clean, convenient, and of course, comfortable. Yes, most mobility scooters are already comfortable. But if you want the most ergonomic sitting position, then try investing in a comfortable large seat cushion, which is designed to make you feel comfortable for long periods of sitting. If you're looking for an extra comfortable seat, this extra-large seat cushion is a good addition to your mobility scooter. It's made of high-quality foam, so it will not be flat evenwhen used for long periods.

Universal Clip-On Light

When it comes to safety, visibility is one of the main considerations that you should check. This is where a universal clip-on light will make a huge difference. If you think that your mobility scooter's LED light isn't providing much light especially at night, then having a universal clip-on light as a back-up is essential. With this universal clip-on light, you can ride safely ride at night while avoiding road hazards and preventing accidents. Plus, since users of mobility scooters are mostly seniors who may or may not suffer from poor eyesight, then all the more that this clip-on light becomes a must-have.

Mobility Scooter Threshold Ramp 10" X 32"

One minor bump when using your mobility scooter outdoors is when there's a step at the main door. If this is something that always bothers you, then having a threshold ramp is the perfect solution. A mobility scooter threshold ramp allows you to have a smooth transition when going in and out of your home. It’s designed for doorways and is made of an aluminum frame with anti-slip traction tape for enhanced safety. What's good with this ramp is that it comes in a lightweight frame but is durable enough to withstand up to 600-lbs. of weight, which can accommodate even heavy-duty mobility scooters. It's certainly a part of the must-have mobility scooter accessories for your home.

Mobility Scooter Oxygen Cylinder Bag

Investing in mobility scooter accessories is a wise choice especially for those with medical needs. For instance, if you typically suffer from heavy breathing or difficulty in breathing and would regulalrly need an oxygen tank, then investing in an oxygen cylinder bag is essential. This oxygen holder is perfectly built for an oxygen tank with the size of D, E, or other small oxygen tanks. This accessory works perfectly in securing your oxygen tank, so you can secure and maintain your needed oxygen level wherever you go, especially when outdoors. With this scooter accessory, you can easily carry your oxygen tank when taking a stroll at the park and when running errands.

Comfort Seat Cushion For Electric Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

A good addition to your mobility scooter for extra comfort is this extra cushion. This seat cushion offers its users with maximum comfort and convenience in every sitting. But aside from comfort, this cushion comes with tons of addvance features such as heat-responsiveness, and tailbone pain management among others. So, if you’re looking for a seat cushion that can promise you with the best riding experience, then you should definitely invest in this scooter seat cushion. This cushion is specially designed for scooters and electric wheelchairs and is actually recommended even by orthopedists to help alleviate pressure.

7'' Adjustable Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter Telescoping Track Ramps

When you're always on the wheels, passing through any step is a challenge. Luckily, there are track ramps that you can get to help solve this problem. These track ramps are essential in allowing you to pass through curbs and steps if you can't afford to get an expensive lift. You can also use this for transporting your mobility scooter onto your truck / vehicle. This ramp is well capable of carrying up to 600-lbs. of weight, so it can easily transport even heavy-duty mobiity scooters. This kind of mobility scooter accessory is perfect for those who normally travel since it makes transporting easy and efficient as compared to manually carrying the scooter on such platforms.


Electric Wheelchairs

If you've reached this far down, then you probably have read everything about mobility scooter and how it enables seniors and disabled persons to move around efficiently.

Now, if you're still looking for a more patient-friendly mobility solution, then perhaps an electric wheelchair would be a perfect choice.

In this shopping guide, we'll give you a quick rundown on how you can choose the best electric wheelchair that you can get today.

So, let's start rolling!

What is an Electric Wheelchair?

For starters, it's important to define first what an electric wheelchair is to avoid confusing it with a mobility scooter. An electric wheelchair is an upgrade of traditional wheelchairs in the sense that you don't need to exert manual effort just to get it moving.

Like the regular wheelchairs, it's still built for seniors and handicapped persons who cannot or have difficulties in getting up and walking. Unlike standard wheelchairs, an electric wheelchair can freely move in any direction without having someone assist you or push you in the direction you're going. This is mainly because an electric wheelchair is easily controlled through a simplistic joystick control, which makes moving around very easy and hassle-free.

As for the built, an electric wheelchair is equipped with an electric motor, a battery pack, a more extensive seat, and a controller. These are the main improvements from a regular wheelchair. These primary components are what make up the soul of an electric wheelchair. It's what enables its users to enjoy a sense of freedom and independence, thereby giving an instant morale boost.

Why Invest in an Electric Wheelchair?

For most people, they avoid getting an electric wheelchair for practical reasons. They think that an electric wheelchair is a luxury since they can simply get a regular wheelchair. The problem with this mindset is that it's far from reality. An electric wheelchair is an evergreen product and not merely a luxury mobility solution. In fact, it's a great mobility solution as it will give patients the utmost freedom and independence without risking their safety.

When it comes to convenience, electric wheelchair also leads the race. We've been mentioning several times already that it doesn't require manual effort, which is exactly why it's very convenient to use. As for comfort, electric wheelchairs usually come with a full-size orthopedic seat that is fully padded and provides users with full coverage including an armrest, headrest, and a backrest. Most power wheelchairs also offer a wider space when it comes to seat width. This is in contrast to regular wheelchairs, which usually come in a rigid frame that's quite uncomfortable in cases of prolonged sitting.

When it comes to performance, an electric wheelchair is superior to a regular wheelchair, as expected. Of course, this is primarily because the movement of a regular wheelchair is dependent on the manual push. In contrast, with an electric wheelchair, all you have to do is flip some switch and control everything through the joystick. It's that simple!

But if you'll ask me, what really makes a powered wheelchair stand out is the fact that it can pass through rough terrain and steep hills effortlessly, which is quite challenging when it comes to regular wheelchairs. Simply put, a powered wheelchair offers enhanced performance when it comes to tackling different kinds of terrain.

In conclusion, a power wheelchair may be considered to be better in most aspects if not all, considering all the benefits that it offers. Perhaps the only downside to it is its price point.

Now, if you're looking for the best electric wheelchairs on the market, you came to the right place. Before we give you our best selection on electric wheelchairs, we deemed it best to give you some exclusive tips on how you can choose the right electric wheelchair. In the next sections, we'll talk about the average cost of buying an electric wheelchair. We'll also talk about the key features that you should look for and finally, the kinds of electric wheelchairs on the market.


How much does an Electric Wheelchair cost?

There's no denying that power wheelchairs are expensive - way more expensive than standard wheelchairs. But that doesn’t necessarily imply that it comes with unreasonable pricing. Like other mobility aid solutions, electric wheelchairs come in various sizes, kinds, and compositions. These distinctions cause the difference in pricing. Of course, if you prefer a high-end model with advanced features, then you should expect a higher price point as compared to getting a standard model equipped only with all the essential features.

So let’s answer the question, what is the average cost of an electric wheelchair?

For one, budget electric wheelchairs are on sale starting at $900. What this means is that you can already have a reliable electric wheelchair without even spending one grand!

As for the other regular-sized wheelchairs, the price range is quite wide-ranging from $1,000 up to $5,000. Then there are electric wheelchairs that cost more than $3,000. Such motorized wheelchair is already considered to be high-end and heavy-duty.

Of course, these prices will still vary depending on the brand, features, size capacity, build, components, and other aspects. Electric wheelchairs are built to provide comfort and safety. For a power chair to be safe, you have to understand its capabilities, such as its top speed, which brings us to the next question.


How Do Electric Wheelchairs Work?

We've already mentioned earlier that a power wheelchair is simply controlled through a joystick on one side of the armrest. It's really as easy as that! There’s no need to manually push the chair or propel the wheels since the user already has full control over the chair.

Because of its smart and integrated electric design, using it will be very easy, even for patients who suffer from severe movement incapacity – just take a look at the late Stephen Hawkings for instance.

As with any other mobility device, the battery is what powers the motor of a power wheelchair - this is prompted by the joystick control. Essentially, once you control the joystick, it sends a signal to the battery to release a certain amount of power to the motor, which in turn causes the movement of the power chair. It’s as easy as that!

Selecting the Best Electric Wheelchair

When it comes to selecting the best electric wheelchairs, you should look beyond the brand, aesthetics, size, and price. Since an electric wheelchair should be reliable at all times, you should consider first its safety, comfort, performance, and the convenience that it offers. This will help you to only invest in the right power wheelchair that can fully address your needs.


Since the majority of power wheelchair users are seniors and handicapped persons, safety should rightfully be on top of the factors to be considered. We all know that the elderly can be very stubborn especially if they want to go to certain places and you can't accompany them. Well, in this sense, investing in a reliable power wheelchair is a good choice. In such a case, you'll have peace of mind when they go out for a stroll nearby.

When choosing the right power chair, you should check if it offers safety features. Usually, power chairs are limited when it comes to speed, which is better when it comes to securing their user. This is to avoid overspeeding and getting off balance. It's also better if you can choose a power chair that offers an auto-brake system in cases of emergency. Of course, you should look for the other staple features including a seat belt and a full lighting system among others.


Aside from safety, it's important to ensure the patient's comfort while using the power chair. Generally, when you compare power wheelchairs with mobility scooters, the latter is more comfortable since they usually have a wider seat width. Plus, since mobility scooters are more massive, they also offer more room for flexibility. But don't worry, most of these features found in mobility scooters are still available in power chairs.

Specifically speaking, power chairs are easily controlled through a simple joystick control, so you won't have to move around much to take control of the chair. There are also power wheelchairs that come in a bigger size or have a wider seat, giving you a more spacious room to move around. Plus, what's distinct about a power chair is that the seat is designed to be more comfortable as compared to a regular wheelchair since the former comes with thicker or padded fabrics while the latter mostly comes with thin padding. It's also important to ensure that your power chair comes with suspension, so you can enjoy a smooth ride even on bumpy surfaces.


Being a piece of electric equipment, you have to check out its specifications and capabilities. An electric wheelchair is only as good as its capabilities. These capabilities include weight capacity, maximum safe speed, range, and all the features that come with it.

When choosing the right power wheelchair, you should choose one that comes with a high battery capacity. This will ensure that you can operate your electric wheelchair seamlessly for long periods of sitting. It's highly important to consider this if you'll use it mostly for outdoor use. Bariatric users will also need to check out a power chair specifically built for heavy users. When you check these capabilities first before making the purchase, then you'll know that you're investing in a reliable chair.

Now, to make your life easier, let's discuss the different kinds of electric wheelchairs.

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs

Investing in a bariatric electric wheelchair is the best choice if you're a heavyweight user who's looking for an electric wheelchair that offers a higher weight capacity as compared to regular wheelchairs.

A bariatric electric wheelchair is a kind of power chair that's specifically built for heavyweight patients or bariatric users. Generally, a bariatric power chair is specially designed to carry heavier weight loads and usually comes with a more spacious seat width, so heavyweight users will still be comfortable. Bariatric electric wheelchairs are somewhat built like a heavy duty power wheelchair since it comes with bigger and more durable parts that allow it to carry heavier loads.

Merits Health P183 12V/50Ah 400W Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair


Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Are you looking for a compact and portable power chair that you can bring with your even when traveling? Then perhaps getting a lightweight electric wheelchair is a perfect choice. Folding power wheelchairs are lightweight electric wheelchairs that can be folded, which makes them portable. This lightweight electric wheelchair is the best travel buddy for patients who typically move from one place to another. So, if you're the kind of patient who typically goes on flights, rides the train, or gets on a cruise ship or boat, then this is definitely perfect for you.

But, if you're skeptical about getting such a lightweight electric wheelchair, I'm telling you now that there's no need to worry about it. Folding power wheelchairs are not one to underestimate. While it's true that they're built with lighter components, you still get the same powerful features and capabilities. What makes it stand out is the fact that it can be folded and can be kept efficiently as compared to other kinds of power wheelchairs.


Vive Health 24V/10Ah 250W Compact Folding Electric Wheelchair


Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs

If you want something that you can use at all times and feel at ease, then having a heavy-duty power wheelchair is a great choice. What's good about having a heavy-duty electric wheelchair is that you can rely on it fully, even when you'll use it in harsh environmental conditions. In fact, a heavy-duty electric wheelchair is somewhat close to being a mobility scooter because of its high-grade components.

Generally, heavy-duty power wheelchairs come with more powerful features, so you can expect a longer driving range, a more spacious seat, and a higher weight capacity. What's great about this kind of power chair is that you can use it for longer trips without worrying of losing power even if you forget to charge it!

Merits Health Vision Ultra 12V 200W Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair


Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchairs

For those who want a low-key power chair, then you should consider getting a mid-wheel electric wheelchair as your first mobility aid. This kind of motorized wheelchair is perfect for those who are looking for a power chair that can smoothly pass through indoors and outdoors. This full size power wheelchair lies between a heavy-duty and a folding power wheelchair, which makes it a good starter power chair.

Most power chairs come in the form of mid-wheel electric wheelchairs. The selling point of mid-wheel power wheelchair is perhaps its maneuverability that allows you to make turns or navigate small spaces. These popular power chairs are designed to provide users with utmost maneuverability without sacrificing comfort and stability.

Zip'r PC 12V/35Ah 320W Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair


Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchairs

For those who are looking for an extra powerful wheelchair, my recommendation is to invest in a rear wheel drive. This kind of power wheelchair is equipped with two big rear wheel and two front caster wheels. The rear wheel drive is more powerful when it comes to riding on rough terrain mainly because its rear wheels are capable of giving a more powerful boost due to its placement. Aside from that, you can also expect to have a stable ride even when making sharp turns and passing through bumpy roads.

So, if you're looking for an electric wheelchair that you'll mostly use outdoors, then a rear wheel electric wheelchair is a good choice. This kind of power chair is well-able to provide its users with a powerful and stable ride on any kinds of terrain.

Merits Health Regal 12V/34Ah 180W Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair


Best Electric Wheelchair Accessories

If you want to make the most out of your electric wheelchair, make sure to invest only in the best electric wheelchair accessories!

As with mobility scooters, riding an electric wheelchair may sometimes make you feel like it lacks basic functionality including storage and other built-in features to improve convenience. We all know that power wheelchairs are mobility aids specially designed for patients who are dependent on an electric wheelchair including disabled persons.

That's exactly why any addition to a power wheelchair that can improve its functionality can offer lots of benefits. These accessories may be as simple as pouches, backpacks, cushions, trays, cup holders, and other accessories that will go best with your power chair.

In this section, we'll give you a list of the best electric wheelchair accessories that you can get only here at Electric Bike Paradise!

Let's top off your shopping spree with any of these essential accessories!


Adjustable Umbrella With Universal Clamp

If you want to spend more time outdoors without sacrificing comfort, then you might want to check out this adjustable umbrella with a universal clamp. This kind of accessory is the answer to your problem when staying under the heat of the sun. Because of this accessory, you can freely take a breather and take in the fresh air at any time of the day. This accessory is the perfect addition to your wheelchair as it’s one of the best power wheelchair accessories that you can buy if you love spending time outdoors. This accessory will ensure comfort and convenience, especially when you’re out at the park or if you’re just doing some errands or any activity.

Comfortable Large Seat Cushion

Wheelchairs may sometimes fall short in providing utmost comfort. The key here is to invest in large and comfortable seat cushions to level up your comfort. This accessory is perfect for patients who use wheelchairs for long periods of sitting. This extra-large cushion is made of high-quality foam that won't be flat even for long hours. Plus, it comes with a firm foundation that gives you ample support without being too hard. The good thing is that it's highly portable so you can simply take it with you and use it for your workstation or even at home. What's great about it is that it’s specially designed to help relieve back pains, numb buttocks, and other discomfort brought about by long periods of sitting in rigid chairs.

Mobility Scooter/Wheelchair Armrest Side Saddle Bag

Carrying your essentials can be difficult when it comes to riding in an electric wheelchair. However, this can easily be remedied when you invest in this mobility scooter/wheelchair side saddle bag. This portable saddle bag can easily be attached to your electric wheelchair so you can have easy access to all your essentials. With this saddle bag, all your important stuff is just within reach including your keys, phone, wallet, medicine, glasses, and more.

Mobility Scooter Threshold Ramp 10" X 32"

Moving from one place to another is easy with an electric wheelchair. But what if there's a step? Electric wheelchairs are good for ground-level surfaces but not for those with inclined steps. In such cases, the usual remedy is to carry the patient and the electric wheelchair. The good news is that you can use this threshold ramp so you can easily from one place to another. This accessory is perfect when you have a step at the door and you're susceptible to tipping forward. This ramp will give you a smooth transition when going in and outside of your home. It’s primarily engineered for doorways and is made of an aluminum frame with anti-slip traction tape for better safety. The best part is that it comes in a lightweight form, yet is capable of carrying up to 600-lbs. of weight capacity, which is perfect for heavy-duty mobility scooters.

Deluxe Armrest Saddle Bag

Another option for organizing your stuff is this saddle bag. This is perfect for those who are looking for a lightweight yet functional bag that can carry all your essentials in one. This armrest saddle bag is spacious enough to carry all your stuff including your medication, mobile phone, keys, wallet, and even your books! So, if you want to take a stroll at the park, then you won't have to worry about leaving any of your stuff behind since you can have everything beside you.

Mobility Scooter Cane Holder

For patients who can still walk with the help of a cane, then this cane holder is a must-have. This cane holder can easily be attached to your power chair so you can always take it with you wherever you go. Other than in electric wheelchairs, this cane holder can also attach to rollators, mobility scooters, and other forms of mobility aid. It comes with a quick snap-on attachment, so you can take it with you anytime, and anywhere you go.

Mobility Scooter/Wheelchair Gel Infused Seat Cushion

If you're looking for a more comfortable cushion, then this gel-infused seat cushion should fit right in. Other than providing comfort. This cushion also promises its users of a cooling effect that overall improve your sitting experience. What makes it stand out from the other cushions is that it evenly distributes the weight, thereby providing you with a balanced support system, which in turn, fully supports your butt, and back. and hips even for long hours of sitting.

2-In-1 Multi-Function Seat Cushion Set

For those who are looking for the most comfortable lumbar support, make sure to check out this multi-function seat cushion set. This cushion is made of the finest memory foam that is designed to provide excellent back support. This cushion comes with a U-shaped ergonomic design that's recommended by orthopedic surgeons to treat chronic muscle pains. In addition, you get a breathable mesh fabric to keep you cool. You also get a phone pocket, so you can free your hands while still having your phone within reach.

Wheelchair Lightweight Organizer

Another organizer that you might want to buy is this lightweight organizer. This organizer is strategically placed at the rear of the wheelchair, so your caregiver will have easy access to all your stuff. It's perfectly designed to be portable and handy without being an obstacle to the patient's movements. So, if you want a useful and lightweight organizer for your chair, which will also benefit your nurse/caregiver, then this is what I recommend.

Patient Transfer Assist With Handles And Quick Release Buckle

When it comes to transitioning, it's always important to secure the patient. Most accidents happen in between transfers, which is exactly why investing in this patient transfer assist is a good choice. This buckle will securely strap the patient, which significantly reduces the risk of falling when doing transfers. This belt also comes with handgrips that allow the caregiver to get a firm hold, thereby preventing injury to both the patient and the caregiver.