Backfire Zealot S 50.4V 875W Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot S 50.4V 875W Belt Drive Longboard Electric Skateboard


Backfire Zealot S 50.4V 875W Belt Drive Longboard Electric Skateboard

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High Efficiency 21700 Battery

The Backfire Zealot S is equipped with a 311wh super large battery that can give you 28-36 km / 17.5-22 miles in range. The structure of the Backfire Zealot S Longboard Electric Skateboard battery uses 12S2P, the same as in the G3 and G3 Plus. This kind of battery is 50.4 volts – the higher the voltage, the higher the efficiency! This board also uses 21700 4000mah battery cells, with a single battery cell discharge capacity of 30A.

875*2 Belt Drive Motors

The Backfire Zealot S also utilizes a high-powered motor, upgraded from the original 750W to 875W, increasing the torque by 16%!

ABS Glass Fiber Composite Deck

The deck of Backfire Zealot S is also upgraded from a bamboo glass fiber composite board to an ABS glass fiber composite board, which is much more durable, despite its amazing flexibility.


  • Model: Zealot S
  • Range: 28-36km / 17.5-22miles (Range could vary by many different factors, this was based 165 lbs rider, flat road)
  • Top Speed: 46KPH / 28.5MPH For Zealot;  48KPH/30 MPH For Zealot S
  • Weight: 8Kg / 17.6 Lb
  • Battery: 50.4V 311Wh for Zealot; 50.4v 346Wh for Zealot S (Since June 15th 2022, Zealot S battery has been upgraded using Samsung 40T cells)
  • Front Truck: Caliber II 50-DEGREE
  • Back Truck: 7 Inch MD
  • Motors: 2 x 750w Motors for Zealot; 2x 850w Motors For Zealot S
  • Charging Time: 3H
  • Hill Climbing: Up To 30%
  • Remote: R3 OLED Display
  • LED Ambient: White LED Light
  • Deck: Flexible Bamboo and Maple Deck for Zealot; Composite Deck for Zealot S 
  • Wheels: 96mm Replaceable
  • Trucks: Front Caliber II for Zealot;  8 Inch Trucks for Zealot S
  • Lights: LED Ambient Light: White for Zealot; Purple for Zealot S  
  • System: 12S High Voltage and High-Efficiency Electronic System with 21700 Battery Cells

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew Donelson

This company wasn’t absolutely the way to go they have been on top of everything. They have taken care of eta d made sure it is all good. It has been a breath of fresh air dealing with this company and the actual people responding to emails! On point good job loves these guys

Carlos T.
I have loved this board

Great board. The first one I have owned. Great for carving. Plenty fast and gets about 8 miles on the longest trip I have taken. Does t quite get my 220 lbs up the steepest hills but I love it.

Douglas T.
It is great!

It’s very good and I can get all around my town on full charge!

Jesse M.
Highly recommended!

I use this board to go to the store, the gym, and anywhere else local and I have a blast getting there! Overall I do recommend this board as I personally have a great time on it!

Gary S.
This thing rocks! It was everything I expected. Speed, durability, quality

No complaints! Great value for the price! Got everything I expected. P.s. I'm 55 years old and I love this board!