Blood Sugar Test Kit (No Coding Required)
Blood Sugar Test Kit (No Coding Required)
Blood Sugar Test Kit (No Coding Required)
Blood Sugar Test Kit (No Coding Required)
Blood Sugar Test Kit (No Coding Required)
Blood Sugar Test Kit (No Coding Required)

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Blood Sugar Test Kit (No Coding Required)

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Many Diabetics May Have Some Questions When Using A Blood Glucose Meter

Why is the test reading got from the home blood glucose meter different from the test results got from the hospital? Most glucose meters are well-designed and give reasonably accurate test results. It is not like lab equipment but it still has its own ISO standard (ISO 15197) to follow. Blood glucose meters are considered clinically accurate if the result is within ±15mg/dL (<100 mg/dL) or ±15% (≧100 mg/dL) of what a lab test would indicate. For example, if your glucose meter result (whole blood) was 200 mg/dL, and the lab test result (plasma) was 230 mg/dL, the difference % will be (whole blood glucose value - plasma blood glucose value) / plasma*100, the result will be (200-230)/230*100=-13%, which has met the ISO 15197 standard. Why were results different after measuring blood sugar twice in a row? For example, I used the portable blood glucose meter to check my blood sugar before having my breakfast, the first result was 270 mg/dL, and I tested it again immediately; however, the second one was 230 mg/dL. Which one was correct? In fact, both of the results were pretty high. You got 2 different results because of your blood circulation and the sugar mixture in the blood. You might test a blood drop with your meter that has more glucose; you might test the next blood drop that contains less glucose. Both are reflected in your 2 different blood glucose checks. Basically, there is about a 5% difference when using the same blood sample but both are accurate. Why the results measured by different companies' blood glucose meters are different? The test results for the same blood sample may vary because each manufacturer's blood glucose meter setting is different,. Therefore, it is not recommended to compare different brands of blood glucose meters.

Features Of Blood Sugar Test Kit

  • INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS. Insufficient blood applied to the test strip will result in wrong readings. Please hold the lancing device firmly against your fingertip for enough sample. Watch our instructional videos in our listings to optimize your testing results. Our friendly customer support will always be here to answer your questions and help to resolve your concerns. (30 Day Money Back Guarantee)
  • EXCEEDS INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. It can function within ±10%, or ±10 mg/dl of laboratory values over 95% of the time, which is far beyond ISO 15197:2013 passing standard (within ±15% or ±15 mg/dl). The manufacturer is certified with CE mark, GMP, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 15197:2013 without having any recall on the market in the past 14 years.
  • CUTTING-EDGE TEST STRIPS. We use cutting-edge test strips enzymes for blood glucose measurements. Our test strips are produced with a unique Automatic Carbon Printing Technique to ensure that the quality of each batch of strips could be relevantly much more stable, precise, and accurate. Additionally, PROMISED 0.15USD/pcs would keep you no pressure to repurchase.
  • KEEP TRACK OF DATA. Store your test results with time and date helps you track and manage your health while also keeping a continuous 7/14/30 average results. Automatic off means our device works longer without having to worry about wasting battery life.

Customer Reviews

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Brett S.
Works great and great price

User-friendly, simple to operate, and accurate.

Christy S.
Just what I was looking for

Ordered this meter to test my blood sugar levels and it has been really great- accurate readings! It works as promised, a great monitor! Just what I was looking for.

Dave A.
Big help for me

This is a must to manage diabetes. Keeps me on track, so glad I could still find one after all these years!

Michelle R.
Works like it is said it should

Helps me know that I’m eating properly to lose weight while I’m doing my diet. Fantastic product, fast shipping! The product arrived just as described. Highly recommend this seller!

Kiera J.
Easy meter, fast and reliable

I have two, work and home, very accurate. The product was delivered when promised, very easy to use.