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Cycleagle Endeavor 2 Pro 48V/25Ah 3000W Off Road Electric Skateboard

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Cycleagle Endeavor 2 Pro 48V/25Ah 3000W Off Road Electric Skateboard

The Endeavor series is Propel EV’s flagship model.  It’s a board with a unique blend of features that will have you carving on the pavement one moment and then deciding to take it to the dirt and back again all without stepping off. The Endeavor 2 is everything the original was but with upgrades and improvements from listening to our customer’s feedback and input.

The Ultimate Suv Endeavor 2 Pro


  • Independent Suspension 
  • Carbon Fiber 3k Deck 
  • Upgraded Antenna
  • Flexible Turning
  • Climb: 38%
  • Alloy Whells 
  • ESC Base on VESC 
  • 71Km Range - Rider A (75kg) 71km, Rider B (100kg) 50km

Large Battery & High Range 

With a 12s5p pack of Samsung 50g cells, you’ll get plenty of cruising enjoyment while still having the power to attempt most inclines or pull away from the pack at any time. All Propel EV batteries are certified for your safety.

Endeavor 2 Pro

Brilliant Both Off-Road & City Street.

Urban Independent Suspension

Our patented urban independent suspension design (UIS) is our pride and joy. UIS not only delivers an incredibly comfortable ride but by giving each wheel its suspension system it allows the wheels to remain in contact with the surface at all times in ways a standard skateboard truck can’t. Road cracks, sticks, and rocks, all disappear underfoot. A padded grip is no match for what UIS does for stability and comfort. Enjoy the ride. Stay out longer. Enjoy greater stability. Your feet will thank you.

Precision Alloy Bravura Wheel

Endeavor 2 also features our brand new Movado wheels from our new high-performance Bravura wheel line. The plastic from Endeavor 1 is gone and replaced entirely by aero-grade alloy. These aren’t only the best-looking stock wheels in ESK8. They’re also the best performing.


VESC is widely praised by ESK8 enthusiasts the world over for expansive functionality, silky smooth power delivery, and precise control of motion and braking. Our ESC based on VESC has been fine-tuned specifically for your Endeavor 2, with multiple throttle curves and comes with a color screen remote control. In conjunction with a new gear change Endeavor 2 is 10% faster than Endeavor 1.

High Climbing Ability

With a wide stance, loads of power, and an innovative design, we’re confident you’ll find that Endeavor checks all the boxes on your well thought out shopping list of needs and wants and that we do it like no other esk8 company out there.

Adjust The Carve To Your Taste

One of the areas we were most proud of with Endeavor 1 was how many riders shared with us that they accomplished their personal best speed records on the board. The wide stance and firm bushing setup gave them the confidence to test their limits and experience new thrills. However, we also observed a desire for more carving options. We’ve done that and with Endeavor 2 changing bushings has never been easier. Unlike Endeavor 1, the Endeavor 2 bushing swap process can be completed in under a minute. With Endeavor 2 you can fine-tune the ride to whatever you prefer.

Hand-made 3k Deck

Our carbon fiber decks are not only stunning to the eye with their 3k fiber, automotive-grade badging, and built-in finger wells underneath but they also reduce weight and provide amazing durability.

Regardless Of Terrain Your Adventure Awaits

    More Factors To Explore

    By Riders, For Riders

    Endeavor 2 features subtle upgrades based around real customer feedback on Endeavor 1. Upgraded antenna design, relocating the charging port, providing better stock wheels and revising our shocks with a longer stroke to perform even better all combine to make this the best Endeavor yet. We’ve taken everything that the world loves about Endeavor 1 and improved upon it for Endeavor 2.

    Try Endeavor and feel the difference. Your feet will thank you.


    ENDEAVOR Pro 2
    Basic Specifications
    Length 44 inches/1120mm
    Width 17.7 inches/450mm
    Height 9 inches/230mm
    Wheel size 8 inches/200mm
    Ground clearance 4.4 inches/110mm
    Maximum payload 330lb/150kg
    Chassis Urban Independent Suspension
    Tyre pressure 2 bar/29psi
    Deck Carbon fiber deck
    Deck size 260*780mm/10.2*30.7inches
    Board weight 43lbs/19.5kg
    Electrical Control
    Battery pack range Rider A(75kg) 71km
    Rider B(100kg) 50km
    Battery Samsung 25Ah/1110Wh, 12S5P
    Battery weight /
    Controller ESC Based on VESC
    Shock absorber Adjustable 350lb coil over shocks
    Motors 2×6374 motors/ Each motor has a maximum theoretical output of 3000w
    Motor Teeth 15t
    Transmission 2xBelt Drive
    Hill climb 38%
    Recharge time 5hrs
    Top speed 55kmh/34mph
    Manipulation Mode
    Remote Controller Wireless 2.4G
    Remote Color screen
    Speed level /
    Cruise control
    Controller high voltage protection
    Low voltage return warning
    Remote control low voltage display


    Order a Cycleagle Endeavor 2 Pro 48V/25Ah 3000W Off Road Electric Skateboard today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our Cycleagle Off Road Electric Skateboards. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift!

    Cycleagle Endeavor 2 Pro 48V/25Ah 3000W Off Road Electric Skateboard

    Cycleagle Endeavor 2 Pro 48V/25Ah 3000W Off Road Electric Skateboard

    $2,809.00 $5,198.00
    Cycleagle Endeavor 2 Pro 48V/25Ah 3000W Off Road Electric Skateboard

    Cycleagle Endeavor 2 Pro 48V/25Ah 3000W Off Road Electric Skateboard

    Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
    $5,198.00 $2,809.00
    You Save: $2,389.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Andrew C.

    This board far exceeded my expectations. I bought this for myself, a 210lb man, and I have never had a problem riding for 7 miles or more. I was worried about how, but this handles everything I throw at it like a CHAMP. But the best part of dealing with Electric Bike Paradise is the customer service, they are fast and friendly. I only had a few questions about their other products as well and they were more than willing and able to help. A+!!

    Joseph L.
    Long charge

    I am in college and this board will last me at least a week on one charge. This thing is also wicked fast so if you are a beginner I suggest you to keep it on slow mode for a few weeks. One of the best features is the braking aspect. Lots of boards on the market do not have the braking. This comes in super handy when maneuvering through traffic on the college campus. Over all a great board and a solid product.

    Scott A.
    Super fun and great quality

    We LOVE this skateboard so much. Fun for the whole family. All the neighborhood kids love to try it and my husband takes it when we go on family bike rides.