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EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station

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EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station DELTAPro-1600Wh-US

Have a Reliable Source of Power Anytime, Wherever You Go!

Go anywhere and bring your electronics or tools with the EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station, featuring a gigantic 3600 watt/hour capacity for powering big appliances and power tools. Use for the RV, your home, food trucks, or have it on your business. This is a modern battery power generator you can bring anywhere with the capacity to power items such as a cooker, a toaster, a table saw, or other power-hungry devices. You can seamlessly link up to two Delta Smart Batteries (purchase separately) for even more power capacity.

This model can perform dual charging simultaneously for quicker turnaround times, like AC with solar or the EcoFlowSmart Generator. The Delta Pro can even be charged on an EV charging station. You will find it handy in various situations, such as operating power tools for event spaces, using equipment such as stoves, speakers, and TVs, and using electronics for camping, where using power outlets is not feasible. You can now operate your electronics and tools during power outages or have emergency power during inclement weather. The Delta Pro comes in a durable polymer shell package that you can bring anywhere.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is powered by new-generation LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, which have excellent energy capacity and longer life (3,600 cycles to 80% capacity). The Delta Pro can be hooked to a wall outlet or in your car’s outlet or charged with solar panels. The power station comes with X-Stream that charges it fully in just 1.8 hours when plugged in a wall outlet. 

The Delta Pro comes with different outlets. The power station also has full safety features, including a battery management system with over-voltage and heat protection. It syncs with your phone so that you can keep an eye on the power level, so purchase the EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station here at Electric Bike Paradise!

  • The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a mighty battery powerhouse that is green, quiet, and capable enough to juice up high-wattage appliances. You will love using this power station to power up your electronics and tools. Use it for fieldwork, camping, events, construction, parties, gatherings, and a power backup at home.
  • It packs a massive 3.6-kilowatt-hour capacity and delivers 3,600 watts of power, which is more than enough for power tools, large-screen TVs, toasters, freezers, washing machines, and speakers. It comes with an X-Boost that can deliver up to 5,000 watts of surge power for power-hungry tools. The EcoFlow Delta Pro also includes USB-A and USB-C outlets for mobile devices. You can bring this power station on distant adventures and have power.
  • Have it in your home as a power backup, use in your RV, houseboat, food truck, or carry in a vehicle and use for your business. The EcoFlow Delta Pro is somewhat portable, measuring 25” inches L x 11.2” inches W x 16.4” inches H, and weighs only 99 lbs. It can be carried by two persons and transported in a car. Bring it on road trips!
  • The EcoFlow Delta Pro is the world’s fastest charging portable station. Hook it in the house’s wall outlet, and it will be fully charged in just 1.8 hours with X-Stream charging. Just plug it, and it will be ready to use in just a short while. Or, you can charge it with the car outlet or with 160-watt solar panels. 
  • It is powered by the newest lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, which have a very high power capacity and excellent longevity (more than 3,600 cycles to 80% capacity). The unit, when fully charged, has a shelf life of one year. 
  • The EcoFlow Delta Pro comes with (5x) 120V AC outlets, (4x) USB-A outlets, (2x) fast-charge USB-C outlet, (2x) DC5521 outlets, (1x) Anderson port and (1x) 12-volt car outlet. The unit has a complete set of safety features, including over-voltage, overload, overheat, short circuit, low temperature, low voltage, and overcurrent protection.
  • It charges to full quickly, and you can also charge the power station with solar panels. The device also connects to a mobile phone app to monitor the watt usage and charge levels. 

Get Power Wherever and Whenever You Want!

Do you want to have a consistent source of power in your home? Want to use your equipment or tools in distant places with no power? Have an eco-friendly energy source with the EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station, featuring a high capacity for energizing large and power-hungry equipment. It can deliver up to a surge of 7,200 watts, which is more than enough to juice up power tools and cooking equipment, and it also comes with a complete set of AC outlets and USB-A and USB-C outlets to power mobile devices and laptops. You will love it for adventures, road trips, camping, events, construction, fieldwork, and other off-grid locations where power is hard to find. 

The portable power station is made with new-generation LFP lithium batteries with high energy density and is guaranteed to last for many years. The good thing about the EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station is that you can connect it to several Delta Pro Batteries (purchase separately) seamlessly for added power capacity and additional flexibility for use at home and in business. You can plug it into the standard wall outlet that charges it from empty to 100% in under two hours for fast charging. You can monitor the Delta Pro right from your phone too.

Move with Power with EcoFlow! 

A portable power station is advantageous for off-grid and a power backup for homes or businesses. Now you can have a ready power source in case of blackouts or bring it to distant locations and still use your electrical equipment or devices. Now you can watch TV or use your laptop during camping. 

Get the best with EcoFlow. We create the world’s most innovative and eco-friendly power solutions for you. Our devices are complete with safety features and come with UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC tests, and certifications. Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station here at Electric Bike Paradise!


    • Capacity: 3600Wh
    • Extra Battery: Support up to two Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery/Smart Generator
    • AC Output: 5 outlets, 3600W total (Surge 7200W)
    • Max Device(s) Power Supported by X-Boost: 4500W
    • USB-A Output: 2 ports, 5V, 2.4A, 12W Max per port
    • USB-A Fast Charge: 2 ports, 5V, 2.4A / 9V, 2A / 12V, 1.5A, 18W Max per port
    • USB-C Output: 2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max per port
    • Car Power Output: 12.6V, 10A, 126W Max
    • DC5521 Output
    • 2 ports, 12.6V, 3A, 38W Max per port
    • Anderson Port: 12.6V, 30A
    • AC Charging Input: 1800W Max, 120V~15A, 3000W Max, 240V~12.5A
    • Solar Charging Input: 1600W Max, 11-150V, 15A
    • Car Charging Input: Support 12V/24V battery, 8A
    • Battery Chemistry: LFP
    • Cycle Life: 6,500 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity
    • Shelf Life: 1 year (after a full charge)
    • Connection: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wired
    • Net Weight: Approx. 99lbs/45kg
    • Dimension: 25*11.2*16.4 in/63.5*28.4*42cm

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    All the Ac ports support 3600W (US) output?

    • For US version, you can only have max 3600W AC output on the 30A AC port.

    What's the max input Delta Pro can achieve?

    • When charging Delta Pro and its extra battery together, you can reach 6500W max charging speeds by combining AC, solar and Smart Generator methods. For Delta  Pro single unit, you can recharge it at standard wall outlets (1800W max), at EV station (3400W max)/Smart Home Panel/240V outlets (3000W max).

    How many solar panels can I use at the same time?

    • It depends on the combined voltage and current of the solar panels you choose. It's fine as long as the solar panels use MC4 connectors and their combined voltage and current are within 11-150 volts and under 15 amps.

    Can I run a 240V device on the 120V US version?

    • You'll need to connect two Delta Pro units to power 240V electronics. You can do this by: 1) the Double Voltage Hub and use the AC outlets on the hub, or 2) the Smart Home Panel and use your home's 240V outlets (you'll need to setup 240V wiring on the Smart Home Panel during installation).

    How do I update the firmware?

    • First of all, make sure your Delta Pro is connected to the EcoFlow App using Internet mode. Secondly, go to the Firmware section in the Setting of the Delta Pro you're looking to upgrade. Check for the latest firmware and follow the steps to finish the upgrade.

    How do I recharge Delta Pro at 200V-240V in a 100V-120V regoin?

    • The cable provided with your Delta Pro won’t plug into higher-voltage outlets, and you’ll need a third party adapter/charging cable.

    Order an EcoEcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station DELTAPro-1600Wh-US today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our EcoFlow Portable Power Stations. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift!

    EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station

    EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station

    $3,499.00 $3,699.00
    EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station

    EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station

    Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
    $3,699.00 $3,499.00
    You Save: $200.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Judith L.
    Excellent Product for Cost

    Got this on sale, so did not know what to expect. Overall, it charges fast, is reasonably compact/light for what it is, and holds a charge far better than my expectations. It really saved us a lot of trouble to have on hand filming and streaming in places without access to a power cord. Overall, an excellent portable product.

    Penny M.
    Great addition to off grid living!

    Game changer for off-grid lifestyle. Lightweight, portable but durable too!