EcoFlow 15kWh 3x LFP Battery + 1x Power Hub + 1x Cable Pack + 1x Distribution Panel + 3x Mounting Strap Prepared Power Kit


EcoFlow 3x 5kWh LFP Battery + 1x Power Hub + 1x Distribution Panel Prepared Power Kit

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Get Power When You Need It

Go anywhere and power your devices with the EcoFlow 3x 5kWh LFP Battery + 1x Power Hub + 1x Distribution Panel. It is a complete power kit with the capacity to power anything you need. Unlike other RV power solutions, the EcoFlow 3x 5kWh LFP Battery combines several components into one Power Hub, saving you space, money, and set-up hassle. Our 2 and 5kWh batteries securely stack in threes, giving you an expandable capacity of up to 15kWh.

Compact & Integrated Design

The EcoFlow 3x 5kWh LFP Battery and power hub combines two MPPT solar charge controllers, one battery charger with MPPT, one DC-DC step-down converter, and an inverter-charger. With fewer modules and thinner wires, this 48V system saves you space and installation hassle.


The integrated EcoFlow 3x 5kWh LFP Battery Power Hub has a simple plug-and-play design, allowing you to expand and customize your kit faster than any other power solution on the market. Use it for homes, event spaces, or in travel vans and recreational vehicles.


  • SKU: ZMM100BP15-Combo2-US

5kWh Battery

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry
  • 51.2V (Nominal), 100Ah
  • ~3500 Cycles @ 80% DOD
  • Integrated BMS and LCD Indicator
  • Auto-Heating for Cold Environment
  • Quick Access Fuse Box Mounted
  • Advanced Battery Safety Protections
  • Operating Temp. -4°F to 140°F
  • 19.7in X 10.2in X 11.8in (LWH)
  • 90lbs Net Weight
  • IP54 Protection Level
  • CE, UL, FCC, IC, UN38.3 Compliance
  • EMC Class B

Power Hub

  • Net Weight: 31lbs
  • Dimension: 11.8*18.9*5.5in(Height x Width x Depth)
  • Testing and Certification: CE, UL, FCC
  • WI-FI: Supported
  • Bluetooth: Supported
  • AC Main Output/frequency: Pure Sine Wave,3600W(surge 6000W),120V~, 50Hz/60Hz
  • DC Main Output: 13.6V/70A 1000W Max; 26.4V/60A,1500W Max
  • AC Main Input Voltage/frequency: 100-120V~ , 50Hz/60Hz
  • Solar Charging Input: 15-150V 30A,1000W Max
  • Alternator Charging Input: 13V 60A,1000W Max
  • Best Operating Temperature: 68°F to 86°F (20℃ to 30℃)

Distribution Panel

  • AC Main Input: 30A Max, 120V, 3600W
  • DC Main Input: 70A Max
  • AC Output: 6 AC Positions, 20A Max each
  • DC Output: 12 Fused DC Positions (6 * Positions controllable via Power Kit Console & APP)
  • Dimension: 7.1in x 14in X 3.5in (Height x Width x Depth)
  • Net Weight: 5.7lbs

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