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Enernova Smart PEPS300 300W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

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Enernova Smart PEPS300 300W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit



The Enernova 300W portable power station is by far one of the lightest and most portable rechargeable lithium batteries on the market, making it easy to carry wherever you go

Safe and Reliable

Enernova portable power station is fully tested with BMS management system, intelligent monitoring, temperature protection and 8 other tests to ensure your safety.


The Enernova solar generator no noise and no pollution compared to diesel generators


Enernova solar panels supports IP65 waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it when it rains.

Zero Cost

free of charge for solar energy, no maintenance required under regular operation.

What is off-grid, Green and Clean Power Supply

Enernova solar generator 300 realizes the function of off-grid power generation and energy storage. The solar panel 100 converts solar energy into electric energy with a high conversion rate of 23%, and stores it in the Smart 300 portable energy storage power source, realizing the storage and continuity of clean energy. Power supply needs, suitable for outdoor camping, RV or emergency backup power during power outages, is a reliable and clean power source, allowing you to explore a new way of life with unlimited power supply.

Why Choose Solar Generator 300

  • Multifunctional output Ports: including 2 * USB ports, 1 * QC3.0 port, 1 * PD 60W port, 2 * AC power outlets and 12V car output
  • MPPT Technology: with the most advanced MPPT technology, making more secure
  • Portable and Compact: as one of the most portable energy storage products available, the foldable handle makes the product more compact

High Conversion Rate

  • Strong Support Frame Solar Panel: built-in bracket, foldable and more convenient to carry
  • High Conversion Rate: 22% solar energy conversion rate, can be more efficient conversion of solar energy
  • Multiple Output Ports: 4 output ports for various application scenarios and appliances.

Explore Possibilities

  • Low Cost: free solar energy, basic maintenance-free operation compliance
  • Higher Safety: several high quality tests can guarantee the safety of use
  • Longer Life Span: no wear and tear on the solar panels and almost no wear and tear on the portable power station, extending the life span
  • Storage of Electricity: it can effectively save electricity, and it is convenient to open as you go.

Solar Recharging Steps

  • Find the DC interface on the back of Enernova Solar Panel 100W;
  • Connect the DC interfaces of 2*Enernova Solar Panel 100W with the Y Parallel Cable;
  • Connect the Y Parallel Cable with the Anderson input of Enernova 1000W Portable Power Station

Solar Generator 300 Precautions

  • Clarify the facing angle and tilt angle of the solar panel to ensure that the solar panel receives the maximum sunlight
  • Solar panel bracket should be supported on a flat and debris-free ground
  • Do not collide in the process of handling solar panels to avoid unnecessary damage

Product Application

High power, long battery life, Multi-scene application, safe and convenient.


Power Station Model: PEPS300

  • Model: Smart PEP-S300
  • Capacity: 80000mAh / 296Wh / 14.8V
  • Input ports USB-C: PD60W
  • Input ports DC: 19V/3.78A*1
  • Output ports Type-C1: PD60W
  • Output ports USB-A1: QC 3.0*1
  • Output ports USB-A2: 5V 2.4A*2
  • Output ports AC: 300W , 100V-240V , 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 3.35Kg
  • Dimensions: 215*160*162mm
  • Lifecycles: >1000 cycles
  • Accessories: Adapter and cable , Car charge cable , User manual
  • Certifications: FCC/CE/PSE/RoHS/UL

Solar Panel Model: SP18100

  • Name: Solar Charger
  • Rated output: 100 W (max)
  • Rated voltage: 18V
  • Material: monocrystalline silicon, waterproof polyester cloth, high-quality ETFE
  • Operating temperature: -10-65°C
  • Weight (approx.): 6.4lbs
  • Unfolded size (approx.): 55.7*17.7*0.2in
  • Folded size (approx): 17.7*13.8in

What's in the Box

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a carrying case available for this?

  • Yes there is a very lightweight carrying case for both the solar panel and the Enernova.

Can I use this product to power my 9v router 24/7 ? Leaving the solar panel outside to charge the station during day?

  • In theory, it can work. Small routers use between 5-20 watts per hour. If usages is low (like 6 watts an hour) you can get 8 hours before battery goes empty. The problem will be during the recharge while still in use. I don't think the continued use during charging will allow you to get back to 100% especially on days of low sunshine.

Could this power an air mattress with a built in pump?

  • It should. Plug the motor into the Enernova and try it. As long as the wattage of the air mattress isn’t over the limit of the Enernova it should be fine.

Can this run an Air conditioner?

  • This device doesn't have nearly enough power to run an air conditioner.Air conditioners need to be equipped with a higher power supply.

Plan on using for emergencies only how long does the charge last in storage? How long to fully charge with solar panels from zero charged power?

  • Typically Lithium Ion batteries will hold a full charge 3 to 6 months without use. It's recommended to use and charge up unit every 3 months or so. To extend battery lifespan, I would suggest to store between 50% - 80% charge. If you need a 100% full charge for emergencies, that fine too.

Is it possible to use an electric waterfall with this battery?

  • You might be able to run a garden fountain if it is small and don't want to run it very long after dark.

Do the "generators" all need to be charged from an electrical outlet before being charged by the solar panel?

  • I believe this device can be charged equally well in good sunlight from the solar panel as it is from the electrical outlet.

Could this unit power an aquarium air pump from the AC plug in an emergency, if so how long?

  • I can for a short period of time, for less than 2-3 hours.

Order an Enernova Smart PEPS300 300W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our Enernova Solar Generators. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift!

Enernova Smart PEPS300 300W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

Enernova Smart PEPS300 300W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

$499.00 $998.00
Enernova Smart PEPS300 300W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

Enernova Smart PEPS300 300W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$998.00 $499.00
You Save: $499.00

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