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Enernova SP-18100 100W Portable Solar Panel

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Enernova SP-18100 100W Portable Solar Panel


Charge Anywhere, Adaptable

Enernova 100W Portable Solar Panel with DC output port and USB output port also comes with 4 types of conversion plugs. Perfect for camping or outdoor work, converting sunlight into electricity. It is also useful as an emergency power supply in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon.

Durable Splash Resistant

Made with advanced lamination technology and durable ETFE material, it is very durable. It can prolong the lifespan of solar panels. It has an IP65 waterproof rating to prevent splashes (do not leave it in the rain or submerge it in water). A zipper on the pocket secures the power cord and covers the power port.

Adjustable Stand

Use the included stand to stand up the panel and adjust it to the best angle for sunlight to maximize charging. In addition, there is a zippered pocket on the back of the solar panel to store accessories such as cables.

Lightweight and Foldable, High Conversion Efficiency

The folded size is only 17.7*13.7 inches, and the weight is only 6.1 pounds. You can easily pack it in a suitcase or suitcase and explore the world. Comes with 4 solar panels and an adjustable stand. The conversion efficiency is as high as 22%!

Comprehensive Protection of Your Device

Enernova foldable solar panel 100W built-in smart chip intelligently detects your device and automatically optimizes, ensures safe and fast charging, and protects your device from overcharging and overloading.

Pairs with Enernova Smart 1000 Portable Power Station

Taking just 2.5 hours to charge the Enernova Smart 1000 Portable Power Station via 6x Enernova 100W Solar Panel. The 100W Solar Panel reinvents solar charging. Venture with the Sun's power to beautiful places in the world, experiencing great solar power.

Foldable And Portable

The solar panel adopts a folding design, which reduces the volume and is easy to carry, with a weight of only 6.1lbs.

Power 4 Devices

It can supply power for four devices at the same time, with high conversion rate and fast power storage. Wide application & High compatibility.

High Conversion Rate

  • Strong Support Frame Solar Panel: built-in bracket, foldable and more convenient to carry
  • High Conversion Rate: 22% solar energy conversion rate, can be more efficient conversion of solar energy
  • Multiple Output Ports: 4 output ports for various application scenarios and appliances

Durability & Quality Assurance

Sun rises, Electricity bill drops.

Product Application

High power, long battery life, Multi-scene application, safe and convenient.


  • Name: Solar Charger
  • Rated output: 100 W (max)
  • Rated voltage: 18V
  • Material: monocrystalline silicon, waterproof polyester cloth, high-quality ETFE
  • Operating temperature: -10-65°C
  • Weight (approx.): 6.4lbs
  • Unfolded size (approx.): 55.7*17.7*0.2in
  • Folded size (approx): 17.7*13.8in

What's in the Box

  • 1*Enernova Solar Panel 100W
  • 1*1.5m Connecting Cable
  • 1*1 to 8 DC Adapter
  • 1*Instruction Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know if the solar panel would be damaged by temperatures below 32 degrees or if it got snowed on?

  • As long as the panels are in as full sun as possible should be enough. The sun shines in the Winter.

Can these be mounted?

  • I'd say no. Or not in the traditional way. There are no holes for screws or bolts. Nor tabs for hooking to an anchor. Also not recommended for use in a full rain. So you'd have to cover them if it rained.

After charging 100% of battery with solar you need to disconnect the PV system?

  • No, the unit stops charging when it reaches 100%

Why can't wire in parallae? makes no sense? my original question is can you wire in series?

  • Yes, solar panels can be used with parallel wiring.

Is this compatible with Enernova portable power station?

  • Yes. of course.

Can this panel be left outside permanently?

  • Yes but it might not be weather proof vs hurricanes or snow storms. The material is designed to be carried however.

Do you charge the solar panel before you plug in cell or laptop or do you put in sun and plug units in?

  • You can place the 100W solar panel under full sun. It will have 50%-60% conversion to charge your laptop by USB (15W max). Also can charge the portable power station by DC port.

Length of cable connecting panel to portable generator?

  • 8.2 feet in parallel with solar panels

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    Enernova SP-18100 100W Portable Solar Panel

    Enernova SP-18100 100W Portable Solar Panel

    $359.00 $718.00
    Enernova SP-18100 100W Portable Solar Panel

    Enernova SP-18100 100W Portable Solar Panel

    Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
    $718.00 $359.00
    You Save: $359.00

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