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eProdigy Banff 48V/11.6Ah 750W Electric Comfort Bike EP-BNFF

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eProdigy Banff 48V/11.6Ah 750W Electric Comfort Bike EP-BNFF

Enjoy a Comfortable Commute with This City Bike!

Go anywhere and enjoy a quicker commute with the eProdigy Banff Electric Bike! This commuter bike sports a conventional rigid frame suited for beginners and for those who are just looking to own their first electric bike. It features a design inclined for comfort so it is a perfect, no-frills choice for commuting in the city or going to work or school. 

The eProdigy Banff comes with features that makes this electric bike more likeable than other more expensive bikes. It comes with several premium components and weighs less than 52 lbs, making it lighter than many electric bikes and therefore making it a breeze to ride. It is among the best electric bikes for sale today. This commuter electric bike is perfect for students, moms and dads going to work, and urban dwellers.

Get around traffic and reach places in the city quickly. The eProdigy Banff City Bike comes with a powerful 750-watt mid-drive motor located in the crankcase and a set of 26-inch rims, giving the bike enough agility and power to enable speeds of up to 20 miles per hour (on exclusive throttle), so you can safely ride in city roads. The motor is installed mid-drive, which has the advantages of being mechanically simple, multiplying the torque output to the wheel, and also protects the motor from the elements. The eProdigy Banff Electric Bike is available in beautiful sky blue, pink, ivory white, deep green, and pink colors. You can pick the right color that matches your style or personality!

The eProdigy Banff Electric Bike comes with classic commuter bike features that makes it easy for riders who are just starting to go into ebikes. The bike is effortless to ride and you can comfortably ride it even without any pedal assist. Enjoy the ride with its features like a rigid frame, dual brakes, and curved handlebars. You will love using this bike for doing errands or going to work or school.

The eProdigy Banff Electric Bike comes with premium features for the road. Because it is a bike, you can use it on bike lanes, alleys, and on empty sidewalks to avoid city traffic. It is a perfect choice for users who want to commute without the hassle of driving on congested roads. Aside from being quick transport, this electric bike has zero emissions, so it is a greener, ecologically-friendly alternative to cars.

The electric bike comes with throttle and pedal assist so you can effortlessly drive your way to work or school. It is an ideal ride for short trips or a commute bike for congested areas in the city. Avoid city traffic to get to your destination quickly, purchase the eProdigy Banff Electric Commuter Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise!

  • The eProdigy Banff Electric Commuter Bike is ideal for beginners that want a usable electric bike for daily commuting and going to work or school. The Banff is a lightweight and compact electric bike that is comfortable to pedal, ideal for those looking for less frills and more practical use. Just turn on the key and start pedalling, and you are on your way. 
  • The Banff comes with a powerful 750-watt electric motor that gives this lightweight bike surprising acceleration and speed. The motor is located inside in the crankcase, which multiples the torque. The bike comes with a throttle and pedal assist, and has a max speed of 20 miles per hour.
  • The bike comes with a 48 volt 11.6 Ah battery pack located on the luggage rack. This design makes the bike look more like the classic city bike, unlike other electric bikes that tend to have a bulky battery pack bolted on their frames. The eProdigy Banff has a max range of 60 miles, so it travels further than many electric bikes. Charge the bike and use it for a day or two without the fear of losing charge on the way.
  • This affordable bike comes with a classic European bike design that is easy to ride and looks charming. The bike comes with features such as a sleek and sporty saddle, a front LED headlight, and 26-inch rims. 
  • This commuter bike is equipped with sizable 26-inch tires with shock absorbing, wear-resistant tires, and a set of front and rear mechanical v-brakes with motor cutoff switches for good stopping power. The Banff comes with a Shimano Nexus three-speed internal gear, so expect the bike to perform adequately on hard and dirt surfaces. 
  • The eProdigy Banff Commuter Bike is a handsome ride with the battery hidden inside into the frame for a clean look. Because it has a powerful motor, you will have no problem riding over bumps and curbs. This electric urban bike is designed to help you get around car traffic in the city. The eProdigy Banff Electric Bike is perfect for commuting and everyday mobility.

A Comfortable Electric Bike You Will Love to Ride!

Do you need a capable electric bike for the city commuting to work or school? Are you looking to have something usable for high-traffic, urban environments? The eProdigy Banff Electric Bike comes with premium features and a classic European City bike frame perfect for cruising the urban jungle. Use this for the commute and save time from getting stuck in traffic. This electric bike comes with a compact 750-watt electric motor, giving it an incredible top speed of 20 miles per hour and ability to climb uphill paths. The electric bike only weighs 52 lbs., so it weighs lighter than other bikes and therefore easy to ride.

Enjoy life biking in the city and not riding public transport with the eProdigy Banff Electric Bike. It comes with an 11.6 ah battery pack, so it is a perfect urban bike for getting to work and errands. The battery is hidden in the luggage to give it a more seamless look. The bike comes with sizable 26-inch rims with puncture-resistant tires that are perfect on hard surfaces.

High-Tech Electric Drivetrain

The eProdigy Banff Electric Bike features a throttle and a five-level pedal assist. Now you can use the throttle and go to work without being drenched in sweat, or use pedal assist for more range and have some bit of exercise. The bike is powered with a 48-volt battery with 11.6 amp/hr capacity. The bike comes with a LCD display that shows the speed and battery level.

The bike comes with a charger and keys. Make sure to inspect the bike upon delivery. Adjust the brakes, inflate the tires to proper pressure (check the tire sidewall), and test every part of the bike when riding it for the first time.

Don’t Go for Surplus or Cheap Electric Bikes

Many cheap electric bikes are neither reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They are not designed for sustained use because of poor craftsmanship or poorly-done electronics. Some cheap electric bikes lack even the most basic electrical safety features, putting the user at risk of electric shocks. Also, a lot of surplus models cannot climb hills or provide enough level of pedal assist. They are equipped with cheap batteries and cannot go far. 

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most are not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only choose electric bike brands that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. 

Kill Boredom with GoTrax Bikes and Electric Scooters!

Electric bicycles are the way to go for an active and sustainable lifestyle. It has been proven that such vehicles allow people to achieve physical activity levels, especially those who are not fit enough for exercise. Newer models of electric big tire bikes are more powerful, with better components and motors, to bring them anywhere without worrying about losing range. Driving a car in the city can eat up your limited time and cut productivity. Car maintenance, insurance, and gas are also costly. 

We at eProdigy endeavour to create practical and user-friendly electric bikes for avid cyclists, seasoned commuters, and first-time riders. Our company has been in business since 2011, and we design, manufacture bikes, and provide customer service on our own. We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this eProdigy Banff Electric Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise!


Max Motor Speed: 20mph
Range: Up to 60 miles
Battery: 48V, 11.6Ah (557 WH)
Weight: 52 lbs Including Battery
Frame: Aluminum Alloy Frame AL6061
Tires: Kenda K935 Punctual Resistant 26x1.75
Brakes (w/ Power Cut-Off Sensor): Tektro Rim Brakes
Shifter: Shimano NEXUS 3 Speed
Rear Gear: Shimano NEXUS 3 Speed Internal Gear
Rear Derailleur: N/A
Front Fork: Rigid Fork
Headset: Threaded
Stem: Adjustable
Chainwheel: eProdigy Chainring, 42T
Drive: KMC Chain
Kickstand: Central Single Leg Kickstand
Gear Sensor: N/A
Fenders: Included
Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor, 48V
Output Power: 500W / 750W
Display Panel: Multi-info LCD
Assist Mode: Throttle-on-Demand and/or PAS 1-5
Frame Size: 15"
Wheel Size: 26"
Available Colours: Dark Green/Ivory/Pink/Red/Sky Blue


Order an eProdigy Banff 48V/11.6Ah 750W Electric Comfort Bike EP-BNFF today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our eProdigy Electric Bikes. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift! 

eProdigy Banff 48V/11.6Ah 750W Electric Comfort Bike EP-BNFF

eProdigy Banff 48V/11.6Ah 750W Electric Comfort Bike EP-BNFF

$2,999.00 $5,998.00

Choose Your Color

eProdigy Banff 48V/11.6Ah 750W Electric Comfort Bike EP-BNFF

eProdigy Banff 48V/11.6Ah 750W Electric Comfort Bike EP-BNFF

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$5,998.00 $2,999.00
You Save: $2,999.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Connie C.
Fast bike

Great bike!!! I am really glad that you can peddle it like a regular bike because if you run out of battery you can just peddle back and will be stuck in the middle of nowhere. One thing I will say is to make sure to fully charge it when you first get it so you have a good battery, and make sure to inflate the wheels, they may be low due to time being in the box. Overall I really love the bike it's fast and easy to use.

Marjorie D.
Great Value and Fun Ride

It took me a while to pull the trigger on this order. I looked at countless ebikes, looking for something with a decent motor, battery life, and convenience... I finally set on this bike and gave it a go.

And I have loved it ever since!

Debra J.
Looks good, works great!

I really like this bike. This is my first Ebike, and I love it. It looks good and runs fast. Really good buy for the money.

Francesca T.
Super Fun to ride !!!

Super fun to ride & easy to assemble!

Deborah C.
Where do begin? Love it!


- Well packaged with care. Nothing arrived broken or loose.
- Easy assembly. It didn't take much effort to figure it out
- Looks cool. Looks innovative and futuristic. Well engineered, thought out, doesn't look like you're riding on an electric wheelchair. Kids, as well as adults, can look fly
- Lightweight. For something that has an electric motor, a battery, a seat, large wheels, it's surprisingly easy to move around, pick up and toss in the back of an SUV or truck
- Easy to adjust everything for your size, or re-adjust when going from a child to adult
- Strong electric motor gets me up and going quickly and I feel safe on it
- Comfortable seat for long rides
- Front and rear disc brakes get the job right. Unlike other scooters I've purchased, the brakes worked out of the box without having to adjust. This is a huge deal for me
- Twist throttle is comfortable, especially for long rides. So much better than thumb throttles
- LCD display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight
- Front LED light is bright at night

- Nothing

Overall, I'm extremely impressed.