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EWheels EW-52 60V/20Ah 700W Bariatric 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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EWheels EW-52 60V/20Ah 700W Bariatric 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Your Personal Mobility with Elegant Style and Matching Performance! 

Do you want the best mobility scooter for outdoor getaways and city commutes? Have a need for something that offers excellent performance and good riding comfort for long-distance rides? Mobility scooters offer a means of adventure and easy commute for working adults, seniors, and those going to school. Top-tier models with high-capacity batteries are really fun to ride because of the instant torque and the peace of mind knowing that you won’t empty the battery quickly. Experience the future mobility now and head to the next adventure. Zip fast and enjoy with the EWheels EW-52 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter! This fast, 15-mph scooter with a full windshield and a powerful 3-speaker stereo system not seen in other scooters! It sports a durable frame with excellent creature comforts and convenient features. 

Most mobility scooters are boring, but not this one. This scooter combines superb performance and designer looks in one package. Speed down the road with the equipped 700-watt brushless motor! It has polished panels that give it a modern, playful look. The scooter got a big motorcycle-like windshield for improved visibility and protection from the wind. Seat in comfort with the full-sized seat, fully cushioned and upholstered in smooth faux leather. It features a foot pedal for the brake, like a golf cart. This mobility scooter is great for long rides, and a perfect choice for anyone who wants a stylish ride that offers excellent performance. It is ideal for the elderly, disabled, city dwellers, and students.

Equipped for full freedom and convenience in your commute.

Roam the city and the countryside with the EWheels EW-52 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter. It sports a proven four wheel design with a low ground clearance for stability and a high-performance electric drivetrain capable of carrying up to 500 lbs., so you know this one is solidly built. It is a lower emission alternative to cars and perfect for commuting in the city. 

This model is equipped with a powerful 700-watt direct drive brushless motor and a 60-volt electric supply, giving it a top speed of 15 miles per hour and a single-charge range of around 43 miles, so it is an excellent choice for a daily driver. The scooter has complete front and rear suspension so you can safely drive it on both roads and rugged trails. The roomy seat has flip down armrests that allows a relaxed, upright riding position for a super comfortable ride. 

Avoid Harm from Cheap Mobility Scooters.

More often than not, surplus or cheaply made devices are not reliable nor safe. They are not designed for sustained use due to having poorly-made electronics. Some cheap models lack even basic safety features. If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most are not comfortable to use. 

You use a properly-designed scooter to achieve more mobility. Only choose models that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. You depend on your life on these devices, so choose only the best.

High-Performance, Environment-Friendly Choices by EWheels.

Studies show that most users of mobility vehicles experience a higher degree of mobility, plus improved self-confidence and improved quality of life. Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters help facilitate social interaction since they make users more independent, more capable of doing desired activities. Users report better participation in self-care, productivity, and leisurely activities. Battery-powered vehicles emit much lower greenhouse emissions in their lifetimes than internal combustion engines or even hybrid systems. 

The EWheels is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of quality, high- performance electric powered bikes and mobility scooters since 2009. Our objectives are to build products that offer cost effective, emissions-free alternatives to other forms of transportation for commuting, sport, and recreation. As part of our extra effort to ensure customers satisfaction, we offer an incredible 3-year warranty on our scooters! 

  • The EWheels EW-52 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter is the best mobility scooter for seniors and the disabled. It has a proven four-wheel design with a powerful direct drive brushless motor that gives out 700 watts of power. This model has extra-heavy weight capacity of 500 lbs. and so can be used by overweight and obese individuals. It has no problems climbing up hills or curbs, or travelling on rugged trails.
  • This mobility scooter is ideal for touring (spirited, long-distance travel). It has a high weight weight capacity and has a spacious rear cargo box. This scooter has a cruising range of 43 miles (around 69 kilometers), which is more than enough for daily commutes and adventures out of town. It is powered by five maintenance-free sealed lead acid batteries, with a total capacity of 20 ah.
  • Features a variable-speed twist throttle, with a three-speed switch for accurate speed control. You drive it like a motorcycle. Also, the scooter has a reverse switch in case you need to back up. Enjoy riding it on the streets! 
  • Catch everyone’s attention with its gleaming panels with sculpted details that gives it a modern, playful look. Features a large windshield that adds to the looks. This is a stylish, beautiful mobility scooter that packs serious performance.
  • Features front and rear drum brakes that are very reliable and provide adequate stopping power. It has an emergency parking brake that allows you to lock the wheels when it is parked. 
  • Durable and made for everyday use. The frame features a durable design with a 500-pound capacity. It has sealed lead acid batteries that require no maintenance throughout its life. The scooter comes with a smart charger that stops charging when the batteries are full.
  • Features a very comfortable and spacious adjustable seat with armrests for upright riding position that is easy on the back and shoulders. The seat is fully upholstered with padding that offers good cushioning. There are front and rear suspension to shield against bumps. 
  • Durable and ingeniously designed to serve your daily mobility needs. It has a large, solid frame and safety features, making the  EW-52 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter recommended for elderly, adults, and people with disabilities.

Powerful Performance for Better Mobility!

The EWheels EW-52 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter is the best mobility scooter for commuting. It is a high-performance vehicle with a powerful motor and creature comforts. Have the confidence to speed up and travel uphill with the 700-watt brushless direct drive motor. It has a top speed of 15 miles per hour so you can safely use it on the road. This model has a 500 lb-carrying capacity, so you can use it to haul stuff. 

The scooter also sports a comfortable, fully-upholstered adjustable seat. The chair has extra cushions that makes travel more bearable. The scooter has a spacious footwell for more comfort. There is a large rear cargo basket (with a lock) and storage below the seat. Worried about losing charge? It is powered by 60-volt lead acid batteries with a range of 43 miles. You no longer have to worry about emptying the battery when you go to get coffee or make a detour to the grocery store. 

Perfect Dimensions.

The EWheels EW-52 Four Wheel Wheel Mobility Scooter measures 72” inches L x 27” inches W x 45” inches H and weighs 312 lbs. with batteries.The rear wheels measure 15” inches, while the front is 13”. There is an integrated rear cargo box. 

This model comes with a remote key fob with an alarm. It is delivered fully assembled.

Designed with Essential Safety Features.

The EWheels EW-52 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter is equipped with safety features so you can ride it without worrying about anything. The scooter has front torsion bars and rear shock absorbers for improved ride handling. It is equipped with front LED headlights (with High- and Low-Beam) and rear lights so you can ride and see safely at day and night. The scooter is powered by five units of 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries (a total of 60 volts) that require no maintenance throughout its life. 

This model has a digital dashboard that shows important information. The scooter has premium features such as cruise control, a USB port, a radio and a unique 3-speaker stereo speakers for playing your favorite tunes. Having a mobility scooter lets you do your desired activities and be more independent. It is the best mobility scooter for commuting, so buy the EWheels EW-52 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter now!

EW-52 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter Manual.

EW-52 Manual


    • Scooter Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs. 
    • Speed: Up to 15 mph 
    • Distance: 43 miles per charge (distance varies on terrain, riders weight and road surface etc.) 
    • Front Seat: Type Adjustable chair with backrest 
    • Front seat: Size 22 ½”x17 ½”x23” (LxWxH) 
    • Front Seat: 27” From Ground 
    • Turning Radius: 90” 
    • Rear Seat: Size N/A 
    • Steering Height: 41” from Ground 
    • Rear Foot Rest: N/A 
    • Power: Electric Watts: 700 Watt 
    • Motor Type: Transaxle differential brushless 
    • Amps: 20 AH 
    • Volts: 60 Volts 
    • Dimensions: 72” x 27” x 45” (LxWxH) 
    • Floor Clearance: 5” 
    • Front Basket: N/A 
    • Batteries: (5) Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free 
    • Forward/Reverse switch: Yes 
    • High/ Low Speed switch: (3) Speed switch 
    • Front tire size: 13” Tire Type: 90/65-8 
    • Rear tire size: 15” Tire Type: 120/50-9 
    • Charger: 60-volt Smart Charger included 
    • Charging Time: 8 hours for full charge
    • Throttle Type: Variable Speed Control – Twist throttle 
    • Key Start: Yes 
    • Braking System: Front and Rear drum brakes 
    • Drive System: 700 Watt Brushless 
    • Motor Headlight: 12V Bulb 
    • Rear lights: 12V Bulb 
    • Carton Size: Shipped Fully assembled on Pallet – 80”x36”x73” (LxWxH) 
    • Scooter Weight: 312lbs. with batteries 
    • Battery Indicator: Yes 
    • Front: Front Shock Absorbers 
    • Rear: Rear Shock Absorbers 
    • Reflectors: Yes 
    • Warranty: Limited – 3 Year Warranty

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    EWheels EW-52 60V/20Ah 700W Bariatric 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

    EWheels EW-52 60V/20Ah 700W Bariatric 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

    $3,949.00 $7,898.00

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    EWheels EW-52 60V/20Ah 700W Bariatric 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

    EWheels EW-52 60V/20Ah 700W Bariatric 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

    Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
    $7,898.00 $3,949.00
    You Save: $3,949.00

    Choose Your Color

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Jonathan R.

    Excellent unit from EW and too. Very pleased with your service. Thank you. I'll show it to anyone who wants to see it if you care to refer them to me.

    Cookie C.

    I raced motorcycles for 15 years so I know and understand throttle control. Now that I have had time to use the EW-52 , it desperately needs a rheostat installed on throttle body to slow unit down when in crowded places. Unit takes off way to fast and jumps out even on the slowest setting. I have to ride the brake when around people for fear of running into them. The EW-72 Unit has a reostat to turn unit down to slower speed. This unit should too. Also took off lock box and installed basket on back for better shopping and room to haul groceries.

    Alex C.
    Great customer service

    Customer service people are excellent, love the scooter. Have returned original cover purchased, too small. Waiting to receive larger cover. Found the instructions somewhat vague, could have used more information.

    Janette I.

    Rear cargo box holds all my stuff. The free armrest bag and scooter cover are awesome! Thanks to Julie for all your help with the purchase and aftercare.

    Benedict G.
    Great service!

    Not only is the unit great, but it was delivered to my door in just three days by! They offered us free shipping and fantastic freebies upon ordering! I noticed that the store owner has a real empathy to people with mobility problems, he is doing not just business but a community service. You’re the man Trev!