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Exway Atlas Pro 2WD 701Wh All Terrain Electric Skateboard

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$1,999.00 $1,749.00
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(800) 590-2738

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

Exway Atlas Pro 2WD 701Wh All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Exway Atlas Pro 2WD 701Wh All Terrain Electric Skateboard

$1,749.00 $1,999.00
Exway Atlas Pro 2WD 701Wh All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Exway Atlas Pro 2WD 701Wh All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$1,999.00 $1,749.00
You Save: $250.00

Exway Atlas Pro 2WD 701Wh All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Aluminum Quick-Swap Wheel Hubs

Replace your inner tubes without needing to disassemble the wheel hubs.

Tire Mudguards

Designed for clip-on mudguards, the motor mounts include mounting points for easy mudguard installation.

Motor Crossbars

The motor mounts on the Atlas Pro are reinforced with crossbars for protection and rigidity.

Freedom to Choose

Quickly swap between 2WD/4WD with Exway's Modular Drivetrain.


Top Speed 60Km/H
Battery Capacity 701Wh
Range (160mm Pneumatic) 38Km/24Miles
Range (90mm Urethane) 73Km/46Miles
Range (160mm Pneumatic) (+AUXPack) 95Km/60Miles
Range (90mm Pneumatic) (+AUXPack) 183Km/113Miles
Weight 14.9Kg/32Lbs
Peak Output Power 3528W
Standard Charger Wattage 210W Gan
Motor 6370
Deck Carbon Fiber Unibody
Trucks Trist 10.5" DKP
Remote R3
Bluetooth 5.0
App ExSkate
Bushing Setup 95A High Barrel Bushings
Boardside 30x15mm Fat Cone
Roadside 25x15mm Fat Barrel
Flat Washers
Bushing Setup (Secondary Set) 92A High Barrel Bushings
Boardside 30x15mm Barrel
Roadside 25x15mm Barrel
Cup Washers
AUXPack Compatible
Gear-drive Compatible
1000W Super-Charging
Quick-Swap CNC Wheel Hubs
Extra Wide Alloy Pulleys
Motor Guards
Mudguar-Ready Mounts
2-in-1 Configuration Available as Add-on
Handle Available as Add-on
Mudguards 1st Gen Compatible

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of battery cells does the Atlas Pro/Atlas Pro NASA use?

  • The new pack in the Atlas Pro consists of 4000mAh Lishen 21700 Li-ion cells in a 12S4P configuration.

When will the AUXPack external battery pack launch? Can I use it on my Atlas Carbon? Will the AUXPack work with both 2WD and 4WD?

  • As it was originally intended for use with the Atlas Pro (in both 2WD and 4WD), the AUXPack is currently not compatible with the Atlas Carbon. The Exway team is working to develop an Atlas Carbon compatible AUXPack, which will be released at a later date.

Can I change board settings on my Atlas Pro using the original Exway app?

  • The 3rd Gen ESC on the Atlas Pro has been redesigned and will not work with the original Exway app. Download the new Exway app releasing early August to view your board parameters and settings!

What's different about the new Exway app?

  • The new app "ExSkate" retains all the functions of the original app, with new features like ride route tracking and quicker firmware updates.

What's new with the Atlas Pro remote? Will it work with other Exway Boards?

  • The R3 remote that ships with the Atlas Pro feature redesigned internal circuitry and logic for improved performance. Currently the R3 remote only works with the Atlas Pro, not the X, Flex and Wave series.

What's different about the new OTA firmware upgrades?

  • Time taken for firmware upgrades has been drastically reduced, from 20 minutes to 4 minutes on average. For improved OTA firmware upgrade stability and speed, the new R3 remote and 3rd gen ESC uses Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with the ExSkate app.

Can the AUXPack be used to charge other electronics?

  • There is a 10W USB-A port for older or low power devices, and a 100W USB-C port with support for QC3.0 and PD4.0 charging protocols for devices like smartphones, laptops, etc

Do both the Atlas Pro onboard battery and AUXPack support 20A charging? Will they need to be charged separately?

  • Both the Atlas Pro's onboard battery and AUXPack support 20A charging. With the AUXPack connected to the Atlas Pro, both the battery packs can be charged simultaneously by one charger with the smart BMS inside keeping the charging process safe and efficient. For the fastest charging times, disconnect the AUXPack and charge both the Atlas Pro and AUXPack separately using their own chargers.

Is there anything I should be aware of while connecting the AUXPack?

  • The two packs are connected through the smart BMS, not directly. This way the AUXPack can be connected while the board is at any battery level.

What is the difference between Atlas NASA and the standard Atlas Pro, and why are the prices different?

  • The performance of Atlas NASA is the same as the Atlas Pro, but the appearance is different, Atlas NASA comes standard with 2-in-1. And this is a custom model, officially authorized by NASA, so why the price is different.

Is there a 2in1 version of Atlas Pro?

  • Atlas Pro does not have a 2in1 version, customers need to buy a street wheel set separately.

Are the boards waterproof?

  • The water-resistance of the skateboard is IP55, which is resistant to splashes and dust under normal conditions, but if you ride in a puddle or where the water level is high, or even immerse your skateboard in water, the water is likely to enter the electrical parts and damage the part.
  • Please do not ride in the rain or any wet ground with water, this will cause a high risk of water damage and may cause the motor bearings to rust and make noise.

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Lazaro S.
The best

I really really like this skateboard! I take it to school and home! It is the best one to have!