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Merits Health Atlantis 12V 300W Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair P710

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Merits Health Atlantis 12V 300W Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair P710

Tired of using underpowered wheelchairs? Tired of big and bulky mobility scooters that seem to get stuck nearly everywhere? There is a lot of issues users face in some mobility devices. Obese individuals, for example, have problems using mobility devices. For special mobility needs, here is Merits Health Atlantis Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair! The heavy-duty wheelchair is full of features as well as super high power packed in a wheelchair frame. The electric wheelchair features a gleaming metal frame, faux leather upholstered seat, and air-filled tires. Control the wheelchair using the simple and easy-to-use traditional joystick that can be attached to the left or the right armrest.

Merits Health Atlantis 4-Wheel Wheelchair is perfectly designed for elderly, people with disabilities or injuries, injured veterans, and individuals unable to use a manual wheelchair. The electric wheelchair has room for customization. You can choose to install accessories such as elevating leg-rests, oxygen tank holder, a holder for cane or crutches, a walker holder, foldable rear basket and canopy, height adjustable arms, and swing away joystick. The motorized wheelchair is versatile and features robust construction for everyday use.

Merits Health Atlantis Electric Wheelchair

Merits Health Atlantis 4-wheel Wheelchair Features:

  • Top Speed of 5 Miles per Hour.
  • Turning Radius is 31.5 inches
  • Total Weight is 304 lbs.
  • Weight without Batteries is 218 lbs.
  • Two Anti-Tipper Wheels on the Rear
  • Battery Charger is 100-220 volt 50-60 Hz, 6-Amps Offboard type

Have Plenty Of Power With The 300-watt Inline Dc Motor

One of the main reasons why many people loathe electric wheelchairs is that most of them are underpowered. Not with Merits Health Atlantis 4-Wheel Wheelchair. It packs a 300-watt inline DC motor, giving it more power than many electric bikes. The high motor output suits the heavy-duty frame, and the inline design ensures most of the torque is sent to the rear wheels. The motor is powerful enough to give the electric wheelchair a maximum capacity of 600 lbs. You can use the electric wheelchair and carry heavy items with you. You can go to the supermarket and use the wheelchair to push the shopping cart so you can do groceries easily. The high-powered wheelchair will have no problem going over rough terrain or inclines. You will have no problem climbing up car wheelchair ramps, sidewalks, stair ramps, and curbs with inclines up to 10 degrees. Merits Health Atlantis 4-Wheel Wheelchair has the adequate power to give you total mobility everywhere.

Go Further With The 32-mile Range

Tired of having to charge your electric wheelchair often? You’ll be happy to know that Merits Health Atlantis 4-Wheel Wheelchair can go up to 32 miles on a single charge. It has more range than many electric bicycles, giving you more freedom to do the things you want. The electric wheelchair can last throughout the day.  Merits Health Atlantis 4-Wheel Wheelchair features 12-volt battery units. The equipped air-filled 12-inch drive wheels and 9-inch caster wheels with 3-inch ground clearance mean you can venture indoors and outdoors with ease.

Luxurious In Comfort

Sit like a king in Merits Health Atlantis 4-Wheel Wheelchair with its spacious and generously padded Captain’s chair. The seat measures 32 inches wide, 20 inches long and 24 inches in height, a very comfortable dimension for users like injured veterans, the elderly, individuals with injuries or disabilities. The roomy seat features soft padded seat, armrest, and backrest, with tightly sculpted upholstery. The extra-high backrest helps a lot in preventing back discomfort common in wheelchair users. The electric wheelchair has a wide metal footplate to rest your feet.

Optimized For Heavy-duty Use

We believed that mobile devices shouldn’t be fragile. Merits Health Atlantis 4-Wheel Wheelchair is a heavy-duty device. The electric wheelchair features a 60-amp Dynamic Shark PG VR2 controller that puts all the electronics in a single location, with less electric wiring, cables, and fewer surfaces that may heat up and break, ensuring better durability. The unit also features electromagnetic brakes with a regenerative capability that charges the battery while you slow down. The electric wheelchair frame has four metal posts to secure the seat post. That means you can use ride the electric wheelchair every day and carry baggage on the folding rear basket (optional) without worrying that something might break. With its 600 lb.-total weight capacity, Merits Health Atlantis 4-Wheel Wheelchair is robust for everyday use.


Turning Radius: 31.50"
Tire Type: Air Filled
Ground Clearance: 3.00"
Top Speed: 5.00 mph
Heaviest Piece: 218 lbs.
Maximum Incline Rating: 10 º
Battery Charge Distance: 32.00 miles
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
Foldable: No
Disassembles: No
Armrest Options: Height Adjustable 
Width Adjustable
Legrest Options: Footplate 
Upgradable Elevating Legrests
Seat Options: Captain's Seat
Seat Widths: 24"
Seat Depths: 20"
Back Height: 25"
Maximum Seat to Floor Height: 24"
Overall Width: 27.00"
Overall Length: 44"
Joystick Options: Right 
Adjustable Hanger Brackets: No
Frame Type: Heavy-duty
Batteries: 12V, Group 24
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off Board
Drive Wheel Size: 12"
Caster Size: 9"
Battery Pack Weight: 86.00 lbs.
Weight Without Batteries: 218.00 lbs.
Controller Type: Dynamic Shark 60A/PG VR2 60A
Suspension: No

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P710 Owners Manual

P710 Service Manual

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Merits Health Atlantis 12V 300W Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair P710

Merits Health Atlantis 12V 300W Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair P710

$5,160.23 $10,596.00

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Merits Health Atlantis 12V 300W Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair P710

Merits Health Atlantis 12V 300W Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair P710

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$10,596.00 $5,160.23
You Save: $5,435.77

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fred O.
Fantastic so far!

Initial use of chair is fantastic. No cons at this time since I have only been using the chair for a short period of time.

Curtis E.
Thank you for selling a great wheelchair.

With breathing difficulties it is virtually impossible to perform tasks required on a small farm. I searched for months looking for a wheelchair that had the major features to accommodate my needs, The Atlantis has sturdiness, strength,long battery life, high ground clearance, comfort, and ease of control. After several months of use in all kinds of weather and a variety of ground conditions I could not be more pleased with my Atlantis. It also performs exceptionally well when shopping in outdoor and indoor malls. Thank you for selling a great wheelchair.

Maria R.
Definitely recommend it.

I purchased this for my husband who is 5.11 and 320lps. The chair has plenty of zip to move him around and he says it is quite comfortable. It fits into the back of my Lincoln MKX. Had to get a lift though as I am not strong enough to get it in by myself. I am pretty short so that might be part of it. So far we are very happy with this purchase. Definitely recommend it.

Matthew E.
Very pleased.

Bought this for a family member with ALS. This is a wonderful machine which has significantly improved his ability to get around. Light, maneuverable and compact. Great for the house and getting around outdoors. The vendor,, reached out to me by phone to ensure everything was up to specifications. Very pleased.

Randy K.

I recently took the chair to San Francisco, it worked great. I went up and down those hills with no problems. First time in years I was able to do that without pain or discomfort.