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Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v

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Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v

A Kid-Friendly Electric Ride for Everyday Playtime!

Make your kid a rockstar with the MotoTec Mini Moto Kids Electric Ride On! This electric four-wheel drive ride for kids has plenty of appeal! This is an affordable electric ride, and it has a well-designed drivetrain that is exciting and fun to ride. It is made for kids ages three to six years old and above. This kid's car has a max weight capacity of 88 lbs. It is ideal for toddlers and small children.

The MotoTec Mini Moto is ideal for kids, featuring four 35-watt electric motors and a five-mile top speed. It only runs as fast as a walking pace, so your kid will enjoy the ride while giving you peace of mind. The Mini Moto comes with a foot throttle, swing doors, and a steering wheel. This electric ride is relatively powerful for its size and rated for firm surfaces, so it is fun to ride. Let your kids ride it and feel like a rockstar! 

Let your kids play in the neighborhood park or conquer the driveway with the MotoTec Mini Moto. Always observe safety rules. The rider should wear a helmet and essential safety gear, ride within speed limits, and follow local regulations. Small children riders should be under the constant supervision of an adult.

This electric mini car is the perfect treat for your child. It is equipped with a throttle for effortless riding, plus a bunch of electronic features. Let your kid get around and race in style. Purchase the MotoTec Mini Moto Electric Ride On here at Electric Bike Paradise!

  • The MotoTec Mini Moto Electric Ride is an excellent gift for kids. It is a perfect ride for small children that is safe and affordable. It has some features found in real cars that will appeal to children, including a steering wheel, swing doors, lights, and a throttle. The ride can be ridden manually or through a remote. 
  • The Mini Moto electric toy car is equipped with four 35-watt electric motors (one in each wheel), giving it surprising four-wheel drive power. It has a top speed of five miles per hour or as fast as a brisk walking pace. 
  • This electric car for kids comes with essential safety features. It comes with a 2.4 GHz remote control, a seat belt, front and rear lights, and double doors. Like a real ride, it has front and rear suspension, so it can cross uneven surfaces to some degree. It comes with EVA foam tires that will not leave marks on flooring, so your child can ride it indoors. 
  • The Mini Moto Electric Mini Car comes with two 12-volt, 7 amp/hour batteries for a 12 volt, 24 amp total. It charges to full in around four to six hours so that you can charge the bike for an hour or two for more fun. The range depends on the throttle usage and the rider's weight.
  • This kid's electric car has excellent looks featuring large knobby tires with sporty rims, while the interior sports leather seats. Now see your child ride their very first car. It is a dream children’s toy that will satisfy their adventurous spirit!
  • The MotoTec Mini Moto is equipped with a throttle that automatically activates the brakes once released. It features a somewhat capable off-roading capability. Let your child ride it in the backyard or the park! 

Enjoy Having Fun with this Electric Ride On!

Do you need an affordable electric kid's ride for fun? Want something safe and enjoyable to ride? Get this MotoTec Mini Moto Electric Ride On, featuring a real four-wheel drive action and a sporty design that kids will love. This mini car comes with four electric motors, one in each wheel, so it is an all-wheel-drive that has a better performance than other models with just rear-wheel drive. The Mini Moto also comes with front and rear suspension and sizeable non-marking foam tires, so it can cross uneven surfaces to some degree. 

Enjoy its cool, ATV appearance with high ground clearance and aggressive look. It has working lights, two swing doors, a steering wheel, and even the interior come with leather seats. It has the looks and features of a real car. The Mini Moto comes with a throttle/brake pedal that kids will find easy to use, or you can control it using the included 2.4 GHz remote. 

Perfect Dimensions

The MotoTec Mini Moto Electric Ride On measures 51” L x 32” W x 29” H and weighs around 76 lbs. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, an SD card slot, and an MP3 port. This is designed for use by one rider only. It comes with a seat belt. Make sure to inspect and test every function before first use. 

Choose MotoTec: Ride and Have Fun with Our Exciting Electric Bikes!

Electric bicycles are the way to go for an active and sustainable lifestyle. It has been proven that such vehicles allow people to achieve physical activity levels, especially those who aren’t fit enough for exercise. Driving a car in the city can eat up your limited time and cut productivity. Don’t forget the cost of car maintenance, insurance, and gas. 

As we always say, adults are just kids with money, and being adults should not stop us from doing things we enjoy. We at MotoTec want to take a new look at the usual electric bike. Our bikes are centered on exciting rides but still fulfill the role of personal transporters. We use metal frames and high-powered motors so you will feel the power whenever you give throttle, plus our designs take inspiration from toys and rides usual in your childhood like kick scooters and wheeled boards. If you are bored with electric bikes and want a fun ride to get somewhere, get MotoTec! Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this MotoTec Mini Moto here at Electric Bike Paradise!


  • Motor(s): 4 x 12 Volt 35 Watt (4 Wheel Drive)
  • Battery: 2 x 12 Volt 7 AMP Rechargeable Battery (12v/14ah total)
  • Charger: Included
  • Suspension: 4 Wheel Spring
  • Sounds: Bluetooth, MP3 Port
  • Driving: Manual Drive or Remote Control
  • Doors Open: Yes
  • Lights: Yes
  • Seats: Leather
  • Tires: EVA
  • Forward: 5 MPH
  • Reverse: 2.5 MPH
  • Suggested Max Weight: 88 lbs
  • Suggested Age: 3-6 years old
  • Throttle Type: Foot Pedal
  • Braking System: Releasing the throttle allows bike to stop quickly
  • Material of Body: ABS Plastic
  • Assembled Dimensions: 51x32x29 inches
  • Box Dimensions: 49x37x17 inches
  • Product Weight:  lbs
  • Box Weight: 76 lbs
  • Warranty: 30 Days parts replacement.

Order a Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our Mini Motos Kids Electric Ride-Ons. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift!

Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v

Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v

$765.00 $1,139.00

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Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v

Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$1,139.00 $765.00
You Save: $374.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jerry Thompson
Great purchase proof will be longevity

Very easily assembled and good quality components. My two grandkids love them. So far very pleased. Longevity and durability will tell the story but definitely pleased so far.

Vesta W.
Great Ride!

Grandparents bought this for my son a year ago and he LOVES it. The most well-played toy we own. Highly recommend this toy. He is even able to have his little sister hop on the back or squeeze in next to him as they are combined under the weight limit. It’s faster than the other 12Vs too.

William A.
Great product!

My granddaughter loved it! It’s very safe and likes the real thing!

Kate H.
Amazing product

My two boys absolutely LOVE these!! You do have to put it together but it's not hard. All the pieces were in the box and nothing was damaged or broken!! This is a must-buy for your kiddos!

Robert L.
Five Stars

This Mototec truck is amazing - spoiled my nephew with it and he is loving it!! Putting it together was easy. It is so much fun to control this truck. Highly recommended! Will definitely order more trucks like this. I wish they had it in Pink for my niece!