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Nakto Stroller 36V/12Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket

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Nakto Stroller 36V/12Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket Ast26001

A Sophisticated Electric City Bike for Exploring the Urban Jungle!

Do you need a practical electric bike for commuting to work or school? Are you looking to have something suitable for high-traffic environments where roads are often blocked with cars? Electric bicycles are an excellent choice for transport in the city because you can travel to your destination faster than using a car in highly-congested traffic. Newer electric bicycles are more powerful, with better components and motors, so you can bring them anywhere without worrying about losing range.

Have a reliable and stylish ride for every day with the Nakto Stroller 36v Cruiser Electric Bike! This gorgeous electric road bike features the classic step-through frame with a robust 36-volt electric motor made for paved roads and off-road paths in the city. The electric city bike comes with gorgeous 26-inch spoked rims with sleek road tires and a sizable 10 amp/hour battery for traveling long distances. It is among the most affordable electric bikes you can buy and has components found in more expensive bikes. The Nakto City Stroller is the ideal ride for going to school or work. This electric road bike is perfect for working moms and dads, students, office workers, and city dwellers.

You will love riding the Nakto Stroller Electric Bike, featuring a comfortable step-through frame and a powerful 350-watt hub motor that quickly accelerates on smooth pavement. It is stable and very comfortable to ride. The entry-level bike is equipped with large 26-inch rims, so you ride smoothly over bumps and potholes frequently seen on roads.

The bike comes with a twist throttle and a pedal-assist that makes each ride a breeze. You will love riding it on congested streets and city paths. It is perfect for sightseeing, roaming parks, and visiting places with plenty of shops. The Nakto Stroller Bike is available in gorgeous white and red colors.

You may not realize it, but the terrain in most cities is unusually harsh. There are countless roads ridden with potholes, bumps, and ruts, which is a bane to bikes. In most cases, the quickest and shortest route to your office or school requires you to travel off-road paths and alleyways. Therefore, you must have a capable electric bike with top-rated components to deal with those things. 

Electric vehicles are, without a doubt, the future of transport. Electric motorized bikes have zero emissions and are noiseless than cars, making it a green and ecologically-friendly travel choice. The Nakto Stroller Cruiser Electric Bike comes with a throttle and pedal assist, so you can choose to maintain speed with little effort or conserve the battery. It has a range of 18 miles (30 kilometers), so it is a perfect city bike for daily commuting and going from point A to point B. Get around traffic and roam the city. Purchase the Nakto Stroller Electric Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise!

  • Roam the city with the Nakto Stroller Cruiser Bike, the perfect bike for adults and anyone who wants a reliable daily ride. It is an entry-level bike featuring the classic step-through frame plus modern components suited for the challenging urban environment.
  • The Nakto Stroller is powered by a 36-volt, 350-watt brushless DC hub motor sitting inside the rear wheel for direct torque on the road. It can travel through rough roads and go over potholes with ease. 
  • The electric city bike has a range of 18 miles, so it has more than enough power to last throughout the day. The Nakto Stroller can bring you to work or school and still have enough charge to go back home. This model has a 36-volt lithium-ion battery pack with a 10 amp/hr capacity. Ride it to work or school without worrying about the range!
  • The Nakto Stroller Electric Bike features a twist throttle and a pedal-assist function. The throttle gives power in your hands to speed on the road effortlessly. The pedal assist is hooked to a cadence sensor that provides good response and a more comfortable ride. The bike also comes with a six-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur to control and ride it like an ordinary bike. 
  • The Nakto Stroller Electric Bike is a stylish city bike featuring a step-through cruiser frame, 26-inch steel spoked rims, and a beautiful paint finish. The bike comes with disc brakes on the front and the rear for an added sporty look. The frame is made of high-strength carbon steel. You will receive a rear luggage rack and a front plastic basket.
  • This bike is designed for daily mobility and can be easily driven by anyone. It is perfect for going to work, school, or doing errands, making the Nakto Stroller Electric Bike the perfect city bike for everyday commuting.

Explore the City with this Stylish Step-Through Electric Bike!

See the sights and get to your work and school. The Nakto Stroller Electric Bike is recommended for anyone who needs a casual bike for everyday use. This gorgeous bike features a sleek step-through frame, which is very comfortable to ride that eases weight off the shoulders. The frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike, useful for routes with plenty of stops. The Stroller comes with cruiser-style handlebars and a wide, spring-supported saddle for added comfort.

The Nakto Stroller is equipped with a brushless hub motor with a 350-watt power rating to go over bumps, potholes, and ruts smoothly. The bike is also equipped with 26-inch rims and a six-speed Shimano transmission. It also has dual disc brakes for reliable control and good stopping power.

Perfect Dimensions.

The Nakto Stroller Electric Bike measures 68 inches in length and 43 inches in height, with a seat height of 33 inches to 38 inches. The bike comes with a battery, charger, a mini-tool kit, user manual, and a warranty card.

Fully Equipped with Modern Electronics.

The Nakto Stroller Step-Through Bike comes with a mini power display that shows the battery level. The bike is powered by a premium lithium-ion battery with a 10 amp/hr capacity. Lithium batteries are lighter, have longer life cycles (around 1000 cycles), and provide a more consistent charge than lead-acid batteries.

The bike comes with a battery-powered front LED headlight and rear reflectors, a large plastic front basket, and a rear luggage rack. It has the essential features for road safety for a more convenient commute.

Don’t Go for Surplus or Cheap Electric Bikes.

Many cheap electric bikes are neither reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They are not designed for sustained use because of poor craftsmanship or poorly-done electronics. Some cheap electric bikes lack even the most basic electrical safety features, putting the user at risk of electric shocks. Also, a lot of surplus models cannot climb hills or provide enough level of pedal assist. They are equipped with cheap batteries and cannot go far. 

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most are not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only choose electric bike brands that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. 

Enjoy Life with Nakto Electric Bikes: We Make Best-Selling Folding Electric Bikes, Women’s Cruiser Bikes, and Electric Mountain Bikes.

There are many reasons why electric bikes will become a part of life in the near future. They can squeeze through bike lanes and get around traffic so you can reach your destination quickly. Lithium-battery-powered electric bikes are powerful yet quiet, and therefore fit for use in dense cities. Nakto Bikes has a warehouse and is headquartered in Placentia, California. We made a name making classy and affordable bikes that appeal to working individuals and students. 

We at Nakto Bikes fit the riders' lifestyle needs, so we offer a wide selection of electric bikes in various styles and configurations. We make decent bikes at ultra-budget prices. We have strict quality controls to ensure our bikes work every time, starting from the bike frame and the electric motor to the waterproof wire harnesses and connectors, display panel, wheels, brakes, and chain. Get the best deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase the Nakto Stroller Cruiser Step-Thru Electric Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise!


Size 26 inch
Frame Alloy
Motor 350W brushless
Charging time 4-6 hours
Battery 36V 12Ah lithium battery
Color White/Red
Max Loading 250Lbs
Range 30km with pedal assist
Brake  Shimano front and rear disc brake
NW/GW 50KG/68lbs(with battery)


    NAKTO E-BIKES Set Speed Limit According To United States Federal Regulations, Maximum Speed In Power Mode Is Programmable And Can Be Adapted To The Local Regulations Of Any Country.
    All Range Estimates Are Contingent Upon Rider And Towing Weight, Wind Speed And Terrain.

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    Product Video

    Nakto Stroller 36V/12Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket

    Nakto Stroller 36V/12Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket

    $899.00 $1,798.00

    Choose Your Color | Inventory

    Nakto Stroller 36V/12Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket

    Nakto Stroller 36V/12Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket

    Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
    $1,798.00 $899.00
    You Save: $899.00

    Choose Your Color | Inventory

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Dennis KIng

    Nakto Stroller 36V/12Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket Ast26001

    Robert Nichols

    Nakto Stroller 36V/12Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket Ast26001

    William T.
    Very easy to assemble

    I’m a 73 year old grandmother and was able to assemble the bike myself. Thanks for the great YouTube video.
    Bike is very heavy- I was surprised
    New to gears but will learn. Still not sure about peddle assist. I love the throttle.
    Thought it was a little too tall for me but I seem to have adjusted to that as well. Bike is well made and well worth my money. Inquiries have been answered promptly Electric Bike Paradise.

    William T.
    Great for price!

    I love my Nakto eBike. I added a back basket and front hook over metal basket since it comes with a cheap molded plastic one. I can carry ten/fifteen pounds of groceries on it easily. The battery lasts as stated. I use mine as main transportation and it’s an incredible buy for the money. I did pay to have someone do the final assembly. It has just a low hum when in e mode. It’s definitely on the heavy side to carry, but it rides well.

    Jeff Y.
    Love it! Very satisfied!

    I originally purchased the white version of this bike but they were out of stock. So I contacted the seller and they were kind and wrote back to me within a day each time! They were able to get be the red bike instead during this pandemic... I had purchased another bike before this for my partner, well we had to test out these two bikes and let me tell you THIS BIKE HAS POWER! Both bikes were in the same price range, motor, battery life, and distance. So far this bake has outdone my other bike in every area! My other bike is a mountain bike and I've noticed it doesn't take turns very well but this bike can take turns at high speed. I would definitely buy this bike again!