RMB E-QUAD XL 48V/20Ah 800W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter RMB-E-QUADXL
RMB E-QUAD XL 48V/20Ah 800W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter RMB-E-QUADXL
RMB E-QUAD XL 48V/20Ah 800W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter RMB-E-QUADXL
RMB E-QUAD XL 48V/20Ah 800W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter RMB-E-QUADXL

RMB E-QUAD XL 48V/20Ah 800W Bariatric 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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  • Product size: 57”x 36”x 44” (bench seat upright) 57”x 36”x 32” (bench seat down) 57”x 36”x 39” (bucket seat up) 57”x 36”x 30” (bucket seat down) 57”x 36”x 22” (steering column removed)
  • Wheel base 44”
  • Max. speed Up to 15 mph

Introducing RMB E-QUAD XL Bariatric Mobility Scooter

The RMB e-Quad XL comfortably seats two adults. Its powerful 800w brushless motor will whisk you away in comfort and style. Low floor deck allows for easy access.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Grace T.
Senior fun on a trike!

I am a senior (active adult) and my husband & I have owned a tandem bike for a few years. However, I decided that it was time for me to have some fun on my own bike for a change. So I bought a trike and it’s so much fun to see where I’m going instead of being behind my husband on the tandem. My trike fits in our van so off we go!

Tamesha D.
Riding is pure fun again!

After spinal surgery, my balance is still floating, trying to find center. One of my goals continues to be returning to bike riding. While in Tucson, we went to Pedego to rent bikes to ride the Rillito River Park Trail. I didn’t feel quite comfortable on my choice of a step through bike, and kept eying the trike. When I sat on the trike, I felt freedom and joy I hadn’t had for quite some time! After renting and riding, I had to have this awesome bike! ElectricBikeParadise.com shipped a new trike to my home, where I continue to ride. I love the freedom the trike gives me! Riding is pure fun again!

Mary J.
FREEDOM has never been so sweet!

LOVE bike riding. But after a mugging while riding in NYC 40 years ago, had put it aside. Fast forward to an older woman, with bad knees, poor balance, finding herself trapped by local traffic in a small city in AZ. A two wheel bike seemed daunting, but a Trike? Now that had possibilities. Traffic does not stop me. poor balance doesn’t stop me. Power assist means my knees don’t stop me. A basket means I carry my groceries safely. I go with a smile, with joy, and always with a sense of accomplishment. FREEDOM has never been so sweet!

Helen R.
Has given me a whole new life.

Getting on in years does not mean staying at home. After my 2 wheel bike became really hard on my neck and balance an issue, I discovered the RMB E-Quad Electric Trike. I have ridden places I only would have dreamed of going, can look up at the architecture and trees, around at the gardens and never lose my balance and never worry about having enough energy to pedal the whole way home. The electric assist has given me a whole new life. And I am not exaggerating!

Margaret W.
Freedom again

Since buying my trike and my husband’s electric cruiser bike we have felt free to venture much farther from home than on our old non-electric models. We know that if we get tired we can use battery power to get home. The funny part is that we rarely need the power except for uphill or into a strong wind. We use it more now than we did a few years ago as we age but it still gives us freedom to get out and enjoy getting exercise.