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Shoprider Sprinter XL4 12V/40Ah Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter 889B-4

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Shoprider Sprinter XL4 12V/40Ah Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter 889B-4

Travel Free and Do More with this Heavy Duty Four-Wheel Scooter!

Travel to places and do your desired activities with freedome with the Shoprider Sprinter Mobility Scooter, featuring a classic four-wheel design with a heavy-duty frame and a sumptuously comfortable captain seat. It comes with modern features and the seat can be disassembled so you can bring it anywhere. This is a full-size scooter made for everyday use. The Shoprider Sprinter XL4 is ideal for use inside and outside the home, or at places like airports and cruise ships. It is a spacious and comfortable scooter meant for all-day use, and offers more usability compared to smaller scooters. The scooter has an extra weight capacity for up to 350 lbs., and among the best heavy-duty mobility scooters for sale today. 

Full size scooters are solid and reliable rides that offer serious comfort for all-day use, so you will like this Shoprider Sprinter XL4 for a dependable, daylong ride. When assembled, the scooter measures just 52 inches long and only 23 inches wide, so you can comfortably use it in crowded spaces. The scooter can easily fit through doors. It is as stylish and comfortable as it looks, featuring a swiveling captain seat with a full-size backrest and smooth upholstery for comfort. The seat is height-adjustable and swivels around 360-degrees so mounting and getting off the scooter is easy. This swiveling seat design makes it easier for people to do work seated in the scooter. There is an adjustable folding tiller that is easy to use and can be folded for storage. The Shoprider Sprinter XL4 comes in a sleek red color.

The Shoprider Sprinter XL4 wheel mobility scooter can be ridden indoors and outdoors. The classic four-wheel design is stable and comfortable, and has adequate platform space for needed legroom. It is the scooter that has plenty of space for your body and your legs as you ride. The scooter comes with a one horsepower electric motor directly attached to the rear axle, making it very reliable and sealed from outside elements. 

Having a travel mobility scooter is a must if you are doing a lot of things inside and outside the house. You can accomplish more things and truly enjoy your day despite any disability. However, you want something that offers stability and a good degree of usability. It has a range of up to 25 miles, so you can comfortably use it throughout the day without worrying about range. Purchase the Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Mobility Scooter here at Electric Bike Paradise!

  • Have freedom to go anywhere and do your thing with the Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Mobility Scooter. This full size mobility scooter comes with four wheels that can go to places where small scooters cannot go. It has a spacious platform and a large captain's seat that is comfortable to ride and will not hurt your back. The scooter is still compact enough to be brought in cramped spaces like offices or in your home. It is one of the best mobility scooters for sale.
  • This mobility scooter comes with a 33-40 Ah airline-approved battery pack that gives it a range of 25 miles (40 kilometers), so feel free to use it in the office or school, or for travel. It comes with puncture-proof tires so no fear of flats. Use it for a day or two and then charge the scooter at night with no problems! The Shoprider Sprinter XL4 scooter has a bigger range compared to most mobility scooters in its price range. This model has dimensions that can fit through doors and aisles, so you can comfortably use it in cluttered spaces. 
  • The Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Mobility Scooter is powered by an energy-efficient 1 hp electric motor connected directly to the rear axle. The scooter can speed up to 5 miles per hour (around 8 kph) with an adjustable speed dial so it is safe for use indoors and outdoors. It is powerful enough to climb slopes up to 14 degrees in angle, and can ride on the grass so you can finally conquer your neighborhood park! The Sprinter XL4 is equipped with electromagnetic brakes that automatically stop the scooter when the throttle is released.
  • Enjoy comfort with the upholstered captain seat with a backrest, headrest and swing up armrests that provides adequate support. The chair swivels 360-degrees for easy access and getting off the scooter, and it is height adjustable. The scooter has a spacious platform for added comfort to the user.
  • Features an adjustable and T-bar tiller that is easy to grip and comfortable to the hands. The tiller is foldable and comes with simple levers (reverse and forward), speed-control dial, and a button for the horn. It comes with a pair of two-inch anti tipper wheels on the rear. You can choose to purchase a full-lighting package with your scooter, which includes a large front LED headlight and rear lights.
  • The Shoprider Sprinter XL4 is a stylish scooter you will always feel excited to ride, featuring a spacious, captain seat and a set of sporty, rugged tires. You can attach an optional basket to the tiller where you can put in small items. 
  • This mobility scooter is ingeniously designed to serve your daily needs. It is a practical choice with a compact design and reliable components to make life easier. The Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Mobility Scooter is perfect for everyday travel!

Go Anywhere with this Beautiful Four-Wheel Mobility Scooter!

Do you need a mobility scooter that you can use all day? Do you want something that is comfortable and reliable? If you want a capable ride that offers serious comfort, get this Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Mobility Scooter. It is a full-size four wheeler scooter that is more comfortable for day-long use for those who have problems with small scooters. The frame measures 23 inches wide so it is still small enough to be ridden in cramped and crowded places like warehouses, offices, work spaces, cruise ships, and airports. 

The Sprinter XL4 comes with a large battery and so has a lot more range compared to similarly-priced scooters. It can travel up to 25 miles with the standard 33 Ah batteries, and it comes with airline-approved battery packs so you can safely bring the scooter on airplanes. You can use the scooter for up to two days and charge it at night, so no need to worry about its battery. Feel free to do things inside and outside the house, or do groceries, visit neighbors, or travel to places you want to go.

This scooter comes with a very comfortable captain seat with a supportive backrest and swing up armrests, so it is ideal for users that tend to be on their scooter for the rest of the day. The seat is height adjustable to make the shoulders comfortable. The Shoprider XL4 Mobility Scooter comes with a 1 hp electric motor that gives it a speed of 5 miles per hour. There are electromechanical brakes that automatically stop the scooter when you let go of the throttle. The scooter has puncture-proof tires, so you can ride it anywhere without worrying of blowing out a tire. You can also ride it outdoors for errands or leisure. The Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Mobility Scooter is equipped with an adjustable tiller with straightforward controls that is easy to use. The scooter can be stored beneath a table by simply removing the seat and folding the tiller. 

Excellent Dimensions

When assembled, the Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Mobility Scooter measures 52” inch L x 23” inch W x 30"-42” inch H. The scooter weighs 181 lbs with batteries. The scooter has a set of 12 inch tires, and comes with anti-tip wheels and a five-ampere off-board charger. Make sure to inspect the scooter before first use. Also, charge the battery for up to 12 hours when first using the scooter.

Don’t Go for Surplus or Cheap Electric Mobility Scooters!

Many cheap mobility scooters are neither reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They are not designed for sustained use because of poor craftsmanship or poorly-done electronics. Some cheap electric scooters and wheelchairs lack even the most basic electrical safety features, putting the user at risk of electric shocks. Also, a lot of surplus models cannot climb hills. They are equipped with cheap batteries and cannot go far. 

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most are not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only choose mobility scooter brands that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. 

Enjoy Freedom with Shoprider: A Trusted Name in Mobility!

Studies show that most users of mobility vehicles experience a higher degree of mobility, plus improved self-confidence and improved quality of life. Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters help facilitate social interaction since they make users more independent, more capable of doing desired activities. Users report better participation in self-care, productivity, and leisurely activities--things that are sometimes unthinkable when they are using ordinary wheelchairs.

We at Shoprider have been making innovative and well-designed scooters and power chairs since 1988. We distribute throughout the United States and we have professional support teams to help with the maintenance for our customers. We make our products in accordance with stringent ISO9001 quality standards, so you are sure to receive a high-quality, well made product. Lastly, we always work to make our scooters and power chairs accessible and affordable. Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Mobility Scooter here at Electric Bike Paradise!

Product Manual

Is this scooter airline approved? Yes

Click Here View & Print Battery Airline Transportation Letter: Give this to Security of Safety.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) in 52” x 23” x 30-42”
  • Number, Size of Tires Front, Rear 2, 12” (2, 12”)
  • Suggested User Weight lb Max. 350
  • Weight of Heaviest Part lb 108
  • Weight lb 181
  • Each Battery Module Weight lb 32
  • Battery Size Type x PCS 12V33-40AH x 2
  • Charger Amp Off board (5A)
  • Output Power of Motor Maximum HP 1
  • Speed Maximum MPH 5
  • Climbing Angle/ Safe %(˚) 14(8)
  • Climbing Angle 
  • Range (Per Charge) Mile 25
  • Turning Radius in 54”
  • Ground Clearance in 3”
  • Handle Bar Type T-Bar
  • Model #889B-4
  • Standard Seat W x D x BH SV191821B

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Shoprider Sprinter XL4 12V/40Ah Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter 889B-4

Shoprider Sprinter XL4 12V/40Ah Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter 889B-4

$3,299.00 $5,080.00
Shoprider Sprinter XL4 12V/40Ah Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter 889B-4

Shoprider Sprinter XL4 12V/40Ah Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter 889B-4

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$5,080.00 $3,299.00
You Save: $1,781.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert T.
It has been great for using in the yard

I bought this scooter for outdoor use so I could peruse the neighborhood. It has been great for using in the yard. The Electric Bike Paradise customer service was great!!!

Margarete M.
I would suggest this to everyone!

This scooter was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. Because of my disabilities, I needed some help with the unpacking and assembly, but I was very pleased with this purchase. I've driven the scooter out and about and it runs great. I would suggest this to everyone!

Doris B.
Thank you Electric Bike Paradise!

My husband became suddenly disabled and unable to walk with ease., Purchased this after a friend saw on and it has been a lifesaver. Perfect size for him to get around in the house with ease and go outside too. He loves it and really helped with his depression. Thank you Electric Bike Paradise!