Vmaxtanks LFPU1-1245 12.8V/45Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery


Nominal Voltage 12.8V (3.2V/cell)
Rated Capacity (20h @ 25C) 45AH
Rated Energy 580Wh
Output Voltage Range 10.0V-14.6V
Charging Voltage 14.4V - 14.6V (CC-CV)
Cut-Off Voltage 10.0V
Max. Constant Charging Current 45A 
Recommended Charging Current 5A -25A, Best @ 10A
Recommended Charger Type CC-CV  until current <0.9A  (0.02C)
Max. Constant Discharge Current 45A
Max. 3sec Discharge Current 100A
Charging Temperature 0C ~ 45C (+32F~ +113F) 
Discharging Temperature -20C ~ 65C (-4F ~ +150F)
Storage Temperature -20C ~ 45C (-4F ~ +113F)
Efficiency >98%
Built-in BMS Yes
Over-Charge Voltage Protection Module: >14.8V, Cell: >3.8V
Over-Discharge Voltage Protection Module: <10.0V, Cell: <2.0V
Over-Charge Current Protection >55A w/15sec Delay, >80A w/ 3sec Delay
Over-Discharge Current Protection >55A w/ 15sec Delay, >100A w/ 3sec Delay 
Short-Circuit Protection >400A
Cell Balance Passive, 150mA
Over-Temperature Protection-Charging <-5C ( 23F) , >65C (150F)
Over-Temperature Protection-Discharging <-20C (-4F), >65C (150F)
Cycle Life @80% DOD ~6000 @ 9A, 25C (77F)l
Cycle Life @90% DOD
>4000  @ 9A, 25C (77F)
Design Life ~10 Years
Battery Case Material ABS
Dimensions L x W X H 7.7" x 5" x 6.4"
Terminals M6 Screw In 
Weight 10.8lb


Vmaxtanks LFPU1-1245 12.8V/45Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

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Why is this Deep Cycle Battery a great pick?

The Vmaxtanks LFPU1-1245 12.8V/45Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery will be your power source for up to 10 years. It’s eco-friendly, efficient, fast charging, and has many uses.

5 Charging Options

Use a VMAX AGM Charger* or a LiFePO4 Smart & Microprocessor controlled charger with the recommended specs for Vmaxtanks LFPU1-1245. <15V alternator if used in vehicle or marine application. Compatible Lithium Charge controller if used in solar applications. Charge at Max Charging current only in situations when the fastest charging rate is needed. Not recommended on an ongoing basis.

Vmaxtanks LFPU1-1245 Best Uses

Trolling Motors, Solar Power Backup, UPS, Portable Devices, Medical Cart Applications, Camping, Trailers, Boats, and all other deep cycle applications. Audio: 600w Rms, 1500w Peak NOT RECOMMENDED for engine start applications. Parallel wiring is acceptable for up to FOUR batteries. Series wiring is acceptable for up to FOUR batteries.

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