Vmaxtanks XCA31-1400 12V/100Ah Xtreme Cranking Amps AGM Deep Cycle Battery


Nominal Voltage 12V
20Hr Capacity 100Ah
RC (min) 205
PHCA 2200A 
MCA 1400A  
CCA 1200A 
Terminal Posts SAE AND 3/8" pos, 5/16" neg. Studs
Dimensions 13"w x 6.8"d x 9.39" th**)
Weight 78lb
Charging Current* 20A or more
Charging Voltage 14.5-14.9V
Float Voltage 13.5V-13.8V
Torque Specs in-Lbs / (Nm max) 150-220 / (16.9-22.6) Studs
Internal Resistance 2.2 m ohm
Short Circuit Current 5000 Amps


Vmaxtanks XCA31-1400 12V/100Ah Xtreme Cranking Amps AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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Superior Technology

The Vmaxtanks XCA31-1400 12V/100Ah Deep Cycle Battery utilizes state of the art technology in manufacturing Thin Plate, 99.99% Pure Lead Technology to deliver this tank with Superior Cranking Amps with adequate deep cycle capabilities.


Vmaxtanks XCA31-1400 12V/100Ah has 30%-50% Superior Cranking Amps Capabilities higher than conventional batteries. Maintenance free, non spill-able, non hazardous. Lower Internal Resistance. Over 50% Lower Self Discharge Rate. Widest SLA Operating Temperature Range, -40F TO 180F. Three to Four times Longer Storage Capabilities (12-24 months compared to 4-6 months). Superior Vibration Resistance, Cycle Life and Charge Acceptance. Flexible mounting. Can be mounted in any position other than inverted. SLA batteries Fastest Recharge Time; can be fully recharged within 4 hours using high current chargers of up to 2C (200 Amps for this model).

Vmaxtanks XCA31-1400 12V/100Ah Charging Options

AC Chargers: AGM- Smart & Microprocessor controlled- charger with the recommended specs will work well. Vehicle Alternator: 14.5V-14.9V. RV Converter: 14.5V-14.9V.

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