WaveShark Foil 1 Electric Surfboard
WaveShark Foil 1 Electric Surfboard
WaveShark Foil 1 Electric Surfboard
WaveShark Foil 1 Electric Surfboard
WaveShark Foil 1 Electric Surfboard
WaveShark Foil 1 Electric Surfboard


  • Speed - 45km/h  
  • Ride Time - 180 min
  • Battery Capacity - 2.6kW·h battery


WaveShark Foil 1 Electric Foil Board

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Immerse Yourself In Nature!

Ready to get pumped up with adrenaline and dopamine? The WaveShark Foil 1 is for you. It can accelerate up to 45 km/h. A plate body made of high-strength anti-corrosive carbon fiber combined with 192 quality tests provides industry-leading quality control.

More Ride Time

Levitating above the water is unforgettable and precious. WaveShark Foil 1 is paired with a capacity of 2.6kWh battery which guarantees the longest ride time up to 180* minutes in the market. Search no more, the NEXT foil is here.

Suitable for All Bodies of Water

WaveShark Foil is so adaptive that it can be used on any water bodies (rivers, lakes or oceans), regardless of weather conditions (windy or waveless), for all consumers (experienced or beginner). Zero-emission enables it to be welcomed in most water sports locations.

Super Silent

No sensation is paralleled to gliding over the water without leaving a wake. WaveShark Foil provides powerful propulsion while keeping the noise at an imperceptible level (environmental noise at 50db). The wireless waterproof floatable IPX8 controller comes with a wristband and a high brightness AMOLED monitor. It shows the speed and remaining battery with high visibility which won’t be affected by sun exposure or a shiny water surface. 4 speed modes ease your way into mastering the journey above water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shirley M.

Took these to Puerto Rico. They performed great. They go fast enough for me. It allows not-so-good swimmers to go more than a foot away from shore and still feel safe. We took them in a suitcase from Idaho and they made it fine. We never had them die on us so the battery lasts quite a while. A must if you like playing in the water. My husband is a diver and he enjoyed them as well. They are well made - VERY FUN!

Nancy H.
You will not be disappointed!

This thing was a hit on our vacation! Goes extremely fast and has awesome battery life. I did end up purchasing an extra battery and glad I did because you will not get tired of using this! Extremely maneuverable and very easy to use after 5 minutes of practice. Lots of fun you will not be disappointed!

Michael E.
So far so good!

Used it all week and had no issues. Kids loved it and it was strong enough to tow me around at 250 lbs. All in all glad I gave this one a shot. Hopefully it lasts!