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Worksman Port-O-Trike 48V/10Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike PTCB

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(800) 590-2738

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

Worksman Port-O-Trike 48V/10Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike PTCB

Worksman Port-O-Trike 48V/10Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike PTCB

$1,879.00 $3,758.00

Choose Your Color | Backrest

Worksman Port-O-Trike 48V/10Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike PTCB

Worksman Port-O-Trike 48V/10Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike PTCB

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$3,758.00 $1,879.00
You Save: $1,879.00

Choose Your Color | Backrest

Worksman Port-O-Trike 48V/10Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike PTCB

A Gorgeous Folding Three Wheel Electric Bike for Commuting!

Have a reliable daily drive and a bike for outdoor leisure with the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Bike! This charming three-wheel bike comes with a powerful motor and an ingeniously-designed folding frame perfect for urban riders that value space and comfort. Just imagine getting to your destination without worries of falling over when riding bikes!

Ride with confidence as this bike is very easy to ride for errands and commute, and also can readily carry stuff. The Port-O-Trike can travel up to 18 miles on a single charge, so you can be more capable and have a reliable ride for school or work. Think of this as a souped up children’s trike! It is among the best electric trikes bikes you can buy. This electric road bike is perfect for students, moms and dads going to work, and urban dwellers.

The Worksman Port-O-Trike comes with a powerful 500-watt electric motor, which is perfect for its three-wheel setup and use on urban roads. The motor is installed inside the front wheel hub, providing direct power to the ground. so It is the perfect ride for city commuting and riding on dirt paths. This setup protects the motor from the elements and is mechanically simple so the bike can get away from using differentials. The Worksman Port-O-Trike is available in a beautiful array of colors, including cranberry, electric blue, racing red, gloss black, polar white, and others.

Many riders love the unequaled stability and usefulness of three wheel electric bikes. Having three wheels on the ground means you have fewer worries about balance when riding. You can simply ride and pedal your way to school or work. Compared to many electric bikes, the Worksman Port-O-Trike has some ‘horsepower’ that allows it to carry many things. The step-through frame and height-adjustable handlebars make it comfortable and easy to ride even by beginners. 

If you are looking for a powerful bike that you can use as a daily workhorse, get the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Three Wheel Bike! It is a perfect bike if you do a lot of commuting and carry a lot of stuff. Compared to cars, electric bikes are more convenient for travel and will get you there faster. The city roads are full of surprises like potholes and deadlocked traffic, and you often have to go off-road to cut time in your commute. Therefore, you must have a capable electric bike with top-rated components to deal with those things.

The Port-O-Trike Three Wheel Bike is recommended for adults and seniors for leisure and utility. It is equipped with a throttle and pedal assist, so you can choose to travel effortlessly or conserve the battery. It has an incredible range of around 18 miles, so it is a perfect bike that will not lose charge halfway through your commute. Get around traffic and roam the city. Purchase the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise!

  • The Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Bike is an excellent choice if you are looking for a rugged bike for going to work or school. This bike comes with a big motor that is perfect for its three-wheels. In addition, it comes with a folding frame for ease of storage. The bike also comes with a large cargo box on the rear designed for carrying cargo. This bike is highly recommended as a utility for commercial purposes, delivery for short trips, and a ride in the city or suburbs.
  • The Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Bike is equipped with a 48-volt, 500-watt electric motor that has a maximum output of 750 watts, giving the bike power to carry cargo and travel on rough roads. The motor is inside the front hub motor, directly driving the front wheel. This setup is mechanically simple and reliable. This three-wheeler is suited for riders weighing less than 225 lbs. 
  • The Port-O-Trike three-wheel electric bike has a range of around 18 miles (28.9 kilometers) depending on the weight of the rider, the terrain, and use of assist. This bike has an adequate range to last for a day. Just charge and use the bike for your commute, and return without worrying about the battery. The Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric bike is the perfect daily ride to work or school, and you can use it for errands and for leisure. This model has a 48-volt lithium-ion 10 ah battery pack. 
  • This three-wheel bike comes with a foldable front tube and seat tube. The folded frame measures just 29” inches x 30” inches x 34” inches, and the folded package is rollable so you can simply cart it into smaller spaces. No need for lifting. If you have a problem with parking spaces, this bike is for you!
  • The Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Bike features a throttle and pedal-assist so you can choose to extend the range or commute comfortably. The bike comes with a twist throttle so you can ride it like a scooter. The front-wheel drive setup ensures that the ride is smooth and efficient.
  • This bike comes with premium components, like the US hand-built spoked, double-walled rims, rear coaster brake, and a color dashboard screen. There is also a metal basket that fits your bag, groceries, or your pet.
  • The Worksman Port-O-Trike is a handsome electric bike featuring a low step-through frame and a set of 20-inch spoked rims that gives a classic touch to its modern design. There is a wide padded seat and an optional mini-backrest to add comfort to the ride.
  • This bike is designed for getting around the city and for the daily commute. It is also perfect for reaching places and going to work, school, or doing errands, making the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Trike the perfect bike for mobility and utility.

Enjoy Worry-Free Commute with this Stylish Three-Wheel Electric Bike!

Do you need a reliable electric bike for your daily commute? If you want a city bike designed for urban spaces, the Worksman Port-O-Trike is for you. It features a beautiful frame that folds into a compact package that is not found in many other three-wheel bikes. Now you can wheel the bike into smaller spaces and have no problems with parking. 

Have no problem getting to your destination. The Port-O-Trike comes with a 48-volt, 500-watt electric motor that can crank out a maximum of 750 watts, so you can roll on rough roads and bike on dirt paths to cut your commute. It has adequate power for its three-wheeled frame and carrying capacity. The motor is installed inside the front wheel hub for efficiency and mechanical reliability. This three-wheeler can clock up to 15 miles per hour. 

The bike has a range of about 18 miles, so it can be used for commuting and will not lose power halfway. This electric bike comes with three wheels for perfect stability, making it perfect for adults and seniors who want a no-fuss and very safe bike. Now you do not have to worry about balancing or falling over. The three-wheeled design also makes it ideal for carrying stuff. There is a spacious cargo box on the rear. Use the bike to ferry around stuff, carry cargo for commercial purposes, or make deliveries in the city.

Loaded with Modern Tech

The Worksman Port-O-Trike is powered by a 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack with an 10 ampere/hour capacity, which provides adequate power for the motor, especially when carrying stuff. The bike charges to full in four hours, so you can charge for an hour or two to extend the range. 

The bike comes with throttle and pedal assist, front caliper, and rear coaster brakes, and upright handlebars. There is a multi-function color screen that shows important information such as speed, distance travelled, and the battery. You will love to ride it every day, and it is perfect for the daily commute and going to the market, shops, parks, and distant spots.

Don’t Go for Surplus or Cheap Electric Bikes.

Many cheap electric bikes are neither reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They are not designed for sustained use because of poor craftsmanship or poorly-done electronics. Some cheap electric bikes lack even the most basic electrical safety features, putting the user at risk of electric shocks. Also, a lot of surplus models cannot climb hills or provide enough level of pedal assist. They are equipped with cheap batteries and cannot go far. 

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most are not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only choose electric bike brands that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. 

Get Moving and Enjoy Biking with Worksman Cycles: Proudly Made in America!

Electric bikes are the future and the best means of transport for commuters and leisure seekers. Many places that have adopted widespread use of electric bikes experience better mobility, and riders who ride them get the same physical activity levels. Just think of the great changes you will have by switching to electric bikes. You will still get to your destination and get around traffic, especially in the city. Furthermore, you do not have to spend on gas, parking fees, and car maintenance, so you will save money.

Established in 1898, Worksman Cycles is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in America. In the era where the common form of transport was horse and carriage, the company started from making heavy-duty bicycles and tricycles for city commuters and occupations like ice cream sellers and delivery bikes. Our dedication to excellent design and reliability allowed us to remain open until now, sticking to our credo of bringing efficient, reliable, and healthful transportation to modern industry. Get the best deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Trike here at Electric Bike Paradise!


  • Motor: 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motor (6-bolt ISO disc brake compatible)
  • Power: 500-750w peaks
  • Wheel: USA Hand-Built Wheel w/ Heavy Duty Double-Walled/Eyeletted Rim & Steel Spokes
  • Hub Weight: 14 pounds
  • Warranted: 1 Year
  • Speed: Top Speed 15MPH Forward and 3MPH Reverse--note never go more than 10MPH *Rider weight, rider input,terrain, battery/motor combination contingent.
  • Charging Time: 4hrs
  • Range; 10- 20 Miles With Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input And Riding Conditions Contingent)
  • Throttle; Twist Grip Throttle On Handlebars
  • Battery Lithium 10ah 48v With Led Battery Life Indicator And Built In LED Tailight
  • Brakes; Front Hand Caliper Brake And Rear Coaster (Foot) Brakes
  • Wheel Size; 20"
  • Handlebar; 25" Wide, 9 " High
  • Basket : Large Cargo 21 X 14.5 X 9"
  • Rider Weight Limit & Size: 225 Lbs, Rider Size Limit 4'-8" To 6'
  • Saddle: Wide Comfort Saddle, 12 Inches Wide X 12.5 Inches Long
  • Frame: Frame Low Step Through (Unisex), Foldable For Easy Storage

    Dimensions Folded 29W x 30"H x 34"L

    Assembly: Front Wheel is pre-assembled onto the fork. Same assembly as standard Port-o-trike. (Front Fork, Handlebars, Seat, Basket and pedals must be installed). See our video on the Port-o-trike page for assistance with assembly.

    • Rider Weight Limit & Size: 225 lbs., Rider Size Limit 4'-6" To 6'
    • Saddle: Extra Wide Comfort Saddle, 12 Inches Wide X 12.5 Inches Long
    • Frame: Frame Low Step Through (Unisex), Foldable For Easy Storage


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    Order a Worksman Port-O-Trike 48V/10Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike PTCB today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our Worksman Electric Trikes. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Kathy Curtis
    Beautiful Trike !!

    I am so happy with my beautiful Trike and I'm pleased to announce that the quality is even better than I thought it would be. The trike rides very smoothly and is solid and I can tell that every item on this tike was given great attention when manufactured. I feel safe when riding and now have been given the opportunity to ride again and I'm so happy that I made this purchase.

    TRavis RIce

    I got an worksman port o trike 48v/10ah folding electric trike ptcb. I’m very happens with it. I drove it about 11/2 miles this afternoon. I got it to about 20 miles per hour. I believe it would go faster than that but at 79 years of age that was fast enough. It’s the frist trike e bike pi every hat and very happy with it. L did have a problem getting it run. I called a person named al. At your co. He was very helpful in getting it running. He was very nice in leading me in write direction. I know that I will always or from your for parts.

    Sencerly: Travis Rice

    Trike Assembly?

    Like the trike - thought the assembly would be included - should have specified this to the seller - the box arrived with many parts and little instructions to assemble - not happy - as older adult paid costly price to have this done - lead time to receive was more than four weeks to get? for many parts - does not make sense - need to understand - Thank you