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Yume M10 60V/22.5Ah 2400W Stand Up Electric Scooter

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Yume M10 60V/22.5Ah 2400W Stand Up Electric Scooter

The YUME M10 2022New

Over 10,000 high performance electric scooters sold, but we are ever figuring out what makes a great scooter. With the YUME M10 being the direct output of our new discoveries and intense research, it is a work of art in terms of design, specs and configurations.
  • Stunning appearance, sturdy aviation aluminum frame, ergonomic structure design, adjustable hydraulic shock absorber.
  • High-class motor and controllers, car use-grade batteries, and more are high-end features that make the M10 standout.

Journey with us and see why M10 is our best electric scooter yet.


Performance You Can Always Count On

While the M10 has an ultra-sleek exterior design, for YUME, a stunning-looking scooter is not enough. Asides from being a classic beauty, the M10 is accoutered with exceptional specifications and capacities.
  • The scooter comes equipped with superior 1200W front and rear dual motors and a 60V high-speed motor for unprecedented cruise.
  • It is currently one of the fastest 2400W electric scooters on the market.

24/7 Smooth Rides

In place of the spring shock absorber, the M10 is equipped with the superior adjustable hydraulic shock absorber which completely changes the scooter’s shock absorption capacity and ensures smoother rides. The shock absorber has a valve that easily adjusts the shock strength according to diverse driving conditions.

The unparalleled performance of the superior adjustable hydraulic shock absorber is actually a given because it costs six times the price of regular shock absorbers. Meanwhile, its proprietary C-shaped design combined with the two 10-inch all-terrain tires greatly improve grip and control, making YUME M10 the perfect choice for urban, off-road and hybrid riding.

High Performance Battery and Durable Battery Life

YUME M10 sports the 21700 car-grade battery and has a capacity of 60V 22.5Ah. Depending on the rising mode, it averages 45 miles upon full charge. The scooter supports 5Ah fast charging and dual charging. So, in about 6 hours, you have a fully charged battery. In terms of battery protection, you need not worry; long battery life is assured. The M10's battery features over-current, short circuit, abnormal temperature, overcharge, and over-discharge protection as well as an automatic sleep function.

Agility Like Never Before

The M10's frame is built with the aviation aluminum 6061 which is recognised for its outstanding strength. To enable agility, we increased the support structure. Rather than being welded, the M10 is framed using a one-piece molding process, making it more sturdy and reliable. The scooter is guaranteed to effortlessly withstand various road extremities and adapt to diverse riding modes.

The M10’s LED display provides you with real-time information about the electric scooter, including battery level, riding speed, and mileage. With three sports modes, you can freely switch driving modes according to your preference.

Dazzling illumination

Aside from the bright aluminum alloy headlights to illuminate your path, the M10 comes equipped with brake lights, turn signals, and multi-colored body lights. You can also customize your lighting mood according to a variety of lighting motion modes such as the constant light, fluid, flashing, meteor, and automatic modes. With these lights, you might get tempted to always go on late night rides.
Also, the M10’s combination of front and rear ZOOM oil brakes, 160mm disc brakes, and electronic ABS control results in excellent cooling and braking performance.

Never Compromise On Comfortability

The M10's folding structure makes use of the YUME unique folding ring buckle design for heightened reinforcement. Its stacking buckle adds pad to the frame to ensure smooth and fast folding. Likewise, the folding mechanism’s built-in extra pad reduces the contact gap to enable stability during high-speed rides and service life. To further enhance riding stability and comfortability, the scooter is framed with a long and sturdy non-folding handlebar.

Additionally, the M10 incorporates carefully designed structural proportions, which includes an extended handlebar space. Whether for long-distance travel, high-speed competition, urban commuting or off-roading, the M10 is bound to offer you a smooth and enjoyable ride. If you seek a sleek electric scooter with just as outstanding performance, YUME M10 is what you need!


Motor 2400-watt Dual Motor With Hall Sensor
Max Speed 60V Up to 43Mph (Depending On Rider's Weight, State Of Charge, Road Conditions, Etc.)
Battery 60V 22.5Ah
Range 45Miles
Display Features Riding Mode Setting Ability, Smart Display With Over Heat Protection Built In IP65
Tire 10x3.15" All Terrain Tires
Brake Front And Rear Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brake With 160mm Rotor And Cooling Fin Pad
Front & Rear Suspension Ajustable Hydraulic Suspension
Light Aluminum Front LED light + Brake light + 2turn Signal + Horn
LED Side Lights Deck And Stem Colorful Lights With Remote Control
IP Rating IP 54 For The Whole Scooter
Weight 77lbs/35Kg(With Seat Add 2kg)
Charger Standard 2*2A Chargers(Dual Charging Port In The Scooter)
Overall Size 1300*720*1400
Size When Folded 1300*220*550
Maximum Load 330lbs/150KG

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Yume M10 60V/22.5Ah 2400W Stand Up Electric Scooter

Yume M10 60V/22.5Ah 2400W Stand Up Electric Scooter

$1,899.00 $3,798.00
Yume M10 60V/22.5Ah 2400W Stand Up Electric Scooter

Yume M10 60V/22.5Ah 2400W Stand Up Electric Scooter

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$3,798.00 $1,899.00
You Save: $1,899.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Frank N.
Incredibly happy I made this purchase!

The speed is great, going up steep hills is wonderful, braking is about average, and battery life is above average. Incredibly happy I made this purchase!

Deborah C.
Highly recommended

This was for my boyfriend. He loves it, he said it’s great, he uses it daily!

Eric A.
Great Product

Everything is good and is a great product!