Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair
Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair
Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair
Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair
Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair
Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair
Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair
Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair
Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair


Zip’r Mantis Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair ZIP09

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Sleek Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Enjoy going to places and doing more with the Zip’r Mantis ZIP09 Electric Wheelchair, sporting a heavy-duty design and an advanced mid-drive wheel layout for everyday use. This model has a durable design and can be disassembled, so you can bring it anywhere! You can transport it in your car and bring the wheelchair to work or school. The model is TSA-approved, so you can safely bring it on the plane or on cruise ships!

Responsive and Easy to Ride

The Zip’r Mantis ZIP09 power wheelchair has a 360-degree joystick control that is easily within arm’s reach. You can use it to turn around even in tight spaces. It has a large motor to accommodate its weight rating, and it will go where you point it and can easily cross most hard surfaces.

Better than Ordinary Manual Wheelchairs

The Zip’r Mantis ZIP09 is a must-have if you do a lot of things inside and outside the house. You can accomplish more things and truly enjoy your day despite any disability. Users of Zip’r Mantis electric wheelchairs report reduced pain and comfort and thus have a better quality of life.

Comfortable Full-Sized Seat

The Zip’r Mantis ZIP09 comes with a comfortable, fully-padded seat with flip-up armrests. The seat is covered in foam and faux leather, making it comfy for all-day use. The backrest can recline as well, so it is a lot different from other wheelchairs and small scooters in terms of comfort.


  • Max Range: 15 Miles
  • Max Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Max Speed: 4.90 Mph
  • Turning Radius: 22.4 Inches
  • Wheelchair Length: 42.3 Inches
  • Wheelchair Width: 26.0 Inches
  • Wheelchair Height: 49-51 Inches
  • Seat Width: 19 Inches
  • Seat Length: 20 Inches
  • Seat Height: 34-39 Inches
  • Ground Clearance: 2 Inches
  • Scooter Weight: 189 Pounds
  • Heaviest Piece: 101 Pounds
  • Adjustable Armrests: Yes
  • Adjustable Seat Height: Manually Adjustable
  • Portable/Transportable: Yes
  • TSA Approved: Yes
  • Disassembles: Yes
  • Joystick Options: Right And Left
  • Wheel Type: Flat Free Tires
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Wheel Count: 6-Wheel
  • Battery Charger: Off-board Charger, 5amp
  • Brakes: Electronic, Regenerative And Electromechanical
  • Motor: 24-Volt Dc Motor, Sealed Mini-transaxle
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs.
  • Standard Body Colors: Blue, Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Erin G.
Excellent Product and Experience 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

This wheelchair is fabulous. Due to my own medical issues, I have trouble pushing my husband in his regular wheelchair. I decided the best choice for him was the Zip'r Mantis. Now with the power wheelchair, he can take himself where he wants to go.

Richard F.
Great Product, Great Customer Service

Worked well with the company especially after previous product and company experience.

Lillie S.
Easy to use power chair and very comfortable

I am a diabetic with constant on the bottom of my feet. This scooter will allow me to go places that I have avoided for a long time such as malls, amusement parks. I am 6’3” and weigh about 335 pounds and I haven’t problem fitting in the seat or getting in and get out of it. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and recommend it to everyone who needs a travel electric wheelchair!

Meghan A. F
It’s powerful but soo quiet

I used my chair for the first time, other than playing with it, on a seven-day cruise. The thing worked perfectly. It took the ramps with ease. Talk about a tight turning radius. I felt like I was on my o-radius turn mower.

April D.
Great buy!

It is a great chair for disabled people, my mom loves hers!