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Dahon K-One Plus 36V/8.7Ah 250W Mid Drive Folding Electric Bike 92-2-05

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Dahon K-One 36V/8.7Ah 250W Folding Electric Bike 92-2-04

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There is no denying how folding electric bikes have started a superb form of convenient transportation. These micro-mobility means make traveling more handy and practical for those who like to be on the move sans the hassle of commuting. And when it comes to folding electric bikes, Dahon Bikes has perfected the art of making them. 

About the Brand: Dahon Bikes

Dahon Bikes has been designing and creating folding bikes since 1982. The company is known for having revolutionized micro-mobility by coming up with the first-ever folding bicycle “small enough to fit under a train seat.” Founded and based in Los Angeles, California, by Dr. David T. Hon and his brother Henry, Dahon Bikes paved the folding bike technologies. Hon’s “folding green transportation” vision, award-winning designs, continuous innovations, and passion and determination have all led to the inception of Dahon Bikes. 

With 39 years in the industry, the company owns 220 patents that became the mechanical basis of modern folding bicycles that can be seen in the market today. The company has production offices in China and Bulgaria. It continues to provide convenient and eco-friendly folding bikes to over 40 countries. 

Dahon Bikes remains the world’s biggest producer of folding bikes.

About the Products

Dahon Bikes produces compact folding bikes based on Dr. Hon’s patented designs. Unlike most folding bikes, Dahon Bikes follows a single-hinge frame design, allowing the handlebar to fold down and the frame to swing to the left, which encloses the handlebar. This design is classic, as opposed to newer vertical folding technologies. 

Dahon Bikes is committed to the development of convenient and sustainable folding bikes. The company has invested in research, innovation, and redevelopment for years to achieve “the perfect fold.” Today, you can expect each folding e-Bike from Dahon Bikes to be formulated with excellence and built from hard work.

Are Dahon Bikes Worth It? 

It’s hard not to trust a brand that has dedicated 39 years of hard work in the industry. Folding bikes have become synonymous with the brand. If you’re going to get a folding electric bike, investing in a Dahon Bike is always a good idea.

Here are just some of the reasons that make Dahon Bikes worthy of your choice. 

Light as a Feather

Dahon Bikes employs state-of-the-art technologies in making their bikes as lightweight as possible, establishing the bikes’ overall portability. Dahon Bikes’ most lightweight models come in carbon, titanium, magnesium, and patented aluminum alloy. 

To date, the lightest model weighs 19.4 lbs only. This model is 10.6 to 15.6 lbs lighter than most conventional bicycles. 

Available Everywhere

Dahon Bikes are accessible in over 40 countries. Wherever you are on the globe, chances are there’s a Dahon Bike retailer near you, so purchasing one is not a matter of concern.

The Most Compact Folding Bike Ever

Dahon Bikes has pioneered the world’s first-ever folding bike, but not without fine-tuning hundreds of designs to land the “perfect fold” and coming up with the most compact folding bike possible. Dahon folding bikes easily fold into neat and handy rectangles. Depending on the size, these folding bikes are quickly reduced to the size of a shopping bag and can fit snugly in an airline luggage bin or under a bus seat. 26” models offer the most compact foldability among classes. 

Get Your Hands on the Best Dahon Folding Electric Bikes

Dahon Bikes offer a lot of options and variety when it comes to folding bikes. After all, it is their specialty and niche. But if you want a folding one that comes with electric assistance, you can look at these models.

Dahon K-One Plus 36V/8.7Ah 250W Mid Drive Folding Electric Bike 92-2-05

Powerful Features:

  • Equipped with a 250-watt Bafang mid-drive motor
  • It comes with an eight-speed Shimano derailleur and shifter
  • It weighs only 41.8 lbs

The Dahon K-One Plus Folding Electric Bike is a compact bike that promises to deliver a reliable commuting experience for everyone. It is powered by a 250-watt Bafang mid-drive motor that is more than capable of providing an intelligent torque-sensing system that efficiently coordinates the pedal-assist mode. Its engine is placed inside the rear wheel and is responsible for direct torque and fast acceleration. Because of its lightweight design and frame, the electric motor powers this e-Bike smoothly, delivering more natural assistance. An 8.7 amp/hour Samsung battery pack powers this e-Bike. 

The Dahon K-One Plus Folding Electric Bike comes in a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame that weighs 41.8 lbs. Throw in its foldability, and you’ve got a pretty solid portable e-Bike. This e-Bike’s features are foldable: the seat stem, handlebar stem, and pedals. So once folded, you get a neatly packed presentation that you can easily carry around or store in the car trunk or any other small space. 

This folding e-Bike features the signature Dahon balanced bike frame with 20-inch spoked rims, designed to make your riding experience carefree. It has front and rear mechanical disc brakes that promise superb stopping capability. The iron fork and two-inch thick tires it comes with make the ride on pavements and hard surfaces more stable and comfortable.

The Dahon K-One Plus Folding Electric Bike doesn’t lack in terms of assistance as well. It has an intelligent torque-sensing assist, ensuring that you remain comfortable as you pedal. Its eight-speed Shimano derailleur helps in controlling the e-Bike as a regular bike. For safety, the e-Bike is equipped with an LED headlight, tail light, and brake lights. An LCD shows vital riding metrics like speed and battery level. 

Overall, the Dahon K-One Plus Folding Electric Bike is one capable and gorgeous e-Bike. It’s stylish and perfect for those looking for a compact e-Bike that they can bring anywhere without the hassle. 

Dahon K-One 36V/8.7Ah 250W Folding Electric Bike 92-2-04

Powerful Features

  • Equipped with a 250-watt Bafang hub motor
  • It comes with a right seven-speed Shimano 
  • It weighs only 41.8 lbs

The Dahon K-One Folding Electric Bike is very much like the Dahon K-One Plus. The difference between these two folding electric bikes is that the Dahon K-One uses a hub motor while the Dahon K-One Plus has a mid-drive motor. To give you a picture, here’s how the motor goes. A hub motor goes inside the front or rear wheel hub (the Dahon K-One Plus has its motor inside the rear wheel hub). On the other hand, a mid-drive motor is placed in the middle of the e-Bike, delivering instant peak assistance. Both engines work the same way essentially. However, the riding experience and feel will come across as distinct for the rider. 

The Dahon K-One Folding Electric Bike has a capable 250-watt Bafang hub motor that supplies instant torque to the drivetrain. It is powered by an 8.7 amp/hour Samsung battery pack. It has 20-inch specialized rims, plus front and rear mechanical disc brakes for incredible stopping power. For stability, it comes with an iron fork and two-inch thick tires. So, riding on pavement and hard surfaces is not much of a concern.

One of this e-Bike’s neat features includes an intuitive torque-sensing system that provides immediate and efficient assistance to make your rides smooth. For further assistance and better control of the Dahon K-One Folding Electric Bike, its premium seven-speed Shimano derailleur and shifter help make pedaling more comfortable for you.

Like most Dahon Bikes, the Dahon K-One Folding Electric Bike is super lightweight. It only weighs 41.8 lbs and folds without protruding parts, so you get a presentable package that you can place anywhere once you fold it. The Dahon K-One Folding Electric Bike is also super stylish. It features a simple yet modern design that anyone will indeed fall in love with.

The Dahon K-One Electric Bike is ideal for commuting and moving daily.

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