Fat Tire Electric Scooters

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MotoTec 60V/18Ah 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-FatTire-2000

$3,198.00 $1,599.00
You Save: $1,599.00 (50% Off)
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MotoTec Knockout 60V/12Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-Knockout-1000

$2,798.00 $1,349.00
You Save: $1,449.00 (52% Off)
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MotoTec Mad 48V/12Ah 1600W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-Mad-1600

$2,398.00 $1,199.00
You Save: $1,199.00 (50% Off)
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MotoTec FatBoy 48V/12Ah 800W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-FatBoy-500

$1,598.00 $799.00
You Save: $799.00 (50% Off)
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MotoTec Knockout 60V/36Ah 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-Knockout-2000

$4,598.00 $2,299.00
You Save: $2,299.00 (50% Off)
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MotoTec Mini Lowboy 48V/Ah 800W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-Mini-LowBoy-48v-800w

$2,198.00 $1,099.00
You Save: $1,099.00 (50% Off)
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MotoTec Knockout 60V/20Ah 2500W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-Knockout-2500

$3,998.00 $1,999.00
You Save: $1,999.00 (50% Off)
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Glide Cruisers Sasquatch 48V/20Ah 3000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter F5

$12,900.00 $6,450.00
You Save: $6,450.00 (50% Off)
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Glide Cruisers Hurricane 48V/20Ah 3000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter F3

$11,700.00 $5,850.00
You Save: $5,850.00 (50% Off)
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Glide Cruisers Sabre 48V/18Ah 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter F4

$11,100.00 $5,550.00
You Save: $5,550.00 (50% Off)
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Glide Cruisers Phantom 48V/18Ah 2000W Fat tire Electric Scooter F2

$9,700.00 $4,850.00
You Save: $4,850.00 (50% Off)
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Glide Cruisers Raptor 48V/18Ah 1000W Fat tire Electric Scooter F1

$7,900.00 $3,950.00
You Save: $3,950.00 (50% Off)
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Six Features You Need When Choosing The Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter

By avoiding injuries and maintaining stability when riding, the advantages of having a right tire are infinite. Physics teaches us that fat tires have a larger road contact surface. It ensures that stability is immediately enhanced, much like grip. When the fat tires are new, they give enough grip even on wet surfaces soon after driving throughout the rain.

What is a Fat Tire Electric Scooter?

The fat tire electric scooter is more stable and age-friendly than the standard smaller electric scooters. Unlike a bicycle, a fat tire electric scooter is more like a cruiser than a conventional tire electric scooter. Simultaneously, the fat tires of the electric scooter allow riders to tackle the tiny potholes that are unfortunately present in all cities. It could also be possible to get off the sidewalks on fat tire motor scooters, which is difficult and risky on a standard tire scooter. Fat tire electric scooters can be used for recreation, leisure, or traffic awareness purposes. 

Fat tires were introduced to the world of bicycles a few years ago, and now they've found their way to e-scooters. Fat tires on electric scooters have the same benefits as on bikes: a more extensive road contact surface for improved stability and grip. These features make it possible for the e-scooter to ride almost on any terrain, flat, or uphill. That's why more and more people want a fat tire electric scooter: it can be more flexible and efficient than conventional models.

The fat tire electric scooter is used for many purposes, such as sightseeing, commuting to work, amusement, eco-friendly transport, and even traveling. Fat tire electric scooters are now moving further on off-road adventures, which gives the possibility that fat tire electric scooters are running on the beach.

Parts Of The Fat Tire Electric Scooter


The electric motor is the power source for your electric scooter. The electric motor defines top speed, acceleration, hill climbing capability, energy consumption, and efficiency. There are two types of engines used in electric scooters: brushless direct current ( DC) electric motors and brushed DC motors. Brushless DC motors, also known as a BLDC motor or electronically commutated motor (EC), are more efficient, have better power-to-weight ratios, and are more durable. In brushed DC motors, mechanical brushes drag along the inside of the motor to alternatively power different coil phases. Over time, the brushes wear down from friction, causing a voltage to act irregularly and be hazardous. 

Battery And Charger

The battery of the electric scooter acts as the fuel tank. The battery stores the energy that the engine, lights, controllers, and other parts and accessories consume. Most electric scooters will have some lithium ion-based battery systems due to their excellent power density and lifespan. In a scooter, the battery pack consists of individual cells and electronics called a battery management system that keeps it running safely.

Bigger battery packs have more capacity, measured in watt-hours, and allow the electric scooter to travel further. But they also increase the size and weight of the scooter, making it less compact. The batteries are one of the most costly parts of the scooter, and the total cost increases accordingly.


The wheels are connecting your electric scooter to the ground. The tires play an essential role in various aspects, such as safety, durability, and ride quality. There are two widely used types of electric scooter tires, pneumatic tires, and solid tires. Pneumatic or air-filled tires are more effective, offering more cushioning and traction. Solid tires, on the other hand, solid tires are maintenance-free because they don't get flats, however less durable than pneumatic tires.

Features To Consider When Selecting A Fat Tire Electric Scooter

  • Top Speed

The electric scooters’ top speed ranges from 15 miles per hour up to 30 miles per hour. High-speed performance depends mainly on the percentage of charge of the battery and the weight of use. For safety reasons, owners of electric scooters should check the local high-speed regulations. A great example of this feature is the Glide Cruisers Sabre 48V 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter (seen in the picture). Sabre comes with a high-powered 2000 Watt series motor and 40Amp controller system. In addition, the F4 comes standard with the latest Cycle Analyst 3 Computer Display, which has lots of control features for speed, power levels, and even cruise control. A wireless ignition component controls the system activation on/off. The motor system features the "Brute" version for higher torque and climbing power needed with the FAT tire edition.

  • Battery Life

Batteries should last about 6 to 8 hours on the best fat tire electric scooters. Shorter battery life can be signaled by an underpowered electric scooter. In addition to operating time, new electric scooter riders should also be looking at charging time. When considering the battery life and the scooter’s mile-range, see the product specifications provided that it is the distance the scooter will travel under ideal circumstances. Ideal circumstances would be a lightweight rider, carrying no luggage or additional load, riding on flat terrain. A perfect product with this feature is the