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 Everything you need to know before buying an ebike

As the world continues to progress towards a more digital world, more and more people are investing in things that will not only make their lives easier but also make them healthier physically and mentally. The transportation industry is also keeping up with the market changes and is slowly shifting to electric-powered vehicles. One thing that stands out from these products is the electric bikes.

Electric-powered bicycles or simply ebikes are the most talked about innovation in the field of transportation. It has taken the whole world by storm. For the last couple of years, the sales of electric bikes have skyrocketed to millions of sales and are continuously growing. In fact, in 2016 alone, the whole Europe and the United States have reported an amazing figure of 2 million sold units of electric bikes. Believe it or not, bike experts have predicted that over a hundred million electric bikes will be sold globally by the end of 2023. The concept is not new anymore that electric-powered vehicles like electric bikes are considered the future of transportation. And as one of the futures of transportation, it is important for every person in the United States where public transportation systems are inadequate, to have an electric bike that will provide them with an efficient mode of transport and ease their daily commute. And with all the advancements built in electric bikes, buying yourself one will surely be one of your best investments in 2021. 

Electric bikes have been around for a while now. Its success in terms of providing efficient transport and promoting a healthy lifestyle is undeniable. One main benefit of electric bikes is that it can squeeze in through heavy traffic, where large, fuel-powered cars are stuck waiting, therefore brings you to your destination faster than a usual car and easier compared to a conventional bicycle. This is made possible through the integrated motor that can boost the biker’s pedaling which significantly lessens the required force and energy to keep going. It can easily cover far distances with an estimated maximum speed of up 15 to 28 miles per hour. It is fast while executing a whole lot less physical effort than riding regular bikes. However, one misconception that most people have nowadays is that they think that by using an electric bike, they’re cheating with their own body. But truth be told, electric bikes are far more effective than the conventional ones as they tend to give proper amounts of assistance and boost to your pedaling actions making you want to pedal more. On top of it all, by using an electric bike for your daily commute, not only will this benefit your wellness but it will also help the environment since electric bikes are zero-emission vehicles. While e-bikes continue to offer the same health benefits as a conventional bicycle and the same convenience of having a high-speed motorcycle, they are also bound to be one of the greatest modes of transport that was ever developed. And what’s more exciting than knowing and understanding completely what an electric bike is? Read on to find out more about electric bikes!

What is an Electric Bike?

Bicycles are one of the revolutionary inventions by mankind that have changed the way we live today. Dating back to the 18th century when the first bicycle was created using a couple of wheels, a steering handle, and a seat at the center. Since then, people with creative minds have further developed this two-wheel contraption into something that still has two wheels, handlebars for steering, and a seat at the center that is now called the bicycle. However, innovations never really stop, especially for bicycles. As we enter a world where everything is electronic and makes use of electricity such as e-cars, e-books, and others, it’s not new anymore that conventional devices or vehicles like a bicycle will be made electric. Because being one of the biggest game-changers in the field of transportation, bicycles or simply bikes are destined to change and be better hence the birth of electric bikes.

Having a reliable means of transport for your everyday commute makes all the difference. And that’s where an electric bike comes in. Whether it’s for practical or recreational usage, you bet that electric bikes can outperform all the other e-vehicles. But seriously, what exactly is an electric bike? Just think of an ordinary bicycle, but imagine it having an integrated electric motor either at the center of the front or rear hub, or in the middle of the pedals. Now add a battery so you can supply energy to the electric motor. 

Parts of an Electric Bike

Electric Motor

The electric motors are the ones responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. An electric bike's motor is either located at the center of the frame or one of the hubs. There are two main kinds of electric motors used in e-bikes:

Hub Motors

For an electric bike equipped with a hub motor, the motor is located on the front or rear wheel, and it operates outside the bike’s chain drive. That being said, hub motors are an entirely independent drivetrain system that requires less maintenance and causes less damage to the chains and cogs of the e-bike. Hub motor is the most common type of electric bike motor, and because it’s mass-produced, it is cheaper than its counterpart, mid-drive motor. Shown below is an example of an electric bike equipped with a rear hub motor.

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Mid Drive Motor

For mid drive electric bikes, the motor is positioned in the bottom bracket (at the lower part of the bike's frame) and drives the crank accordingly. Mid-drive motors, being located at the center of the bike, results in a low and central center of gravity. They are also capable of climbing steeper slopes more efficiently than hub motors. Because mid-drive motors are usually lighter and smaller and are generally more powerful than hub motors, they are indeed more expensive. Below is an example of an electric bike having a mid-drive motor.

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The battery is somewhat the heart of the electric bike. It supplies electric energy to the motor, which then translates it to mechanical energy that gives pedal assistance to the rider. During the early times of e-bikes, batteries were made up of Lead acid or Nickel Cadmium. These days, almost all electric bikes already make use of Lithium-ion batteries similar to the ones used in laptop computers, which makes them a lighter and more powerful source of electric energy. A typical battery charges for 5-6 hours, and in every full charge, an e-bike can go up to 50 miles.

Display and Control system

The display and control system of an electric bike is conventionally placed on the handlebars in which you can see the important numbers, figures, and labels like battery level, gear ratio, level of electric pedal assistance, and many more depending on the kind of system your e-bike is equipped with. The common display medium used for modern e-bikes are LED and LCD screens. Besides the LCD and LED display are the control buttons through which you can manage pretty much everything in your e-bike. And together, they both make up the whole display and control system of an electric bike.

Electric bikes are simply amazing. Not only does it give you the same health benefits as a regular bike, it also provides the advantage of having a motorcycle or scooter. Are you excited to have one of yours too? We listed 11 of our best-selling brands below so you won’t have to look further. Also don’t forget to check out our best-selling electric bikes for each brand. Choosing an electric bike can be challenging too so we hope this list will help you purchase the best electric bike for your everyday use.

Best Selling Electric Bike Brands of 2021


Nakto Ebikes is a highly-acclaimed manufacturer of affordable yet top quality electric bikes. They are known for producing the best electric bikes under $1000. So if you’re on a tight budget and would want to have a competent electric bike, Nakto Ebikes is the answer. Based in California, USA, Nakto offers a wide range of electric bikes such as folding ebikes, electric mountain bikes, fat tire ebikes, and many more. And aside from that, Nakto newly launched the New Style Ebike 2020 for their latest collection of  cool and savage-looking electric bikes. They also offer ebike parts like battery, frame, rims, spokes and even brake and suspension. Whatever you need, they surely have it. So when it comes to quality control and assessment of ebikes, the Nakto company is a name to trust. Below are two of the top sellers we have for Nakto Ebikes. Make sure to read the description of each and don’t forget to check them out!

As the world progresses, transportation modes like electric bikes also advance. Especially built for all kinds of terrain, an electric hunting bike is a perfect fit for your adventure needs. World’s top producer of electric hunting bikes is Rambo Electric Bikes. They have been producing exceptional and top-grade electric bikes that are exquisitely crafted to withstand extreme trail and weather conditions. Rambo prides itself with its collections of 750W High Performance Ebikes and 1000W Xtreme Performance Ebikes. These ebike collections will make every outdoor activity a memory to remember. Every Rambo electric bike is made into perfection and suits the taste and needs of people whether it’s for practical or recreational purposes. Two of the best-selling Rambo Electric Bikes are listed below with their unique and impressive specs so be sure to check them out!


Green Bike USA is an electric bike company based in Florida. A proud manufacturer of high quality, fast charging folding electric bikes, Green Bike USA boasts their collection of powerful yet portable electric bikes that can conquer almost any trails. They specialize in making folding fat tire electric bikes that are portable and high performing at the same time. Electric bikes from Green Bike USA are guaranteed to have only the best and highest quality of materials for each of its bike parts. Their folding electric bikes are always available in many color variants and some with stylish designs so you are sure to enjoy using it and flaunting it outside. Given the two top-selling models of electric bikes from Green Bike USA below, you can now have an idea of what it means to have a reliable companion for your daily commute or leisure time. 



Electric bikes are sophisticated pieces of technology that keep on advancing through time. Research and development further improve the features and performance of an electric bike and that is what Rattan Ebikes is all about. Their team is constantly seeking for innovative solutions not only to transportation system issues but also on how they can polish their own electric bikes to provide their customers the most fun and exciting biking experience. Based in California, Rattan Ebikes is known as a professional electric bicycle manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Dedicated to giving their customers the best quality electric bicycles at a very affordable price, Rattan Electric Bikes definitely knows what’s best for you. They currently have three product lines namely, Challenger, LM, and LF. All these ebike models are of high reputation and have passed standard tests. Some of the best-selling Rattan Ebikes are given below:

Ecotric Electric Bikes is an ebike company based in Oakland, California that was founded in November, 2017. Their system of manufacturing electric bikes incorporates rigorous research, development, careful production, and effective sales. In just two years, Ecotric has sold more than 10,000 units of electric bikes across the United States. With their commitment in providing intelligent and convenient means for transport, Ecotric proudly displays their high-quality and efficient electric bikes that creatively combine the contemporary design of bicycles with the continuing advancement of technology. Ecotric offers a wide range of electric bikes that caters almost all tastes and preferences of bikers belonging in different age groups. With every unit of Ecotric Electric Bike, a healthy lifestyle and an environment-friendly community awaits everyone. Because all Ecotric does is make a better ebike just for you.

When it comes to quality and high-performance electric powered scooters, bicycles, and trikes, the certified American brand, EWheels beats all the other competitors. They offer a wide variety of products that serve consumers with different needs and wants. From their top-rated mobility scooters to their newly opened model line of electric bikes you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. EWheels EWheels is committed to producing cost effective and zero-emission electric bikes as an alternative mode of transport for commuters. Through the hard work and efforts of its founders and team, EWheels has been in the ebike industry for 10 years continuously supplying consumers, clients, and dealers with good and stylish electric bikes, trikes, and scooters. With EWheels’ patented technology and unique creations, you will never be disappointed. The US and internal patents serve as the backbone of EWheels’ astounding reputation when it comes to high-performance drive systems of electric-powered vehicles. That being said, two of their greatest crafts are listed below:



Elby Mobility Business is one of the few ebike companies that focus on revolutionizing the whole transportation system by delivering world class electric commuter bikes. Elby is a technology company that provides sustainable solutions to the growing urban transportation problems. By addressing the challenges with efficient electric-driven bicycles, Elby promotes a healthy living and an environment-friendly community that everyone will benefit from. With its stunning colors and designs, every commuter will enjoy choosing which electric commuter bike is right for them. Elby ensures that every bike they make satisfies the needs for comfort and wants for design of their customers through their ebikes’ advanced and exceptional features such as generative brakes, rechargeable downhill modes, and long-lasting battery charge. Unlike any other electric bike companies, Elby Mobility Business is centered in creating hybrid-looking electric bikes with different beautiful paint finishes. 


Green Transporter Wholesale Electric Scooters is an electric vehicle company that is based in La Mirada, California. They offer products such as electric scooters, electric transport, and mobility scooters. Green Transporter aims to provide consumers convenience and satisfaction through their most popular electric transport, the Q Runner, a 4-wheel enclosed scooter designed to give anyone only the best riding experience.



Also known as CIVI BIKES, Revi Mobility Inc. was founded in 2017 by Tony and Rex and is currently based in Southern California. For more than 15 years, Tony has been in the ebike industry and has already established himself through his cooperation with many different ebike companies all around the world. After being in the said industry for too long, he decided to finally put up his own electric bicycle business in 2014, where Rex became his first colleague and together they have founded the CIVI BIKES which was later on known as Revi Mobility Inc. With more than 50 employees, Revi Mobility Inc. designs, outsources, assembles, and paints their own electric bikes in their factory. Shortly after 3 years, Revi’s sales have spiked up to $3 million and have been continuously growing since then. Always proud to deliver high-quality electric bike products across the US, Revi Mobility Inc. promised that by 2020 or so, their network of dealers will be much stronger than ever making every purchase and test ride faster and easier. Excited to know about their product lines? Here are two of the best-selling Revi Bikes from Electric Bike Paradise.



Yamee is popularly known for their patented I-PAS technology which regenerates 60% of the battery’s charge much greater than other regular ebikes that claim to recharge only 10%. Created and registered by Yamee alone, the I-PAS technology is a revolutionary feature of an electric bike. Not only does it provide longer lasting battery capacity but it also saves money and energy for recharging. To put it simply, Yamee’s patented I-PAS technology converts kinetic energy to electrical energy which then increases the battery’s charge hence extending the mileage of the electric bike. At the moment, Yamee has a total of three product series namely the Fat Bear Series, the XL series, and the X series. All of these are high-quality and efficient electric bicycles good for commuting and recreational purposes. Two of the best-selling Yamee products are featured below.



Founded in 2013, EMOJO is an electric bike company based in Irvine, California headed by Elaine Guo and Mario Cisneros. The former is an expert in business and management while Mario is proficient when it comes to motorcycle design and mass production systems. Together, they have founded EMOJO Bike. Their company aims to give their consumers the highest satisfaction in recreational cycling and commuting. Putting a smile on their customer’s face is what EMOJO is committed to do. Through their diverse selection of electric bikes and electric trikes, finding the right one for you will be easy peasy. Their tag line “RIDE LIFE'' just means that regardless of your age, gender, or place of origin, the inner child in you will never fade away. That is why EMOJO bikes are designed to revive and let you relive your childhood because no matter how old you are, the bliss of being a child will forever stay.



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