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7 Features You Should Look in a Fat Tire Electric Trike

We as humans tend to go to different destinations as part of our daily lives. We go to the park, explore new areas in our community, and enjoy recreational activities by utilizing public transport. However, in modern times, public transport can cause many issues ─ traffic, different kinds of pollution, stress, health hazards, and much more. For instance, running to the grocery store for a quick errand or dashing through a restaurant would require more time and effort using means of public transport. Instead of driving a car or riding a bus, you could use an efficient personal transport device─ the fat tire electric tricycle.

What is a Fat Tire Electric Trike?

Electric trikes, also known as an e-trike or electric tricycle, is a bicycle with three wheels, one primary wheel, and two supporting wheels. Electric tricycles are convenient devices to get to places at a fast pace, without exerting too much effort. The fat tire electric trike is a type of innovative electric bike, installed with an integrated motor that boosts your speed every time you pedal, helping you tackle any kind of terrain, and have you enjoy every ride without worrying about your balance issues.

An electric fat tire trike is an economic, environment-friendly, and cost-effective transport device since fat tire e-trikes don’t use expensive petroleum products. Compared to an electric bicycle, elders and riders with mobility issues would benefit from the stability of an electric trike. Many electric trikes also have additional features such as additional storage and comfortable seating accommodation.

Today, fat tire electric trikes are one of the most in-demand types of electric bikes in the market. The fat tire e-trikes are known for their benefits and convenience in everyone’s life. One of the features you need to see is the stability of the fat tire electric trike. The additional wheel that supports the entire electric bike provides stability, which removes the balance struggles you would experience in an e-bike. 

Another feature of the fat tire electric trike is the removal of excessive pedaling with the help of the pedal-assist system. In some models, a throttle powered control system is installed which aids the user by providing power to sustain movement like an electric scooter, eliminating pedaling for quite a while.

The fat tire electric trikes are cost-effective and can save a lot of money and time. Having the fat tire e-trike would lessen your use of public transportation, but also save your budget on transport fees. Just to add, the fat tire e-trikes are not like any typical bike, since e-bikes are battery-powered, you would not have to push yourself to your limits, and let you travel more than an ordinary bicycle.

So why would you want the fat tire electric trike? Is it because of the greater stability most fat tire electric tricycles have? Would you love the comfort and features an electric trike possesses in your daily journeys? There are a lot of models and variations of fat tire electric trikes that are on sale in the market right now. The fat tire e-trikes might include some features and specifications you would love. In this article, we listed the features you should look upon when choosing the best fat tire electric tricycle.

What are the Best Features a Fat Tire Electric Trike Should Have?

What features make the best trike e-bike? Most electric trikes are able to provide the two fundamental qualities; stability and comfortability. Considering the needs and preferences, you should start looking at specific factors such as the battery, motor, weight, capacity, additional features, price, and the benefits you would gain using an electric trike. 

  • Battery And Its Charging Time:

Most models of the fat tire electric trikes feature different types, from 24 volts to 48 volts batteries, which are sturdy and drive the engine efficiently. The quality and power of the battery directly influence the travel range of the fat tire electric tricycles. For daily usage, you should go for an electric trike that can run distances at least 20 miles. Most models of the fat tire electric trikes have top speeds ranging from 35 miles up to 50 miles. The speed of the e-trike would pretty much depend on the terrain but also on the weight of the rider. Another great feature you must check is the capacity of the battery, wherein some models can run for more miles on a single charge and have charging time not longer than 3 hours minimum up to 6 hours maximum. A great example of this is the EMOJO Caddy Pro Fat Tire Electric Trike

The new Caddy Pro (seen in the image) is upgraded with a 7-speed transmission to tackle any hill and a pleasant and comfortable seat with a backrest. It is a fantastic choice for seniors because it provides the best stability of any E-Bike on the market. You can comfortably cruise around in style on the street, the beach, or extensive trails. The reliable Kenda fat tires, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and aluminum frame make this a super value electric three-wheeler.

  • Design:

There are two well-known designs for fat tire electric trikes, the pedal-powered fat tire electric trikes, and traditional upright fat tire electric trikes. Some models are designed as the pedal-powered fat tire electric trikes, which are great for running over uneven, rough terrains. The pedal-powered fat tire electric trikes have thicker tires, a low, wide seating accommodation, and a more powerful motor. The traditional upright fat tire electric trikes resemble mobility carts or even typical bicycles. The traditional upright fat tire electric trikes are designed for maximum stability and can reach top speeds higher than mobility carts. Many features contribute to the design and style of the electric trike. The different styles might include the frame, wheels, suspension, braking system, as well as the comfort and functional designs of the fat tire electric tricycle. The style would pretty much depend on the user's needs, yet one thing is for sure, everyone would want a model that is easy to maneuver. You should ensure that your chosen electric trike comes with a lower center of gravity, high traction wheels, and a lightweight yet sturdy frame that will boost your convenience when riding through the different types of terrains. A perfect example of this is the EMOJO Caddy Fat Tire Electric Trike

The EMOJO Caddy Fat Tire Electric Trike is a compact and heavy-duty electric trike featuring a front suspension fork, a suspension seat post, strong and comfortable fat tires, and a front and rear frame. Powered by a Bafang fat-tire specific front hub motor, powerful single-speed mechanical gearing, and stopped by 3 160 mm rotor mechanical disk brakes with engine inhibitors. Features a very high capacity 48v 15ah battery for 720-watt hours, it also has a USB charging port on the battery. Big and unwieldy, 20 mph top speed can be risky, with some simple components like 6 magnet Candice sensor, and some annoyances like 9 pedal assist modes.

  • Range and Speed:

The fat tire electric trike has a powerful rechargeable battery, but the distance and running time would vary from brand to brand. A fat tire electric trike should run distances ranging from 20 miles up to 30 miles per charge, but with the help of the auxiliary pedal-assist system, you can go farther. The top speed of an electric trike ranges from 20 miles per hour up to 30 miles per hour, under the right conditions. Elders and riders with limited mobility or balance issues should prepare themselves for sudden accelerations. The speed is usually controlled by a manual throttle, located at the steering controls, along with a hand brake.

  • Capacity:

The fat tire electric trikes designed for younger riders can have limited weight capacity, around 100 pounds to 150 pounds. The models of fat tire electric trikes that are designed for adult users should have at least a 200-pound weight capacity, up to 300 pounds. 

  • Dimensions:

Many manufacturers of the fat tire electric trikes improved the stability by expanding the distance between the rear wheels. With this, the user should take account of the added width into when going through obstacles or parking. Other models allow the users to fully customize the fit by adjusting the seat and steering column.

  • Accessories:

Since the electric trikes are designed to be used alongside pedestrians, cyclists, and runners, safety features should be prioritized. The fat tire electric bikes should have headlights, along with mirrors and reflectors. Another great accessory to have in a fat tire electric bike is the power-monitoring display, so you will know the battery percentage and the distance traveled.

  • Price:

Most of the models of the fat tire electric trike has an average cost ranging from 1000 dollars up to 3000 dollars. The price for every fat tire e-trike may seem a little bit more expensive, but you would save a lot of money in the long term from savings in transport fees and other expenditures.

Choosing a reliable and superior fat tire electric trike requires attention to small details. The innovative design of the fat tire electric tricycle provides you a sense of safety and security throughout your daily rides. You should select the one that would serve your needs and preferences. There are many models of fat tire electric trike out in the market today, so choose the best for you!

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