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Will buy again!

Very simple setup. The product worked like expected. Will buy it again!

Great Kit

Great ebike kit! I have been using it for over 1 year without any issues! I highly recommend this product!

Electric Bike Paradise' customer service is unmatched!!

Love this kit, you won’t find a better quality hub motor anywhere else!! I also love the small discreet controller, it seems other brands all use a big bulky box with a billion wires skewing every which way, here you’ll see a small controller with all the connections integrated into a few cables with WATERPROOF CONNECTORS!!!! Cmon other e-bike brands!! 😆 Also their customer support could not better, I had a minor issue and they helped me thru it, responding in minutes every time, give these guys your business, they want it!

Dependable seller!

I purchased 2 conversion kits for me and my wife, we converted our hybrid comfort bikes. Electric Bike Paradise sent our order 3 days earlier. Both kits are in good condition. Installation is fairly easy. We've had our e-bikes out on several 36-mile trail rides. Fun!

ElectricBikeParadise.com makes sure their products work out for the customer!

Electric Bike Paradise answered all my questions and concerns regarding my purchase. Thanks for the professionalism of their staff!

Great purchase

Love this for me and my son. He can't get enough of riding. It's so comfortable!

Very stable and safe

Very stable and safe once assembled. Installed nicely on my Nishiki bike. Overall, I really enjoyed this product.

Thank you for the FAST and FREE shipment!

I got this to work on my 29 inch Schwinn mountain bike with no problem. My daughter is super comfortable and loves it! Easy install and it comes off like a piece of cake. It came 2 days ahead of schedule. Thank you for the FAST and FREE shipment!

This bicycle seat is perfect!

I bought this back seat for my 2 years old daughter. She likes to go out with me but can not walk long distances. She likes so much to sit behind me on the bicycle as she can look around and feel the much faster speed. The car seat has good protection overall but the bar is too easy to pull out by kids which could cause some dangers. This bicycle seat from Electric Bike Paradise is just perfect!


This is a really good product! The mounted seat does not move at all!

little tool for big tasks

I did not know when I purchased the bicycle multi-tool with case that this one tool helped in assembling my new emojo caddly pro from Electric Bike Paradise. The one tool was the Crankbrothers bike chain pin setting tool to make the chain connected. It has many more, all of them. Everyone one a bike should have this tool with them,it would good in times of need. Rick A.P

strong cable and u lock

I use the cable and u lock all the time I am not with the trike. It not only is strong and dependable but looks good also.

Amazing 2000w MotoTec

This is highly recommended if you live in the city or just going to work with the 2000w MotoTec you will be thrilled on how quick you can get to point a to point b I love this 2000w Mototec

Makes traveling easy!

Easy to assemble. Holds so much of our stuff!! We had a huge bag we used to strap to our roof and it took a really long time to strap it and getting stuff in and out was a pain. It was also really noisy. This electric carrier was silent. Couldn’t hear anything! We used the cargo bag and put tents, chairs, suitcases, stroller, and lots of other stuff and used the straps that were already sewn on it. The assembly took no time.

Works great!

We’ve had this for several months and have used it on the back of our RV to hold our e-scooter. We’ve gone over two thousand miles so far and have had no issues. Highly recommend.


Works as advertised, used it all summer, and have had no issues. Fast and FREE shipping from Electric Bike Paradise! Highly recommended!


Super sturdy! We used it to carry our scooter on our trip from MO to MI! This carrier worked great!


Super sturdy! We used it to carry our scooter on our trip from MO to MI! This carrier worked great!

Great service

What a great product we love our bike, and the customer service was outstanding, thank you

Great product!

Great for my son's beginner interest in skateboarding!

What a bargain for so much fun.

Grandson and friends love it. They are ages 13 and 14. Ramp strong enough for them and their bikes. This is the second one I have ordered. The first lasted about 6 years which is exceptional for the hard use and price I paid. What a bargain for so much fun.

Super easy to assemble, lightweight & tons of fun.

I was a little nervous because this ramp seemed priced considerably less than the other brands, but it is fantastic! My 9 & 10 yo sons have been charging this thing for weeks - and it is rock solid! Super easy to assemble, lightweight & tons of fun.

Five Stars

The ramp works perfectly in its intended location. I am very happy with my purchase of the Launch Ramp.

Best money I’ve spent in a while.

Maybe the best $275 I ever spent - my son had so much fun and in the span of a single afternoon went from never gotten air to gap jumps!

Worked for me

After breaking the left foot and injuring the right and 4 falls I purchased this mobility scooter so I could get around the inside of my house. Being an active senior according to my doctor this scooter really assisted in my recovery. This scooter got me to the bathroom and around the house with ease. I have no intention of taking the scooter outside because of the wife she'd freak over any dirt on reentry.

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