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Are you looking for Electric Bike Paradise Reviews before you order? We've helped thousands of people all around the world obtain an electric bike, electric scooter, or mobility scooter. We are extremely passionate about taking care of our customers and the reviews on this page are a testament to that.
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I will be buying for myself soon!

Gave this as a gift. The person loves the portable solar charger. It works really well and he loves it! He uses it for hours every day. I will be buying for myself soon!

I am happy with my purchase!

Excellent item! I got my portable charger 50% OFF + FREE shipping! I am very happy thanks!

Reliable Machine

I bought this machine for my mother-in-law to help with her mobility. She loves it.

Being free to get around.

Love this scooter, could use a little more legroom, very easy to assemble, I'm free again.

The heaviest part is a battery, the main body is the only part that is hard to handle when loading and unloading.

Just perfect!

I love my scooter and would definitely recommend and buy it again!

Very nice

I bought it for my son and now I use it more than him hehe!

I would buy it again!

I like the speed. I like the build. I liked that it came a day early. It needed a little tweaking, nothing a person who has owned a bike wouldn't know how to do. Packaged very nicely and it works great in all modes! I haven't done a mileage test yet but the test ride was a surprise pick up is great even for this 200 lb rider. I would buy it again!

Low cost, good quality, easy to setup

This ebike is pure fun!

At first, I thought it was too fast and quick to accelerate but as I get the hang of it, it feels right on.

Tomorrow, I'm riding with my wife at Lake Cunningham Park, I'd write down my review of our GenZe.

Would recommend

Can't complain! The bike works great!

Awesome bike!

The bike is great easy to set up and has great speed!!

Five Stars

Easy to set up and use. Beauty. Runs fast and easy to use!

The quality is amazing

The bike quality is amazing I gotta say at first I was skeptical about the product but once I got the Vtuvia on road I gotta say I was impressed an also my pops that 56 years old he doesn’t like to ride a bike especially at this age because of his knees but soon as he gave my e-bike a try he was really impressed and ask me to purchase one for him so we can go on rides together!

Nice bike, got lots of compliments

A very convenient way to commute to work and the seat is very comfortable compared to other bike seats.

Easy to ride!

Easy to set up, riding very comfortable. Highly recommend it for old fat ladies that haven’t ridden in awhile. I rode it safely & comfortably!

Good job!

Awesome bike! Best purchase ever! Thanks!

Great product, very well made!

I've used this bike over the summer. Great product, very well made, easy to use I get a lot of questions about it. Long battery life.

Satisfied with the purchase!

Love this Bike! It's GREAT! And very FAST!!!

I’m very happy!

It’s a beautiful bike, it is large but very durable for city streets and off-road riding. I love this bike. The company was helpful. They took care of me. I’m very happy!


So I got this bike a lot faster than it said I would, it’s super fun and fast. I love this bike and it fits in my 4x4 so even better.

Its fun and fast

Very easy to put together looks really cool. Very fun to ride. This ebike climbs very steep hills.

Great bike for the price

I drove it through our state park, a 10-12 mile ride. The battery never moved off of full. The throttle is an awesome addition to the bike.

Great product for the price

Great bike, speed, battery, etc. no complaints here!

Great buy

This bike arrived on time and in perfect condition. Assembly was easy and straight forward. Couldn't be happier with this purchase. Performance has been great as has been battery life. If you need an e-bike, I would highly recommend this one on a price vs performance basis.

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