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Thank you to EBP...this is a "Bad Ass" of a scooter...Shipping was super fast, assembling was fast but I had to watch a YouTube video to make sure I wasn't missing anything... Yes I am a lady...lol...Sturdy, Strong and Speed is great for me. Im 5'4 190lbs. My Boyfriend believes this scooter is his...and he's 6'2 250lbs...look like I will be purchasing another very soon! Living in NYC and scooters and electric bike are becoming more popular... I have the Hottest scooter in Harlem.. Worth every Dollar.

Handy insulated bag

The insulated bag is so handy to have attached to the handlebars on the front basket. It will make having a picnic pretty easy, or just a cold drink halfway through our ride.

Nakto santa monica

Omg soon nice super cool looking can't say enough about it 500. Cheaper also than other that are comparable love it best investment for me to have funand save gas running local

Extend Protection Plan - Electric Mobility

Great Ride

I have truly enjoyed getting used to riding my e-trike. Now that the weather is getting nice, I am riding every afternoon. I’ve a had two strokes and feel very comfortable and safe riding the e-trike. So glad I found your web site.

Cell phone and tool bag!

I like the Accessories! The cell phone and tool bag works very nice. Perfect size and holds the goods! Thanks Sincerely Joe Ihle

Awesome ride

THis is a re-review because at first - whem I first reviewed this and told folks to pasks it by - I couldn't make sense of the throttle or pedal assist BECSUSE THE CONNECTOR WAS LOOSE! Now this thing is amazing. So much fun.

Bike lock

The bike lock and cable works great! Thanks Joe. 😊🐕👍🏻

Mototec madness

First of all the mototec bike is awesome it rides smoothly with or without the electric assist and it's a real head turner I get stopped and asked questions all the time I love it my best purchase of 2021 and I shop a lot

Daywins MG1703 48V/18.2Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Trike

Love my Cheeta!

So far so good, had a much more expensive mid drive mountain bike, but this is better for me and love having a throttle...Just changed the handlebars, like these 8" apes better...More to come!

Rear rack

I installed an adjustable rear rack and drink holder that I bought on Amazon to my s18. The rack bolted into the 4 mounting lugs on the bikes rear swing arm. I attached the drink holder to the rack. You will need to buy 4 bolts for the mounting lugs.


This Scooter is an amazing purchase! Very fun and great delivery! The steering Damper is definitely not long enough but overall Great!

Fat tire trike

Awesome machine

Gel seat

I love it

Nakto Pony 36V/10Ah 250W Cargo Electric Bike PON20002
Wow what a fun time I am having with my new ebike!

I’m 5’2” and 67, I love my new pony! It it fast, fun cute and I can stop easily putting my foot on the ground while still setting on the seat! Perfect!

Love, Love, Love my new Revi Cheetah Electric Bike

My husband and I have our very own Revi Cheetah Electric Bike and I am so happy that we bought two as we would have a hard time sharing just one! We ride everywhere around town on them. The saddle bags hold our locks and if we go to the store it holds our grocery items. The bikes are so comfortable and easy to ride. Best Christmas gifts ever!!

Dog training

Well I use the three wheeler around the house, but I also use it to go down the driveway and on the street so that I can continue to train my service dog. The small turns well for Training.

Colorado Cool!

This is an excellent e-bike for the steep hills we have in Colorado’s high country. The motor is very strong and kicks in quickly and easily when you need it. I can’t wait to have some fun in the snow ⛄️ !

Great cell phone holder

This is a great cell phone holder. When I ride my bike the phone is held sturdy in place and does not move. We ride on gravel roads and it is a pleasure to know my phone will not fall off my bike

Awesome experience with 500W Beach Snow Fat Tire bike!

I give this bike 5 Stars for sure!
Im already 100 miles in and just tested a 16 miles straight ride
(with common sense switching from a level two P.A.S Mode, up to a level four, occasionally Five)
and still there was 2 bars left on the battery!
Currently, I honestly dont expect anything more than 5 miles a day when i ride out so that was awesome to see that the battery is that strong, along with optimum electrical function with the bike.
The battery usually takes 4 hours to fully charge from 2 bars. Try to never let the battery completely run out, as i heard that greatly diminishes the overall life of the battery.

The Tires are very strong and powerful!
I even ride through the rocky terrain by train stations like Amtrak and NJT sometimes over small pieces of glass by mistake.
Warning though!
If you not a Action pack Wild Guy like myself, please be careful on a LEVEL 5 Lol.
Especially with a fully charged battery!
It accelerates super quick and you can be at 20 miles per hour in 20 seconds.
Also If you stopped for a second and going to take off with meter set on a Level 5,
make sure its a CLEAR straight path, no cracks in ground, traffic etc.
I Bust my A** Twice on High speed Take Offs Lmao...but i feel like you dont break in a bike until you fell at least twice;
Just my weird belief system.

Lastly, I love the Pedal Assist mode (P.A.S)
Because it helps to not burn the battery out so quick.

I have the All Black one
(which still has tiny red circles on the inside of tire)...
Lol I think its the Sexiest and looks more
BAD ASS than the ones with orange or blue inside the tires.
But each is own :-)
This Fat tire Ecotric is my Lil Fantasy Dirtbike until I get a real Dirtbike.
Overall, Conclusion is that its a Amazing Bike for the price!


I want to share a wonderful experience. My husband and I are retired and love to ride bikes. We wanted to try E-Bikes so we can travel further without being so tired. We ordered 2 bikes I got the Peacedove and my husband got the BeachSnow Fat Tire. My Peace Dove arrived with spoke damage. I contacted their customer service and they followed up instantly and I received a new wheel within just days. We went on our first Ebike trail ride. We went 12 miles and could have gone further. The bikes are simple to put assemble with easy instructions. We are so impressed with the bikes and even happier the customer service is so amazing.

Electric scooter

It is a very nice scooter, fast and a very good price. I am very pleased with the product and prompt delivery. Couldn’t ask for a scooter like this for a better price. The lady who took our order on the phone was very helpful and placed the order immediately. Thank you at Electric bike paradise

Anywhere Playa Cruiser 36V/10Ah 250W Step-Thru Electric Bike AW-94 - CANCELLED DUE TO HIGH DEMANDS
Donna Ehlers
Excellent bike and customer care service

Thank you for following up with my customer care requests!!!
I love my new ebike!


I have had the EW-72 for two weeks and like it just fine. Now if the free gifts that were to come with it would show up it would be so much better!

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