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EWheels EW-29 48V/12Ah 500W Transportation Electric Trike

$3,998.00 $1,999.00
You Save: $1,999.00 (50% Off)
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Emojo Caddy Pro 48V/15.6Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Trike

$3,199.00 $2,899.00
You Save: $300.00 (9% Off)
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Eunorau New-Trike 48V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike

$4,998.00 $2,499.00
You Save: $2,499.00 (50% Off)
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Emojo Caddy 48V/15.6Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Trike

$2,999.00 $2,699.00
You Save: $300.00 (10% Off)
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Worksman Port-O-Trike PTCB 48V/10Ah 750W Folding Electric Trike

$3,418.00 $1,709.00
You Save: $1,709.00 (50% Off)
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Worksman Port-O-Trike PT3CB 48V/10Ah 750W Folding Electric Trike

$3,618.00 $1,904.00
You Save: $1,714.00 (47% Off)
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Anywhere Bikes 36V/10.4Ah 500W Step-Through Electric Trike AT-93

$3,798.00 $1,899.00
You Save: $1,899.00 (50% Off)
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PFIFF Scooter Trike L 36V/9Ah 250W Recumbent Electric Trike PF09105501EL

$4,719.99 $4,029.99
You Save: $690.00 (15% Off)
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Anywhere Bikes Rugged Edition 48V/15.6Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Trike AT-94

$3,299.00 $2,699.00
You Save: $600.00 (18% Off)
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BEST 500 48V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike BEST-500-TRIKE

$5,598.00 $2,799.00
You Save: $2,799.00 (50% Off)
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PFIFF Grazia 26/24" 36V/11Ah 400W Bosch Step-Through Electric Trike PF15002095

$5,177.99 $4,729.99
You Save: $448.00 (9% Off)
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Do You Want To Have The Best Electric Trikes Right Now?

For those who love the feeling of riding a bicycle without strains and hassles, there is nothing quite more than a bike ride on a beautiful day. Biking or cycling, whatever you call them, would let you enjoy the wind blowing in your face, explore the open road or trail, and appreciate the beauty of nature and moments in life. However, riding a bike can be difficult for people with bad knees or balance issues. To help you enjoy the benefits of a bicycle through riding and strolling, you could use an innovative electric trike.

What Is An Electric Trike?

An electric trike, also known as an e-trike or electric tricycle, is a bicycle with three wheels, with a built-in electric motor offering pedal-assist power for the rider. The type of pedal-assist in an electric trike has two kinds, a front-wheel hub-mounted motor or a mid-mounted motor, which is installed into the pedal and crank area of the trike frame.

Electric tricycles improved the conditions of the traditional tricycle design by adding an electric motor to the drivetrain. With each pedaling, the engine kicks in to give an added burst of power to your speed. In some electric trikes models, you could choose to ride the tricycle without pedaling, allowing the motor to do the work much like an electric scooter.

Typical tricycles are known for their heavyweight, making pedaling through uphills and inclines a little bit more complicated. That is why electric tricycles are getting more popular in different countries such as Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Plus, the feeling of the electric motor on a tricycle is quite natural. Most electric tricycles have the motor attached to the drivetrain only, while electric bicycles may have the engine attached to either the front wheel, the rear wheel, or the drivetrain. 

Brief History of the Electric Trikes

The concept of electric trikes is relatively new to our society. The first electric trike is based on the idea of electric bikes built in the United States in 1985. However, the purpose of the tricycles with cargo boxes can be dated back in the early 1900s. The designs used for electric trikes are innovated from the actual electric bikes models, which became quite popular today.

What Are The Different Types Of Electric Trike?

While electric trikes are relatively new technology to the market, there is a wide range of styles available to suit a wide range of customer needs. The typical tricycles are divided into different categories depending on the use and travel distance the trike could go. Many varieties of specialized trikes range from fat tires, city or urban types, industrial or cargo types, and people carrying bikes. Today, there are fewer varieties of electric trikes that rely on specialization and features. The variations of the electric trikes include folding electric trikes, fat tire electric trikes, recumbent electric trikes, and electric cargo trikes. 

Fat Tire Electric Trikes


Fat tire electric trikes are great for uneven trails and uphills roads, made with an extra-rugged aluminum alloy, and can run for a decent amount of time. The city or urban types commonly referred to as commuter trikes are among the most widely available options. The city electric trike is designed for riding on cycle paths and paved terrain and is a practical way of commuting today. The cargo trike is made with heavy-duty steel and alloy frames, dual battery configuration, and extra carrying capacity. An electric cargo trike is an excellent option for someone who wants to commute to work while carrying all their gears and equipment, or carrying kids, shopping bags, or even pets. The electric cargo trikes are fitted out with large cargo racks, flatbeds, or cages for carrying larger loads and have modified frames and an extended wheelbase for further stability. Cargo racks can be attached to the front and rear of the electric trike or both. 


Price range: $2000 - $3000

Featured product: 

In this segment, our best-seller is the EMOJO Caddy Pro Fat Tire Electric Trike. The new Caddy Pro (seen in the image) is upgraded with a 7-speed transmission to tackle any hill and a pleasant and comfortable seat with a backrest. It is a fantastic choice for seniors because it provides the best stability of any E-Bike on the market. You can comfortably cruise around in style on the street, the beach, or extensive trails. The reliable Kenda fat tires, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and aluminum frame make this a super value electric three-wheeler.

Folding Electric Trikes

The folding electric trikes are excellent if you have limited storage space or travel by your electric trike in your car’s back. The folding electric trikes have smaller wheels, motor, and battery to reduce their overall weight, making them easier to fold down and move. The people carrying trike is an electric trike with rear or front-mounted seating accommodations with footrests, safety handles, cargo storage, and even drink holders and would allow you to carry another passenger or more with you. 

Price range: $2500 - $7000

Featured product: 

In this segment, our best-seller is the BTN E-Bike 48V 12.5Ah Folding Trike NEW-TRIKE (seen in the image).

Recumbent Electric Trikes

The recumbent electric trikes also called reclining electric trikes, is a tricycle that the driver can lie back to the reclining position to drive it. This trike is suitable for people who need the comfort of driving a trike. The body of the driver is easily distributed over the wide area of this trike. Most of the users learn that recumbent cycling can be beneficial to them, as they can ride it without the balance and discomfort often associated with the upright bike. In fact, this tricycle is more suited for people with balance and limb disabilities.

Price range: $2500 - $5000

Featured product: 

In this section, our best-seller is the PFIFF Scooter Trike L Recumbent Electric Trike PF091055L (seen in the image). The PFIFF Scooter Trike L Recumbent Electric Trike PF091055L embodies a vehicle concept that is both safe and comfortable and that people intuitively find easy to handle. The comfortable broad-surfaced saddle (utterly adjustable in height and angle) allows a relaxed sitting position from which it is easy to keep a close watch on the traffic situation. Available in Long, Short, and E-Trike Long Versions. All PFIFF bicycles and tricycles are designed and made in Germany.

Choosing An Electric Tricycle: What To Consider

Most models of electric trikes are fail-safe and have low maintenance due to high quality and simple design used. Your daily mobility needs would not be only for fun but would also be stress-free since you wouldn’t need to perform unnecessary repairs for your daily travels. But how to look for the best electric trike in the market right now? To help you further, we listed down the features that you should consider when selecting the best electric trike in the market.

  • Battery And Its Charging Time:

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an electric trike is the battery. The batteries on most electric trikes are attached directly behind the seat, which allows them to be quite large, but the battery life could be a limiting factor in your daily journeys. While some electric trikes can travel distances from 20 miles per single charge, some models can reach top distances of up to 45 miles in one single charge. Just to remind you, how you ride your trike would affect how long your battery will last. Using your trike as a scooter in fully electric mode will suck up much more battery power than using your electric motor to assist your pedaling.

The most commonly used batteries for trikes are lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Most electric trikes come with single battery packs installed, yet many models can have a second battery connected, effectively doubling the capacity and range of the electric trike. The charging time will vary depending on the size of the battery and charger. Typically, the 48 volts 20 ampere-hour battery takes time between 6 hours up to 8 hours to charge, depending on the model. The typical charge lifecycle for a lithium-ion battery is 700 cycles up to 800 cycles. It gives most users a useful lifespan of 3 years up to 5 years, which would depend on how much you ride and how often you charge your electric trike.

  • ​Motor And Speed:

​The size of motors on electric tricycles is the main reason why the electric trikes can reach top speeds. Most electric tricycles install either 600 watts or 750-watt motors, which are more quiet and efficient than older types of motors. The installed engines in the electric trike offer top speeds ranging from 10 miles per hour up to 20 miles per hour. However, some models of electric tricycles come with more powerful motors with 1200 watts and capable of speeds in the range of 20 miles per hour up to 30 miles per hour.

  • ​Throttle:

​Most electric tricycles do not have preset electric assistance levels, like electric bicycles often have.  Most electric tricycles use either a thumb-driven throttle or a twist-throttle built into the handlebar. Some riders find that the twist throttle much more comfortable to control, especially when moving fast on uneven roads.

  • Pedal Assist Levels:

Electric trike motor and controller systems are configured with 3 to 5 levels of power assistance. Most offer a standby mode, which provides no power assistance. Your electric trike will ride like a traditional trike, and although quite a bit heavier can still be easily pedaled on relatively level terrain. The lowest setting is called economy or eco mode. Eco mode is optimized for range, and assistance levels can range from 25% to 75% of the maximum power. Normal mode is configured to add 100% to 150% power to the rider’s pedaling. The range can be reduced by as much as half when using the normal mode. Turbo mode would make passing through steep hills and strong headwinds easier by providing the rider with 200% additional power.

Using an electric trike would accommodate your daily mobility needs and make you achieve more by assisting you to do all things you need. The innovative design of the electric tricycle provides you a sense of safety and security throughout your daily rides. Choosing the right fit for your needs will need some information gathering, specifications, and descriptions of your chosen electric trike. We hope that this article will help you find the best electric trike in the market right now.

Best Electric Trike For Sale

Do you need more help in selecting your newest electric tricycle? Try to look at our collection, and you might find the best electric trike. A lot of models and varieties are out right now, so make sure to check them out. We would be glad to help you further, so message us today!

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