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Recreational riding may not be as intense as riding aggressive terrains or exploring long trails to destinations. However, it’s for the best if you still have a trustworthy electric bike to get you around safely and comfortably. eProdigy Electric Bikes always show up in the selection for recreational riding. Here’s what makes this brand notable in the name of recreation. 

About the Brand: eProdigy Electric Bikes

eProdigy has been around since 2011. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, eProdigy was founded to create and design the most practical and versatile electric bikes in the best way possible. The process considers the needs of first-time riders, experienced cyclists, and everyone else who wants to enjoy the ride.  

One of eProdigy’s core as a brand is to leave an enduring mark as an e-mobility company that prioritizes sustainability. The company wants to preserve the environment and the earth as we enjoy it today so that future generations can experience the same sceneries and views that we enjoy today.

What makes eProdigy stand out as a brand is how buying an eProdigy Electric Bike welcomes you to the community. You’re not making a one-time purchase transaction. You become a part of the family: you get access to a reliable warranty program, lifetime customer care, and an electric bike made to care for the planet and its future. 

About the Bikes

eProdigy Electric Bikes are produced with practicality, style, and sustainability in mind. Every electric bike is also designed for a user-friendly experience, letting riders focus more on the joys of riding. The company wants to make electric bikes that people will find helpful wherever they are in life. The bottom line is, you can own an eProdigy Electric Bike, whatever your riding level is. 

In line with this, you will find eProdigy Electric Bikes sorted into collections: Commuter and Recreational. You can pick an electric bike that meets your needs and usage as a biker or cyclist. 

What You Get When You Buy eProdigy Electric Bikes

eProdigy Electric Bikes are capable and stylish. Here are some other features that you will love from this electric bike brand. 

The eGuarantee Way

eProdigy has a fantastic warranty program. You get a minimum of a two-year warranty on every eProdigy motor and battery. Other than that, you will have access to lifetime customer support. The eGuarantee program is all about making your electric bike a lasting companion. 

The Lasting Legacy

Electric bikes are known for their zero-emission benefits, which create an environment that has less pollution. This benefit powers eProdigy as an electric bike brand. They firmly stand for sustainability, and so, by choosing a brand like eProdigy, you are creating a conscious and guilt-free choice to save the world, one electric bike at a time. 

Ride Easy with eProdigy Electric Bikes

If you’re up for some good old recreational riding, try out these eProdigy Electric Bikes.

eProdigy Banff 48V/11.6Ah 750W Electric Comfort Bike EP-BNFF

Best Features

  • It has a powerful 750-watt mid-drive motor
  • It comes with a set of 26-inch rims
  • It has a max range of up to 60 miles
  • Equipped with a Shimano Nexus three-speed internal gear

As its name implies, the eProdigy Banff Electric Comfort Bike is an electric bike designed to ensure your comfort during every ride. It is a lightweight and convenient electric bike that is easy to pedal. Perfect for recreational riding and light and easy commutes, this electric bike provides a charming yet reliable ride. It comes in a classic European design, complete with a sleek, sporty saddle, an accented front LED headlight, and 26-inch rims. 

The eProdigy Banff Electric Comfort Bike is indeed stylish. But that’s not all there is to it. You will be surprised by how powerful this electric bike is. Powered by a 750-watt mid-drive electric motor, the eProdigy Banff Electric Comfort Bike is a capable electric bike. It can take you to a top speed of 20 mph and travel up to 60 mph. You can get far with this unique electric bike. 

Additional features of the eProdigy Banff Electric Comfort Bike include shock absorbent and puncture-resistant 26-inch tires. It also has front and rear mechanical v-brakes for excellent stopping capability. Lastly, a Shimano Nexus three-speed internal gear allows you to shift gears on harsh or loose surfaces. Like most electric bikes, the eProdigy Banff Electric Comfort Bike comes with a throttle and a five-level pedal assist.

The eProdigy Banff Electric Comfort Bike is available in ivory white, pink, sky blue, and deep green.

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