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How To Pick The Best Electric Bike Battery For Your Rides

Biking, a safe, cost-effective, and nature-friendly mode of travel mode, has been well established for a long time. Cycling is a convenient way to relax when commuting to various places. Nowadays, several versions and variants of electric bikes are growing as competition grows. You will see various types of electric bikes in the crowded streets of urban and rural areas, from everyday usage of e-bikes such as electric road bikes to heavy-duty bikes such as electric mountain bikes. Biking has proved its value over the years.

Imagine this, you 're in the center of your path, wandering through the center of the spot you've always wanted to travel to. You 're driving through a difficult way, a sandy walking track, grassy hills, a rough and steep road to your goal. Despite your greatest luck and conditions, the electric bike's battery runs out of power. What are you going to do? Do you have a spare battery pack to assist with your journey?

What is an Electric Bike Battery?

The battery is what gives the engine power and one of the most expensive items to be found on a typical electric bike. There are many different kinds of electric bike batteries. In general, inexpensive batteries are heavy and give just a limited variety; as the price increases, so does the selection, although the weight decreases. Besides, the quality battery lasts longer (i.e., for more recharging cycles), and lessens the time you need to the entire battery.

Electric bikes are a concept that stretches back over a century. Still, the electric bike’s recent designs have become efficient, practical, and reliable enough to be on-demand in the mass market. Electric bicycles manage to overcome everything that is wrong with modern transport: traffic, pollution and a bad lifestyle, which is why the demand for electric bikes is increasing.

If you're just new to cycling and have no idea about the types of electric bikes and their accessories, check out our guides. These guides include electric mountain bikes, electric road bikes, folding electric bikes, electric trikes, and accessories for electric bikes, which can help you know the features you need.

What are the types of Electric Bike Batteries?

If you're looking for electric bikes and their spare parts on the market, you'll find a wide range of options available. This selection may be a good thing; however, you may find it challenging to make a decision without proper information and details. Electric bike batteries, for example, differ in kind and specification, which are known to have different types. Types of ebike batteries include lead-acid types, nickel-cadmium types, nickel-metal hydride types, and lithium-ion batteries.

Lead-Acid Type Batteries

The most common type of bicycle battery is the lead-acid battery. These batteries are favorable to most manufacturers because they are cheap and easy to recycle. The only problem is that they can't handle a lot of load capacity, which doesn't make them convenient for daily use. These batteries are cheaper because they weigh twice as much as the average battery and offer less capacity. You could only get half the life of a lead-acid battery that you would traditionally get with a lithium-ion battery core. 

Nickel-Cadmium Type Batteries

When it comes to capacity, the nickel-cadmium battery is much larger because it can hold twice the charge when compared to the lead-acid battery. You could get more run time and a longer-lasting battery compared to lead-acid batteries. These batteries tend to have a long shelf life and are much more durable so they could be worth the extra splurge for a daily commuter. Unfortunately, the downsides of these batteries are getting harder and harder to recycle because they are old versions and twice as expensive compared to lead-acid batteries.

Nickel-Metal Hydride Type Batteries

The nickel-metal hydride battery is another type of battery. The nickel-metal hydride battery is much more efficient than the lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries, but this extra feature will cost more than any of them. When it comes to running time and usable battery life, you can expect the same results you would expect from the nickel-cadmium battery. These types of batteries are much easier to dispose of, so proper disposal is required.

Lithium-Ion Type Batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries are taking over the world of cycling. Almost all of the items that need the batteries are of this type. Lithium-ion batteries have been the absolute game-changers in e-bikes and many other industries, and I don't think it'll be long before they compete with their rivals. The lithium-ion batteries further improve the energy density of the nickel batteries’ energy density, generating an imposing amount of power in exchange for a minimal amount of weight. They also handle higher and lower temperatures better than older batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are easy to install, yet powerful enough for every ride you want. Lithium-ion batteries generate more power due to their weight, but also have a longer shelf life compared to other types of batteries. A perfect example of a lithium-ion battery is the Rambo Bikes 21Ah Spare Electric Bike Battery R139 (seen in the image).

How to Choose The Best Electric Bike Battery?

When making your decision on selecting these batteries, you should check the features and specifications that you would need. If you're not sure what kind of battery you need to buy, we've written this guide to help you out. Using the correct fit battery will make your riding experience more memorable and enjoyable. Continue reading to learn all about the important details you need.

  • Capacity and Power 

There are three components concerned with the total capacity and power of the battery. These are the voltage, amps, and watts. The voltage, which is denoted by volts, is the flow of electrical energy from the battery to the engine. The voltage is measured by volts, which can be technically explained by measuring the electrical potential difference (from the battery to the engine), also known as one joule per coulomb. Many models of electric bikes tend to be either 36 volts or 48 volts, with other models being 21 volts or 60 volts. The voltage variation of the batteries could give you an idea of the capacity and power of your chosen battery, considering that the higher the voltage, the more power your electric bike would have.

Rambo Bikes 14.4Ah Spare Electric Bike Battery

The ampere, also known as the amp, refers to a measure of force. Technically speaking, the amp is a measurement of the electrical current flowing from the battery. The ampere is measured by an amp-hour rating, which refers to the capacity of the battery. Simply put, the higher the amp-hours, the greater the distance you can travel on your electric bike. Watts is the unit of power, used to quantify the rate of energy transfer. Technically speaking, watts is the product of amps and voltage is multiplied to each other. 

Quietkat 2019 Dorado 48V 11.6 Black Lithium-ion Battery

The capacity, in technical terms, is power every time. Merely speaking, capacity is the product of amps multiplied to voltage for every hour. For instance, the common 36 volts, 10 amp Lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 360 watt-hours. However, most batteries on electric bikes have capacities ranging from 250 watt-hours up to 500 watt-hours. At the same time, models that use throttle systems can be higher than 500 watt-hours. A perfect example of this is the Rambo Bikes 14.4Ah Spare Electric Bike Battery and Quietkat 2019 Dorado 48V 11.6 Black Lithium-ion Battery (seen in the images).

  • Maximized Range

In buying an electric bike or the battery itself, the key thing you can test is the range. The range is the distance you will cover at a single charge. The range can be affected by various factors, including engine efficiency, battery capacity, tire pressure, speed, acceleration, and pedaling.

  1. Engine Efficiency: a good engine converts the maximum amount of electricity into useful power.
  2. Battery Capacity: the more battery capacity you have, the more you can get on one charge.
  3. Tire pressure: if you have a weak tire pressure, that would be expressed in how long your battery lasts.
  4. Speed: When you move, there is an incremental rise in resistance.
  5. Acceleration: puts the same strain on your battery, uses more power, and depletes the battery faster.
  6. Pedaling: the less time your battery is engaged, the more range you can travel with.

Electric Bike Battery: How to Charge?

The most straightforward answer for this is to plug it into a power socket and recharge. Electric bike batteries should be removed before charging, if possible. Doing this will ensure that the battery can recharge in the most appropriate environment.

How Long Are You Expected To Charge The Battery?

How you charge your electric bike battery depends on the manufacturer's manual. We also urge you to read the directions carefully before beginning the first payment. The charging time for lead-acid batteries is usually much longer, which takes eight hours or more. Lithium-ion batteries are quickly charged, taking between 2 and 5 hours to be fully charged, depending on their size.

Whether you're a casual rider or a mountain bike enthusiast, having the right equipment for a trip can make a huge difference. You should aim for the highest performing and inexpensive battery packs you 'd use in your adventures. You should check all the information and details about the models and versions of the bike equipment you have chosen. We hope that, with the help of this article, we will give you insights into what you should get and buy. When you do need a guide, check out our collection page to help you out.

Electric Bike Batteries For Sale

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