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Moving around with an electric scooter can be fun and convenient. However, many people think that its functionality stops there. However, that’s not entirely true. There are electric scooters built for maximum functionality and designed for cargo loading and other errands – these are the Electric Cargo Scooters.

So, how different is Electric Cargo Scooter from a typical Electric Scooter?

What is an Electric Cargo Scooter?

An Electric Cargo Scooter is a heavy-duty scooter that combines comfort, mobility, and functionality. It offers a good alternative to cars and other kinds of vehicles since you’ll be enjoying better mobility while reducing your overall carbon footprint. This type of electric scooter is best if you’ve always wanted to invest in a scooter but are hesitant about its functional capability then this is perfect for you.

Who Should Buy an Electric Cargo Scooter?

Electric Cargo Scooter has lots of uses, but mostly, it’s perfect for:

Small Businesses that Need a Delivery Vehicle

So, do you want to invest in a delivery vehicle but can’t afford a bigger one just yet? Or are you looking for a delivery service that’s just perfect for small items? Whichever is the answer, getting an Electric Cargo Scooter will certainly solve your problems. Whether you’re a flower shop expanding to include local delivery services, or you run a small convenience store and need a small vehicle to transport your goods, then this is certainly a must-have.

Elderly Who Loves to Move Around

If you’re worried about your grandparents or aging parents who constantly move around and easily get tired of walking, then giving them an Electric Cargo Scooter may be the best gift that you can give them. The Electric Cargo Scooters are ergonomically-designed, which will give them extreme comfort and have spacious cargo space to put in their essentials and even grocery bags.

Individuals Who Frequently Transport Equipment and Materials

If you typically move around with equipment and other bulky tools using your car, then having an Electric Cargo Scooter will certainly be a more practical alternative as it will allow you to save money on petrol. This is especially true if your traveling distance is relatively short, which can be too difficult to carry yourself or too costly if you ride a car/truck.

Why Get an Electric Cargo Scooter?

Better Mobility

One of the best features of an Electric Cargo Scooter is that it offers great mobility since it makes driving and parking a lot easier. That’s mainly because of its size, since most Electric Cargo Scooters are just the half-size of a small sedan (or even less), looking for parking and squeezing in the traffic comes easy.

Maximum Capacity

When you think about a scooter, you either think of a children’s toy or one that’s extremely lightweight and not capable of carrying heavy loads. However, that’s the exact opposite of an Electric Cargo Scooter.

Electric Cargo Scooters are built to carry heavy loads for transporting and delivering various goods. This scooter allows you to stay mobile even while carrying various tools and equipment.  

Ultimate Comfort

Electric Cargo Scooters are not only designed to carry heavy loads and cargo. They’re also built to provide its users with maximum comfort so you’ll never have back pains as compared to some scooters with a poorly-designed seat.


When you switch to Electric Cargo Scooters, you’ll instantly notice the difference in your spending. The problem with service vehicles and other courier services is that they all use petrol, which raises the price of delivery and all other expenses. In contrast, with an Electric Cargo Scooter, you’ll only need to plug it in a power source, wait for it to be fully charged, and get going instantly. In fact, most Electric Cargo Scooters can go for up to 50 miles on a single charge.

Moreover, it’s more expensive and difficult with traditional service vehicles in terms of maintenance, unlike with Electric Cargo Scooters since you’ll only need to deal with the battery and motor. Essentially, from this point alone, you can already see that Electric Cargo Scooters certainly proves to be the more practical choice.


Electric scooters are emission-free as compared to gas-powered vehicles, which makes them an eco-friendly choice. Choosing an electric-powered vehicle is way smoother to drive. When you buy an Electric Cargo Scooter, you’re drastically reducing your carbon footprint. If you want to do your part to protect the environment, this should be your top choice.


Now that you’re leaning on getting your own Electric Cargo Scooter let’s now tackle the factors that you need to consider in getting one.

Features to Look for in Electric Cargo Scooters


One of the main benefits of an Electric Cargo Scooter is that it can carry heavy loads. So, in choosing an electric scooter, you need to make sure that you’re getting one that offers the most capacity. Besides, it will be pointless if you’re getting an electric cargo scooter that can’t even carry a load of 100 kilos.


The lifeline of your electric scooter depends on the battery. The better the battery performance is, the longer your mileage will be. Hence, you must examine the quality of the battery before closing the deal. Our recommendation is for you to get an electric scooter with a lithium-ion battery for longer mileage and better performance, which some of the best electric cargo scooters use today.


Since your Electric Cargo Scooter will be used to carry heavy loads, it is of utmost importance that you only get one that’s made of high-grade materials. You don’t want to get an Electric Cargo Scooter that’s made of substandard materials since it might not do its job, or worse, it might just waste your money.


If you’re planning to use the Electric Cargo Scooter daily, then it must be ergonomically designed to provide you with comfort while traversing the road. Many people take this for granted only to complain of back pain at the end of the day. So, it would help if you made sure that the seat is well-designed and the measures are perfect for riding to avoid muscle pains in case you’ll be riding it for straight hours.


In carrying heavy loads, there’s always that danger that you get less control of the vehicle/motor.  That’s exactly why it’s important to know all the safety features that an Electric Cargo Scooter can provide. This is especially true if you’ll be riding on rough terrain or if your grandparents will be the ones riding it. Basically, you need to check all the security features available - the more safety features, the better. One example would be a headlight or taillight in case you’ll be using it at nighttime.


How about the suspension? Is the Electric Cargo Scooter equipped with the right suspension to enable a smooth riding experience? This is one of the most important questions you need to ask since it will define your riding experience. Besides, you don’t want to have a bumpy ride at all times.

Best Electric Cargo Scooters

Priority Electric Scooters Transportation Truck 12V/20Ah Electric Cargo Scooter 99-CARGO-03

If you’re looking for a heavy-weight electric scooter that offers the best capacity, then this Priority Electric Scooters Transportation Truck is our top recommendation. This electric cargo scooter houses a 650W motor and is best for heavy-duty hauling, even off-road! It can drive up to 20 miles on a single charge in terms of power, has a top speed of 25 kph, and comes with a lithium-ion battery that can last for the whole day. If you’re wondering about its carrying capacity, then there’s nothing to worry about as it can easily carry up to 650 lbs.!

In terms of safety, you get a twist throttle with three-speed levels, so you can easily adjust the speed. It also comes with a high-grade metal for its framing, which enhances its sturdy built. Providing you comfort is its ergonomically designed seat that’s spacious enough to include your essentials. With its industrial and heavy-duty built, this Priority Electric Scooters Transportation Truck is perfect for businesses as it can surely be your service vehicle for deliveries.

Afikim Afiscooter SE 12V/73Ah 1300W 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter FT00245

If you’re considering getting an electric cargo scooter for your elderly parents, then this is a perfect choice. The Afikim Afiscooter SE is perfect for every use both indoors and outdoors on smooth pathways. This scooter is perfect for anyone who wants to get things done faster and requires mobility assistance.

This Afikim Afiscooter SE provides its users with utmost comfort, convenience, and flexibility. It comes with a fully-adjustable orthopedic seat and a heavy-duty frame fit for heavy loads. While this 3-wheeler scooter looks compact, it offers spacious cargo perfect for running errands and delivering stuff from one point to another. With all these features, you will surely love this scooter!  

Afikim Afiscooter M Cargo 12V/105Ah 1400W 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter FTM3014

Are you looking for a combination of the first two electric cargo scooters? If yes, then this is perfect for you. The Afikim Afiscooter M Cargo offers you the best of both worlds – superior comfort and maximum load capacity. Its design is superior, with an upholstered orthopedic seat paired with a canopy for better comfort when riding outdoors – plus, it’s also equipped with an independent suspension to make every ride smooth and seamless.

This Afikim Afiscooter M Cargo can travel for up to 33 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 12 kph. It’s capable of carrying up to 661 lbs., perfect for transporting heavy loads from one place to another. Other features include a 5-inch ground clearance and grippy tires to ensure your safety.

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