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Five Outstanding Qualities Of The Best Recumbent Electric Trike

Cycling is a fun and enjoyable way to travel from one place to another. However, people with back and spine problems will find this a little bit more challenging to do. With the development of technology in our daily lives, many devices and products help our ways in life. A great example of this is the recumbent electric trike, which is an excellent support and travel device today.

What Is A Recumbent Electric Trike?

A recumbent electric tricycle is a type of bike that places the rider in a comfortable reclining position. The reclining design has many significant advantages for ergonomic reasons: the weight of the rider is easily distributed over a wider area, supported by the back and the buttocks. In a conventional upright electric vehicle, the body’s weight falls solely on a small portion of the arms, legs, and hands. Most models of electric recumbent bikes have an aerodynamic advantage; the reclining, leg-forward position of the rider’s body has a smaller front profile. 

The recumbent electric tricycles are available in a wide variety of configurations that includes specifications from long to short wheelbase, large, small, or mixed wheel sizes, overseat, underseat or non-handed steering, and rear or front-wheel drive.

Electric recumbent trikes are more straightforward to pedal due to the comfortable sitting position. The built-in aerodynamic advantage of the electric recumbent trike often prevails when electrically driven involves less drag, allowing more range out of the battery. Thanks to the advanced electronic control system, the cycling sensation with the electric recumbent trike is preserved, even with a powerful engine with no vibration, no pulling, and no moving. The electrical system of the recumbent electric trike is very free, which only helps you every time you pedal. Another great feature of the electrical recumbent trike is that it can be easily driven without engine support when the battery power is completely used up.

History of the Recumbent Electric Trikes

The recumbent bikes have been around for quite a while, which primarily started before the turn of the 20th century. The initial designs of the recumbent bike were patented in the late 1900s, but these first designs were unsuccessful. The primary known basis for modern recumbent trikes is based on a product called the Velocar, built by French inventor and light car builder Charles Mochet in the 1930s. But in 1978, the Vélérique is the first commercialized recumbent bicycle by the Belgian Erik Abergen. With further advancement of the technology within the years, recumbent bikes have evolved from two-wheel design to three-wheel design. This development further creates a new form to the reclining transport devices ─ the recumbent electric trikes.

Different types of Recumbent Electric Trike

The recumbent electric tricycles are an excellent tool for exercise, getting outdoors, leaving the car parked, or even getting off the beaten track. The recumbent electric trikes offer exceptional stability than a two-wheeled bike and, with modern technology, are more fun, faster, and safer than ever before. Today, there are two well-known types of recumbent electric trikes, delta trikes, and tadpole trikes.

Delta Trikes

Delta trike features one wheel in front and two in the rear. The design of the delta recumbent e-trikes is based on the Greek letter Delta (Δ), which is a triangle with the longest, narrowest point in front. The delta recumbent electric trikes tend to be more flexible and maneuverable. The front wheel can turn almost 90 degrees on most designs, giving the trike a very close turning point. The delta recumbent electric trikes are a little easier to get on and off, especially for riders for whom mobility is a concern. The most unique feature of the delta design is that they can also be connected together with other delta trikes, offering more options for riders who might not be able to run a single trike on their own safely.

Delta recumbent electric trikes are usually the best choice when maneuverability and versatility are a priority over all-out speed. The delta recumbent electric trikes are also better for people with limited mobility because they are effortless to get on and off. A perfect example of a delta recumbent e-trike is the PFIFF Scooter Trike L Recumbent Electric Trike PF091055L

The PFIFF Scooter Trike L Recumbent Electric Trike PF091055L (seen in the image) embodies a vehicle concept that is both safe and comfortable and that people intuitively find easy to handle. The comfortable broad-surfaced saddle (utterly adjustable in height and angle) allows a relaxed sitting position from which it is easy to keep a close watch on the traffic situation. Available in Long, Short, and E-Trike Long Versions. All PFIFF bicycles and tricycles are designed and made in Germany.

Tadpole Trikes

Tadpole trikes, on the other hand,  features two wheels in front and one in the back. The design of the tadpole recumbent e-trikes is based on the small tadpole, the offspring of the frogs. The tadpole e-trikes typically have a lower center of gravity, placing the rider in the trike more rather than on the trike. Having two wheels in front also makes the tadpole recumbent electric trikes slightly better at speed, with two wheels offering more stability to resist cornering forces. Nonetheless, the lower clearance may not be as easy to get in and out of, so this is a point to consider if you have limited mobility. The tadpole recumbent electric trikes also typically have a larger turning radius than delta trikes, so it may not be the best choice to maneuver in tighter places.

The tadpole electric trikes (seen in the image) are often the right choice when speed and stability are prioritized over maneuverability. The rider can quickly get in and out of the lower seated riding position.

What are the Benefits of  Having a Recumbent Electric Trike?

The recumbent electric trikes have the most apparent characteristics: a comfortable seat, back support (cushioned or padded), a set of handlebars near the seat, and a great-performing motor. The recumbent e-trikes are greatly used by travel tools for people with limited mobility, as the recumbent electric trikes have different advantages to different health conditions, including:

  1. Recumbent e-trikes support the lower back of your spine, regardless of how you ride on your bike. If you've hunched a straight bike over the handlebars, a recumbent electric trike promotes a healthier spinal posture.
  2. The recumbent electric trikes are gentle on all of the joints. The seat supports your lower back, and your knees and ankles are protected from potentially damaging effects.
  3. The fact that the seat is wider on a recumbent electric trike appears to be one of the most desirable features. Generally, an upright bike has a smaller seat, which can be uncomfortable for a lot of riders.
  4. The recumbent electric trikes are considerably safer since you can't stand up on the pedals, eliminating many of the injuries that occur when you use an upright bike.
  5. The recumbent electric trike is an ideal alternative for most people with neurological conditions, as the ride offers activities for people with all abilities. The recumbent electric trike is secure and provides a low overall body workout effect.
  6. Thanks to the low impact, the recumbent electrical trike decreases the risk of pain and can build strength. When your back and hips are affected by rheumatoid arthritis, the recumbent e-trike may be easier to use due to the reclining position of your bodyweight spread over your back and buttocks.

Features of the Recumbent Electric Trike

Most of the models of recumbent electrical trikes are fail-safe due to their excellent quality and maintenance-free nature. Taking into account the needs and preferences, you must start looking at different factors such as the battery, the motor, the weight, the power, the additional functionality, the price, and the benefits you will gain from using a recumbent electric trike. To guide you further, we have set out the features that you must include when choosing the best recumbent electric trike on the market right now.

  • Stability

The recumbent electric trikes are quite known for the stability and security compared to the typical electric bike. Depending on the kind of recumbent trike, the stability throughout your rides is always on point. Generally, the tadpole recumbent e-trikes are more stable at cornering, while the delta trikes are more stable at high speeds. 

  • Steering System

Recumbents have two different kinds of steering systems: the overseat system and the underseat system.

 The underseat steering can be recognized if the handlebars are placed below the rider’s seat, typically on the passenger’s sides. Here are some advantages of having an underseat steering recumbent trike.

Advantages of Underseat Steering System

  1. The reclining position in an underseat steering recumbent trike is more comfortable to ride on since your arms can rest down on your sides. Since the handlebars are on your sides, you won’t be reaching up to grip the handlebars.
  2. You will have better visibility on the road since the handlebar is out of your line of sight. With the reclining position and ease of steering, you can relax and enjoy your travel views.
  3. Because the handlebars are on the sides,  getting on and off the electric trike is much easier. The under-seat steering recumbent trikes are great for people with limited mobility.

Overseat steering (also called as above seat steering or high bars), have the handlebars extend upwards and positioned in front of the seat. Here are some advantages of having an overseat steering recumbent trike.

Advantages of Overseat  Steering System

  1. Over seat steering allows you to further increase aerodynamics by reducing your profile facing the wind and creating drag. 
  2. The design of the overseat steering recumbent trike is usually more straightforward and less expensive to make. Many over seat steering recumbents use the same headrest, handlebars, and features just like the typical upright bikes. 
  3. The overseat steering recumbent trike is easier to control and more intuitive because it is the same as a standard upright bike. The controls are also placed right in front of you, minimizing your effort throughout the trip.
  4. Overseat steering bars have adequate space for added accessories and devices such as cycling computers, light, bell, GPS, and many more.
  • Suspensions

Like in the world of bicycles, the recumbent trikes started with rigid frames, meaning no suspension. Suspension adds cost, weight, and complexity and, in return, provides a better ride and significant improvement in handling. The suspension comes into different forms: rear suspension, shocks or dampers, elastomers, rigid frames, and front suspension.

The rear suspension uses a swing arm with one hinge point. Many newer grades of Mountain Bikes provide a more complicated system of multi-point hinge motion, but complexity is only useful when using rear-wheel braking.

Shocks or dampers reduce the effects of pogo (moving rapidly up and down). Most folks think shocks simply absorb (dampen) the motion energy, but they do much more than that. Shocks control both the speed of motion, where the springs control the distance of the action. Generally, the rear suspension would be more effective with some degree of shock absorption.

Elastomers have some built-in damping capabilities and can be an efficient spring-damping system when properly matched to the suspension. They are not as effective as a shock-spring, but they are lower in cost and lower in weight, while at the same time providing adequate control with a properly designed swing arm.

Rigid frames deliver the least weight, low cost, and most performance on smoother surfaces. A racing trike can be equipped with a hard shell seat and high-pressure racing tires, the driver must give up speed comfort. Mesh seats deliver a great increase in comfort on the racing trike, at the cost of losses on the seat fabric movement.

While the front wheels provide stability, suspension motion also helps the trike to roll or lean outward during turns. Likewise, under braking, the shift of weight to the front will cause the front to fall. Much of this motion may be unpleasant, which is why some trikes are only fine with a rear suspension. Much of the roll angle or brake dive may be offset by suspension structure and anti-roll bars.

  • Accessories

Electric trikes are awesome, but depending on your budget, planned usage, and the climate, the trike alone can not necessarily meet your needs. Those lapses within the applications are covered by the gadgets and accessories you have. Like a typical bike, the accessories and devices you need for every ride are the same. You should read our guides on electric bike accessories to learn more about the usual devices and gadgets.

  • Electric trike drive systems 

The recumbent electric trikes have three types of motors – rear hub motors,  front hub motors, and mid-drive motors. Rear hub motors can be seen at the rear tire of the bicycle, easy to take care of and maintain. However, rear hub motors are not suitable for terrains that involve a lot of steep inclines and uphills, as climbing slopes could be a little bit more challenging. The front hub motor produces an all-wheel-drive bike as it powers the front wheel, driving the rear wheel with the pedal’s strength. This could be advantageous for riding in the snow or in the sand. Some fat e-bikes come with front hub motors to make this all-wheel drive feature. The mid-drive motors are mounted between the pedals near the center of the bike. The mid-drive engine provides higher torque, which is excellent for climbing slopes. Mid-drive motors are more expensive than the rear hub motors, for innovative reasons. The mid-drive motors give outstanding performance and allow the rider to have more control over the bike.

Looking for a superb recumbent electric trike is pretty tough when you don't evaluate the features you need and prefer. One of the easiest ways to find the right recumbent electric trike is to get all the details about all styles and models with their specifications. Getting a list of all the details about your perfect recumbent e-trike will give you comfort and satisfaction during your transaction. We hope this article will help you find the best recumbent electric trike right now.

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