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8 Best Electric Skateboard Tricks: Complete Guide

Electric skateboards combine the freedom and flexibility of traditional skateboards with the power of an electric motor. The latest collections feature various models that blend cutting-edge technology with robust build materials, resulting in skateboards that are both durable and stable.

These qualities make them ideal for performing tricks. In this post, we will:

  • Give you a run-through of classic electric skateboard tricks.
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to perform each one.
  • Recommend a few electric skateboards that are perfect for catching some air

1. Electric Skateboard Tricks: Hippie Jump

A man on a skateboard doing hippie jump tricks

The Hippie Jump is a classic skateboard trick that involves jumping over an obstacle while the board remains on the ground. 

To perform this trick on an electric skateboard:

  • Approach the Obstacle: On your electric skateboard, head towards the obstacle at a moderate speed. As you near it, get into a crouched position.
  • Initiate the Hippie Jump: When you’re close to the obstacle, firmly press down on the skateboard’s tail. This action lifts the front wheels.
  • Execute the Jump: Propel yourself over the obstacle using your forward momentum. Keep your feet aligned with the board’s center.
  • Land the Trick: Ensure a smooth landing on the other side of the obstacle. Use your knees to absorb the impact, maintaining balance and control.

2. Electric Skateboard Tricks: Dancing


Dancing on an electric skateboard involves gracefully moving your body while riding to create fluid and rhythmic movements:

  • Initiate Your Dance: Begin your electric skateboard journey on a flat surface. Maintain a comfortable pace that allows for body movement.
  • Master the Basics: Experiment with shifting your weight and choreographing your feet into various patterns to establish a rhythm.
  • Enhance Your Moves: Practice transitioning your weight laterally and executing small hops or spins, all while keeping the board under your command.
  • Elevate Your Performance: As your confidence builds, integrate larger gestures and seamless transitions between poses. The stability of an Atom B10X All-Terrain Longboard Electric Skateboard is perfect for this.

3. Electric Skateboard Tricks: Boneless

a man using skateboard

The Boneless is a stylish skateboard trick that involves removing one foot from the board and using it to push off the ground while grabbing the board with your hand. 

To perform this trick:

  • Initiate the Move: Propel yourself at a steady pace towards the trick’s location.
  • Lift and Push: Employ your front foot to elevate the board marginally, while your other foot thrusts off the ground.
  • Grasp and Ascend: Grasp the board with your hand, hoisting it aloft.
  • Smooth Landing: Let go of the board, ensuring a controlled landing back onto it.

4. Electric Skateboard Tricks: Shove It

a kid using skateboard

The Shove It is a classic skateboard trick that involves spinning the board 180 degrees beneath your feet while in mid-air. 

To perform this trick on an electric skateboard:

  • Starting Position: Ride at a moderate speed and get ready to pop the board into the air.
  • The Jump: Use your front foot to scoop the board backward and jump, keeping your back foot over the rear truck.
  • Mid-Air Spin: Let the board spin 180 degrees beneath you.
  • The Landing: Guide the board back into position with your back foot and land smoothly.

Practice controlling the spin and landing smoothly to master the Shove It on an electric skateboard.

5. Electric Skateboard Tricks: Early Grab

a man on a skateboard

The Early Grab is a simple but stylish skateboard trick that involves grabbing the board while jumping into the air. 

To perform this trick on an electric skateboard:

  • Starting Position: Ride at a comfortable speed and crouch slightly as you near the trick spot.
  • Board Lift: Push down on the tail to lift the front wheels just before the spot.
  • Grab and Jump: Use your front hand to grab the board’s nose and jump into the air.
  • Smooth Landing: Extend your legs, grab the board with both hands, and land with control.

6. Electric Skateboard Tricks: Ghost Ride Kickflip

a man on the road riding Raldey Carbon AT V.2 1200W Electric Skateboard

The Ghost Ride Kickflip is an advanced skateboard trick that involves flipping the board with your feet while letting it roll beneath you. 

To perform this trick on an electric skateboard:

  • Initiate the Ghost Ride Kickflip by riding your electric skateboard at a steady, moderate speed.
  • Prepare for liftoff: Position yourself to jump off the board as it continues its forward motion.
  • Execute the flip: As you leap, actively flick the skateboard with your front foot, initiating the kickflip while the board rolls underneath.
  • Maintain clearance: Ensure your feet stay away from the board as it spins, allowing it to complete its rotation.
  • Land with precision: After the board finishes flipping, confidently land back on it.

The lightweight carbon fiber deck of the Raldey Carbon AT V.2 1200W Electric Skateboard is designed to pop you into the air with ease.

7. Electric Skateboard Tricks: Slides

a skate boarder doing Slides Tricks

Slides are stylish skateboard tricks that involve drifting the wheels of the board sideways while riding. 

To perform Slides on an electric skateboard:

  • Moderate Speed: Begin by riding your electric skateboard at a steady, moderate speed. This momentum is crucial for executing a smooth slide.
  • Weight Shift: As you approach the slide, subtly shift your weight to one side. This prepares you for the upcoming move.
  • Edge Pressure: Use your feet to apply gentle pressure to the edges of the board. This pressure initiates the slide, causing the wheels to break traction and glide sideways.
  • Control and Balance: Experiment with different angles and pressures. Find the sweet spot that allows you to control the slide while maintaining balance.

Slides can be performed on flat ground or on slopes, and they add an element of style and flair to your electric skateboard riding.

8. Electric Skateboard Tricks: Old School Varial Flip

a kid doing a flip on a skateboard

The Old School Varial Flip is a classic skateboard trick that combines a kickflip with a frontside 180-degree spin. 

To perform this trick on an electric skateboard:

  • Build Momentum: Start by riding your electric skateboard at a moderate pace to build the necessary momentum for the trick.
  • Initiate the Pop: Get ready to pop the board into the air, using the springiness of the deck to your advantage.
  • Kickflip and Spin: As you make the jump, deftly flick the board with your front foot for the kickflip while your shoulders guide the frontside spin.
  • Complete the Maneuver: Watch the board as it performs the flip and spin. Keep your feet clear until the rotation is complete.
  • Precision Landing: Extend your legs and time your landing to reconnect with the board gracefully.

Practice timing and coordination to master the Old School Varial Flip on an electric skateboard.

Electric Skateboard Tips: How Do You Go Faster on an Electric Skateboard?

To zip around on your electric skateboard like a lightning bolt, there are a few tricks up your sleeve. 

  • First, make sure your board's battery is fully charged – no one wants a sluggish ride.
  • Next, find a smooth, flat surface to glide on, avoiding rough terrain like the plague. 
  • And when you're ready to kick it into high gear, lean forward gently and gradually increase your speed. 

Remember, that to safely and efficiently make any turns, you’ve got to:

  • Slow down your board.
  • Take the turn at an angle.
  • Start turning before you get to the actual deviation.

Where to Get an Electric Skateboard for Electric Skateboard Tricks?

At, we stand as your premier online destination for all electric skateboard essentials. Should you seek guidance or a launching point, feel free to reach out to us.

Simply invest a few moments to complete our digital form. Alternatively, you're welcome to contact us or engage with our live chat support on our site. Whichever method you choose, rest assured that seasoned industry experts will welcome you.

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