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Best eBike Phone Mount for Your Ride

Are you looking for a mount to keep your smartphone secure and accessible while you're out for a ride on your electric bike? With the perfect phone mount, keeping an eye on your route and tracking your miles becomes much easier.

We will tell you our picks for the best ebike phone mount, whether you use your bike for your daily commute or tear it up on the weekends on rugged trails.

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Why Get the Best eBike Phone Mount?

Out of all the exciting accessories you can add to your electric bike, you might wonder why you would want a phone mount. However, there are plenty of reasons why it may be beneficial, such as:


There are a lot of great apps specifically for bike riders that require GPS. When securely mounted, it's much easier to glance at your phone's screen for turn-by-turn directions.

Fitness Tracking

Having your phone mounted on your ebike lets you view real-time fitness stats, such as speed and distance.

Recording Your Rides

An ebike phone mount is good for recording your rides for social media or reliving a great time.

Monitoring Your eBike's Performance

There are some excellent tech accessories to add to your electric bike and apps to monitor them. You can check your bike's performance indicators with a glance.


Having your phone within easy reach is essential if you have an accident or breakdown and need to call for help.


You may not consider a phone mount to be safety gear, but having one is much safer than trying to hold your phone or pulling it out of your pocket while riding. 

When shopping for ebike phone mounts, sticking to your budget is essential. But you do want to avoid purchasing cheap phone mounts. You may find yourself dealing with a variety of issues, such as:

  • Lack of durability due to inferior materials
  • It may not hold the phone securely, allowing it to fall and get damaged
  • If the mount keeps slipping, it becomes a safety risk, and you must take your eyes off the trail to adjust it
  • It may not be compatible with your phone
  • Some cheaper models don't attach very well to the handlebars

There are several phone mounts for your electric bike that are affordable and perform well. Here are three best ebike phone mounts that provide quality and functionality.

Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount With Stainless Steel Clamp Arms

If you're looking for the best ebike phone mount to keep your device steady while you ride, you will want the Anti-Shake Phone Mount with Stainless Steel Clamp Arms. It will fit phones four to seven inches long and up to 12mm thick. It attaches easily to your handlebars, and four eagle-claw support corners lock your phone securely in place to prevent shakes, even on the bumpiest roads.

The phone holder and handlebar connecter are joined by a spherical universal joint, allowing you to adjust the angle. This ebike phone mount gets excellent reviews, with one customer stating that even though his bike crashed, his phone stayed in place.

Handlebar Stainless Steel Phone Mount

The Handlebar Stainless Steel Phone Mount holds your phone securely in place with rubber on the top and bottom. A security lock ensures it won't come loose when riding. You can easily reposition it to the angle that suits you best. 

The phone mount attaches to handlebars between 15-30mm in diameter and will fit all cell phones between 4.7-6.8 inches and up to 15mm thick, making it suitable if your phone is in a case. Silicone pads protect your phone from scratches. Reviewers give it high marks for easy installation and stability on bumpy and gravel roads.

Bike/Scooter Phone Mount for Smartphones

The Bike/Scooter Phone Mount for Smartphones uses two silicone bands to provide extra security and protection. The mount allows 360-degree rotation, making it perfect for GPS navigation and viewing maps.

The silicone bands stretch over the corners of your phone to hold it in place while also preventing scratches. 

The butterfly silicone bands come in three colors (black, green, and red). Two different size bolts allow you to mount to handlebar sizes from .6" to 1.3" in diameter.

Making the Final Decision

The best ebike phone mount is one that fits your specific needs. Much of it is determined by your riding type and how you use your phone. There are also other factors you should consider when making your final decision, including:

  • Compatibility
  • Mounting Location
  • Durability and Material
  • Ease of Installation
  • Security
  • Adjustability
  • Accessibility
  • Safety

When you are riding, safety is the highest priority. Keep your eyes on the trail and let your phone’s audio guide you when possible.

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