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Best Electric Recumbent Trike

No More Body, Muscle, and Joint Pain During and After Every Ride! 

Cycling is an enjoyable way of transportation. However, people with spine and back problems find it challenging to enjoy their rides because of back pains during and after every cycling session. Thus, recumbent trikes have gained popularity in recent years with their unique reclined chair design, which offers a whole new level of comfortability during rides for people with spine and back problems. These types of trikes have a list of advantages compared to ordinary trikes. To feed your curiosity, we have made a list of the best electric recumbent trikes that might catch your attention. 

What are Electric Recumbent Trikes?

As we've mentioned earlier, a recumbent trike includes an especially designed chair that places its rider in a comfortable reclining position. Its reclining design has a list of benefits: the rider's weight is distributed over a wider area and is supported by the back and the buttocks. Judging by its name, it usually has a three-wheel configuration; although dual-wheel recumbent bikes also exist, they are often harder to find. 

Most electric recumbent trikes have adjustable saddle seats and are also bigger compared to ordinary upright bikes. It's structured to have two wheels at the front and one at the back, but you'll be able to see some recumbent trikes having the wheels placed the opposite way, two at the back and one in front. These types of recumbent trike setups are called delta trike configurations.

Aside from that, electric recumbent trikes offer a more straightforward pedal mechanism because of the comfortable sitting position it offers. And with recumbent trikes' evolving to electric-powered ones, you can enjoy your rides minus the extra effort you have to give when riding a manual one.

Why are Electric Recumbent Trikes so Expensive?

Generally, these types of bikes are more expensive compared to your ordinary upright bikes. But why are they more expensive? Well, that's simple. They offer more benefits and features that will surely convince you to buy one. Below are a few benefits a rider will experience with these incredible trikes.

Healthier Spinal Posture

The reclined chair design avoids the hunched back upright bike gives as you reach for the handlebars. Regardless of how you sit, you'll surely have a straight back for a healthier spinal posture. 

Gentle on All Joints

The reclined seat also supports your knees and ankles from potentially damaging effects. People with lower back, hip, joint, or shoulder issues will surely enjoy every ride with electric recumbent trikes. 

A Wider Seat

A feature every rider loves is a broader seat since it gives the bum a more comfortable and less painful experience, especially on long rides. 


It decreases the number of injuries and accidents since riders can't stand up on the pedals, which is usually the cause of such accidents. 

Low Overall Body Workout

The lower position allows for a more direct and exciting connection with the road and is the most incredible ride for people with neurological conditions.

Decreased Body, Muscle, and Joint Pain

If you're a person with rheumatoid arthritis, this type of trike will surely decrease the amount of body, muscle, and joint pain every ride. Expect a more comfortable ride with your weight distributed on a wider area and your back and buttocks supported.  

Increased Range and Speed

The aerodynamic lower-to-the-ground position gives it additional range and speed advantages compared to upright bikes. 


These are just a few benefits these trikes can offer, so don't be surprised why they tend to be more expensive than standard bikes. 

How do I Choose an Electric Recumbent Trike?

Bet you're itching to get your hands on one of the best electric recumbent trikes by now, but you're having a hard time choosing the perfect one due to the wide variety it has. Well, we got you covered! If you're looking for the perfect criteria to consider before getting one, keep on scrolling.

Battery Specifications

The battery serves as your electric recumbent trike's lifeblood. Knowing its specifications, such as how long it charges from 0 to 100, the range you can travel on a single charge, and more, are essential to ensure a hassle-free ride.  

Wheelbase Length

An important factor when choosing the best electric recumbent trike that fits your riding lifestyle is the wheelbase. A short wheelbase is ideal for riders with disabilities since it offers a light and more responsive system. In contrast, long wheelbases are great for gravel roads and provide smoother rides because of the lower sit position.

Steering System

Recumbent Trikes have two kinds of steering systems. The under-seat allows your arms to rest on the side and gives better visibility on the road. In contrast, overseat allows for further increase in aerodynamics and is easier to control.


Suspensions provide more comfortable rides and improve handling significantly and come in different types: rear, shocks or dampers, elastomers, rigid frames, and front suspensions. 

Electric Trike Drive Systems

Recumbent Electric trikes have three types of motors. Rear hub motors are placed at the rear tire but aren't suitable for steep inclines and uphills. Front hub motors, on the other hand, are great for riding in snow or sand. Lastly, the mid-drive motor provides higher torque, which is excellent for climbing slopes. 

What is the Best Electric Recumbent Trike?

PFIFF Scooter Trike L 36V/9Ah 250W Recumbent Electric Trike PF09105501EL

Looking for something that embodies both safety and comfortability? Then the PFIFF Scooter Trike is perfect for you! This Delta recumbent electric trike is easy to handle and has a broad-surfaced saddle seat that you can adjust in height and angle. It is ideal for back and butt support to lessen the pain felt during and after rides. 

If you're an urban dweller, this trike will be a reliable mode of transportation as it can travel from 27 to 37 miles on a single charge. You also won't have to worry about taking too long to charge it as it can be fully charged in four hours. However, do consider that if you're looking for an extended range, charging it for an hour or two will suffice to continue your urban adventure. Equipped with a 36-volt, 250-watt Ansmann hub motor, this trike has a maximum speed of 15.5 mph which can be reached with the help of the seven-speed derailleur for easier pedaling time.

It also features a throttle, which is easy to use and allows you to zoom on the road with a five-level pedal assist, ensuring a more relaxed ride. The rear shock absorber makes riding on bumpy urban roads and potholes as smooth as possible and lessens the impact your body has to absorb. The cargo box on the rear makes it possible to do hassle-free grocery shopping and can hold up to 260 lbs giving you more space to shop all items needed in the house. 

With its perfect dimensions, this trike can fit any standard door, and its front wheel can turn almost 90-degrees, giving the trike a very close turning point, so worrying about getting stuck on a grocery corner won't be a problem. Let's not forget about the Schwalbe smooth reflective spoked double-wall rims that boost the stiffness of the wheels for far better rides and make your wheels last far longer. 

Not only is this PFIFF Scooter Trike designed for functionality, but it also has the energy to boost its beautiful sport frame with spoked rims! With an anti-corrosive powder coating, you can say it's a perfect trike for mobility and utility that will surely display incredible durability. 

Aside from these incredible features, this PFIFF Scooter Trike can boast more when it comes to safety. Equipped with coaster brakes that are good for young and disabled riders and perform well regardless of the weather. If you want a trike that can do it all and can offer you safety and comfortability, consider investing in this ride today!

Honorable Mentions

Should you want to explore other options, here are some recumbent trikes available in the market:

FAT-TIRE ELECTRIC RECUMBENT TRIKE: Electric Fat-Tad Recumbent Electric Trike

This Electric Fat-Tad may be what you're looking for if you need something to accompany you on different terrain adventures! With its 4-inch fat tires and compact yet powerful 1000-watt power, it can surely power your rides and speed up to 26 mph. The 10" ground clearance also won't give you any problems when driving on uneven or challenging roads. Additionally, its high ground clearance gives its wheels more vertical room, absorbs road shocks better, and allows it to avoid any scraping that can damage the chassis and underbody.

It also features a rear coil-over and integrated front suspension to reduce the impact of bumpy rides. The Promax Mechanical Disc Brake System gives the safety category a plus point, while the air-mesh seat with an alloy seat frame gives the rider additional comfort.


If you're a newbie when it comes to riding electric recumbent trikes, then you may want to consider the E-Azteca Trike. It is equipped with a Dapu Engine that boasts a 500-watt power to give you incredible support when riding. It will get you to your destination with its range of up to 45 miles on a single charge and a 15-mph maximum speed. If you're worried about not fitting on standard doors, you don't have to worry about this trike because it has dimensions narrower than a door. 

GREAT OFF-ROAD ELECTRIC RECUMBENT TRIKE: Alpha Heavy-Duty Road Recumbent Electric Trike

The Alpha Heavy-Duty Road will allow you to fulfill your dream of riding across the country with speed without the cost of gas. This compact and affordable ride has a brushless permanent magnet motor that offers 1500 to 6000-watt.

This trike can hold up to 300 lbs and has a maximum speed of 20 mph. It also offers a range of 200+ on a single charge. Utilizing an outrider carbon belt-driven electric drivetrain technology makes it durable and capable of any off-road trip. The independent front and rear adjustable air-shock suspensions will make every ride smoother since it has a responsive controller for turning and cornering.


If you want to reach your destinations faster, you might want to try the HP Velotechnik Scorpion. This trike presents a full-suspension speed trike offering a smooth-running 26-inch rear wheel. It can speed up to 28 mph using the speed pedelecs and has a powerful silent rear hub motor.

Aside from speed, this trike also offers an excellent assist function that allows you to accelerate with a push of a button without pedaling! It is also foldable and only takes a few simple steps to get a compact transportable end result.


Adding electric power to these vehicles has put them on a whole new level when it comes to mobilization of all ages. Choosing the best electric recumbent trike will surely upgrade your transport system significantly!

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