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Best Electric Bikes Under $700 in the Market Today

If you want an entry-level electric bike or are on a budget. Getting an electric bike is a great idea if you need something compact to go somewhere, like living in an urban area with heavy road traffic. 

Although prices can vary across the brand, the cost of electric bikes is often tied to their components, like the motor, the battery, and the frame. More expensive bikes typically have better-designed frames, more powerful motors, and higher battery capacities. In the electric bike world, you usually pay what you get. 

If you’re just getting started with an electric bike, choosing bikes with below price is a good place to begin. You can already find many electric bike models at that price, including cruiser, ladies', electric mountain, and fat tire electric bikes. Some can be ridden off-road or have advanced components to climb uphill trails or travel long distances. 

However, what will 700 bucks get you? Well, your options will be more limited, but you DO have options! Almost all bikes at that price point are compact, folding models. These offer no-frills, with small motors and battery packs, and packing the most basic features. However, these are good for users who just need something to bring them from point A to point B and go back. Many users find them sufficient for exercise and leisure.

Here at Electric Bike Paradise, we have electric bikes on every budget! Here is an overview of several interesting electric bikes.

Overview of the 4 Best Electric Bikes 

Nakto Skylark 36V/10AH 250W Folding Electric Bike

Let’s start with offering the popular brand Nakto, the Skylark folding electric bike. This electric bike is a sure looker, presenting a classic folding frame with fat tires that bring a sporty flair. The frame is foldable, so you can bring it inside the house and save on parking! 

The features of this bike are great and comparable to more expensive brands. The Skylark has a 250-watt geared hub motor and a 36-volt, 10 Ah battery. It has a geared electric motor, which provides a lot of torque (the twisting force) for its size, so it can go over small stones and cross gaps that come your way. The 16-inch fat tires have extra grip on wet surfaces and add to the comfort. Although somewhat diminutive, the Nakto Skylark has a max weight capacity of 220 lbs. so a full-grown adult can ride it. It comes with a twist throttle and pedal assist, and has good performance on hard surfaces.

It comes with features you will find on more expensive bikes, such as an LED light, a luggage rack, a battery capacity monitor, a carbon steel frame, and brakes on both tires (disc on the rear, drum on the front). The Nakto Skylark folding bike is a good choice for those who want to jump on the electric bike wagon but are on a budget. 

Glarewheel EB-X5 42V/6Ah 250W Folding Electric Commuter Bike 

Next on the list is the Glarewheel EB-X5 folding bike. It is a true commuter bike featuring a compact and folding frame that is lighter (49 lbs.), so you have an easier time carrying it. It easily fits in the trunk of most cars. Lighter bikes are also easier to pedal, so riding this bike will be a breeze. It is also lighter on the wallet.

The Glarewheel EB-X5 electric bike has a 42-volt, 6 Ah lithium battery, and a 250-watt electric motor. Because it has a 42-volt power supply, it is usable in the streets and pathways. The futuristic-looking frame is compact and comes with a folding handlebar stem, so you can just fold and roll it to storage. It is a more durable design, unlike other frames that fold in the middle, and has a max weight capacity of 265 lbs. 

At its price, it comes with a somewhat small battery and a set of smaller 12-inch wheels that need getting used to. You should only use it on hard, level surfaces and pedal more when going up gentle slopes. However, the Glarewheel EB-X5 comes with dual disc brakes, a rear shock absorber, and a height-adjustable seat and handlebars. Therefore, it can be ridden by everyone. 

Fiido D3 Pro 36V/7.8 Ah 250W Folding Electric Bike

If you are looking for something that is really compact and lightweight, the Fiido D3 Pro folding bike is for you. It sports a minimalist look appealing to some users who do not want dizzying features. The bike weighs only 44 lbs., so it is amazingly light in weight. It can travel up to 37 miles, so you can use it for round trips!

You can easily lift and put it in the car trunk or bring it on the bus or train. It has a solid frame and folding handlebars, so it folds into a slim package that is not unwieldy to handle. Fold and lift it like hand-carry luggage. The Fiido D3 Pro electric bike is equipped with a 36-volt, 250-watt electric motor that is fit for the lightweight frame. It has a large 52-tooth crankset and a 12-tooth rear flywheel, so each pedal will add to your speed.

The 7.8 Ah battery is small and almost unnoticeable, giving it a seamless appearance that is uncommon among electric bikes. It has a set of disc brakes and 14-inch wheels, so it is rideable on ruts and uneven surfaces. The Fiido D3 Pro is made to be simple but can still accommodate riders five to six feet in height.  

GoTrax EBE1 36V/10 Ah Folding Electric Bike

Last on the list is the GoTrax EBE1 electric bike, and it is a looker among compact folding bikes. It has a nice sporty look with a set of 16-inch wheels. In addition, the battery pack sits inside the folding frame, so it looks like a normal bike. It has great features.


You will enjoy riding this bike. The GoTrax EBE1 is equipped with a 36-volt, 350-watt high-torque motor that can propel it to 15 mph, so it is a speedy ride for its size. It can go up on gentle slopes, so it is great in the city environment where paths are not always paved, and roads are not always perfect. 

The GoTrax EBE1 electric bike has a conventional folding frame with a mid-fold hinge. The entire bike weighs just 56 lbs., so it remains a lightweight ride that is easy to lift. It has a rear shock that makes the ride more comfortable. There are two disc brakes for better control and stopping power. 

Save Money and Get One of the Best Electric Bikes Today!

You will save some serious dough when you get one of the best electric bikes. And using one as your daily driver can even save you even more money, as you no longer have to pay for parking and car maintenance. Charging an electric bike literally costs cents per mile when compared to gas.

Getting a small or compact electric bike is a great decision. They are more useful in the cities than large-bodied SUVs or even compact cars when you consider all the points made above. 

Beautiful and well-built electric bikes can fit your needs and lifestyle. What’s even better is that Electric Bike Paradise has a lot of options for every budget, including a collection of the best electric bikes.

Discover a multitude of bike models that will surely fit your budget. If you’re looking for more options, have a look at our article “10 Best Budget Electric Bikes” – you might be surprised to find e-bikes that match performance and endurance of more expensive models. We also offer limited-time coupons, low-price guarantees, and financing through Bread Pay. Reach out to our support team so you can explore options to find the best electric bike for your budget! 

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