Best Electric Bike Accessories

Upgrade Your Electric Bike Experience by Investing in Complementary Accessories!

Purchasing a new electric bike is exciting. These portable and lightweight vehicles can allow you to travel faster and farther in the most efficient and eco-friendly way. We are confident that you are excited to take your new bike out for a spin. But before you embark on your first exciting bike adventure, there are a few of the best electric bike accessories that we reckon would make your ride even better. 

As far as bike accessories are concerned, there is no shortage of bike tools and trinkets available in the market today. It may be pretty overwhelming for beginners to go shopping without knowing what is necessary and what is just junk. Moreover, we know that biking is generally a safe activity. However, you do not know what life would throw at you on the road.

If you are a new bike owner trying to figure out the accessories to include in your arsenal, you don’t have to look any further. Below are our top picks for the best electric bike accessories: 

Bike Helmet

When it comes to riding a bike, electric or otherwise, your safety should always come first. While the activity is relatively safe, on the road, you are amidst 3000-pound vehicles. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

A bike helmet is an essential bike accessory. In fact, in certain areas, a helmet is a requirement. Because a helmet is the only thing between your head and the pavement, it is best to invest in a good quality one. The market is saturated with choices, but we suggest purchasing a helmet that is at least 20-inches thick and relatively lightweight. 

Safety Lights

Biking at night can be a fun activity to get a little bit of active time before heading to bed. It is also a great way to enjoy your electric bike without worrying about the sweltering heat of the sun. That said, taking your electric bike for a spin at night requires the use of safety lights. 

Like your helmet, safety lights are a layer of protection that keeps you safe while on the road. You have several options as far as safety lights are concerned. If the budget is tight, there are rechargeable lights that are clipped on the handlebars and rear seat. They are affordable and can do the job. If you have a little more money to spare and are ready to invest, there are also options that can be connected to your main ebike battery. 

Bike Repair Kit

Very few things can put a damper on an adventure more than a broken electric bike in the middle of nowhere. Even if you are the most diligent and responsible biker, accidents can still happen. It is better to be prepared than to be stranded by the side of the road. 

One of the best electric bike accessories that you should always have, especially for long rides, is a complete bike repair kit. You can choose to buy each bike tool separately, but there are full kits that you can purchase from your local bike shop. Ideally, your kit should include:

  • A Multitool
  • A Tire Lever
  • Tire Patches
  • An Extra Battery Pack
  • Chain Lube
  • A High-Power Pump 
  • Duct Tape
  • Superglue

First Aid Kit

Again, biking isn’t dangerous. Especially if you are in an urban setting, any accidents can be quickly dealt with. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to bring a first aid kit wherever you go. While you might be a cautious driver, you never know who might need your help on the road. 

Like the bike repair kit, you have the option to buy each component of your first aid kit individually. However, below are the items that should always be included:

  • Alcohol / Wound Disinfectant
  • Bandaids / Gauzes
  • Snake Bite Kit
  • Splint 
  • Paracetamol / Any Painkiller
  • Iodine Tabs
  • Allergy Medicine 

Extra Battery Pack

An extra battery pack for your electric bike can be quite an investment. It might not be a requirement for every type of biker, but it is a necessary accessory for folks who enjoy a long bike ride. Before buying your extra battery pack, it is crucial to make sure that it is compatible with your electric bike. We suggest selecting a battery pack from the same store that you bought your electric bike from. 

Baskets & Cargo Bags

Electric bikes are a great travel companion because it allows you to go further with ease. While you don’t have to pedal for miles, you also do not need to constantly fill it up with gas like your car. Nevertheless, it could be difficult to lug around your stuff when you ride your electric bike. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to fix. 

Baskets & cargo bags make owning an electric bike worth every penny. They are easily one of the best electric bike accessories because they transform your eBike into a truly utilitarian vehicle. If you worry about how you would look with a rattan basket between your handlebars, a cargo bag is a great aesthetic option. 

Side Mirrors

A side mirror is another safety bike accessory that you should invest in. Being aware of your surroundings is key to avoiding accidents on the road. Ideally, your electric bike should have both a left and right-side mirror so you can see incoming cars and vehicles from both sides. 




Unlike good side mirrors and a quality helmet, fenders aren’t necessarily a bike accessory that every biker should have. However, they do become essential, especially during the wetter seasons. 

If you use your bike in the city plenty of times, you know very well how much of a hassle it is to bike through puddles and have dirty water stains on your clothes. Fenders can prevent such mishaps from happening. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that fenders could also be a great fashionable addition to your electric bike.

Bottle Cage

When biking, hydration is key to having a fun time on the road. However, we understand that keeping your water bottle inside your bag or in your basket is risky. The risk of leaks is high, and you don’t want to end your bike trip with a soaking wet bag. 

A bottle cage is a simple solution to this problem. Like water bottles, bottle cages come in many different sizes. We are sure that you can find one in your budget and specifications. 

Classic Bike Bell

Buying a bike bell is an excellent safety precaution when you bike on busy roads. It lets pedestrians know your presence, and this small, seemingly innocuous tool can save you from plenty of minor accidents. 

As with most bike accessories, you have plenty to choose from when it comes to bike bells. There are battery-powered ones as well as rechargeable options. We do, however, suggest a class analog bike bell that is operated by your thumb. They don’t need batteries or good charging to work, and it doesn’t hurt that they also add a little oomph to your electric bike. 

Cycling Gloves 

Biking for long periods can get uncomfortable. Eventually, body parts would start chafing, and blisters would form. These discomforts can make your bike adventure unbearable. To make the most out of your electric bike investment, we suggest a great pair of cycling gloves. 

More than the cost, it is essential to find gloves that fit well. Checking the fit of a pair is simple. You only need to mind the webbing between your pointer finger and your thumb and make sure that there is space to grip the handlebar. 

Phone Mount

It can be difficult to find your way back to the main highway when you go off the road. Thankfully, unlike decades ago, you no longer need to pull out a big map to get to your destination. Your phone can serve as a map and an emergency line in cases wherein you truly cannot find your way. 

Phone mounts can help you access your phone with ease. An excellent electric bike phone mount is sturdy enough to handle the weight of your device. It should also have a firm grip because you don’t want to lose your phone while biking. Several options offer to waterproof your phone. It is all a matter of finding the right brand and model for your needs. 

Anti-Theft System

An electric bike is easily more than $1000 a pop. It is quite an investment, and for most commuters, it is worth every penny. That said, you don’t want to lose your investment over a petty theft. Good ‘ol lock and chain is often enough, but if you truly want a level of protection, there are sophisticated anti-theft systems out there that are programmed with GPS. 


Decking your new electric bike with accessories is part of the fun experience. With the list above, we reckon that it would no longer be too much of a chore. Have fun and stay safe on the road!


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