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Best Electric Bike Accessories

Here are the best electric bike accessories that every rider should have!

Riding an electric bike can be exciting and fun. But to make your experience a lot better, there are several electric bike accessories you may want to invest in. There are also accessories designed to improve your overall riding performance and your safety. But whatever the reason may be, it should be worthy to check out the Best Electric Bike Accessories that we’ve listed below!

Adjustable Wide Angle Rearview Mirror

When riding an electric bike, you have very limited visibility when it comes to rear view. That’s exactly why having an rearview mirror is essential. Just check out this adjustable wide angle rearview mirror.

This rearview mirror comes with convex acrylic lens, aluminum alloy arm, and a robust polyurethane and PC shell that all contributes in making it extremely durable. This rearview mirror will give you a clear visual of road conditions behind you to keep you safe from all road hazards. Plus, this rearview mirror is very easy to install and has a quick release mechanism that makes it more convenient.

Bike Phone Mount for Smartphones

If you’re looking for a bike mount that’s stable enough and can easily hold your phone while traveling, you might want to check out this bike phone mount. This bike mount for smartphone allows you to carry your phone and use it as a navigation system or simply as a music player while riding, thereby making your riding experience a lot more convenient and safer.

This bike mount for phones comes with 3 special durable silicone bands to provide utmost stability and protection for your phone. Plus, this bike mount has a 360-degree rotating feature that allows you to position the phone according to your preference. The best part is that you get full access to your phone while it’s mounted, so you’ll never have to go through the hassle of removing and putting it several times.

Waterproof Bike Alarm With Remote

For those who are looking to secure their electric bike, make sure to check out this waterproof bike alarm with remote. This bike alarm is perfect if your electric bike does not come with an anti-theft feature, especially if you usually park and leave your electric motorcycle outside.

This waterproof bike alarm with a remote will allow you to have peace of mind whenever you go inside your apartment or any establishments where you need to leave your electric bike outside. Simply install this bike alarm, and you’ll hear a loud alarm (113dB) that’s triggered by vibration to deter thieves instantly.

Extra Soft Bicycle Gel Seat Cushion

Riding an electric bike for an extended period can be uncomfortable, which is exactly why you should consider getting an extra cushion for better comfort. Cycling for long periods can be a problem for those who own a road bike since it’s not as comfortable as step-thru bikes that come with a wide saddle seat. To address this problem, it would be perfect if you’ll invest in an extra soft bicycle gel seat cushion.

This extra soft bicycle gel seat cushion will provide the needed comfort for riders who travel long distances and for long periods. It’s designed to stick securely to the saddle and is dust and water-resistant to ensure better comfort.  

High-Quality Code Combination Bicycle U-Lock (14mm)

Another anti-theft accessory that you should invest in is a bicycle lock. One of the best electric bike accessories you can get in the market is this high-quality code combination bicycle u-lock (14mm). A bicycle lock is an essential add-on to your electric bike so that you’ll have peace of mind whenever parking your electric bike outside and along the streets.

With this bicycle lock, you get high-grade steel that resists cutting. prying, or jacking. Plus, this bicycle lock is convenient to use since you can just set up a 4-digit combination lock, so you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting your keys.

Rechargeable 7-Modes Bicycle Taillight

Riding an electric bike can be fun, but it can also be dangerous, especially if you hang it on public roads and highways. That’s precisely why getting this rechargeable 7-modes bicycle taillight is a wise choice. A taillight can be very useful in boosting your visibility, especially at night, so you can save yourself from being a road hazard for vehicle drivers.

This rechargeable 7-modes bicycle taillight comes in 3 colors and offers seven lighting modes to catch better attention. Plus, it’s rechargeable through a USB port for better efficiency. In addition, this bicycle taillight is water-resistant, so you can expect it to be highly durable.

Rechargeable Bike Light Set

If you usually ride your electric bike at night, there’s no question that you need a complete lighting system to ride safely at night. A bike light set will provide you with better visibility when riding at night to avoid any accidents.

This rechargeable bike light set has four light mode options for both headlight and taillight. The headlight can work up to 10 hours and 9 hours for the taillight, depending on usage mode. Because of this, you can be sure that you can rely on this rechargeable bike light at any time of the day.

High-Quality Water Bottle Holder

Riding a bike is not complete without a water bottle. Like any other exercise, you must have a water bottle with you at all times. Having a high-quality water bottle holder can help make this happen. A high-quality water bottle holder is essential to ensure you’re constantly dehydrated, thereby preventing you from collapsing under the heat of the sun.

Check out this high-quality water bottle holder from Electric Bike Paradise; it comes with a solid and durable cable lock so you can be sure about its stability and security in handling your water bottle. It also has straps that can fit most water bottles with 250mm circumference.

Waterproof Bike Cover with Lock hole

Like many other products, an electric bike can be prone to damage and deterioration if it’s always wet. This is especially true if you only park it outside without any cover. The good news is, there’s a solution to this, a waterproof bike cover with a lock hole. When you get your electric bike a waterproof cover, you’ll have peace of mind that your electric bike will stay safe and dry, so you won’t have to worry about making preventable repairs.

With Electric Bike Paradise’s waterproof bike cover, your electric bike will undoubtedly remain in its best shape under any kind of weather condition. Plus, your bike will be protected from rain, dust, sunshine, and animal scratches. It comes with a superior material coating to ensure the protection of your bike; you also get a lock-hole unique design, so you can still use your bike lock, and of course, it’s incredibly convenient to carry, so you can take it anywhere you go.

Handlebar-End Rearview Mirror

If having a traditional rearview mirror is too bothersome for you, then you might want to consider getting a handlebar-end rearview mirror. Generally, this kind of rearview mirror is more subtle in design and build since it’s strategically placed below and on the edge of the handle grips.

However, having this handlebar-end rearview mirror from Electric Bike Paradise can be extremely helpful as well. Like the traditional one, you get complete visibility on the road conditions behind you. But aside from that, a handlebar-end rearview mirror offers a better and adjustable viewing angle and a foldable frame, which makes it a great alternative to those who are not keen on having a regular side mirror.  

Getting Your Electric Bike Accessories

If you need any help choosing the right electric bike accessories, let our customer agents guide you. Our team is equipped with the right skills and knowledge to advise you on the right choice that will certainly fit your needs and preferences to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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