Best Electric Bikes

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Best Electric Bikes

Find out which one fits perfectly for you!

Transportation system, whether public or private, is one of the major problems people face nowadays. Going to school or making it to the office on time has not been easy for workers and students recently. The highly congested roads and highways result in hours and hours of wasted time being stuck in traffic jams. With these issues emerging, the public calls for a more efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation that would provide them a quick ride to school and work without hurting their pockets. Electric vehicles for that matter are powered by electricity that can come from many renewable resources that have a good impact on the environment. However, different kinds of e-vehicles already exist on our roads in the form of a car, bus, and even a bicycle. But which among these is the best and most efficient? As we all know, riding a bike is a good source of physical exercise to improve one’s health and body unlike the other mentioned e-vehicles. That being said, an electric bike is the most advantageous and highly preferred electric-powered vehicle today.

As the years go by, people are switching to a more practical and sustainable mode of transportation like electric bicycles. Considered as the future of transportation, these electric-powered vehicles are becoming the trend nowadays because of their countless benefits and advantages. Knowing their positive effects on the health of humans and the environment, they are becoming the most preferred e-vehicles selling millions and millions of units for the past couple of years. As e-bikes dominate the world one country at a time, its increasing popularity in the united states have resulted in many e-bike companies to develop not only the basic types of e-bikes but also specially-made ones for specific purposes. This is to cater the growing, unique demands of bike consumers all over the world. And with all the types of e-bikes being manufactured today, you’ll surely find one that fits perfectly for you.

What is an Electric Bike?

As the name suggests, an electric bike is a bicycle powered by electricity. Some people think that e-bikes are like scooters and mopeds. But believe it or not, it’s neither of the two. Electric bikes are just like regular bikes with the basic components such as seat, frame, wheels, and handlebars, but with additional special parts. These particular parts are what separate an electric bike from a regular bike. Knowing these three key components of an electric bicycle will help you score a better and well-suited e-bike for you.

Electric Motor

Fundamentally speaking, the electric motor is the one responsible for converting electric energy to mechanical energy. An electric bike's motor is either located at the center of the frame or one of the hubs. There are two main kinds of electric motors used in e-bikes:


Hub Motors

For an electric bike equipped with a hub motor, the motor is located on the front or rear wheel, and it operates outside the bike’s chain drive. That being said, hub motors are an entirely independent drivetrain system that requires less maintenance and causes less damage to the chains and cogs of the e-bike. Hub motor is the most common type of electric bike motor, and because it’s mass-produced, it is cheaper than its counterpart, mid-drive motor. Shown below is an example of an electric bike equipped with a front hub motor.

Mid-Drive Motor

For mid-drive electric bikes, the motor is positioned in the bottom bracket (at the lower part of the bike's frame) and drives the crank accordingly. Mid-drive motors, being located at the center of the bike, results in a low and central center of gravity. They are also capable of climbing steeper slopes more efficiently than hub motors. Because mid-drive motors are usually lighter and smaller and are generally more powerful than hub motors, they are indeed more expensive. Below is an example of an electric bike having a mid-drive motor.



The battery is considered to be the heart of the electric bike.  It supplies electric energy to the motor, which then translates it to mechanical energy that gives pedal assistance to the rider. During the early times of e-bikes, batteries were made up of Lead acid or Nickel Cadmium. These days, almost all electric bikes already make use of Lithium-ion batteries similar to the ones used in laptop computers, which makes them a lighter and more powerful source of electric energy. A typical battery charges for 5-6 hours, and in every full charge, an e-bike can go up to 50 miles and more.


Display and Control system

The display and control system of an electric bike is conventionally placed on the handlebars in which you can see the important numbers, figures, and labels like battery level, gear ratio, level of pedal assist, and many more. The common display medium used for modern e-bikes are LED and LCD screens. Besides the LCD and LED display are the control buttons through which you can manage pretty much everything in your e-bike. And together, they both make up the whole display and control system of an electric bike.

Electric Mountain Bike

An electric mountain bike, also known as eMTB, is just like a regular mountain bike, enhanced by an integrated motor that assists you every time you pedal that gives a speed boost. The assistive system attached to the electric mountain bike gives you additional force that helps you ride on any kind of terrain while enjoying the ride.

Fat Tire Electric Bike

The fat tire electric bike is made to fit various terrains and terrains. It's ideal for those that are constantly on the go, in which the extra thickness of the tires will travel through a variety of other difficult terrains, such as mud, snow, and more.

Rambo Bikes The Roamer 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 750 XC

The Rambo Bikes The Roamer 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 750 XC comes standard with a 48-volt 10.4 amp-hour LG battery that allows you to travel up to 35 miles on a single charge and a 750W high torque mid-drive engine. The Roamer features a Sturmey Archer-3-speed internally geared hub that allows this bike to operate without a traditional derailleur system. There are three ways to operate this bike, a pedal-assist, which means that you're pedaling the motor kicks in to assist you,  a full-throttle, or shutting off the engine and just pedaling like a traditional mountain bike. This motorized bike also features 4 ” Kenda krusade tires, these tires have a Kevlar anti-puncture lining to help prevent flats when riding off-road. Also, to note about these tires is Rambo's built tough – solid double-walled rim, which helps eliminate mud, water, debris, and sticks from getting inside and damaging your tire, unlike most fat tire bikes out there that have holes inside the rim. Another important feature of the Rambo Roamer is the GT-MRK front suspension fork. This allows a much smoother ride on the off-road and bumpy terrain.

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  • Weight: 63 Lbs.
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Motor: Bafang 750w Bbs02 High Torque Mid Drive
  • Digital Display: Bafang C965
  • Battery: Lg 48v 10.4ah
  • Throttle: Thumb Throttle
  • Front Brake: Logan Hd-e500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • Rear Brake: Logan Hd-e500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • Tire: Kenda Krusade Anti-puncture 26" X 4.0"
  • Rim: Double Wall W/O Holes 80mm Wide
  • Pedal: Neco Alloy
  • Saddle: Justec
  • Handlebar: Promax 700mm
  • Stem: Promax Ma-50
  • Grip: Velo Ergonomic Lock-On
  • Max Speed: 19mph
  • Range: 35 Miles
  • Stand Over Height: 29"
  • Frame Size: 19"
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lb

What do I like about it?

This simple yet stunning Rambo e-bike is suitable for hunters who want an electric bike with a stunning design. The Roamer 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 750 XC features a camo finish that features a wide range of premium components and designs that can withstand the harshest conditions in the outdoor environment.

With its smart five-level power pedal control system, you can enjoy and enjoy every ride with an easy thumb throttle for your free pedal experience. The Rambo battery powered bike is fit with a standard hardtail frame that features high durability mounting on a 26-inch rim wheel. This model emphasizes robust high-end components that are specifically designed to withstand the impact of bad weather. Featuring a rustproof 6061 aluminum frame that offers peace of mind in salty and humid areas, great for exploring coastlines and mountain trails. The Rambo Bikes The Roamer 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 750 XC is perfect for hunters, nature lovers, and wildlife photographers who always move fast. This electric MTB will give you satisfaction and happiness for every trip.

Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

The folding fat tire mountain ebike helps you get to places at a fast pace without exerting too much energy and effort. The folding fat tire electric mountain bike is compact and foldable, suitable for frequent travelers who need on-the-go means of transportation.

Emojo Lynx Pro Basic Ultra 48V 500W Folding Electric Bike

Ride your own route with confidence and comfort, from roads to paths, the foldable sturdy alloy frame paired with a new 48 v 500-watt electric motor that provides a quick boost when needed or simply to aid tackle steep uphills. Dual tektro disc brakes and a 7-speed Shimano gearing it's everything you need to follow any route you choose.

The Emojo Lynx Pro can easily be folded to fit in any tight space like the trunk of your car. A simple latch and lock mechanism releases the bike to be folded in half. It's great if you own an RV, a boat, or no space at home. The Lynx could fit anywhere. A bracket underneath the frame makes it balance flat. 

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  • Motor: DC Brushless Motor, 500 W Motor 
  • Rated Voltage: 36V
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 
  • Battery Charging Time: 4-6 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 36V/10.4 Ah
  • Range: 30 Miles
  • Tires Size: 4.0 R 20 Kenda
  • Max Load: 230 lbs
  • Brakes: Tektro-disc (front/rear) brakes
  • Transmission: Shimano 7-speed
  • Frame: Aluminium Foldable
  • Fender: Metal fender installed
  • Rack: Rear rack installed
  • Gross Weight: 55 lbs (with battery)
  • Dimensions: 67L x 24W x 45H
  • Dimensions Folded: 39L x 18W x 26H

What do I like about it?

The Emojo Lynx is a very robust e-bike that can go just about anywhere, thanks to its fat tires.   This bike is perfect for those looking for something portable and easy to store when it's not in use. The Emojo Lynx has a huge range of 30 miles which will give you more room to explore and have fun with your friends.

The Emojo Lynx Pro folding e-bike folds down very compactly and can fit into your car's trunk or back seat so you can take it anywhere and place it indoors conveniently. Since you can fold it up and take it inside with you, you never have to worry about leaving it locked up outside and getting stolen. The only downside of this folding battery powered bike is the not so great braking system wherein the front brakes keep making a squealing noise. The brakes are a little on the cheaper side but otherwise than that, this electric folding bike is perfect for daily riders.

Hunting Electric Bike

The hunting electric bike is a relatively new type of electric bike, it has only been around for quite a few years. The battery powered bikes have many applications in our everyday routines, but an electric hunting bike is made exclusively for hunting. All the features of the hunting electric bike allows you to enhance your hunting skills and reach your potential.

Rambo Bikes The Pursuit 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

The Rambo Bikes The Pursuit 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike was designed and equipped specifically for the outdoor enthusiasts and features Rambo intelligent power control. The R750 comes with a matte black and grey frame. Use the 750 for camping, cruising around the neighborhood, hunting, fishing, or all of the above. The Kenda Kevlar anti-puncture tires will prevent flats while the 3-speed internal hub gets you through the thickest terrain. Featuring a 48V lithium ion battery and a 750W high torque mid drive motor, this bike has plenty of power to get you to your destination. The brakes are dual piston hydraulic brakes for plenty of stopping power. The uses for the 750 really are endless. The extended use LG battery allows up to 19 miles on one charge without pedaling! Much farther if you assist with pedaling.

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  • Motor: 750W Bafang BBS02 High Torque
  • Battery: LG 48V 10.4AH
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061
  • Digital Display: Bafang C965
  • Fork: Aluminum 26" x 4" Tapered Rigid
  • Throttle: Thumb Throttle
  • Front Brake: Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • Rear Brakes:  Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm 
  • Rear Hub: Sturmey Archer 3-Speed
  • Chain Ring: 32T Narrow Wide
  • Tire: Kenda Krusade Anti-Puncture 26" x 4.0"
  • Rim: Double Wall W/O Holes 80mm
  • Maximum Speed: 19 MPH
  • Range: 19+ Miles
  • Weight: 63 lbs.
  • Max Capacity: 300 lbs

What do I like about it?

The Rambo Bikes The Pursuit 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike is designed extra for off-road use with a 750-1000 watt mid-drive motor, 10.4ah battery and a ton of available accessories to outfit it for your purpose. Attached with a durable and reliable Sturmey Archer internally geared hub, which eliminates gear-grinding potential, allows you to shift at standstill.

The Rambo Bikes have great knobby treaded Kenda Krusade wide fat tires, with a nice puncture protection as well. What I really like about this electric hunting bike is its hydraulic brakes, which are very responsive and durable. Another feature that is worthy of your attention is the control center display. The control center display is visible even in direct sunlight and offers information including current speed, max speed, average speed, battery level, range, pedal assist mode, and many more about the electric bike. The downside of this electric bike is it's not so great suspension, yet the tires can well handle the bumpy, uneven trails. Another one is the control center display is permanently attached, leaving it vulnerable to weather conditions and scratches. Other than these, the Rambo Bikes The Pursuit 48V 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike is a perfect hunting companion for every adventure you will take.

Electric Road Bike

Electric road bikes are great means of green transportation, taking you to your destination easily and giving you the best shape. Electric road bikes also help to conserve and protect our nature; do not contribute to air pollution, and ecological footprints and carbon emissions, all while keeping you safe and in shape.

Ecotric Vortex 36V 350W 7 Speed Electric City Bike

Introducing the ECOTRIC Vortex series: powerful, convenient, long-range, Electric Bikes. The Vortex's powerful, quiet, smooth 350 Watt electric motor and a removable 36V, 9Ah lithium battery can carry you up to 30 miles on a single charge, making it the dream of a commuter. The strong and powerful Vortex with its high-strength carbon steel frame can accommodate up to 220 lbs.

You will be kept updated by the Vortex Smart LCD Monitor and Speed Sensor. The Vortex features Tektro Novela front and rear brakes, and comes with front and rear fenders, so you can safely drive around any area. The eco-friendly Vortex features Pedal Assist and Throttle modes to conquer any lane. The Vortex 7-Gear Shimano puts power and protection at your fingertips. With zero-emission, long-range, strong Vortex, commuting just got a lot of fun.

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  • Motor: Rear Hub 36v 350w 
  • Battery: 36v 9ah 
  • Range: 30 Miles Per Charge 
  • Charging Time: 5-8 Hours 
  • Display :Ecotric Smart Led  
  • Sensor: Speed Sensor  
  • Rear Brake: Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc 160mm Rotor 
  • Functions: Pedal Assist On-demand Throttle 
  • Frame: High-strength Carbon Steel  
  • Tires: 26’’×1.95’’ Tires  
  • Weight With Battery: 57lb 
  • Weight Capacity:  220lb  
  • Derailleur: 7speed Shimano 
  • Front Brake: Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc 160mm Rotor 

What do I like about it?

The Ecotric Vortex is a fast and strong motorized bike that I feel is ideally suited for cycling down the city streets. This 350W rear hub bike packs and hits with fast acceleration, a peak speed of 20 mph. The three levels of pedal assist offer a wide range of assistance to improve your pedaling effort. The 26-inch wheels and smooth city tires are fast-rolling, and the bike's handling is reliable and steady. It also comes with front and rear fenders, ergonomic grips and flexible stems to improve rider comfort. The user interface is relatively basic, but it is simple and usable. However, I found it to be a little bit on the small side, and taller riders might not find the length of the seat height adjustment sufficient. Otherwise, we didn't like anything about this snappy battery powered bike.

Folding Electric Bikes

The foldable electric bike has specially built motor systems that fit into a smaller, lighter frame. Although the folding e-bike is often less powerful, it provides an excellent alternative for those who need to carry it on public transport to store it under a desk at work or in closets at home.

Green Bike USA GB1 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

The Green Bike USA GB1 Fat Tire foldable motorized bikes is a powerful and reliable e-bike, suitable for switching and storage. It features a lightweight 20-inch aluminum frame that can be conveniently folded into a bus, train, or office. The GB1 Fat Tire is powered by a fast-charging removable 48V 13AH Lithium battery and can fly up to 20 miles per hour for up to 50 miles on a single charge using a throttle (and even longer when using a pedal assist). There's also a USB port on the battery to charge your phone when you're on the go. The GB1 Fat Tire features a thumb throttle and an LED display that allows you to select nine different Pedal Assist levels and controls the front and rear lights.

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  • Battery: Fast charging 48V/13AH Lithium battery
  • USB outlet on the battery
  • Charging time: 3 to 6 hours
  • Frame: 20" Easy, quick folding
  • Rear Rack
  • Motor: 8FUN 500W motor
  • Weight: 66 lbs with battery 
  • Display: LED multifunctional display
  • Drive Power Modes: 9 levels pedal assist
  • Brakes: Front & Rear Tektro disc brakes
  • Gears: Shimano 6 speed
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Wide handlebar 
  • Wide comfortable seat
  • Front Suspension
  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Brake Light
  • Left/Right Turn Signals

What do I like about it?

The Greenbike USA GB1 Fat Tire bike has a folding frame bike with 20" fat tires. It features a 500 W rear hub motor, six selectable physical gears, 9 pedal assist levels, front for suspension, and 48V 10.4 Ah battery.  The motor can be controlled by the throttle or by cadence sensors. There are mechanical disk brakes in the front and back wheels, which ensures your security to sudden stops. This particular battery powered bike offers all the features you will need, from suspension, rear rack, fat tires, and foldability at a lower cost than any other model. The downside of this battery powered bike is being heavy and bulky to carry on when folded. Another one is the battery capacity, which relatively drains the power quickly in throttle mode. Other than these, the Green Bike USA GB1 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike is a great travel companion for your daily adventures.

Mid Drive Electric Bike

A mid-drive e bicycle can climb steep hills than a hub motorized bike. Furthermore, the mid drive electric bikes can run longer and faster than the other types of motor drives. Also, mid drive electric motors for bicycles are usually smaller and lighter than a hub motor. Smaller and lighter mid-drive electric bicycles are often stealthier because they can be incorporated directly into the bicycle’s frame.

Micargi Storm 36V 350W Mountain Electric Bike Storm

Featuring a rugged yet elegant urban aesthetics, the Micargi Storm Electric MTB Bike will revolutionize the way you see electric mountain bikes. Made of a robust metal alloy, the top tube of the frame has been formed to withstand the tension of riding by supplying a greater surface area of material to the head tube. Featuring a 27.5-inch suspension fork, this ebike can offer a more relaxed ride experience even on the most rigorous terrain.

The Micargi Storm Electric MTB Bike does not disappoint when it comes to high quality parts and components. Featuring a Shimano HG200 8-Speed Freewheel, this bike allows smooth pedaling even on the steepest climbs. With safety as the key concern for electric bikers, Micargi gave this bike both a front and a rear disk brake assembly. This makes the best possible stopping power for a bike in this class. This bike also features 27.5 inch wheels to provide a more smooth ride while the bike is in motion.

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  • Fork: Micargi 6061 Aluminum
  • Handlebar: 22.2*620mm*2.4T
  • Stem: 28.6*31.8*90MM, alloy black
  • Saddle: MTB saddle , black
  • Shifters: SHIMANO SL-M310 8 speed
  • Derailleur: SHIMANO RD-M310, 8 speed
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper
  • Brake Levers: Alloy
  • Rims: 27.5''*1.75''*14G*36H
  • Tires: 27.5*2.1,50TPI , black
  • Motor:  TongSheng Central  MOTOR, 350W 36V
  • Battery: Samsung 36V10.4AH

What do I like about it?

The Micargi Storm Electric Mountain Bike is ideal for those riding on the off-road or mountain trails, which is perfect for everyday travel. It features a frame made of MTB for rugged terrain and downhill riding, plus a well-designed drivetrain and electrical components for usability. The Micargi Storm electric bike features a 36-volt, 350-watt mid-drive engine, giving it plenty of torque to climb up and over rugged terrain. The Micargi Storm Electric Fat Bike features a throttle and five pedal assist speeds. This e-bike has a torque sensor that offers more strength while pedaling faster for precise speed control. The Micargi Storm Electric Bike looks more like a classic MTB, so it's great for those who want a stylish ride that blends in. The bike frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel. This model comes with lithium-ion batteries that are long-lasting and do not need maintenance during their lifespan. Overall, the Micargi Storm electric bike is the ideal companion for everyday travel or even outdoor adventures.

Electric Commuter Bikes

Electric commuter bikes or e-road bikes are of different styles, ranging from hybrid models to dirt bikes. Most models of electric commuter bikes share many characteristics, including wider tires, more dynamic geometry, a smaller frame, a wide suspension and a lightweight design.

Green Bike USA GB LOW STEP 500 500W Folding Electric Bike

The Green Bike USA GB500 LOW STEP is one of the newest additions to the United States Green Bike family. Similar to the GB500 Fat Tire step-by-step electric bike, the main difference is its step-by-step frame. Still, it also has several modifications, such as seat suspension (optional), front suspension, and hydraulic brakes. The GB500 Low Stage also does not have Fat Tires, but the tires do have a reflective sidewall stripping that increases visibility at night. It also features a powerful 500W engine and a powerful magnet to help keep the bike in a folded position. It's an efficient and reliable e-bike, great for switching and storing. It features a lightweight, 20-inch aluminum front suspension frame that can be easily folded into a bus, train, or office. The GB500 Low Stage is powered by a DLG 48V/18.20AH quick-charge removable lithium battery. The GB500 Low Stage includes a thumb throttle and an LCD that provides the option of 5 different levels of pedal assistance and controls the front and rear lights. It's got a brake light, an electric horn, and a turn signal.

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  • 20-inch aluminum frame
  • Fast charging DLG Lithium battery 48V/18.20AH
  • Fast Charger (3A)
  • Five levels pedal assist
  • Easy quick folding 
  • 500W Nexsus motor
  • Big LCD multi-functional display (watch your speed, distance, time, level assist)
  • Front & rear hydraulic brakes
  • Reflective Tire Sidewall Stripping
  • Magnesium Wheels
  • Shimano 6 gear
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Wide handlebar 
  • wide comfortable seat
  • Left & Right Turn Signals
  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Brake Light
  • Electric horn

What do I like about it?

The Green Bike USA GB LOW Step 500 500W Folding Electric Bike looks like many other folding e-bikes, but there are some significant differences. One aspect that distinguishes the bike is that it has a full suspension. Another unique feature is that it has both front and rear lights, not that it is different, but that the rear light system has turn signal indicators.

This bike is powered by Bafang's 500-watt rear hub engine. It's quiet, solid, and well-hidden behind the brake rotor and Shimano's six-speed cassette. Most of the folding bikes on the market have gone to small, in-house batteries, and Green Bike's rear-facing design allows for a much larger (13-amp-hour) battery. This makes the bike heavier, but you can only feel it when you pick it up. The GB500 is perfect for those with a budget who want a folding bike with a long speed range.

Cruiser Electric Bike

The Electric cruiser bike is built for comfort and style and is perfect to use on your long road trips.. Usually, the cruiser's electric bikes have large, blond seats, and wide handlebars swept back toward the operator. In most versions, the pedals are located further forward, enabling the rider to rest both feet on the ground in the stop areas.

Nakto Classic 36V 250W Cruiser Step Thru Electric Bike

The Nakto Classic 36V 250W Cruiser Step Thru Electric Bike has a 6-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur, a 14-18 tooth cassette with a 44-tooth chainring in the front, a rim brake in the front and a drum brake in the rear, brakes with stronger stopping force in the front, complemented by engine inhibitors to minimize engine power when stopping. This is powered by a 250 watt rear hub engine, with a thumb throttle and a cadence-based pedal support, a lithium battery 36v 10,4h, protected via the lock and key. Controls can be controlled conveniently by using a read-out battery charge display.

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  • Motor: Rear Hub 36v 250w    
  • G.W:  68  Lbs With Battery. 
  • Battery:36v 12ah Lithium Battery     
  • Packing:1425*280*775mm 
  • Range:18-20 Miles      
  • Tire: 26"*1.75 
  • Charging Time:4-6 Hours    
  • Derailleur:6 Speed Shimano 
  • Display:Led Displayer    
  • Lights:Front Led Light, Rear Reflective Light 
  • Sensor:Speed Sensor   
  • Wiring: Waterproof Connectors And Wiring Harness 
  • Battery Life: Up To 1000 Cycles     
  • Rider Heights: 5'4" - 6'2" 
  • Brake: Front And Rear Expansion Brake      
  • Functions: Pedal Assist On-demand Throttle 
  • Max Loading: 250lbs    
  • Modes: 3 Modes 

What do I like about it?

What I enjoyed about this e-bike is that it's a pleasant way to get through. The pace and battery capacity of this bicycle is perfect for cruising around the neighborhood very quietly. Pedal-assist mode means that you don't have to struggle, but if you don't want to move your muscles, the e-bike mode is still up-to-date. I was also fascinated by the low frame configuration that not only makes the bike a breeze, but also makes it easy to ride. Not to mention that the adjustable seat helps you to select the fitting position. The main downside of this ebike is that it comes in around 85 percent assembled, but the instruction manual given is not straightforward. I think that the Nakto Classic 36V 250W Cruiser Step Thru Electric Bike is a great electric assist bike for cruising.

Cargo Electric Bike

The electric cargo bike is a form of electric bike with an additional function of transporting goods and materials or people on some occasions. The electric freight bike provides an excellent, flexible and reliable means of transport for all those who want to carry freight, kids, freight, packages, food, and more.

BTN E-Bike 48V 11.6Ah Cargo Electric Bike MAX-CARGO

The BTN E-Bike 48V 11.6Ah Cargo Electric Bike MAX-CARGO has a range of 30 miles, equipped with a 500W mid-drive motor, and has a convenient, low step frame with cargo provisions.

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  • Motor: 48v/750w Ena Hub Motor Installed In Rear Wheel 
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy 
  • Maximum Speed: 20 Mph 
  • Battery Range: 30 Miles 
  • Battery Charging Time: 4 Hours 
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion 
  • Battery Capacity: 48v/11.6ah Samsung
  • Box Dimensions: (Cm) 172 L X 24 W X 76h 
  • Throttle: Twist Throttle And Pedal Assist 
  • Display: 500c Colorful Display 
  • Headlight: Front Led Headlight 
  • Taillight: Yes 
  • Rear Rack: Optional front and rear racks 
  • Fender: Yes 
  • Rims: 24 Inch Black Alloy 
  • Spokes: Stainless Steel 
  • Tires: Kenda 24 X 2.4 Tires 
  • Gear Shifting: Shimano Derailleur 7-speed Freewheel 
  • Shifter: Shimano Push-button 7 Speed 
  • Sprocket: 48t Chain-wheel Crank 
  • Brakes: Tektro Disc Brake,160mm Disc 

What do I like about it?

The BTN E-Bike 48V 11.6Ah Cargo Electric Bike MAX-CARGO shares a mounting interface on the head tube for adding a basket which is sturdy and won’t tip when riding. The large chain ring has a plastic guard to keep your pants clear and clean, the plastic fenders on the bike are extra wide and have rubber flaps, there’s a clear plastic skirt guard to keep straps and clothes away from the drivetrain and rear wheel, and the pedals are large and grippy so you can ride in different types of weather securely and stay relatively dry. The frame is aluminum alloy, with a steel fork that lessens vibration. What I really liked about this electric bike is its affordable price, which is notable against other cargo electric bikes.

Step-Thru Electric Bike

The step-thru electric bikes are great for daily use, for busy people, cycling enthusiasts, and people with mobility issues. You’ll enjoy the ride effortlessly using a pedal-assist motor, but you can also step right into both pedals without lifting a leg over the frame.

Green Bike USA GB Low Step Fat Tire 750W Folding Electric Bike

The GB750 Fat Tire Low Step edition is the bike that can truly do it all. With a big strong 750W motor and huge 48V lithium battery, the fat tires will take you anywhere your heart desires and not run out of juice. 

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  • Powerful 750W motor
  • Fast charging Lithium battery 48V/18.2Ah
  • 9 Levels of Pedal Assist (PAS)
  • Lightweight and easy quick folding to take with you in your car or on a train or to store it in smaller places
  • Big LCD display (watch your speed, distance, time, level assist)
  • USB outlet from the display (you can charge your phone and use it as GPS while driving)
  • Fat tires, to tackle all kinds of terrain
  • Magnesium wheels, never need adjusting
  • 7-speed gears
  • Front suspension with lockout for smooth riding
  • Front & rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front and rear LED lights, and turn signals controlled by the display
  • Brakes lights and electric horn to let people know you´re coming
  • Wide comfortable seat

What do I like about it?

Green Bike USA GB Low Step Fat Tire 750 Folding Electric Bike has excellent braking, full hydraulics and a big, comfortable seat. With its wide rims, the tires have an even larger surface contact with the ground, making them more stable. What caught my eye with this electric bike was the simplicity of its architecture, portability, and all-terrain versatility. This e-bike is comfortable-soft due to adjustable front and rear shocks. With this electric bike, no cycle path terrain is too difficult to traverse. The GB-750 comes with everything you need for an adventure of up to 30 miles on a single charge. It takes just about 5 hours to recharge the powerful lithium-ion battery with the included charger completely. The only downside of this electric bike is the integrated headlamp that is quite dim in dark areas. Other than that, this Green Bike USA GB Low Step Fat Tire 750 Folding Electric Bike is a perfect electric bike for your daily journeys. 

Tandem Electric Bicycle

The Tandem e bikes are just regular electric bicycles, Which is operated by two people simultaneously. Having a tandem, cycling will be more easier, fun while both share the effort in cycling.

Micargi Raiatea 500W 48V Tandem Electric Bike

The Micargi Raiatea Tandem Electric Bicycle with 500 Watt Motor is an awesome tandem bike for you and a family member or friend. This is a comfortable bike and incredibly easy to ride. Whether you're cruising the beach or the neighborhood, bring your friends and family along for the ride of a lifetime. The Micargi Raiatea Tandem Electric Bicycle with 500 Watt Motor is a sure winner.

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  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Bicycle Frame: Micargi 26″ Tandem Hi-Tensile Steel
  • Fork: Micargi Hi-Ten Steel
  • Handlebar: Micargi Alloy Handlebar
  • Brakes: Front & Rear Disc Brake
  • Cassette: SHIMANO TOURNEY 7SP 14-28T
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney RD-TY300 7 SPEED
  • Shifters: SHIMANO 78 Speed
  • Rims: 26" x 36H Alloy
  • Tires: 26"x 2.35 MTB Tire
  • Motor: 500W w/ THROTTLE
  • Sensor : Speed Sensor
  • Battery : Samsung Lithium Ion 48V 10.4Ah

What do I like about it?

The Micargi Raiatea Tandem Electric Bike is a bicycle made for two that's going to get you there in an impressive way. The powerful 500W motor and speed sensor will allow you to travel easily with your partner. Featuring folding saddles, flexible riding positions, dual disk brakes and 7 speed changes. The Micargi Raiatea Tandem Electric Bike features a further step-by - step configuration for the front passenger allowing a breeze mount. The downside of this motorized bike is being just able to run over smooth to straight paths, and should be used along city streets and other civilized areas. Also, you should have a buddy using this ebike, as balancing and stability can be an issue when riding solo. Other than these, the Micargi Raiatea Tandem Electric Bike is a great electric assist bike for daily journeys with your loved ones.

Electric Trike

Electric tricycles have changed the conditions of the conventional tricycle design by incorporating an electric motor to the drivetrain. With each pedal, the engine kicks in to give your speed an extra burst of power. In certain versions of electric trikes, you may decide to ride a tricycle without pedaling, allowing the engine to do a lot of work like an electric scooter.

BTN E Bike 48V 12.5Ah Folding Electric Trike 

The BTN NEW-TRIKE is the first folding trike in the market. Choose The Best Electric Trike For Adult And Seniors.​ Electric tricycles make it extremely easy to get around by combining the stability of an adult tricycle with the speed and ease of a motor-assisted drivetrain. Electric tricycles are dramatically increasing in popularity thanks to the advantages they offer over traditional bicycles and tricycles and even electric-assisted bicycles.

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  • Motor: 48V/500W SHENGYI motor
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Maximum Speed: 18 MPH
  • Battery Range: 30-40 Miles
  • Battery Charging Time: 4 - 6 hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/12.5Ah
  • Throttle: Thumb Throttle 
  • Display: LCD panel
  • Sensor: Cadence sensor
  • Headlight: Front LED Headlight
  • Taillight: Rear LED Light
  • Rims: 20inch Black Alloy
  • Spokes: Stainless Steel
  • Tires: Kenda Tires 20 x 3.0 with K-Shield Protection
  • Gear Shifting: Shimano 7-speed Tourney
  • Shifter: SHIMANO 7-speed
  • Sprocket: 46T chain-wheel crank
  • Brakes: Promax Disc Brake 160mm

What do I like about it?

The BTN NEW-TRIKE is a cost-effective versatility electric delta trike with a folding base, a folding base, the first folding trike on the market. It has a front and rear cargo basket for holding your necessities or running to the shop. It also has a powerful 48-Volt 500 Watt engine that can drive you to where you need to go. With the aid of the Thumb Throttle, you can use power, whether you're pedaling or not. The cadence sensor on the NEW-TRIKE ebike unlocks the power of the motor when pedaling instead of using the thumb throttle. Apart from this feature, these e-trike fat tires provide better traction, handling and shock absorption than conventional tires. The BTN E Bike 48V 12 5Ah Folding Electric Trike is great for daily and sudden journeys with capacity of carrying heavy loads.

Fat Tire Electric Trike

Fat tire electric trikes are great for uneven trails and uphill roads, made with an extra-rugged aluminum alloy, and can run for a decent amount of time. The city or urban types commonly referred to as commuter trikes are among the most widely available options. The city electric trike is designed for riding on cycle paths and paved terrain and is a practical way of commuting today. The cargo trike is made with heavy-duty steel and alloy frames, dual battery configuration, and extra carrying capacity.

 EMOJO Caddy Pro Fat Tire Electric Trike

The Emojo Fat Tire Electric Trike is a game changer.  This newly designed tricycle can be used everywhere- on city streets, light trails, sandy beaches, and even the golf course. The Emojo tricycle comes with a robust 500W front hub motor, paired with a powerful 48V/15Ah battery.

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  • 500W 48V Motor
  • Maximum Speed: 20 MPH
  • Battery Range: 35 Miles per charge
  • Motor Assistance: P.A.S. / Throttle
  • Hydraulic Tektro-Disc Brakes
  • Motor Type: DC
  • Battery Charging Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Capacity: 48 V /15.6 AH
  • Dimensions (inches): 78.5L X 29.8 W X 47.6 H
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy-Rigid
  • Max User Weight: 320 LBS
  • Vehicle Weight : 70 LBS
  • Tires: 4.0 X R 20 Kenda

What do I like about it?

The Emojo Fat Tire Electric Trike is a stable and heavy duty electric trike with a front suspension fork, a suspension seat post, a fat tire and a front and rear basket. Built with an aluminum alloy frame, it is very robust and has a high degree of utility. The front basket can bear loads of up to 19 lbs, while the back can accommodate up to 55 lbs. With four inch wide knobby fat tires in the front and back, this gives you a technical advantage for stopping and keeping the back low for quick loading and unloading. The trike also features swept back handlebars, adjustable angle stems and ergonomic rubber grips. It also has a built-in battery headlight added for protection and visibility. The trike is powered by a Bafang-specific 500 watt front hub engine, very powerful and capable, and also has a stable single-speed drivetrain. The battery is a very high capacity 48v 15ah pack and has a USB charging port on it so that you can power your devices. It also features both throttle and pedal assist, a very high top speed of 20 mph, and the throttle can be moved to the other side if you want. Overall, the Emojo Fat Tire Electric Trike offers the best stability of any ebike, but you can also travel comfortably in the streets, the beach or the extensive trails.

Folding Electric Trike

The folding electric trikes are excellent if you have limited storage space or travel by your electric trike in your car’s back. The folding electric trikes have smaller wheels, motors, and batteries to minimize their total weight, making it easier for them to fold and drive. Trike-carrying people are electrical trikes with rear or front-mounted seats with footrests, safety handles, cargo storage, and even drink holders, and will allow you to carry another passenger or more with you.


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Recumbent Electric Trike

The recumbent electric trikes also called reclining electric trikes, is a tricycle that the driver can lie back to the reclining position to drive it. This trike is perfect for people who need the convenience of driving a trike. The driver's body is easily distributed across the large area of this trike. Most users discover that recumbent biking can be helpful to them, as they can ride it without the balance and pain often associated with the upright bicycle. In fact, this tricycle is more suited to people with stability and limb limitations.

PFIFF Scooter Trike L Recumbent Electric Trike

The PFIFF Scooter Trike L Recumbent Electric Trike embodies a vehicle concept that is both safe and comfortable and that people intuitively find easy to handle. The comfortable broad-surfaced saddle (utterly adjustable in height and angle) allows a relaxed sitting position from which it is easy to keep a close watch on the traffic situation. All PFIFF bicycles and tricycles are designed and made in Germany.

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  • Heavy duty tig welded steel frame and fork
  • Anti-corrosive powder coating paint
  • Schwalbe reflective smooth tread tires
  • Double wall aluminum rims
  • 16" in the front, 20" in the rear
  • Internal 5 speed with reverse drive technology
  • Coaster brake, alloy V-Brake
  • Parking brake
  • Full comfortable seat and grips
  • Rear rack
  • Basket
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable stem
  • Rear suspension

What do I like about it?

The PFIFF Adult Scooter Tricycle is built using a heavy-duty tig-welded steel frame and an anti-corrosive powder coating fork. It has a weight limit of 270 pounds so that most adults can travel comfortably. The seat is well made with a backrest to provide a supportive platform for short and long rides. Its wheels and tires are also well-crafted with double-walled aluminum rims to suit any terrain. In addition, the tricycle is available in large and small sizes to accommodate people of various heights.

Step Thru Electric Trike

The step-through electric adult trike is perfect for recreational trike riders who want the latest electrical bike technology combined with the comfort of a conventional adult tricycle. The step-through electric adult trike has an efficient mid-drive motor with a torque-sensing pedal-assist and a throttle for instant mobility whenever you like.

PFIFF Grazia 26/24 Inch Step Through Bosch Electric Trike

Without effort, Grazia-Bosch allows mobility by adding the power of the Bosch Active Line engine to your pedal action. You can choose between 4 different support modes for needed motor assistance. Take off in high gears or long journeys: the torque controlled motor with its powerful battery needs a maximum of 4 hours for a full recharge cycle. Design and construction are suitable for riders up to 265 lbs. The extremely low step-through allows you to step up onto the tricycle with ease. All PFIFF bicycles and tricycles are designed and made in Germany.

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  • Frame: Heavy duty TIG welded steel frame 
  • Fork: fork with anti-corrosive powder coating paint
  • Wheels: Schwalbe smooth reflective tires, 26 inch front, 24 inch rear
  • Tires: double wall alloy rims
  • Drivetrain: Bosch Centemotor 
  • Battery: 400 watt battery
  • Cassette: 7 speed internal Shimano hub
  • Brakes: Coaster brake, alloy V-Brake, parking brake
  • Cockpit: Wens comfort seat and grips

What do I like about it?

The Grazia Step Through Bosch Electric Trike is a great model of e trike that can provide everyone a pleasant ride. It can run up to 25 miles on a single charge and can carry lots of cargo. As a battery powered trike, it is an environment friendly vehicle with no carbon monoxide emissions. The battery of the Grazia Step Through Bosch Electric Trike is easy to charge and cost efficient in the long run; will only cost as low as $0.05 to run per mile. This electric trike is great for people with balance and leg restrictions.

Transportation Electric Trike

The transportation electric trike has all of the advantages of a two wheeled bike with the extra stability provided by a third wheel, with added features for transportation. Many electric trikes can be propelled with the motor or through pedal power or a combination of both.

Ewheels EW 29 Three Wheel Electric Trike

The Ewheels EW 29 Three Wheel Electric Trike is a three wheel trike with an electric or pedal option. This electric trike can reach speeds up to 15 mph and travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. It has a low step-thru steel frame for easy seating, a front storage basket and large rear storage basket that is perfect for groceries, running errands or for taking along your favorite pet. Features also include a LED front electric light, electric horn, electric battery indicator, forward/reverse switch and oversized seat with backrest.

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  • Weight Capacity: 400Lbs 
  • Speed Up to 15mph
  • Distance: 20 miles per charge
  • Front Seat Type: Oversized with backrest
  • Front seat Size: 12" wide x 10" depth, backrest 9" high
  • Front Seat: Minimum 32" from ground maximum 35"
  • Rear Seat Type: 2nd Rider seat with backrest 
  • Rear Seat Size: 14" x 10" x 7" Backrest 16"
  • Steering Height: 42" maximum , 38" minimum
  • Power: 48 volt
  • Watts: 500 watt power 
  • Motor Type: 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motor
  • Amps: 12 AH
  • Volts: 48 Volts
  • Dimensions: 67" x 29" x 38"
  • Floor Clearance: 6"
  • Batteries: 12 volt Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
  • Forward/Reverse switch: Yes
  • High/ Low Speed switch: Twist throttle variable speed
  • Front tire size: 22" x 1.95"
  • Rear tire size: 20" x 1.95"
  • Charger: 48-volt smart charger included
  • Throttle Type: Variable twist throttle
  • Key Start: Yes
  • Braking System: Front V Brake, Rear Expansion Brake
  • Drive System: 500 watt Hub Motor
  • Headlight: LED light 
  • Scooter Weight: 128 lbs

What do I like about it?

The EW-29 Electric Hybrid Tricycle is an updated version of the previous eWheels versions. As a result, it can be powered as a normal trike by pedaling or as an electrical trike with full electrical power. Unlike the previous models, the battery of the EW-29 is mounted under the rear basket instead of under the bench. There is now an emergency brake tab on the brake handle to hold the machine immobile while not in operation. The rear wheels are now covered by a frame on the outside instead of being visible. In addition, the tricycle has an improved electrical LED headlight and horn for increased protection while riding in the dark.


Having the best electric bike on the road makes a huge difference. You must look for the best quality and reliable models you'd want in your adventures. By knowing your needs and expectations, you can surely find the perfect electric bike for you. 

You can easily check all the information and specifications on the models and versions of your chosen electric bikes. Choosing your ideal e-bike will also give you peace of mind and contentment every time you ride.

The new models of electric bikes today are very exciting and have an immense potential. Our list of electric bikes are tested to provide the best reliability and strength for its riders. If you have any questions or ideas, just send us a message and we'll gladly respond!

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