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Trivel e-Azteca 14Ah/48V 500W Step-Through Electric Trike

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$4,199.00 $3,799.00
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Trivel e-Azteca 14Ah/48V 500W Step-Through Electric Trike

Trivel e-Azteca 14Ah/48V 500W Step-Through Electric Trike

$3,799.00 $4,199.00

Choose Your Color

Trivel e-Azteca 14Ah/48V 500W Step-Through Electric Trike

Trivel e-Azteca 14Ah/48V 500W Step-Through Electric Trike

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$4,199.00 $3,799.00
You Save: $400.00

Choose Your Color

Trivel e-Azteca 14Ah/48V 500W Step-Through Electric Trike

One of a Kind

The e-Azteca electric tricycle is truly one of a kind. Its 8.89 cm (3.5 in) LCD screen gives you information such as current speed, current power assist mode, battery charge levels, speed unit, trip distance and much more. It is also equipped with a powerful 5-level of power assistance engine, including throttle mode and cruise mode, puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Apple tires and high-quality Shimano components, it offers a pleasant, effortless, and secure ride. Windy conditions or hilly terrain are no match for the e-Azteca. Plus, with its foldable stem, it fits most SUVs. So you can take your adventure even further!

Stable and Safe

The e-Azteca 9 speed electric tricycle is all about your safety, so you can enjoy a risk-free and stable ride up to 32 kph (20 mph).

Ride longer

Our electric tricycles battery charge has a range up to 90 km (55.9 miles). That’s quite the riding day!

Canadian-based Design

We offer a five-year warranty on the e-Azteca's frameset and all defective parts are covered by a one-year warranty.

Delivered Right at Your Doorstep

We ship your e-Azteca within 14 days, fully assembled. Easy to adjust, it fits into most standard SUVs!

Stay Young at Heart and Enjoy Life with Our e-Azteca

No steep hill, windy condition or even fear of falling can stop you know.

Battery Powered Tricycle

Equipped with a 5-level powerful electrical-assisted motor to help you manage your efforts. We built our frameset as stable as possible with a low center of gravity, robust antiflat tires and powerful brakes. You just need to hop on it to go wherever you please!

Comfortable yes, but Cool-looking Too!

Since our focus for this electric tricycle is your safety and comfort, we added an ergonomic handle for a relaxed grip and a wide padded seat for a comfortable riding position. Our ingenious design team in Canada also thought of adding a large basket and a water bottle holder.

A Game Changer for Your Mobility

Whether you suffer from back pain, balance issues or simply want a stable tricycle that can help you save your energy, the e-Azteca electric trike will safely lead you wherever you want to go. We design and sell products throughout North America and countries all around the world.

Discover New Paths, Parks and Nature Sports with Your Friends and Family!

Thanks to this comfortable and safe Canadian electric tricycle, you can have fun adventures outside without any compromise!


  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Unique ergonomic riding position
  • North American-based design and testing
  • High level of craftmanship
  • Powerful motor and disc breaks
  • Puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Apple tires
  • Range of up to 90 km (55.9 miles) on a fully charged battery.
  • Friendly and accessible customer support, even by phone!



  • Engine 500W
  • Max speed: 32km/hr (15 miles per hour)
  • Range: Up to 90 km (55.9 miles)
  • Battery 14 AH
  • 5 levels of power assistance, throttle mode and cruise mode
  • Shimano high quality 9 speeds drivetrain components
  • Powerful Tektro M-280 disc brakes
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Alivio
  • Frame: Trivel Azteca reclined position tricycle, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy


  • Length: 70in.
  • Width: 28in.
  • Height: 42in.
  • Inseam: 31 - 42in.
  • Front & rear wheel: 20in.
  • Weight: 38kg (84lb)

Extra Cool Features

  • Quick charge time
  • Accelerator throttle
  • Schwalbe Big Apple tires
  • Lights: Front and rear light connected to battery
  • Saddle: Comfort cruiser
  • Easy to use and strong parking brake lever 

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I do if a part is defective on my e-Azteca?

    • Trivel assesses every case individually. Usually, Trivel will send you free of charge the required replacement part as well as easy-to-follow instructions for repair if you are comfortable doing so.
    • We have a large inventory of parts, so the delivery is quite fast. 
    • If the repair is more complex or you need help, you can bring your trike and the replacement part to your local bike shop for repair, at your own cost.

    What should I do with the defective part, will Trivel take it back?

    • Trivel will send you the replacement part but reserves the right to ask you to send back the defective part, to better understand the damage

    How long does it take to have a repair/replacement part?

    • We process all warranty claims within 48 hours. Since every claim is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, Trivel will then determine the best course of action with the customer.

    What if I want more information or am not sure what to do?

    • Trivel’s team is always available to help you if you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your e-Azteca; call us or send an email.

      What if I am not home when my e-Azteca is delivered?

      • We ask all our carriers to make an appointment with you at least 24 hours prior to delivery. This way we make sure you are home to receive your e-Azteca.

        Do I need to assemble my e-Azteca?

        • No. Our e-Azteca is delivered to your home fully assembled. You will only need to insert and adjust the seat to the desired height as well as lift and adjust the handlebars.

        I live alone, will I be able to get my e-Azteca out of the box by myself?

        • Yes. We have packaged our e-Azteca to make it very easy for our customers to open the box and enjoy their tricycle as soon as possible. Instructions are on the box: simply open the top cover, pull down the back ramp, and roll the tricycle out of the box. That’s it! The packaging is 100% recyclable, and easy to dispose of. See what the box looks like on the picture.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Karen Heskett
        Husband loves it!

        I bought it for my husband’s birthday and it’s the best gift for sure.