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Aostirmotor HERO 1000W 52V Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike

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$1,999.00 $1,599.00
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Aostirmotor HERO 1000W 52V Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike

Aostirmotor HERO 1000W 52V Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike

$1,599.00 $1,999.00
Aostirmotor HERO 1000W 52V Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike

Aostirmotor HERO 1000W 52V Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$1,999.00 $1,599.00
You Save: $400.00

Aostirmotor HERO 1000W 52V Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike 

"Unleash the Adventurer Within with the HERO Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike!"

Every once in a while, a machine comes along that redefines boundaries, pushes limits, and awakens the spirit of adventure. The HERO Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike is that machine. Crafted for those who dare to venture where few have tread, this bike is more than just a mode of transport—it's a statement, a way of life.


Robust Performance: At the heart of the HERO lies a powerful 1000W motor that roars to life at the twist of a throttle, ensuring that challenging terrains become a thrilling playground.

All-Terrain Mastery: With its wide fat tires, whether it's sandy dunes, muddy trails, or rocky paths, the HERO grips the ground with an unyielding resolve, offering unmatched stability and control.

Endless Exploration: Powered by a 52V battery, long rides are not just possible but a norm. The expansive range ensures that your adventure doesn't end with the sunset; it's just the beginning.

Safety and Control: On unpredictable terrains, control is paramount. The HERO's superior braking system offers immediate response, ensuring that you're always in command.

Journey in Comfort: The ergonomic design, coupled with an adjustable saddle and handlebar, guarantees that every ride is a comfortable one, no matter how rugged the path.

Stay Informed: The digital LCD panel keeps you updated on vital stats—speed, distance, and battery life. Knowledge is power, and with the HERO, you're always empowered.

A Bike That Speaks Volumes: Beyond its stellar performance, the HERO stands out with its rugged aesthetics. It's not just a bike; it's an extension of your adventurous spirit.

In a world where the journey is just as important as the destination, the HERO Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike invites you to explore, to challenge, and to conquer. It's not just about riding; it's about living on the edge and loving every minute of it. Embrace the adventure; the trail awaits.


1000W Motor and Removable lithium battery Our Ebike with 1000W motor, Strong driving force, Long Endurance and Removable 52V 20Ah Lithium Battery supports 15 mph speed, charging time 4-6 hours. Easy to Assemble and High Quality 90% Pre-assembled. You can charge your phone by YL90T-H Color display.

Our Fat Tire Ebike uses a light and strong aluminum alloy frame. It's equipped with front light, rear reflector, F/R HYDRAULIC disc brakes , SHIMANO Outer 7 speed. Adapt to Complex Topography Our Electric Mountain Bike using 26 x4 inch fat tires , providing great traction, you'll have no problem cruising over beach, snow, gravel, rain, dirt, sand even ice and enjoying the ultimate electric biking adventure.

Three Working Modes Features three Working Modes including E Bike, Pedal Assist & Normal Pedal Modes. Guaranteed for 365 Days Add to Cart and buy now! You deserve it! For any reason, if you are unsatisfied with our Electric Bicycle, just contact us, we will provide you with high-quality after-sales service.


Motor Power 1000W
Battery Type Removable 52V 20Ah Lithium Battery
Top Speed 15 mph
Charge Duration 4-6 hours
Assembly 90% Pre-assembled
Display YL90T-H Color (with phone charging capability)
Frame Material Lightweight Aluminum Alloy
Safety Features Front light, Rear reflector
Braking System F/R HYDRAULIC disc brakes
Gear System SHIMANO Outer 7-speed
Tire Size and Type 26x4 inch Fat Tires
Terrain Compatibility Beach, Snow, Gravel, Rain, Dirt, Sand, Ice
Riding Modes E Bike, Pedal Assist, Normal Pedal
Warranty Duration 365 Days


Dive into the world of off-road biking with confidence, as the Aostirmotor Hero Off-road Fat Tire Electric Bike 10 comes packed with top-notch specifications to enhance your riding experience.


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