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Best Electric Bikes for Kids

The Classic Activity for Your Young Ones, Upgraded

If you want your child to get more fresh air, experience being a kid playing with others outside, or to keep them from spending too much screen time playing online games and staring at their mobile phones, then purchasing an electric bike designed for kids might just do the trick. Electric Bikes, or eBikes, are motor-powered bikes that move at a fun but secured speed, giving kids a taste of excitement upon riding them. Most electric bikes for kids are affordable, making them a good investment. The best electric bikes for kids out there should be outlined particularly for children beneath a certain age and weight with speed restrictions for safety purposes. 

Now, it's time to understand why kids should ride electric bikes, how safe these are, what you need to consider before buying one, and which electric bikes for kids in the market best suit your child.

Should Kids Ride eBikes?

The answer is yes! Electric bike companies have grasped the idea of designing one for kids so that they, too, can feel the enjoyment and thrill of riding an electric bike at a young age. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that adult supervision is not required when kids go ahead and ride with the wind in their electric bikes. Your kid's safety is a top priority when it comes to electric bikes. Adults need to make sure that kids wear the protective gear needed, like helmets and paddings, before riding out. Also, adults must check if the electric bike is prepared for the kid's use by checking the brakes and batteries.  

How Safe are Electric Bikes for Kids?

Electric bikes designed for kids are relatively safe, but knowing how to use them properly is crucial. As an adult, the first thing to do to ensure the safety of your kids is to educate them on the proper use of an electric bike. This includes letting them know when the electric bike is ready for usage. Inform them about the battery level of the electric bike and show them the visual presentation of a fully charged battery.

The brakes are one of the essential parts of a bike, so teaching your kids about the brakes should not be missed. Demonstrate the braking mechanism of the electric bike to your kids, so they know how it works. Another good point of interest is to tell them the ideal speed they are allowed to use an electric bike and the limit that they must not cross. Establish the importance of a speed limit so that they won't break this rule.

After all of these have been discussed with your kids, it is now time to introduce them to the proper protective gear that they must use when riding the bike, which is the helmets and pads.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying an Electric Bike for Your Kid

Here are some of the things to ponder when purchasing an electric bike for your kids. 


The size of an eBike is something that should be given complete consideration. Since the eBike will be for use by a kid, all the parts of the electric bike, be it brakes, pedals, horn, and the front display panel must all be within the child's easy reach once seated on the bike. Furthermore, the frame of the eBike should be compact and comfortable.


The weight of the electronic bike must be ideal for the user. It should not be too light or too heavy. An electric bike that is too light will not have a noticeable center of gravity. This may cause unequal balance, and the kid may end up falling and getting hurt. If the electric bike is overwhelming in weight, it will also be troublesome for children to cycle in it in case of battery outage.


The use of protective gears will decrease the chances of injuries in the event of accidents. Helmets and joint paddings will provide a certain level of safety to your kids during an unforeseen situation.


When selecting an eBike for a child, one should keep in mind that these are basically to be utilized for ordinary day-to-day riding and casual leisure rides. Kids' eBikes are not implied for any in-your-face racing. Consequently, a competent motor is not essential. Putting a capable motor to provide a drive to an eBike contains potential risks to the security of children.

What are the Best Electric Bikes for Kids?

Ready to purchase an eBike? We've rounded up the best electric bikes for kids, so you can be sure to get only the best ones out there.

The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike for Kids

Rattan LF 500 48V/13Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike


Whether going to school or having family rides during the weekends, the Rattan LF Fat Tire Electric Bicycle is an excellent pick. The Rattan LF features a practical folding frame and a captivating set of fat tires outlined for excellent execution and use on rough pavements and dirt paths. This compact electric bike also comes with a practical step-through outline. It highlights a fan-effective electric drivetrain and an enormous battery that powers it for efficient use and smooth riding. 

Kids will surely enjoy this fat tire electric bike because of its superb performance in muddy trails and smooth pavements. Moving this bike from one place to another is also not a problem. Aside from being designed for kids, the Rattan LF is also a foldable electric bike which makes it easy for use anywhere. You can fit it in your car trunk folded, then assemble it once you get to your destination with the kids and ride away. With a fat tire design, easy folding mechanism, and lightness of a feather, this is indeed the best fat tire electric bike for kids.

The Most Affordable Electric Bike for Kids

GlareWheel EB-X5 42V/6Ah 250W Folding Electric Bike

Want a reliable electric bike that doesn't break the bank? One that can be an excellent gift to your kids for a reasonable price? Then the GlareWheel EB-X5 is perfect for you. This foldable electric bike is an affordable option that doesn't compromise fun and excitement for the kids. 

The Glarewheel eBike highlights a lightweight, collapsible metal frame ideal for school trips or casual strolls, making it an ideal choice for kids. This affordable bike carries features that are not commonly seen in e-bikes, but this e-bike is already considered top-tier at its price range. It weighs 45 lbs. so kids can lift it and carry it anywhere. Despite its compact size, this bike can travel 15-18 miles making it a reliable companion for kids. 

The GlareWheel has another unique highlight. Despite being a budget-friendly ride, the motor of the GlareWheel is installed cleverly inside the rear wheel hub. This means the motor is secured from harsh elements and external forces, making it a steady kid's ride for a long time. 

The Best Portable Folding Electric Bike for Kids

Enzo eBike 36V/10.4Ah 350W Folding Electric Bike EE3507102

Your kids won't always be using their electric bikes 24/7. There will be times when they can't ride it because the weather is unsuitable for riding or your kids would rather be doing other activities. Thus, the question becomes, where do you store your child's electric bike? While most electric bikes have a foldable mechanism, your household may still appear cluttered and unorganized if they take up too much space.

Here is where the Enzo eBike 36V/10.4Ah 350W Folding Electric Bike EE3507102 comes into play. This folding electric bike is indeed compact when it comes to dimensions, folded and unfolded. Despite its size, it still provides the similar comfort that you get when riding bigger and bulkier eBikes. When folded, it is at a dimension of 35.5" x 18" x 27", making storage very easy. 

While a compact bike, the Enzo eBike is still fitted with modern electronics -- it has five levels of pedal assist for maximum range, plus a 7-speed thumb shifter if your kids want to ride it like a regular bike. 

If space is essential to your household, then the Enzo eBike is the best in the marketplace. Small, compact, and yet packs a powerful punch when it comes to performance, you can guarantee that this eBike will provide comfort and relaxation to your kids.

The Best and Most Expensive Folding Electric Bike for Kids

LANKELEISI G660 48V/10.4Ah 400W Folding Electric Bike


If you want to buy a folding electric bike that provides maximum performance and your budget is a lot more flexible, then the LANKELEISI G660 48V/10.4Ah 400W Folding Electric Bike is what you should get your hands on.

This eBike has all the necessary features you want your kids to enjoy when they are using an eBike for a costly price. Designed with a 6061 Aluminum alloy frame for a sturdy build, a 48V 250W motor for optimum performance, and a disc brake system installed in the front and rear, this e-Bike will make your kid's uphill climbing experience easy. It is also installed with three-pedal assists, mainly Human-Assisted-Pure Electric, allowing your kids to choose. Adding to the outstanding performance and steady composition of the eBike itself, it also has a 7-speed transmission system so that your kids can still enjoy manual pedaling, depending on the speed they want. 

Given its price, this pick will make you feel like you hit the lottery, as this eBike will ensure a pleasant, safe, and enjoyable ride for your kids every single time.

The Best Practical Folding Electric Bike for Kids

Nakto Fashion 36V/10Ah 250W Folding Electric Bike 

If you combine a budget-friendly eBike with the performance of a higher-priced eBike, you will get the Nakto Fashion.

This eBike promotes style and practicality. It has a sleek frame and stunning 20-inch rims, exuding luxury in a single look. While stylish, its performance should not be messed with. It is boosted with a 36V electric motor, making pavements and off-road paths a piece of cake for your kids. It is also fitted with a 10 amp/hour battery for long-distance travel, working on an average of 20-25 miles. Furthermore, this bike folds small and saves space for storage. It also comes with a pedal-assist for the kids to use if they want to. 

One of the best parts of this bike is the additional rear luggage rack and a front plastic basket. These features are convenient as they provide extra space for your kids to put in their small backpacks during rides.

Overall, the Nakto Fashion is the perfect balance between investment and style, allowing your kids to enjoy the leisure of higher-priced eBikes without breaking the bank. This eBike is perfect for all of your kid's riding activities, may it be going to school or strolling around the park. 


In choosing the best bike for your kids, always remember to prioritize their comfort and safety. If possible, bring them with you when purchasing, and have them test out the eBike to make sure that it is indeed what they need. 




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