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Best Kids' Electric ATV

Run Your Child's Interest in Adventure at Full Speed!

If you find it challenging to get a present for your kids, you don't have to look any further. Contrary to popular belief, electric ATVs aren't toys reserved only for adults. There are a few selections of the best kids' electric ATVs you and your kids can enjoy! 

It is crucial to find a suitable electric ATV for your little ones. Not all electric bikes are created equal. To ensure the safety of your children, it is crucial to do your research before making a purchase. After all, your loved ones only deserve the best of the best.

This article will explore the best kids' electric ATVs, including factors to consider and the pros and cons of choosing electric over gas. 

What is An Electric ATV?

Electric ATVs are a great alternative to gas-powered All-Terrain Vehicles. This option performs just as well as its gas counterparts but without the noise, expense, and hassle. Similar to traditional gas-powered ATVs, electric all-terrain vehicles are bikes that operate on four wheels instead of two. They are designed to navigate through unconventional terrains but are generally more eco-friendly, easier to maintain, and a better option for beginner ATV operators. 

At present, there is plenty of adult and kid-friendly electric ATV options available in the market. 

Is it Kid-Friendly?

Yes, electric ATVs are incredibly kid-friendly. There is a common misconception that electric all-terrain vehicles are exclusively for children. While this option is more lightweight and easier to operate, both kids and adults can enjoy electric ATVs. It is just a matter of finding the right brand and model that best suits your family's needs. 

ATV: Gas or Electric?

The choice between gas and electric ATVs is a personal one. It depends on the needs and capabilities of your family. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons to both options:


One of the most significant drawbacks of choosing a Gas ATV over the electric one is the ease of use. Since Gas ATVs operate on fuel, you don't have to wait for several hours to charge your batteries to go on a drive. All you need to do is fill up the tank, and you are good to go. That said, gas ATVs are noisier, and they produce more toxic gases than the alternative.

Electric ATV

There is virtually no learning curve when it comes to operating an electric ATV. It is effortless to use, and it is an excellent option for younger drivers. 

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric ATV for Kids

As discussed earlier, not all electric ATVs for kids are created equal. There are a few factors that you must consider before making the purchase. Below are a few of the most critically essential considerations:


The best kids' electric ATVs are smaller than conventional all-terrain vehicles. After all, they are made for children. That said, the age of your kid is an essential factor to consider. Buying something too small or too big can compromise their safety.


Just because an ATV is expensive doesn't mean the quality is up to par. However, if the price is too good to be true, then maybe it is. 

Safety Features

There is nothing dangerous about riding and operating an electric ATV. However, as with anything, accidents can still happen. Thus, it is vital to choose an electric ATV for your kid equipped with enough safety features to protect them.

What are the best electric ATVs for kids? 

When buying the best kids' electric ATV, there is no one-size-fits-all. Each household is different, and choosing the most suitable electric ATV for your kid will depend on your needs. There is a brand and model for every need and preference. We have shortlisted the best of the best below:

Most Flexible Kid-Friendly ATV: Mototec Renegade 36v 12ah 500w Shaft Drive Kids ATV MT ATV 36V Renegade 

Interested in buying ONE electric ATV for all your kids to share? Or are you curious about operating one yourself? The Mototec Renegade 36v 12ah 500w Shaft Drive Kids ATV MT ATV 36V Renegade is an excellent option for families with children of various age ranges. This electric ATV is tested to carry a maximum weight of 165 lbs. Meaning, children as young as eight years old and adults well under 165 lbs can enjoy riding this all-terrain vehicle. 

Since this vehicle runs on a battery, you can expect the Mototec Renegade 36v 12ah 500w Shaft Drive Kids ATV MT ATV 36V Renegade to be silent. But that doesn't mean it doesn't hold a punch. The Mototec Renegade 36v 12ah 500w Shaft Drive Kids ATV MT ATV 36V Renegade is powerful. With a 500-watt electric motor, it can tackle almost all types of unconventional terrain and go from zero to full-throttle with ease. It is lightweight, compact, and comes in a variety of colors!

Most Compact: Mototec v2 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV2

We understand that owning an electric ATV isn't the most practical for families with limited storage space. All-terrain vehicles, after all, can take a bit of space in your garage. Thankfully, with the Mototec v2 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV2, your family doesn't have to miss out on this activity!

Clocking in at 42 x 23 x 28 inches, the Mototec v2 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV2 is a whole 3 inches narrower than most kid-friendly electric ATVs. While its height is something to account for, this electric ATV is an excellent option for families that struggle with floor space. 

That said, the Mototec v2 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV2 might be smaller, but that doesn't mean it isn't as powerful as other electric all-terrain vehicles. This powerhouse of an ATV is equipped with a 350 Watt motor. It comes with two 12V 12 amp-hour batteries for double the fun! 

Because of its smaller size, the Mototec v2 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV2 has been tested to be safe for younger children at least six years old and up. It has a top speed of 10 MPH and comes with a parental key control! 

Best for Longer Rides: MotoTec Titan V5 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV5

One of the very few drawbacks of choosing an electric ATV over gas is the charging downtime. Most ATVs need to be charged for at least a fourth of a day in order to run for a couple of hours. Not with MotoTec Titan V5 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV5.

The MotoTec Titan V5 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV5 is equipped with more than one battery pack ensuring that fun on the ATV isn't cut short by low-battery levels. Each battery is a large 12 12 amp hour battery pack that can sustain an outing across 5 acres of hilly land. 

Aside from the commendable battery power, the MotoTec Titan V5 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV5 is equipped with additional features that you wouldn't find anywhere else. From a battery meter to fully operational headlights, you genuinely get the bang for your buck with MotoTec Titan V5 24v 12ah 350w Kids Electric ATV MT ATV5. 

Most Kid-Friendly ATV: Mototec Mini Quad V4 24v 12ah 350w Kids ATV MT ATV4 

For the most part, electric ATVs are safe to use for kids at least six years old and up. Nevertheless, we understand that as parents, you want to have at least a semblance of control as far as your kid riding an ATV is concerned. The Mototec Mini Quad V4 24v 12ah 350w Kids ATV MT ATV4 understands this need entirely. 

The Mototec Mini Quad V4 24v 12ah 350w Kids ATV MT ATV4 comes with a parental control key that allows guardians to set maximum speed. Through the controls, you can choose between a max speed of 5MP or 10 MPH. More than the parental controls, the Mototec Mini Quad V4 24v 12ah 350w Kids ATV MT ATV4 has a well-suited motor for children six years and below. The 350-watt electric motor can take the rider to full-throttle without any problems, but it is relatively less powerful than other electric ATV options. 

It is a great starter ATV for younger children - 6 & up. 

Fastest Kid-Friendly ATV: Mototec Monster V6 36v 12ah 500w Kids ATV MT ATV6

Does your kid have a need for speed? Then you don't have to look any further. Mototec Monster V6 36v 12ah 500w Kids ATV MT ATV6 has the highest top speed in this list. Clocking in at 15 MPH, on parental control, this electric ATV has the power of a V6 engine! 

To experience the full capabilities of this one-of-a-kind all-terrain vehicle, the Mototec Monster V6 performs the best on loose surfaces like the beach or a dirt road. 


The best kid-friendly ATV is within reach. With the options above, we are sure that you can find an electric all-terrain vehicle your kids will love! 


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