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10 Best Cruiser Electric Bikes


Here are the most comfortable cruiser electric bikes for your next ride!


Are you a casual cyclist who’s looking for a bike that can provide you with superior comfort and maximum performance? Then read on!

Selecting the perfect electric bike for your needs is easy. However, it may seem overwhelming when you’re faced with tons of options, and you’re unsure which one will fit your needs perfectly. The critical answer here resides in understanding your preferences and matching it with the right bike model that offers the same. Electric Bikes, for instance, offers tons of options from electric commuter bikes to electric mountain bikes.

What is a Cruiser Electric Bike?

One of these options is the Cruiser Electric Bike. From the name itself, Cruiser Electric Bikes are built for cruising. This kind of electric bike is well-known for offering ultimate comfort and style with its plush saddle seat that allows you to sit in an upright position. The bike also has wide handlebars, and in most models, the pedals are positioned further forward, which allows you to rest your feet comfortably. With this kind of built, you will surely enjoy cruising with this cruiser.

So, why choose a Cruiser Electric Bike?

By now, you should already know the benefits of an electric bike. But, here’s a quick refresher, an Electric Bike works precisely just like a regular bike but equipped with a motor and battery that gives you an extra boost that makes your trips more enjoyable and faster without being overly exhausted. Its essential features include pedal and throttle assists for that extra power boost. It also has other features like an LCD screen that shows your trip information, an enhanced brake system, and a high-grade framing.

There are many benefits in choosing a Cruiser Electric Bike, including the following:

  • Seats are wide and spacious for superior comfort while riding
  • Super easy to control and excellent maneuverability·
  • Requires little to no maintenance for its simplistic built and features·
  • Optimized for best riding experience without all the excessive components
  • Allows for stress-free rides
  • Perfect for beginners who are looking for a relaxed and comfortable ride without being thoroughly exhausted

How different is it with other electric bikes?

If you’re still confused about the exact purpose of cruiser electric bikes, here’s an overview of its built and features:

Stylishly designed for Superior Comfort.

Its stylish framing is what explicitly sets it apart from the other kinds of bikes. For instance, a Cruiser Electric Bike has a more defined structure and broader coverage, unlike the foldable bike, which is, on the contrary, compact. Cruiser Electric Bikes have a sizeable padded seat with curved and wide handlebars, which will surely provide superior comfort while traversing to your destination.

Durability and Built

The Cruiser Electric Bikes has a good reputation in terms of durability. This kind of bike is known to stand the test of time with its heavy-duty framing. It’s also sought after for people who seek comfort above anything else. Cruiser Electric Bikes typically come in two frame styles, the traditional diamond-shaped and step-through frame style.

Terrain Capability

The main difference that sets Cruiser Electric Bikes apart from the others is that it’s mainly built for even terrain with smooth pavements. While there’s no stopping you from riding it across challenging terrains, it’s worthy of knowing that the Cruiser Electric Bikes are not built for such purpose. However, it is undoubtedly perfect for casual and recreational biking.

If you’re looking for an electric bike that you may use correctly, you may check out the complete list of Electric Road Bikes here.

Minimal maintenance required

The Cruiser Electric Bikes has a simple and straightforward built that requires little to no maintenance. Since this bike is built explicitly for recreational purposes, of course, you’re not expected to handle and maintain it the way avid cyclists maintain their bikes.

The good news for you is that Electric Bike Paradise offers Cruiser Electric Bikes with all these features, so you won’t be restricted in choosing from only a few variations. Let’s now see our best-sellers!

Nakto Santa Monica 48V/10Ah 500W Cruiser Electric Bike SAN260024

Are you looking for a stylish ride to your work or school? Check out this Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bike; it has a classic cruiser frame with a powerful 500W rear hub motor and premium lithium-ion battery, perfect for casual city rides. This bike is equipped with 26-inch spoked rims perfect for driving through the usual bumps along the way.

Riding the Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bike is also comfortable with its thumb throttle and pedal assist function, giving you an extra boost and speeds. It comes with a 6-speed Shimano derailleur system that works perfectly with its motor and different functions making the Nakto Santa Monica a great beach cruiser e-bike. Its frame is built with aluminum alloy capable of carrying a maximum load of 240 lbs. It also features Shimano front and rear disc brakes and a bright LED headlight for added safety. With a range of 18 miles with the throttle and an amazing 30 miles using pedal assist mode, the Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bike indeed offers the perfect combination of style and functionality.

For a full review on Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bikes,


Micargi Bali 48V/10.4Ah 350W Electric Bike For Women EB-BALI-F-BL

Are you looking for a more sophisticated style? How about this fashionable Micargi Bali Cruiser Electric Bike? This one is perfect for those who are looking for a more sophisticated style without sacrificing quality.

This Micargi Bali Cruiser Electric Bike comes with a 350W hub motor that allows you to travel at a speed of 15.5 miles per hour. Its 48V 10.4 amp-hour Samsung battery lets you travel for up to 25 miles on a single charge. The Micargi Bali provides you the maximum assistance when going up steep hills or any trail for that matter. Plus, it has a 7-speed transmission gear to provide you with an optimum biking experience. You’ll definitely love this electric bike because it features a really comfortable spring-supported seat and a sturdy frame made of high-tensile steel. Its step-thru designed frame makes it a friendly e-bike for women in dresses. It already comes with a bunch of accessories like fenders and a rear metal rack for your extra baggage or second passenger.

This Micargi Bali Cruiser Electric Bike might be the perfect gift for your special someone! For more details on its specifications, 



Micargi Cyclone 48V/11.6Ah 500W Chopper Style Fat Tire Cruiser/Deluxe Electric Bike

Now, moving forward to a more masculine type of built. This Micargi Cyclone Cruiser Electric Bike will give you the ultimate vibe of cruising. This chopper-style bike sports a 500W direct-drive motor perfect for speeding up and down the hills quickly. This bike can give you a boost of up to 24 miles per hour so you can cruise at maximum speed. The Panasonic 48V 11.6 amp-hour battery allows you to travel up to 30 miles on a single charge, making it a perfect choice even for distant trips. This beach cruiser electric bike may not have a throttle but its pedal assist mode consists of 5 advantageous levels.The Micargi Cyclone shows off its Bafang LCD panel that shows the speed, battery level, PAS level, and other important e-bike stats. It’s a fat bike with a pair of puncture-resistant fat tires suitable for even the most challenging trails.

Aesthetically, its design is on point – it has a retro cruiser bar alloy chrome for the handlebar, a cruiser seat with a springer, a triple tree fork alloy crown Hi-ten steel chrome legs, and a large round motorcycle-inspired LED headlight. Essentially, it gives you a real cruising ambiance with its features and style.

To know more about this model, 



Micargi Aloha 48V/10.4Ah 500W Tandem Electric Bike EB-ALOHA

How about doubling the fun? This Micargi Aloha Tandem Cruiser Electric Bike gives you the real deal. If you’re looking for a tandem bike that can excellently perform while giving you extreme comfort, then this might just be it.

This Micargi Aloha Tandem Cruiser Electric Bike has a 500W motor power with speed sensor and can travel as fast as 17 miles per hour. Its 48V 10.4 amp-hour Samsung battery boasts a maximum range of 40 miles on a single charge, giving you a glimpse of its power. This is all on top of the essential components, including hydraulic disc brake, LED headlight, alloy rims, and more. Want to have a ride in a different setup? This e-bike allows you ro ride it in three modes: throttle, pedal assist mode, and just like a normal bicycle with no assisted power at all. Along with that extensive choice of riding modes is the gear system this tandem e-bike exhibits, the Shimano Tourney 7-speed. It comes with wheel reflectors and a bright LED headlight. Its frame is fabricated using high-tensile steel and is available in two colors, black and dark blue.

Reserve yourself a Micargi Aloha Tandem Cruiser Electric Bike!



AmericanElectric Veller 36V/10Ah 350W Cruiser Electric Bike AEV-IVRY

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty cruiser bike, this AmericanElectric Veller Cruiser Electric Bike is our top recommendation. It is powered by a 350 watt rear hub brushless motor good for easy trails and paved roads. It features a convenient removable battery pack that is composed of 7 lightweight lithium battery cells resulting in the e-bike’s overall weight of only 47 lbs. This Cruiser Electric Bike boasts a power assist system, enhanced brake system, and a comfortable saddle seat with dual springs to soften your ride. 

This AmericanElectric Veller Cruiser Electric Bike allows you to travel as fast as 20 miles per hour for up to 40 miles on a single charge; plus, it also comes with a portable smart charger with overload protection! Its LED panel shows a 4-speed option, low/med/high modes, and a light indicator. The Veller’s gears and shifters, 7 speed Shimano Tourney will provide you with an excellent riding experience. Pedal your way through city and country roads, feel the cold breeze, and enjoy panoramic sceneries without any hassle through this e-bike’s full throttle or pedal/power assisted mode. The AmericanElectric Veller Cruiser Electric Bike comes with full coverage fenders, extra bright LED light, and rear metal rack. What a steal right? 

For more information on this model, 



Nakto Camel Men 36V/10Ah 250W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket CamMB260003

Looking for a stylish Cruiser Electric Bike that fits your budget? Then this is for you. The Nakto Camel Men Cruiser Electric Bike shows off its timeless beach-inspired frame. It’s one of the Cruiser Electric Bike that offers a front fork suspension. Besides, it houses a 250W hub motor that allows you to accelerate smoothly on any terrain without much hassle. It features both a thumb throttle and a pedal-assist function giving you the freedom to choose which mode matches your capabilities. Maintain your effort and speed using its amazing 6 speed Shimano transmission.

This Cruiser Electric Bike’s 36V 10 amp-hour battery has a range of 20 miles, so you’ll be sure that you have enough power to get through the day! This electric bike comes with a rear luggage rack and a plastic basket in front to accommodate greater load. Don’t worry because its durable frame is made of high-strength carbon steel that will surely last for many years. And for your maximum safety, the Nakto camel already comes with a front LED light and a rear reflective light.

Interested? Get your own Nakto Camel Cruiser Electric Bike!



Green Bike USA GB2 48V/15.6Ah 500W Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

Want to have fun and chill commuting experience? This Green Bike Beach Cruiser will surely let you have it! This beautiful 500W modern electric bike has a convenient low-step cruiser frame perfect for your daily commute! It has a range of up to 60 miles that allows you to use it throughout the day while still roaming around easily. The GB2 beach cruiser has a fast-charging Samsung battery with a capacity of 48V 15.6 amp-hour, bigger than any other ordinary electric bike. For smooth sailing and riding, a pair of puncture-resistant Kenda tires are installed in this e-bike together with the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and front suspension. This beach cruiser electric bike highlights its multifunctional LCD screen that indicates the battery level, running speed, pedal assist level, and trip distance. It is an exceptionally practical e-bike as it also comes with a USB outlet for charging of your portable electronic device. Purchasing the GB2 beach cruiser can save you hundreds of bucks because it already comes with a lot of accessories such as, fenders, headlight, and a kickstand.

This Green Bike Beach Cruiser is built for city commuting, so you’ll be sure that your daily trips will become more comfortable with this model. Don’t worry, though; it has full suspension features, so you’re still going to get superior comfort throughout your ride.



Greenbike Electric Motion EZ Rider 67V/10.4Ah 500W Cruiser Electric Bike GBEM-EZRIDR

This is the ultimate of all the ultimates! This Greenbike EZ Rider Cruiser Electric Bike has a unique chopper frame made of high-grade steel. It boasts hydraulic disc brakes with a copper suspension fork and a chopper wide saddle for the ultimate cruising style.

The Greenbike EZ Rider Cruiser Electric Bike comes with a 750W peak and offers a range of up to 40 miles through its impressive high torque 67V batetry. It is a great beach cruiser powerful enough to tackle even the steepest hills. You can ride this electric bike through either the throttle mode, or the pedal assist via a speed sensor. This is a single speed geared beach cruiser e-bike that will help you keep your balance and speed all while being supported by the motor. It features an LCD e-bike intelligent display that reads out the electric motor’s output power, battery level (5 bars), speed, assist level, trip distance, and trip time. Look cool with this cruiser bike and have a stylish biking experience with its sleek and flawless design that comes with fashionable fenders and a wide, round headlight. Available in black and blue colors, having the EZ Rider cruiser electric bike is like living the dream.

Get its full specifications!



Greenbike Electric Motion EM26 Low Step 48V/13Ah 700W Fat Tire Cruiser Electric Bike HF261F

How about a combination of a cruiser and fat-tire bikes? Here it is! This Greenbike Fat Tire Cruiser Electric Bike offers precisely just that. This cool bike features a low-step frame and grippy tires that allow you to navigate on city roads and in off-road trails easily.

This sporty looking bike comes with a 1000W motor at peak with a single charge range of up to 50 miles. It has a removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 48V 13 amp-hour. The EM26 electric bike is supported by a high-quality bike frame made of only the finest rustproof aluminum. More than just a capable cruiser electric bike, this fat tire can pass as an efficient electric mountain bike with its grippy Innova 4-inch fat tires and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. Going on an off-road adventure? No problem! Hop on this badass-looking e-bike using any of the driving modes: pedal assist, thumb throttle, or plain cycling. For optimum safety, The Greenbike EM26 is equipped with bright front and rear LED lights, an integrated rear rack, and fenders. If you’re looking for a cruiser electric bike with sporty features, this is our top choice.

Get your Greenbike Fat Tire Cruiser Electric Bike!



Micargi Lumia 36V/7.8Ah 250W City Cruiser Electric Bike

How about a sharp-looking and simple Cruiser Electric Bike? This classic style cruiser electric bike offers a 250W motor that goes up to 30 miles on a single charge. This bike comes with premium built including a heavy-duty 6061 aluminum alloy frame, performance saddle, heavy-duty chain, and a three-piece crankset. The Micargi Lumia is a symbol of comfy and easy riding featuring a step-through design making it a good choice for women in skirts or dresses. The reliable hub motor goes with the premium lithium-ion 36V 7.8 amp-hour Samsung battery that is lightweight and long-lasting. An LCD screen is placed at the center of the handlebars for your convenience when tracking your speed, PAS level, trip distance and other important numbers regarding your e-bike. This e-bike is jam packed with awesome gears and derailleur system featuring the Shimano Nexus 3-speed shifter that will help you get through any rough trails.

Essentially, this is the right choice if you’re looking for a basic cruiser electric bike. Do you want to see more of this model? 



Whether it’s for your daily commute or your recreation, investing in a Cruiser Electric Bike is the right choice. With its superior comfort and maximum functionality, you’ll be sure to enjoy the best biking experience.

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