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Mobility Scooter Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the right mobility scooter, there are so many things to consider from top to bottom.

Lucky for you, we've created this article to be your ultimate shopping guide before purchasing a mobility scooter.

In this blog, we'll discuss the following topics:

  • Mobility Scooter vs. Electric Scooters

  • Mobility Scooter vs. Electric Wheelchairs

  • How much is a Mobility Scooter?

  • Key Advantages of a Mobility Scooter

  • Factors to Consider Before Buying

  • Kinds of Mobility Scooters

  • Best Brands of Mobility Scooters

  • Best Accessories for your Mobility Scooter

So, let's get started!

Mobility Scooter vs. Electric Scooters

Many people normally confuse a mobility scooter with an electric scooter. That's mainly because mobility scooters and electric scooters share common components and are somewhat alike in a few aspects. However, if you'll look closely, then you'll know the difference.

A mobility scooter works best for the elderly and persons suffering from any disability. On the contrary, an electric scooter is a perfect fit for young adults and commuters.

Design-wise, mobility scooters are designed primarily to provide users with utmost stability, comfort, full support, and safety, which is why most models come with an orthopedic seat. An electric scooter, on the other hand, is designed with convenience and utility in mind, which is why most electric scooters come with two wheels and are suited for active individuals who are always on the go and can ride while standing.

From this standpoint alone, you can already have a full understanding of what really makes a mobility scooter stand out from an electric scooter.

Mobility Scooter vs. Electric Wheelchairs

When it comes to smart transport for the elderly, we also have electric wheelchairs. An electric wheelchair is mostly used by senior patients and disabled persons who cannot walk or have difficulty when walking.

There's no question that people who use electric wheelchairs or wheelchairs per se are more or less dependent on them when it comes to mobility. However, the downside is that electric wheelchairs are not built for long outdoor trips.

This is where the mobility scooter comes in. For disabled persons, they may opt to invest in handicap mobility scooters when taking a stroll outdoors. Mobility scooters are more capable and stable, which makes it a great choice for riding on the streets and pavements.

When it comes to capability, a mobility scooter usually comes with higher maximum speed, higher maximum weight capacity, offers more stability, and is more capable of taking rough terrain. What makes a mobility scooter a great choice is that it allows you to ride it seamlessly, indoors and outdoors, so you won't have to worry about transferring from one mobility aid to another, thereby providing its users with the utmost convenience.

How much is a Mobility Scooter?

Many people are intimidated or discouraged by the thought of buying a mobility scooter. Truth be told, many people are simply misinformed about the various models that they have when buying a mobility scooter. In this section of our mobility scooter buying guide, we'll give you an overview of the different options that you can choose from depending on. your budget.

Let's get into it detail by detail.

3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

3-wheel mobility scooters are usually the most practical. Since they are generally lightweight, they usually come with fewer components as compared to a full four-wheel model. This in turn makes them more affordable than full-size mobility scooters. In fact, you can find 3-wheel mobility scooters priced as low as 0 here at Electric Bike Paradise. The more advanced model and high-end model.


4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

When it comes to stability and reliability, four-wheel mobility scooters prove to be the best choice. This is mainly because it comes with a bigger build and more capable parts. Meaning, you get higher speeds, longer battery life, and more power. And because of this, you can expect higher price point. But don't worry! There are still many 4 wheel scooters that are reasonably priced. In fact, you can get 4-wheel mobility scooters. Here are the best 4-wheel mobility scooters that you can get today.

Bariatric Mobility Scooters 

This type of mobility scooter is designed to fit heavyweight users and is made of durable components. It usually comes with a full orthopedic seat and is in. the form of a 4-wheel mobility scooter. 

Folding Mobility Scooters

For those who are looking for lightweight mobility scooters, having a lightweight mobility scooter is the best choice. A foldable mobility scooter is a perfect choice for those who frequently travel, making traveling less hassle. Plus, a lightweight mobility scooter is a practical choice for those who are looking for a portable yet capable mobility ride. 

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

For those who are looking for a more capable and powerful ride, the best choice is a heavy-duty mobility scooter. This kind of mobility scooter is perfectly built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, especially for those who live in the suburbs. As with any other product, a heavy-duty mobility scooter is equipped with advanced features and bigger components, able to carry a higher weight capacity. 

Mid-Size Mobility Scooters

For those who are looking for a standard wheelchair that's capable of riding seamlessly indoors and outdoors, a mid-size mobility scooter is a perfect choice. This kind of mobility scooter is a practical choice for those who are looking for a long-lasting and stable ride.

Enclosed Scooters 

If you want luxury, then why not try investing in an enclosed scooter? An enclosed scooter is the best kind of electric scooter for outdoors due to its full enclosure. This mobility scooter comes with features that can only be found with four-wheel vehicles including airconditioning, Bluetooth speakers, windshield, side doors, and more. So, for those who are looking to buy a mobility scooter that feels as if you're riding a car, then this is the right choice. 

Choosing the Best Mobility Scooter

When investing in any gadget, you have to take into consideration several factors. Every gadget offers a different set of specifications, which you should carefully study. This is to make sure that you're only choosing among the best mobility scooters that can address your needs.

As with any mobility aid, there are 4 main aspects that you need to consider. These are comfort, safety, portability, and usability. Now, to make your life easier, here's our list of the best mobility scooters that you can get today.

Best Brands of Mobility Scooters

EWheels Mobility Scooters

For over a decade, the EWheels has been a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-quality and high-performance electric-powered bikes and mobility scooters. Since 2009, EWheels have been engineering products that offer cost-effective, emissions-free alternatives to other forms of transportation for commuting, sport, and recreation. The company offers various kinds of mobility scooters from foldable scooters, heavy-duty mobility scooters, and more.

To date, EWheels is considered to be one of the best-selling brands in the mobility industry.  

Afikim Afiscooter Mobility Scooters

Afikim Electric Vehicles is the manufacturer of the best-selling Afikim Mobility Scooters. Tracing back its roots in 1978, the company has pioneered the development of mobility scooters, introducing the world’s first-ever mobility scooter with full suspension. With its extensive experience and a robust in-house research and development team, the company never fails to offer innovative solutions to continue providing meaningful improvements for its customers. To date, the company offers a wide variety of mid-size multi-purpose scooters, max size all-terrain, all-weather scooters, recreational scooters, and all sorts of accessories for its users.

EV Rider Mobility Scooters

EV Rider has been in the business since 1996, but its expertise in designing, distribution, and technical support of battery-operated vehicles spans over 30 years. Like many brands, EV Rider started from the bottom to become one of the most sought-after brands in the industry today. EV Rider offers its customers robust, functional, and carefully designed mobility solutions, including electric mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, and rollators. To date, EV Rider offers a complete line of mobility devices for kids, seniors, and disabled persons

MotoTec Mobility Scooters


MotoTec has been manufacturing vehicles for recreation and transportation since 2009 and is based in Plover, Wisconsin. Its product line covers both gas and electric-powered vehicles. The brand manufactures a variety of vehicles, including scooters, pocket bikes, trikes, dirt bikes, skateboards, go-karts, quads, and hoverboards. But what sets MotoTec mobility scooters apart from the other mobility scooters is that it’s specially designed to provide you with comfort and style without sacrificing performance. This brand offers lifetime technical support on every product sold.

Best Accessories for your Mobility Scooter

If you want to get the most out of your mobility scooter, then you might want to add some improvements to your unit. Here are the best accessories for your mobility scooter:

Mobility Scooter Multipurpose Organizer

Organizing your essentials is essential but quite troublesome when riding a mobility scooter since you have less space. Thus, it's always a challenge to keep all your essentials in place including your IDs, phone, water, medical supplies, and wallet, among others. Plus, it's not ideal to store your essentials in the open basket or at the bottom rear of the mobility scooter.

Luckily, you can get address this issue by getting a multipurpose organizer where you can keep your essentials . With this accessory, you can now spend more time outdoors without worrying about leaving things behind.

Mobility Scooter Adjustable Umbrella With Universal Clamp

One of the best accessories that you can get is an adjustable umbrella with a universal clamp. This scooter accessory is perfect when going outside. It's certainly what you should get if you love spending time outdoors as it will ensure comfort and convenience, whether you’re out at the park or if you’re just doing some errands outdoors.

Rechargeable Portable Clip-On Fan

Staying for long outdoors can be uncomfortable because of the changing weather, sometimes, it suddenly rains, while sometimes, it gets extremely humid and hot. It’s absolutely the worst if you get stuck in traffic while the weather is humid. The good news is you can install this rechargeable portable clip-on fan that will give you a more relaxed feeling even under the sun.

It has a 10000mAh battery that’s very safe to use and long-lasting. In terms of performance, this clip-on fan comes in 4-speed settings, so you have the flexibility to set its intensity.

Mobility Scooter Cup Holder

Whether your indoor or outdoor, you have to always have a bottle of water beside you. This is exactly why having a mobility scooter that comes with a cup holder is important. The problem is, you need to make sure that you’re only getting a cup holder that can securely fit your mobility scooter.

With a cup holder, you can carry your water bottle or any kind of refreshment with you wherever you go. Luckily, this cup holder fits most standard walkers, rollators, and of course, mobility scooters. It has a rubber lining that prevents damage when passing through bumpy roads and works well in securing the bottle.

Comfortable Large Seat Cushion

For additional comfort, you might also want to check out this cushion, which is perfect for long periods of sitting. This extra-large seat cushion is made of high-quality foam that’s durable and resilient, so it will not be flat even for long periods of sitting.

This cushion has a firm form that gives you good support without being too hard. Aside from using it for your mobility scooter, you can easily take it with you and use it for your workstation or even at home. It’s specially designed to help relieve back pains, numb buttocks, and other discomfort brought about by long periods of sitting in an uncomfortable chair.


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