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Riding a scooter can be all sorts of fun, thrilling, and convenient. However, the fun stops whenever the rain pours down or whenever the sun starts burning your skin. This is the main reason that stops many individuals, especially the elderly, from purchasing a scooter or bike. The good news is that enclosed scooters are a thing now!

What is an Enclosed Scooter?

From the term itself, an enclosed scooter is a scooter that’s enclosed, which prevents you from getting fully exposed to the outside environment. This allows you to enjoy complete privacy while enjoying the sleekness of a scooter. The best part is, you will never have to worry about the rain and extreme sunlight!

Enclosed scooters combine the function of a typical electric scooter enhanced with features that a regular car has like air conditioning, wipers, side mirrors, windows, and a full driver seat, which allow you to feel like you’re driving a car but without being bulky. So, you can still squeeze in the traffic and avoid queueing in long lines for parking space.

Features of an Enclosed Scooter

Aside from their unique built, enclosed scooters have so much to offer, including the following:


Since enclosed scooters have four wheels, you’ll have no problem maintaining balance as it’s 100% stable in itself. So, this means you can take it with you wherever you go, whether on smooth pathways or bumpy roads. 


For the elderly, it’s not recommended that you ride an entirely open scooter. The reason is mainly that it cannot give you enough security. With an enclosed scooter,  you get complete protection from the outside environment - both from the weather and other road obstructions. Plus, you get to have your own space and hence, total privacy.


Since it has four-wheels, you can already expect that it comes with better stability, which is better enhanced by its full suspension to minimize impact from bumpy roads. Another essential feature is that you get a full driver seat with a headrest and even a leather armrest. With these features, you can only expect a comfortable ride throughout your trips.


Many enclosed scooters now offer a fully functioning entertainment multimedia system, which practically makes you feel like you’re riding a car. This nice touch is what separated these enclosed scooters amongst their kind. Thus, if you’re looking for a car’s comfort but want the flexibility that a scooter can offer, this should be your top choice.


Since enclosed scooters are generally more prominent than traditional scooters, you can expect to enjoy a more significant capacity in range and weight loads. Hence, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty scooter, you might as well go all-in and invest in an enclosed scooter.


Since you get bigger space with an enclosed scooter, you also get better and more advanced features. For one, you can even get air conditioning or insulated heating to protect you from extreme weather conditions. You also get a complete lighting system so that you can use it day and night. Some enclosed scooters also come with a theft-alarm and a back- up camera to ensure your security.


One advantage of an enclosed scooter is that it’s not limited to function only on sunny days. Because of its full cover, you can use it whether it’s snowing or raining, making it fully-functional and reliable for your daily needs. Plus, you also get a bigger cargo space perfect for securing your baggage and shopping items.

Yes, we all know that enclosed scooters are not the sexiest vehicles today. However, more and more enclosed scooters are getting more sleek and stylish, which even millennials and young adults are eyeing. Just look at our selection below!

Best Enclosed Scooters

Green Transporter Q Runner 60V/45Ah 1000W 4-Wheel Enclosed Scooter

If you think enclosed scooters only have a single-seating capacity, then let us set the record straight as early as now that it’s not. There are tons of enclosed scooters that have double seating capacity, like this Green Transporter Enclosed Scooter.

With this scooter, you can be entirely secure in your own space while traveling along the road. You don’t worry about its power since it comes with a 1000-watt motor, which is more than enough to get you through the day and give you a boost in challenging terrain or bumpy roads. It has a top speed of 18 mph and travels up to 35 miles on a single charge, so you can go on your typical day without worrying about running out of battery.

Like a car, it comes with full lighting for the front and rear for road safety, especially at night. This model comes with a modern cabin equipped with swing-out doors, roll-down glass windows, a sunroof, and a windshield, which overall allow you to still enjoy the outside breeze without being too exposed. Plus, you get full fax leather seats, headrest, and padded armrest for superior comfort – and it doesn’t stop there; you also get your multimedia player, which is not something that you can find in any typical scooter.

Overall, suppose you’re looking for a reliable ride that you can ride wherever you want to – whether you’re going shopping, strolling, or running errands. In that case, this Green Transporter Enclosed Scooter will undoubtedly be your best choice.

Shoprider Flagship 4-Wheel Enclosed Scooter 889-XLSN

If you’re likewise looking for an enclosed scooter that’s not that intimidating and comes with a sleek frame, then this ShopRider Flagship Enclosed Scooter is perfect for you. This ride is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to have a flexible ride that they can take anywhere without worrying about the weather and traffic conditions. Essentially, you can ride it for all seasons so that you can be sure about its reliability.

Plus, it comes with advanced features that can only be seen in most cars. Its features include key locking, removable doors, a complete lighting system, a windshield with wipers, and full suspension to ensure your comfort when riding.

If you're still looking for a secure scooter but find that the enclosed scooter isn't a match for you, there are other mobility scooters to choose from. 

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